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For Honor Gets a free weekend after adding a new hero

Por honor recently welcomed a new fighter to your list, and just after that release, another event will be held this weekend. As you have guessed those who are familiar with Ubisoft events, that event is a free weekend that allows people to play in different consoles and PC platforms. Por honor free for limited time. However, it is likely that you do not play as the new pirate fighter if you only play during this free weekend, but it is very likely that you are with one or two of them on the battlefield.

Free weekends are Ubisoft’s favorites either for por honor, arco iris six siege, or any of your other multiplayer games, so you should not surprise that the first get a weekend of that kind after the release of the Hero pirate. Free weekend is now available on Epic Games Launcher platforms, Ubisoft Connect, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S. It is available until January 31, regardless of the platform in which you play.

For the most part, you can participate in this free weekend without any underlying cost in most platforms. However, those in Xbox systems must have subscriptions to Xbox Live Gold at least to play.

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As for the pirate, that hero is active in the game since January 27, but you will have to pay if you want to play like him. That is because they are currently only a part of the package of $ 7.99 containing the hero and a couple of other cosmetics and incentives for players to try them. For those who do not want to pay, they will have to wait until February 10 when the character will be available to buy by 15,000 Steel, the currency of the game that is used to acquire different things. That is long after the end of the free trial period, so you will have to commit to the game later if you want to play like the pirate and the full list that por honor offers

Por honor The free weekend is available from now until January 31.

The latest leaks in Part II are everywhere so pay attention there

A massive story for last of Us Part II appeared online this weekend, but do not be afraid we do not want it. Many videos showing cinematic of the next game appeared on a YouTube channel this weekend, but Sony was quick to intervene and eliminate them.

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As for all things on the Internet, the cat is unfortunately out of the bag, and the videos will have been copied by others, and will probably appear everywhere in the coming weeks. The videos have shown a lot of invisible gameplay, some cut scenes and varied menus.

The game, which was initially going out in May, saw its released date so that Naughty Dog can refine the game at a level of which it was satisfied.

How or why the videos have appeared online is currently unknown. However, rumors abound that a dissatisfied developer is responsible, there is no way to know if stories surrounding the appearance of videos are true or not, so it s better to take all whispers with a pinch of salt.

Now, that you wanted to find the videos disclosed or not, it does not depend on you, we will not link them here, but we would ask everyone to respect the people who do not want to know what will happen. Arrive in the game until they can play for themselves.

Naughty Dog has not yet commented on leaks, but we will keep you informed if they publish a statement.

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