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The list of the 10 most played games of 2022 includes some surprises

The list of the most played games in 2022 so far is available, and some may be surprised to see which games achieved the cut and, more specifically, what games did not. Some family titles led the list, including the games that were launched almost a decade or more, although the classifications markedly lacked games that were launched this year. However, the graph in the NDP only analyzed the classifications of the first quarter of 2022, so there are certainly reasons to believe that some of this year’s games could be in the top 10 in the future.

That list can be seen below through the executive director and advisor to NPD Group, Mat Piscatella. The information represented in the list of the 10 most played games this year comes from the panelists who listed the games that played during the last month every time this survey was conducted. The games on the list are not in the order in which one played more than the other and, instead, they are chronologically organized for their launch year, but that does even more to put into perspective how persistent they have managed to be some of these games.

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Some of the games on the list will not surprise you at all. Minecraft and grand Theft Auto V, for example, are the two best-selling games of all time, so it is difficult to imagine a quarter of any year in which these two leave the list of the 10 best games in terms of players. The same goes for the franchises established as Call of Duty, NBA 2K and Madden, who were the only representatives of 2021. However, perhaps a little more surprising was the fact that cruce of animals: new horizons remained in the top 10 Although he received his latest important update in 2021, although he still has seasonal festivities to entertain people. Inter us It was another somewhat surprising inclusion on the list, although that should show that some of these games that take advantage of the sudden episodes of fame end up persisting later to avoid being simply a flash in the pan.

One of the biggest surprises expressed by those who saw these statistics was that anillo de Elden did not break into the upper step of the most played games of 2022 so far. The game was sold exceptionally well, but as Piscella pointed out, he failed to overcome the 20th position in the general classification.

Ubisoft insists on the fact that Skull & Bones always arrives

Skulls & Bones is a highly anticipated game of Ubisoft; He has since his announcement, about eight years ago. And we were waiting and wanted to play the game ourselves. The problem is… we could not. The game is not released yet because there have been many delays.

Some of the delays are due to the global situation we all conscious; Some are due to the great exodus, because many employees have left because of the situation at the workplace. In addition, Ubisoft Singapore, who led the development of Skulls & Bones, said there was a disparity, especially between them and France, Ubisoft’s country of origin, and employees wishing to progress within The company.

All this to say that there has been a lot of trouble getting out Skull & Bones in publishing, some of them being self-produced.

Despite this, and despite the report that Far Cry 6 and Rider’s Republic could not reach the same goal as Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and Watch Dogs: Legion… Ubisoft made a firm request this year. When calling quarterly results, Frédérick Duguet, Ubisoft’s CEO, said that developing games for this next fiscal year unfold well. Skulls & Bones are on the list, as well as suites for Avatar and Mario + Rabbids.

According to Gibiz’s report, the company is “very satisfied” of the artistic direction and the advancement of the game. So it seems that the long-awaited multiplayer game will come out this exercise. But this passage of time may not mean in 2022. While in France this may mean from 1 January to 31 December, DUGUET may mean anywhere from April 2022 to March 2023, depending on whether it means From the moment of his announcement, or how Ubisoft has his fiscal year.

We may have to wait until 2023 to see the long-awaited game, or earlier. We will not know it until the release date has been officially confirmed by Ubisoft.

Skull and Bones: E3 2017 Cinematic Announcement Trailer | Ubisoft [NA]

Look too

All this reaches League of Legends for the Tiger Year event

_ League of Legends _ continues to expand its extensive catalog of Skins and cosmetic elements. On this occasion, it has been revealed that characters such as Lux, Ezreal and More will have a new dress to celebrate Chinese New Year .

By means of a new trailer, Riot Games has revealed all the content that will be available through the Tiger Year event, known as DELEITE LUNAR, which is being carried out between January 25 and February 27 2022 . Here we have new explosive aspects, the return of ultra-fast fire random and more.

League of Legends - Lunar Revel 2022 Theme

As they could see, this special celebration offers new Skins for Ezreal, Lissandra, Lux, Amumu and Kindred, as well as gestures of this celebration. As if that were not enough, the players will get: Basic aspects, prestigious aspects, URFAR game mode, Accessories and exclusive Chromas.

On related topics, these are the most popular characters in the competitive League of Legends.

Com2us professional baseball, new season official model KBO signage star Duo Lee Jung-hyun · Selected

Next-generation franchise star duo will carry Korean professional baseball.

Comes said it has been selected for the new season official model of the popular mobile baseball game of its development and service.

The ‘compute’ in preparing the season updates prior to the opening of the ‘2022 HBO League’ opened, the Comfort Ya is the first time to see the official model to play with the representative face of the game this year, and increases the expectation of fans for the new season.

The first time, the first joining the HBO, respectively, the first time this year, the first time this year is selected as the official model of ‘compute’ for three consecutive years, respectively. It is attracted to the franchise star that has been deprived of the most out of the abundant skills as well as adhered to the competition.

First, this is the first time, and it is the best to win the ability to win the glove for four consecutive years to the last season. In addition, the name is also a native right-handed pitcher, which achieves Career High, even though it is a three-year-old man last year.

These official models are planning to decorate a variety of areas, including the main title image and app icons of the game, and plans to provide pleasure for many baseball fans and game users through advertising and game events that utilize promotional images.

Comes official said, I expect that two players who are receiving a big love to baseballs with a solid basic apparatus and a fascinating play on a domestic professional baseball stage are expected to bring new vitality to the game.

Meanwhile, the ‘Comfort’, ahead of the opening of the 20th series this year, is a 3D mobile baseball game that allows you to enjoy all the games of the HBO League vividly. In addition to the 10 consistent HBO leagues, you can meet all the athletes, real name, photos and current season HBO leagues from the first year to the present. In addition, we provide a variety of live content, which utilizes the league sexual data of the players, in accordance with the opening season of each year, and we offer a real baseball game.

LOL – Riot corrects his big mistake with events: At last they will be easier to complete

League of Legends is prepared for the arrival of an event related to the Lunar New Year on patch 12.2, but this time the celebration will not be surrounded by the usual controversy. After years of insistence on the part of the community, developers at last have given the demands of players reducing considerably the requirements to obtain the rewards. Definitive end point to the idea that it is necessary to play without stopping to be able to get the prestigious skin or the prizes that we really want to get.

Riot corrects the events to make them easier

Riot Games has made several decisions to make it easier for progression at events. Without taking too many changes to the system and maintaining the points according to the game time between 4 and 6 per minute according to the outcome of the game, there has been a widespread descent of the requirements to complete each mission. This decision affects all tasks based on playing time that users receive.

The intention of developers is to make the events much simpler to complete. However, this is not the definitive determination. Riot Games is working on creating a battle pass to use for League of Legends. However, it will not be ready until summer. In this way, they hope to calm the community according to one of the most common criticisms until all the changes that will come next summer can be completed.

The Lunar New Year event will begin at League of Legends on January 26 and will be available in the game until February 28. This will be available as Skins prestigious to porcelain LUX and a divine Ayah Phoenix reissue.

Cuphead First listening to the Soundtrack of The Delicious Last Course

The Music of Cuphead - The Delicious Last Course: Recording the ‘Overture’
Cup head gets a new DLC next year. The Delicious Last Course sends the two cups Cup head and Mug man in June 2022 for a new adventure on the island, which we have already told you more in this article. For the soundtrack, last summer over 110 musicians who play Big band and symphonic music were brought together for recording. To some pieces of music you can now listen to some exclusive insights that definitely make you want more.

LOL The All Star event is canceled this year due to the pandemic

It was predictable, but the news saddens us anyway: Riot Games has announced that there will be no Eventall-Star this year. The situation of the pandemic is obviously involved, but perhaps we could have expected a small online tournament as last year or some face-to-face event. But for logistics and financial reasons, it was considered easier to cancel everything and close the chapter of the year 2021 and look directly at 2022. While this obviously is not a tragedy, we would not have said that not to the classic clashes of League of Legends between Europe and North America or China vs Korea. The All-Star event is part of our tradition and one wonders if we are not losing it with this cancellation.

This game is fine.

Riot Games has not given many explanations to justify this election. There are many logistical difficulties to give life to a physical event today and although the pandemic seems to be increasing, it is probably not a very good idea to organize gatherings, meetings or face-to-face competitive challenges. While the event would last 3 days, counting the quarantines for coming and coming, the participants would have spent more time waiting for playing the show as such.

Not having an online event As last year it is more questionable, but Riot Games has said, in particular, that online does not correspond to the spirit of the All-Star, which points out especially to entertain the public at the same time that stars regional rivalries. It is also understandable that an online event, without a public, attracts fewer sponsors and does not allow the sale of tickets. Therefore, is not necessarily very profitable In relation to the costs incurred, and the developer has been spending a lot of money over this last year with Arcane and Ruined King, although the benefit will arrive within not much.


ZVEREV First Much nonsense then number 1 and a major

Daniil Medvedev
The perfect seasonal conclusion reinforced Alexander Zeals longing for the first Grand Slam title. Holiday Raze adopted the 24-year-old after the largest triumph this year next to the Olympic gold medal on the Maldives. But before he rose to the plane on Monday from Milan, he had no doubt about his tennis targets for 2022. Finally, the time should be ripe for one of the tournament victories with the highest value. Ill do anything for it, VERY was clear after the second victory with the ATP finals of the best professionals of the year. He will work as much as possible, tearing the ass that happens.

In the Turin multi-purpose hall Paley Auditor he had the number one in the world remembered from the German point of view, the 20-fold Grand Slam winner Novak Djokovic, and then in the final on Sunday surprisingly confident with 6: 4, 6 : 4 The number two of the world, Daniel Mercedes defeated.

Attack on place 1

Zeal immediately spoiled, Zeal still spoke on the blue hard room of attacking the top of the world ranking next year. Of course, I also have the goal, said the hamburger also with two hours distance, but gave ways: You have to say, Novak was dominant. And the residue to place one is far.

His dogs overjoyed after his triumph his dogs and went around with brother Misc ha and the trophy. In the evening, the fan of Pizza drove with ham and mushrooms to Milan. The Tennis Icons Boris Becker and Rod Laver, the team around Djokovic and Bavaria Profit Thomas Müller congratulated congratulations. His girlfriend Sophia Thomas, who was not in the hall, sent a message about social media: Without a cup, I would not have left him at home!, The eight years of older actress, presenter and businesswoman with a tear laughing Smiley.

The fresh love is just as part of Zeals annual review as the six tracks that none of its competitors has reached. In March, ex-girlfriend Brenda Patel Zeals first daughter brought to the world. This has privately shaped his year as the step of being represented by his brother as a manager. Furthermore, the fierce violence allegations of his ex-girlfriend Olga Scharipowa complicate his career. VERY has denied the allegations vehemently. Meanwhile, the professional organization determines ATP. A conclusion of the investigations is off. The turbulence away from the square did not have a sporty away from his way.

Tokyo and Turin as highlights — the Grand Slams are missing

More than November 21 in Turin, his second success of the ATP Finals after 2018, the 1st of August will remain in memory when Zeal chips to the first German Olympic champion in Mens Single. But that also shows that the pictures that stick to this undoubtedly successful year just did not play at the Grand Slam tournaments. What still is missing are achievements as in Turin and Tokyo, even if it goes over three winning rates. Then in the statistics at VERY, which violates victories against top ten players: still a zero.

Naval? Federer? The big opponent is called Djokovic

Rafael Naval is an unknown after his injury break, the comeback by Roger Federer will be long in coming, but the 34-year-old Djokovic will first remain the petavolt on great titles. He definitely can win a Grand Slam because its just obvious. But he is not the only one. Thats where its difficult, said Mercedes about Zeal.

On a use in the Davis Cup from the end of the week in Innsbruck, VERY waives in favor of recreation. In the calendar is the 19th of December, where the most successful German title collector in the mens tennis behind Boris Becker in Baden-Baden is a candidate for the election to the athlete of the year.

Yearning for major titles

His first tournament denies the hamburger at the ATP Cup. The first Grand Slam title will be awarded from the Australian Open from mid-January. A victory in Melbourne, Paris, Wimbledon or New York — that drives him and his team. For this goal, the family tennis professional might already complete the next fitness unit on Wednesday, he had suggested.

First, Alexander Zeal announced for the vacation, We will make a lot of nonsense, I think, in the next few days. Nothing dangerous, do not worry.

Pragmata Capcoms mysteri ses Sci Fi

What was again Pragmatic ? Cap Coms mysterious Sci-Fi adventure was presented in June last year as one of the first true Next-Gen games as one of the first genuine Next-Gen games and has ever been due to absence. Apart from the trailer and a handful of artwork, Cap com has not leaked to pass his new brand over the past one and a half years.

PRAGMATA - Coming 2023
When will Pragmatic appear?

Now there is a new information, but it should not be the ones who have been waiting for the interested players. How Cap com announced in a blog entry on its website, Pragmatic will not appear any more as originally planned next year, but only 2023. The reason is Cap Com only, you want to create the unforgettable adventure as possible.

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But after all, the publisher searched for a charming way to announce the shift: in a short video clip is a blond girl to see how she holds a shield with the scribbled, new date into the camera:

What is pragmatic?

The girl is already known from the announcement trailer who introduced the surreal, to Video Kolyma Sci-Fi setting of Pragmatic. The trailer shows an astronaut, who trudges through a deserted New York and encounters the hologram girl including transparent cat. Then a satellite pirates the sky and the two will be worn out, whereupon they suddenly find themselves on the surface of the moon. Nothing is known about Gameplay and Story.

Pragmatic appears for PS5?

Pragmatic should appear 2023 for PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X. The original blog entry for the game continues to promise that there will be 2021 new details.

From Stefan Wilhelm
22.11.2021 at 14:20

Capcom announces the postponement of Pragmata to 2023

New license announced during the E3 last year by Cap com, Pragmatic will still keep the secrets of his true intentions. The publisher has indeed announced his postponement to the year 2023.

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We are waiting for next year, we will have to resign yourself to take her trouble: Pragmatic will a year late: Our team works hard on the project, but for S Ensure that it will be an unforgettable adventure, we decided to shift the exit window at 2023, said the publisher in a statement. In the meantime, we have a brand-new artwork to share with you. Thank you for your patience. »

It remains only to hope that Pragmatic does not know the same fate as a certain Deep Down, another new ambitious license promised by Cap com in 2013 and whose development has been abandoned a few years later. Come on, stay optimistic, and we argue of patience. In the meantime, the publisher also broadcast a small video to apologize for this postponement, in which the girl already seen in the trailer unveiled last year.


PRAGMATA - Coming 2023
Pragmatic — Report to 2023

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