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Dungeons & Dragons: A V6 coming close to? No.

Program, request for the program.

Note that it will likewise be possible, for duty having fun, to purchase physical + PDF bundles and take advantage of a very early getaway of guide through the PDF layout.

And if, undoubtedly, all this is integrated into Shadow of the Dragon Queen, the publication that will certainly consist of everything to play in the world of Krynn, Wizards also launched something new for the event. And also, icing on the cake, the two video games can be connected to each various other: play your role-playing campaign, and when a fight is activated, play the collection of tray.

We have additionally seen, yet for the moment it worries us a little less than the English-speaking public, advancements for the Beyond. I asked if translations will certainly wind up showing up for these electronic game help and I had a response it’s in development, we work there very timeless, but at the very least it advancements. As a reminder, D&D Beyond was initially independent, yet Wizards bought it at the beginning of this year.

The action of the two video games takes place at the beginning of the lance battle, however you should recognize that the campaign that will certainly be developed and even the subjects of (‘ Ulivre will not necessarily be connected to the original works or to the well-known figures that have been At the facility of this battle in the past. With all the job accumulated on D&D 5 as well as the success of this edition around the world (just see the number of games that passes on the 5th system presently), it would certainly have been stupid to deny all of this. * Fourth trimester: Planescape: well yes… the popular certificate really dear to several rather, is making a resurgence with a new project structure.


And also to complete these statements, let’s speak about Drizzt Do’Urden. Who does not understand this well-known black fairy, pariah of his homeland. This set celebrates its 35th wedding anniversary this year, and also to commemorate this anniversary, the stories of Salvatore will all be reissued with brand-new covers. The Legend of Drizzt Visual Dictionnary will certainly make the chronicle of background, animals, tools, opponents of our favored Drow. In addition, a brand-new webcomic will be launched as well as will stage Brie, the daughter of Drizzt and Cattie-Brie, who will borrow her father’s sword to show that she is a heroine.

Brand-new possessions related to Dragonlance, electronic and physical, will be used as well as are already readily available in pre-order.

  • First quarter: Keys from the Golden Vault a publication dedicated to budding burglars.
  • Second trimester: Bigby provides: Splendor of the Giants, an enhancement to the Fizban’s Treasury of Dragons, but concentrated on the titans.
  • Third trimester: Guide of Many Points- brand-new animals, others and also places linked to the strange wonderful cards.
  • Fourth trimester: Planescape: well of course… the popular license really dear to numerous rather, is rebounding with a new project framework. We can again explore Sigil, the city of doors with a bestiary, an overview as well as an adventure collected in identical item. This world is eagerly awaited by fans, I wonder to see what it will certainly provide.

As well as if, undoubtedly, all this is incorporated right into Shadow of the Dragon Queen, the book that will consist of everything to play in the world of Krynn, Wizards likewise introduced something brand-new for the event. And also, icing on the cake, the two games can be connected to each other: play your role-playing campaign, and also when a fight is triggered, play the set of tray.


I see it as a creative combination of virtual tables with the old Neverwinter , in the feeling that all the properties that will certainly come out on this platform can be fully reused in the context of personal creation.

The activity of both games takes place at the beginning of the lance war, however you ought to know that the campaign that will certainly be developed as well as even the topics of (‘ Ulivre will certainly not always be connected to the initial works or to the popular figures that have actually been At the center of this war in the past. The authors have actually chosen to inform other sides of the war. Stories in history. The war being obviously so significant that there was rather a location for it.


Various possibilities will be offered at the exit: a deluxe version of the parlor game with a different visual of conventional pounds, a typical pack consisting of role-playing and also tray game, and also this exact same cram in Deluxe version, with various visuals, There will be something for everyone.

Yet allow’s speak about Dungeons & Dragons below ( The subject Magic: The Gathering, it’s here ).

I benefit from discussing this based on jump back on One D&D, which is the code name for the next version of D&D. So it will be a D & D6? Not at all. With all the job collected on D&D 5 as well as the success of this edition all over the world (just see the variety of video games that passes on the 5th system presently), it would have been silly to refute all of this. Suddenly, this one d & D will be an advancement of DD5. Every little thing will certainly always work with the brand-new version.

Below is the program for 2023 (in English variation):.

Linked to the Fantasy/Scifi universe of Spelljammer, this album allowed numerous composers to allow go of the bridle to their imagination as the style is original and also large. There is Flash Gordon motivation, different tracks for different adventure chapters, I can only advise you to pay attention to your streaming platforms.

The presentation obviously started strong with the various news that revolve around Dragonlance, the famous permit that has actually experienced many iterations in the past.

D & D Beyond.

Could this change 3D porcelain figurines as well as other game tables? This is in any situation a brand-new possibility for a game master to brighten up his table. Perhaps because it will be linked to D&D Beyond.

Basically, there also, way too many things to do every little thing! I was not born upon the ideal planet… I would require 36-hour days, minimum!

On top of that, they make use of this system upgrade to service a system, which will be linked to D&D Beyond, as well as which will supply a brand-new game experience to players with digital dungeons, electronic figurines, etc. A little bit like virtual play tables, but with more opportunities as well as monitoring on the countryside and also universes that will be published in the future.

All these statements, we had Spelljams, which probably comes from an internal delirium beginning from the books Spelljammer which make the news for the minute. Spelljams is a music album comprised of 19 songs and also currently readily available all over in digital format, however also in physics with in particular a really gorgeous vinyl.

One D&D.

LOL: What is the Reverse Grand Slam? The almost impossible feat that only a few players have

RNG won the MSI last weekend and even if in Europe, the competition had problems excited, audiences increased considerably compared to last year (a peak of more than 19%). The Chinese organization made history by winning the tournament for the second consecutive year and can now boast of being the only structure that has raised the Cup 3 times (2018, 2021 and 2022).

In the networks and on the analysis platforms, some have also talked about a Reverse Grand Slam to congratulate coach Zhu Ken Zhu Kai, who remains in an incredible streak of won tournaments. But what is this inverse Grand Slam story?

Grand Slam and Reverse Grand Slam, where does it come from?

The Grand Slam is an expression found in several fields. To name a few, we could talk about tennis (win the 4 great tournaments in a row). Chaining a victory in the Open of Australia, Roland-Garros, Wimbledon and the US Open in the same year is something exceptional. Such action has not happened since 1988 and thanks to Steffi Graf, one of the most famous tennis players in the entire history of sport.

If we return to the world of League of Legends, the Grand Slam consists of winning 4 specific tournaments in the same year: the Spring Split of a major league (LCK, LPL, LEC or LCS), the MSI , the Summer Split and the World . This feat had never been achieved before, not even for the best of all, Faker . On the other hand, we invent the notion of Grand Slam reverse , which corresponds more or less to the two-year-old Grand Slam. It consists of winning these 4 trophies but outside order and during two competitive seasons .

How did the RNG coach handle this famous Reverse Grand Slam?

When announcing that Zhu Kenzhu Kai, the RNG coach, has achieved a reverse Grand Slam, some will frown… How is it possible if the team did not win the World Cup last year? The answer is simple: Kenzhu’s Reverse Grand Slam is only related to his person. The coach was playing in 2021 at Edward Gaming (EDG) with whom he won the World Cup and in the meantime he has changed equipment. That is why he managed to chain 4 great victories:

LPL Summer 2021 (EDG) *
World Cup 2021 (EDG)
LPL Primavera 2022 (RNG)
* MSI 2022 (RNG)


Kenzhu is not the first to achieve this action

What Kenzhu has achieved is great, very great, and no one can take it away. However, we must restore the truth: despite what has been said by certain rumors in social networks, the Chinese is not the first to achieve this feat! In 2015-2016, SKT had an incredible series of successes, winning the 2015 LCK summer split, the 2015 World Cups, the Spring Split of the 2016 LCK and the MSI 2016. Several players had been part of the adventure:

Bang (ADC)
Wolf (Support)
KK0ma * (coach) What is true, however, is that Kenzhu is the first to achieve this feat in the Chinese League (LPL) and the first to do so with two different teams **.

Foto: Lol eSports

New World, merger fusion: change seems to bear fruit. But for how long ?

Presque sept mois après sa sortie, la popularité de New World semble s’être éteinte. Un nombre trop conséquent de serveurs, la plupart vides ou presque, a eu raison de beaucoup de joueurs, et les développeurs ont commencé à en fusionner certains il y a quelques mois pour raviver la flamme. Où en est New World après une énième fusion et un évènement autour de Pâques ?

69 996 vues

Acheter New World à partir de 39€ sur Amazon

La danse des serveurs

Depuis sa sortie en septembre 2021,New World a fait parler de lui à de nombreuses reprises, et pas toujours en bien. Après un lancement explosif recensant plus de 700 000 joueurs simultanés, et un pic de popularité en octobre s’élevant à pas moins de 900 000 joueurs connectés à un instant t, le MMORPG d’Amazon Game Studios est vite redescendu sur terre. Victimes de leur popularité, les serveurs du jeu n’étaient pas capables de gérer autant de joueurs d’un coup, résultant en des files d’attente interminables, similairement au lancement de Lost Ark ou de Final Fantasy XIV : Endwalker. Pour palier ce problème, les développeurs ont dû ouvrir de nouveaux serveurs, ce qui s’est malheureusement révélé futile après quelques semaines lorsque le nombre de joueurs a commencé à diminuer.

La chute démographique a été brutale, et New World est passé de plus de 900 000 joueurs simultanés à 145 000 en l’espace de deux mois, laissant derrière eux des serveurs sous-peuplés voire carrément déserts. La solution des développeurs a été de fusionner les serveurs vides avec les plus populaires pour non seulement permettre aux joueurs d’interagir davantage, mais aussi pour résoudre des problèmes liés aux PNJs, qui s’attaquaient aux villes abandonnées, empêchant les quelques joueurs encore présents de faire progresser leurs personnages. Depuis, la population en Aeternum continue de baisser, avec une moyenne de 20 000 joueurs ces dernières semaines. Le MMORPG d’Amazon a cependant réussi à attirer quelques nouvelles têtes grâce à l’ouverture de serveurs free-to-play le weekend dernier, et il semblerait qu’une nouvelle fusion des serveurs payants commence à porter ses fruits :

Vers un renouvellement de la playerbase ?

L’objectif majeur de cette nouvelle fusion était de maximiser la population sur un serveur plutôt que de voir les joueurs s’éparpiller sur des serveurs quasiment vides. De cette façon, ils pourraient trouver des coéquipiers pour les expéditions, et prendre part à des combats en PvP plus facilement. C’est dans cette optique qu’Amazon Game Studios a décidé de regrouper des serveurs clés dans le monde entier. Vous pourrez retrouver le détail de la fusion des serveurs d’Europe Centrale juste ici :

  • Asgard, Hadès, Hellheim, Fae et Caer Sidi font désormais partie de Abaton

MASSIVE server merges happening TOMORROW in New World, ALL remaining merges at once
* Styx, Antillia, Utgard et Learad ont fusionné avec Aaru
* Lyonesse a rejoint Nysa
* Bifrost, Niflheim, Bengodi et Kor appartiennent maintenant à Tir Na Nog
* Arcturus a fusionné avec Tartarus

Depuis cette opération, le nombre de serveurs francophones est passé de trois à deux (Nysa et Ship-Trap) et pas moins de six serveurs européens sont considérés comme plein. Avec cette fusion et le weekend de Pâques, les serveurs allemands Aaru et Evonium semblent avoir fait carton plein avec plus de 1600 connexions simultanées, et la communauté a l’air d’apprécier le changement. Les joueurs peuvent désormais trouver du soutien pour remplir leurs quêtes assez rapidement, et les guerres de faction ont repris leur cours, rendant l’atmosphère de New World beaucoup plus conviviale qu’elle ne l’a été ces derniers mois. Le seul point noir sur ce tableau est le manque de ressources, puisque les farmers ont tendance à se regrouper à des endroits clés pour faire le plein de matériaux, mais les développeurs devraient pouvoir remédier à ce problème dans un patch future.

Et vous, jouez-vous toujours à New World ? Si vous avez arrêté, comptez-vous refaire un tour en Aeternum maintenant que la population est plus dense ? Dites-nous tout dans les commentaires !

Acheter New World à partir de 39€ sur Amazon

Sommaire de la soluce de New World

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FC Bayern worried? corona

Netherlands coach Louis van Gaal, who used to train FC Bayern Munich, must give up his journey to the draw of the World Cup in Qatar next Friday.
The reason could disturb fans and responsible persons of the German record champion.
According to his corona infection, he can not yet provide the negative PCR test necessary for entry into the desert state, said Van Gaal after the 1-1 of the Netherlands against the German national team in Amsterdam.
“I’m still positive, these are the residual symptoms of the coronavirus,” said the 70-year-old.
But that did not stop the former coach of Bayern, but not stimulating himself after the classic with national coach Hansi Flick and his former Munich Schützlingen Thomas Müller and Bastian Schweinsteiger.

Julian Nagelsmann discusses ‘anxious’ situation for Bayern Munich | ESPN FC

He is apparently not contagious anymore.
At least one hopes at the Säbener Straße.

WoW: Weltboss Antros

After a week of patch 9.2 is launched on 2 March finally the third season of WOW: Shadowlands . In the plain text, this means that the new raid mausoleum of the first opens its gates, the new mythical-plus season starts and the new World Boss Antros finally becomes available. The latter is likely to be interesting for almost all players, as it is not only quickly defeated, but also good loot in the luggage – if one belongs to the lucky.

At Antros, objects with ITemlevel 259 are waiting for you. That’s a whole corner better than that, what most heroes are currently wearing. In addition, the world boss will donate the kill’s whopping 500 points call at the enlightened – and also everyone likes to take advantage of it.

9.2 Zereth Mortis World Boss Antros Location shadowlands

How do I come to the new World Boss Antros?

This is the big question that is often read today in the chat of Zereth Mortis. Because the World Boss is waiting for a floating island all the north of the new area. The answer is actually quite simple.
The northern teleporter brings you to the northern island. Source: World Boss In the north of Zereth Mortis, you will find a teleporter. This is not associated with the other telephones, thanks to which you can travel between the refuge, the cave of the banner and the nature of the pilgrim. Instead, he only brings you to a destination, the northern antezedency island, where world boss Antros is waiting for you . But beware: between the boss and you are still a few nasty opponents who can quickly beat the one or the other careless player out of the slippers – you know now.
Antros himself has little to oppose you. Source: World Boss

Antros can not much like all other world bosses. Is not before him, deviates the impact of the large balls and is not in black surfaces. Distribute now and then if you have a circle around you and finished. After you have cut down the tens of millions of life with your group, hopefully prey awaits you. Are you waiting for Antros and is one of the lucky ones who were allowed to look forward to a 259 item?

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Wow patch 9.2 – End of eternity: Blizzard reveals the release date

Just a few hours ago, Blizzard revealed the date on which the last important patch for World of Warcraft will be implemented: Shadowlands. It is a very anticipated version, since World of Warcraft is at a key moment in its history. The competition is sweet with Final Fantasy XIV and the brand new Lost Ark, as well as will be the first great launch of Blizzard after the advertisement of the purchase by Xbox.

We present the patch 9.2: End of eternity, and its implementation is scheduled for on Wednesday, January 22, 2022 on the servers!

Official Press release of Blizzard

Get ready to rid the war against Zovaal, the elusive jailer who governs the jaws in Shadowlands:

_ With the help of prelate, you can enter a new and strange land: Zereth Mortis. The first designed Zereth Mortis as a workshop to create the beyond. Its inhabitants, the automa, have built everything that exists in the somber lands. It is a supernatural place that challenges all the concepts of reality or physics. The intention of the jailer is to use the secrets of the place to remodel reality and bend according to his evil designs._

Patch 9.2 Full Schedule, 10.0 In 2023, Why? Are Addon Devs Getting Screwed? - Warcraft Weekly
He knows new allies, the illuminated, learn the lyrical running language of the automata and join the campaign against the forces of the jailer before he achieves his goal within the tomb of the first.

Season 2 of Shadowlands will end soon

The end of Shadowlands season is approaching, here you have a summary of what awaits you:

Season 2 of Shadowlands: JCJ

The current JCJ content season of Shadowlands will come to an end on February 22 at 22:00 CET.

Once the season ends, you will not be able to get more rewards or seasonal titles, nor progress on the classification table of Shadowlands season 2.

Shadowlands Season 2: Mythical +

The current Season of Gerta + Content will end with regional maintenance on February 23. Once the season is finished, 0.1% players will be counted with the required rating to obtain the achievement and the title of “tormented hero”.

The tormented hero title will be awarded in the weeks after the end of the season, so be sure not to make any change of faction until you get it.

A preseason will take place during the following week at the end of the season. After the low season, the shadowlands season 3 will begin the week of March 1, after the weekly maintenance in each region.

JCJ enteason

Players will still be able to participate in PVP classified and win rewards, but the classification tables will freeze.

Pre-season mythical +

The mythical dungeons will continue to be available with affairs and rewards of the 2. Mythic + Ranking season will remain cumulative and the season achievements will remain available, with the exception of the title and the achievement “tormented hero”.

Contente of MGG Fr.

Horizon Zero Dawn should be the reference of Ubisoft

I recently decided to sit down and replay Horizon Zero Dawn since his suite, Horizon Forbidden West, comes out next month. My opinion remains substantially the same. It is an absolute masterpiece that I strongly recommend to everyone to consult, especially since it is now on PC.

Horizon Zero Dawn is also a game that Ubisoft could learn a lot. On its surface, Horizon Zero Dawn shares many similarities with a traditional game in open world of Ubisoft. Horizon Zero Dawn simply enjoys a smaller and more targeted experience. Believe it or not, each game does not need to last more than 50 hours.

Horizon Zero Dawn has bandits camps, he has tricks, many collectibles, he has everything we are tired in Ubisoft games. Despite this, Horizon Zero Dawn is a masterpiece.

The most interesting character of the game, Nile, is linked to the bandits camps. The towers are environmental puzzles that involve climbing giant robot dinosaurs. Collective objects expanded a detailed and fascinating world. I want to learn more! I want to collect information. It’s certainly much better than feathers.

Horizon Zero Dawn also enjoys a thorough combat system with fascinating enemies to fight. Let’s look at Assassin’s Need Valhalla to see why the Ubisoft fight simply does not work during the game duration. Nothing in the fight is terrible in itself. You have a rather traditional hack-and-slash fight with light and heavy attacks. The problem is that it’s pretty much everything. The enemies never really defy you, and they offer little or no variety. This only aggravates the repetitive nature of the game and makes it difficult to play for more than 40 hours.

Let’s look at Horizon Zero Dawn now. Horizon Zero Dawn makes you fight dinosaur robots. It’s just a little more fascinating than guys in armor. Horizon Zero Dawn also offers a crowd of combat options for any battle.

GO WILL SO up to shoot smaller machines and install traps? Do you have to hack and corrupt a machine, so that it is fighting for you to equalize chances? Are you trying to keep your distances to try to drop a room immediately to facilitate the fight?

The fight in Horizon Zero Dawn is really a question of choice. These machines are truly dangerous, which encourages you to think about your approach. In combat, I often take a break and I enter the Codex, in order to look for the weakness of a machine, try to decide which weapons will work best and propose a plan of attack. I did it for about 30 hours I played. I did not do that during the 40 hours I spent in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

This time played is also something that Ubisoft could learn from Horizon Zero Dawn. I spent about 30 hours doing all the secondary quests and beating the story in Horizon Zero Dawn. Valhalla lasted me 40 hours before the repetition reaches me. I did not even finish the story. It was just as if it would never end. It would be good for Ubisoft to keep in mind that the size is not everything.

Horizon Zero Dawn is not perfect. In fact, the worst aspects are precisely what we do not like in Ubisoft’s open world games. Human enemies are dull and do not have the same depth as the machines. Just get them a bullet in the head and move on. Your options are much more limited and rested on traditional options between stealth and action. They simply do not offer the same level of threat or intrigue. If they had more variety, and you had to remove the armor to reach weak points, they would be more engaging. As they are, they are simply forgetting. A bit like a traditional game in open world of Ubisoft.


So, what is Ubisoft can learn from Horizon Zero Dawn? The main point to remember is that depth is much more important than size. Horizon Zero Dawn has endeavored to ensure that even banal tasks like bandits camps feel engaging and are part of the world. It was not a task; They were part of the story. It also helps that there were only about six camps at Horizon Zero Dawn. Do not help it too much and encourages the player to complete them.

The combat system is well-thought-out and remains fun to search and try new strategies for the entire game in Horizon Zero Dawn. They were not satisfied with a simple firing system and basic dodge. They added weak points, several types of weapons, automatic weapons that you can eliminate and use, and more. It is a level of depth that is sorely lacking at any game in open world of Ubisoft.

Horizon Zero Dawn has built a unique world with hunters using old technologies, such as arches and arrows, made from future technologies and metals. There are traditions at every street corner, and each collectible object takes you more deeply in the world. Build a world whose players will want to explore each centimeter.

The quality beats the quantity. So far, Ubisoft has not taken any heart with its open world games. Far Cry 6 was just more Far Cry and all that goes with: standard FPS fights, boring objects and a world without interest. It’s frustrating because Ubisoft is really capable of more. They have talented developers. Well, they do it if they are not all right now. I aspire to the day Ubisoft will realize that deeper gameplay is much more important than immense and occupied cards. No matter how long your card is sprawling if you have nothing interesting to do it.

Nine games arrive on Xbox Game Pass this month

It seems that several new titles will join the Xbox subscription service this month. Microsoft has continued to add more and more high-level titles to Xbox Game Pass since its inception. Now they bring nine other titles to the service this month, two of which are already available.

Today, Microsoft has surprisingly output two titles for Game Pass: DanGanronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc Anniversary Edition and Nobody Saves The World. While the Mystery Adventure Game Danganronpa was already available on other platforms, Nobody Saves The World is a brand-new game. These two games mark major milestones for the service. Especially Nobody Saves The World being an output from the first day. These will not fail to excite Game Pass subscribers.

But there is more ! This Thursday, Microsoft will unveil six other Xbox Game Pass games. Four of these games are also outings of the first day.

Hitman Trilogy, Tom Blanca’s Rainbow Six Extraction, Paparazzi and Windjammers 2 are the new versions of the first day to come on Game Pass. Rainbow Six Siege will also join the service on January 20th.

Then, January 27, Microsoft concluded this exciting month with the exit of Take No Catsuit: The Drum Master on Game Pass. The musical rhythm game

Irehon is a new fantasy

Finally, An MMO That Respects Your Time

This checklist consists of computer video games whose resource code is open. To differentiate are totally free readily available video games, half-free video games (business use restricted), complimentary and public video game. On top of that, not all square games are immediately complimentary, for example, when the resource code is readily available yet is under exclusive permit or the resource code is cost-free, yet the art work proprietary.

And it will be exactly on February 1, 2022. So in about five weeks. HTTPS: // Ire hon to Action Fantasy enemies, which focuses on the fight for two enemy fractions (something like a covenant and Horde from World of Warcraft). The graphic must explore a large open world, full of dangerous places, enemies, bosses and other players. > Find new friends or deadly enemies. Enter one of the enemy fractions and protect its interests. Connect with friends to make life easier or make life to other players. In Ire hon, however, there will be standard EVE content. From Dungeon after demanding rallies with even more demanding bosses. Noteworthy is also unusual as a grade of enemies graphics. Square, Voxel, but in its own way very charming. Free-to-play? It is not known.

Today s steam Halo Infinite which was released is popular

Hallo (German: Heiligenschlights ) is an ego shooter video game series, whose individual parts of Bungee, 343 Industries and the set studios for Microsoft Gaming, today Xbox Game Studios were established.

The 9th formatted Halo Infinite showed the sale of the market. A few days before the release, the world’s selling ranking is located in the top of the world, If there is no significant issue regarding the campaign content that was hit by this time, the rise will continue.

Hallo Infinite’s rise is positively evaluated in a positively evaluated and owed resulting from a polychedular pressure and concerns. The Halo series was the 20th anniversary of the 200th anniversary and the winner of the successor, and there was a task that it has to overturn the negative evaluation of the previous work. In this situation, the newly released multiplayer has turned the fans’ mind with excellent gameability, and the call of Duty: Vanguard and Battlefield 2042 are expected to be expected to be expecting and falling into the sluggish, and the evaluation of Halo Infinite It is severe that it is higher.

Does 343 Industries Want Halo Infinite to FAIL? | The Current State of Halo Infinite is Pathetic
In addition, a number of titles that have attracted sales volume to the sale of regular discounts in front of regular discounts. Cyber ​​Punk 2077 followed on the steam in November, followed by a half-value discount once again, and entered the top of the sale. FIFA 22 is also a 20% discount, 35%, respectively, and Deck Building Game Ink and Marvel Guardians of Galaxy, which have been depressed in 60% sales,

Meanwhile, the graffito new Thunder tier won is still in the top of the world’s top sales after 8 days. The know-how, which accumulated in the Player Nouns Battleground, is reflected in Thunder tier, and this part seems to have led to positive responses to fans.

At the top simultaneous Concerts Top 20, the Halo Infinite, a popular Halo Infinite achieves 123,030 concurrent users, and pressed the Amazon New World, who played 7th.

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