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Supercat, new system introduction, and how to work like a supercat release

Supercat, which has achieved rapid appearance growth by introducing mobile RPG ‘Wind Country: Yeon’ and 2D Meta Bus Platform ‘ZEP’, will be able to build a bigger leap forward.

Supercat (CEO Kim Young-eul) announced on the 21st a Supercat-like way to work that contains the new system for the creation of a healthy corporate culture.

The new system and how to work like a supercat were planned under the philosophy that the work environment where individual members can showcase their capabilities and a healthy enterprise culture are connected to a game with a complete game.

First, ‘How to work like a supercat’ contains Supercat’s work culture and brand story. From the work guides that are basic, but no one tells me, to the law to become a worker (a good worker), and the way of working with supercat members, from the humorous text and drawing, from the humorous text and drawing of the supercat members. ‘How to work like a supercat’ can be found on the website for anyone interested in Supercat’s corporate culture.

In addition, with the intention of freely sharing knowledge and experience, the company has established an in-house conference system to create an atmosphere where members can help and support each other. The conference can be held on the topic you want, regardless of size or number of times, and provides a certain gift certificate to the host. Currently, there are regular conferences on various topics such as in-house SQL courses and mobile game circulation rescue conferences.

In addition, the company operates a commercial coaching agent that encourages growth through free and horizontal communication between leaders and members. In addition to the difficulties and suggestions of work, it is possible to talk with a wide range of topics such as interpersonal relationships and grievances in the workplace. Through the coaching system, members can improve their understanding of business directions, capacity development, and company goals, and leaders can get positive effects in terms of emotional management and long-term service.

Supercat, which has abolished the comprehensive wage system earlier this year and is leading the creation of a healthy working environment, continues to improve the welfare of autonomous commuting, seasonal leave, and residential loan interest support. We are also working hard to communicate in terms of communication, such as regularly preparing a place to work together and sharing improvements and solutions.

Supercat Nam Ji-young, head of the People Team Team, said, In order to create a better game, a better service, we need to share the vision of all members, and how to work with a healthy way of communication. We plan to focus on creating a corporate culture and working environment that can grow with employees as the company has grown rapidly with various projects including ‘.

Announced open world game Soulframe. WarFrame Developer Developer Free Play Free New Works

Developer Digital Extremes will hold the WarFrame event Tennocon 2022 on July 17. In this, it has revealed that the new open world adventure game Soulframe is under development. Compatible platforms and release times are undecided.

Soulframe is a completely new open world adventure game by Steve Sinclair, creative director of WarFrame. It is still in the early development stage, and the information has not been disclosed much about the game content, but the cinematic trailer listed above has a unique worldview.

In the trailer, a naked man who is a trapped body appears. Later, the man flows to some island and confront three enemies with his sword in his hand. The armor that was initially worn on his right arm was removed, and he blows off the enemy with a mysterious ability using his right arm. And when he pierced the sword on the ground, the enemy was petrified. The man who rejected the enemy has released a giant beast connected by chains.

According to the narration of the video, the child who fell into the soul of Kara was raised in the castle hut, was bred as a hunter, and hunted the opposite. Is that man a hunter? The narrator also describes it as a messenger of shame, and calls out, I have the soul of my kale and my body to find myself. Return the grace and return to the earth. In addition, it can be said that the land where the stage is called is called ODE.

Mr. Steve Sinclair, who led the development of this work, said that in response to interviews with the Washington Post overseas, elements such as Warframe and the automatic generation field were also taken over by Soulframe, but the science fiction color was strong. According to WarFrame, this work will be a work with a fantasy world view. In the development, it is said that it is influenced by films such as Princess Mononoke and Never Ending Story.

Warframe features high-speed battles that emphasize shooting, while this work is developed in a slow pace, focusing on heavy melee attacks. However, it is not a work that intended so-called soul-like games.

In this work, the world itself is in a state of some kind of anger, and adventures will be conducted under themes such as restoring and refunding and nature. It seems to be a game play that focuses on searching, suggesting the existence of gameplay in a cave that is automatically generated. On the other hand, there is also an open world field that will be a hub area.


Soulframe will be offered for free basic play. The compatible platform and release time are undecided. The development has only begun, and Digital Extremes wants to proceed with the development while listening to the opinions from the community.

Sniper TPS “Sniper Elite 5” PC version is not distributed at the Epic Games store and is confused. Innocent postponement due to “circumstances”

It seems that the PC version of the TPS “ Sniper Elite 5 ” released by developer Rebellion on May 26 has not been released on the Epic Games store, which should have been planned, and seems to be puzzled by fans. 。 It is said that refunds have been implemented for reservations.

This work is the latest work of the TPS “Sniper Elite” series, which depicts the success of the sniper. Set in France during World War II, the protagonist, Karl Fairburn, fights to prevent the Nazi confidential strategy.

“Sniper Elite 5” is released for PC and PS4/PS5/Xbox One/Xbox Series X | S. The PC version is distributed on Steam/Microsoft Store. However, as you can see in the image above, it was originally scheduled to be distributed at the Epic Games store. Although there is a page of this work in the store, it will not be released even on the release date. It is said that the reservation purchaser has been postponed to the distribution date undecided, and has been sent to refund (Reddit).

Regarding the postponement of the distribution at the Epic Games store, the development and seller Rebellion has not been particularly disclosed. Meanwhile, on May 27, a statement was issued through overseas media VGC. According to the report, the situation in which the studio was out of control could not be released at the Epic Games store due to the Circumstance Beyond Our Control. The specific reason was not revealed. He also states that he will release this work in the store in the future, but he did not mention specific times.

Looking back at the movement of this work, the trailer released on May 4 had the logo of the Epic Games store, but it has disappeared after the release of May 19. The same is true for the platform notation in the press release that guides those trailers. However, there was no explanation of the reason.

Apparently, some “circumstances” occurred from early May to mid-May. The work itself has been completed, including the PC version. The fact that it cannot be distributed only in the Epic Games store may have emerged just before the launch, a technical problem on the store side or Epic Games. In any case, the truth is unknown.

“Sniper Elite 5” was released as planned except for the Epic Games store. This work features new actions, expanding weapons customization elements, and visuals that utilize photo glametry technology. In addition, the X-ray kill camera, which is synonymous with the series, has realized more realistic and cruel depictions than ever.

The evaluation of this work is that the PC version of meta score at MetACRITIC on the review accumulation site is quite high at 82. According to each Media Review, although the innovation was modest, the stiffness that added the above-mentioned elements in the previous work “Sniper Elite 4” and the high degree of freedom in mission capture seemed to be popular.

On the other hand, if you look at the user review at Steam, it is a “pros and cons,” which is now popular at 69%. It seems that the evaluation has been reduced due to the large number of bugs and the uniform specifications related to weapons. However, the number of simultaneous connection players in the Steam version exceeded 12,000 at the peak (SteamDB). It has obtained a certain number of user base.

“Sniper Elite 5” is on sale for PC (Steam/Microsoft Store)/PS4/PS5/Xbox One/Xbox Series X | S. It is also provided for Xbox/PC Game Pass. In this work, a Japanese package version for PS4/PS5 will be released on June 16th.

Shingeki No Kyojin: Is MapPa stretching the gum? Two very different views

Many anime fans had a special quote on Sunday Following the last chapter of the season of Shingeki No Kyojin or Attack on Titan. Many thought that the end of the series was about to arrive, but finally they met with a message at the end of the chapter commenting that the last trot of the series will come definitively in 2023. That is, those who began to see The anime in 2013 will end 10 years later ** in a pretty irregular and tedious way.

But is it possible that this irregular serialization is to stretch the chewing gum or to maintain in a good work situation of the workers?

Shingeki no kyojin, anime to mass phenomenon

The work created by Hajime Isayama was a total Frenetism torrent and excitement since its first season launched in 2013. It was such the enormous reception that became one of the badge series when talking about anime. Many people, including a server, began in the anime world as a result of Series as an attack on the Titans thanks to their enormous history and the few “Japanese” that it was about a pretty European work ** (the Same Isayama recognizes it).

MAPPA vs Wit Studio Animation Comparison with same scene of Attack on Titan | Shingeki No Kyojin

Millions of people gather around television or computer to see what will bring to the Recognition Army or the Marleyan, with Eren as the main leader of a suicide mission. That’s why MAPPA might be stretching the chewing gum Everything possible to get the most out of the series, making it Earn money exponentially by merchandise and royalties of the series with rights broadcast. But maybe it can be to improve working life.

Labor rights for MAPPA workers

Many will already know what has been happening in MAPPA in recent years: Extreme exploitation cases within the study has been increasing and many have put on the face that they make so many animes per year with absurdly low time margin. For you to make an idea, MAPPA has prepared the following animes in short-medium term:

  • Dance Dance Danseur
  • Chainsaw Man
  • Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2
  • Shingeki No Kyojin: The Final Season Part 3
  • Jigokuraku.
  • Yuri !!! On Ice The Movie : Ice Adolescence
  • Alice to teresu no maboroshi kōjō
  • Zombie Land Saga movie
  • Mechronicle
  • Kakegurui Twin

While the Japanese study has a total of 310 employees, they are not enough to be able to give bastion with all and have opted to transfer the final war of the work in a single block with an animation that is probably excellent. MAPPA does not stop receiving animes and it is normal for you to take so much to lengthen a series, since unlike Ufotable, distribute several work between your workers and other cartoonists _ freelancers _ for specific scenes.

Hopefully the final part of Shingeki does not Kyojin ends in a good way and we can see the outcome that we all deserve to see, with an outstanding animation, a soundtrack that excites and a * rhythm as frantic as we saw in the first season. *

To March 26th Delivery at Return ACE STEAM. Battle of the premise that converts enemy attacks into energy

Domestic personal circle Nerota announced on March 11, “ Return ACE ” to start delivery on March 26. The corresponding platform is PC (Steam). In Steam and, the trial version containing 2 stages can be downloaded.

“Return ACE” is a special vertical scroll 2D shooting game that receives and utilizes an enemy bullet. In this work, the player operates itself and fights against the enemy aircraft that appears on the screen. While destroying enemies with energy bullets, avoid the barrage of the enemy. It aims for the stage capture. However, since there is no energy for its own machine at the start of the game, it can not be attacked. Therefore, in this work, the enemy’s energy bullet is converted to energy of its own machine using the function “ABSORB” mounted on the aircraft. We will use enemy attacks to expand the battle.

As a special ability of your own machine, “Hacking” and “Rolling” to be invincible to the enemy aircraft in addition to “ABSORB” and become an invincible to the physical attack. Both actions, including shots, are the basis of the fight in “ABSORB”.

On the other hand, if the enemy bullet is converted too much with “ABSORB”, the own machine causes an overheat beyond the allowable energy of energy. “ABSORB” is also equipped with the ability to register the enemy’s bullets that absorbed when energy is 0%, and to change the shot of the own machine, and energy management will also be important.

The Complete Unabridged Timeline of Call of Duty Zombies (World At War - Black Ops 4)
Besides, the story is equipped with a four-step difficulty level with different stories and BGM. As the game mode, in addition to normal StoryMode, it is prepared by Randomstage that you need luck and BOSSRUSH fighting endless. A capable title system has also been introduced, and the ability of your own machine can be enhanced by meeting the conditions and clearing the game. The title may be obtained by destroying the general enemy of 80% or more, hacking more than 20 machines, or destroy the boss with rolling.

Nerota, which is developing this work, is a personal circle of Mr. Tugu, a domestic personal developer. According to his tweet, STG developed by East-Aplan! shark! shark! The Mega Drive version of “is a key to developing this work. I couldn’t forget my memories that could not be cleared when I was young, and I decided to make a dot shooting game. Also, according to Steam’s Store page, there is a problem that the current work does not work in the demo version in the present work. The discovered issues, including user wages and system improvements, are being corrected during operation.

“Return ACE” will start delivery from March 26 for PC (STeam). Soundtracks of this work that recorded 20 songs, including arrangements, are scheduled to be released free of charge.

“Portal” spin-off “Aperture Desk Job” free distribution starts, Japanese support. A strange adventure starting with a toilet inspection

Synthfest UK Virtual Event - Sat 10th October - 2pm to 10pm UK
Valve started a free distribution of “ Aperture Desk Job ” on March 2. The corresponding platform is PC (STeam) and supports Japanese display. This work is developed for Steam Deck, and a controller is required to play with a PC.

“Aperture desk Job” is an adventure game based on the view of the world of puzzle games “Portal”. A new employee who just joined Aperture Science. I will work in the underground work, along with my favorite artificial intelligence Gradi. The work is the product inspection officer. We will check out the product and toilet bowls that flow from the belt conveyor.

A desk is provided in front of the player’s eyes. A button corresponding to the controller / Steam Deck, such as the ABXY button or LR trigger, is available at the desk. By pushing these buttons as specified, it will be examined whether the toilet functions firmly.

I wonder if the monotonous work is repeated, and the situation is unusual. The player will cut out various aspects based on the desk button operation. Although details will be down, various situations will be awaited, such as simple button operations, but sometimes precise operations are also required. There is also a scene where gyro operation and speech recognition are required, and the player can not get bored.

As Valve is mentioned on the store page, this work is not a regular sequel to be a “Portal” numbering work, but the length is compact about 1 hour. However, the fact that the world view of “Portal” is further expanded is also hidden, and the series fan will be a highly satisfied work.

“Aperture Desk Job” is under distribution for PC with STeam. Be careful because the controller is required for the operation.

Womens Delivery Development ADV “Needy Girl Overdose” Sales 10,000. Various ruin to follow Internet Angel

WSS Playground announced on January 28, “Needy Girl Overdose” The number of sells of 1000,000 have a top over 100,000. In commemoration of 100,000 people, the “LINE stamp” of stamps used in the work and distribution of domestic text for Discord is scheduled.

“Needy Girl Overdose” is an ADV aiming for a female distributor and aiming for the strongest Internet angel. The main character of this work is a girl with a strong approval desire, who works as a female distributor “super excess. She has a bad personality, and she also has a side that she will soon get in shape. She is also a super excess of super excess, but she is pretty good, she distributes, she distributes stress and gets worried about her mental condition in her nerd. Players support her mental and delivery activities as such a pine. Beside her strongest Internet Angel, follow a variety of ruins by multi-ending. Is there a Happy End in this work?

Needy Girl Overdose OST 10 INTERNET ANGEL

The player instructs her action while living with her Am-chan, and gives her super excessive Bittering-chan as her delivery person. The super-sort of the game is the only follower because it is still as a distributor. She won her delivery material by her action, such as an ego in SNS. She is one of the objects to increase the follower and aim for a million millions of followers by driving a live distribution at night at night.

However, Amacchan has a parameter that represents mental, such as her stress / favorable sensitivity / sight, and mental health exacerbates through her delivery activities. Specifically, when delivery is performed, stress increases. If you make a crack, communicate and naughty, stress goes down, but this time another parameter will increase. Since stress and unlikely, the goodness that passes too much is also destroyed, the player manages the mental of Ame-chan in parallel with her delivery activities. I’m going to spend 30 days so that Amachan does not seem to be caught in her emotions. The ending branches by parameter numerical values. Including message apps and SNS tables / back accounts, Aime-chan’s figure that live on the Internet is drawn while having her and miso.

This work was in charge of scenario and planning, and it is a work that was started on STeam on January 21, 2022. Today is January 28th, that is, it achieved over 100,000 sales in a week. STeam gains 95% of the more than 3100 user reviews and earned the status “overwhelming popular”. In Japanese user reviews, there are many players who are fascinated by the air sense of the internet and Amachan.

In addition, the production of LINE stamps has been announced to commemorate the total number of sells. The stamp is a stamp group that players can send to ACC with the message app in the work. Nyarura is tweeted with “making LINE stamps that have a lot of request to commemorate” and it seems that the stamp plan is required by reply. The distribution time and price of the LINE stamp are undecided. As a memorial of 100,000 people, pictograms used by Amacchan was distributed as pictographs for Discord. You can download free from Booth of this work. As a bonus, stamps and icons are also included. In addition, as a collaboration with the action rhythm game “Muse DASH”, it seems that the theme song “Internet Overdose” of this work can be played in “Muse DASH”.

“Needy Girl Overdose” is delivered for normal price 1680 yen at STeam. A 10% off sale has been implemented until 3:00 on January 29. Emoices for Discord are also distributed by Booth.

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The Manga de Tokyo Revengers will arrive in Mexico next year

Tokyo Revengers It was one of the great surprises that the world of anime introduced us during the last season. The adaptation of Ken Wakui s work has been received with open arms. While the first part has already come to an end, recently became known that this manga will finally be published in Mexico .

Through the official account of him on Twitter, Panini revealed that the manga of Tokyo Revengers will begin to be published in Spanish as of January 2022 . For only $ 139 pesos, the fans of this work will have the opportunity to buy a new volume every month.

???? this title does not need a presentation.
The most requested series (without a one that is approaching) will arrive in Mexico in January.
Monthly periodicity.
Price: $ 139 c / u
With extras that we will reveal in the future.

  • paninimangamx (@paninimangamx) October 19, 2021

There are currently 24 volumes published in Japan , which will arrive in our country over two years. Considering that Ken Wakui does not yet finish writing the story of Tokyo Revengers , this number could increase in the future. Without a doubt, some good news for fans.

The BEST Upcoming Tokyo Revengers GAME On Roblox! [Yakuza Avengers]

On Related Topics, here you can see the new video advancement of the LIVE ACTION series of COWBAY BEBOP .

Editor s note:

Although several people do not like Panini s work, no one can deny the effort that is being made to bring us the most popular sleeves of the moment. Although Pandemia affected production last year, along 2021 we have seen new series and special editions that are worthwhile.

Via: panini.

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