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Creepy Pokemon video: So you can be glad that the monsters are not real

You think to live in the world of Pokémon would be great? Would you only make friends with cute creatures and play exciting fights? A realistic fan video shows how scary the monsters would be in reality.

fan tinkers amazing Pokémon videos

Every fan has had the desire to go on their own Pokémon adventure. But have you ever wondered, How creepy some monsters would be in reality?

Your everyday life would probably not only consist of cuddling your Evoli. At the latest when you go into the nearest cave on an exploration tour, it will be dangerous.

A fan illustrates with his animation of a wild onix, Why you can be happy that Pokémon doesn’t really exist. The clip could just as well come from a Pokémon horror film:

In a dark cave you discover an onix that attacks you directly. This creepy scenario is rewarded by the fans on Reddit with over 53,000 upvotes . In the comments, many even want a real Pokémon horror film in the look.

Artist Therevivalprodes does not have an entire film in the repertoire, but a few other realistic Pokémon animations that let your hair stand up to mountains.

Tiktok loves the creepy clips

The 3D artist has been active on his Tikok account for a few months-and reaches an even larger audience there.

In addition to the onix video shown, which has now been seen over 5.3 million times and liked over 825,000 times, you will find more clips for realistic Pokémon.

In particular, the spirits of the first generation seem to have done it. In the following video, you are looking for a gengar home while you are buying Poké Balls:

10 Pokemon You're Glad Don't Exist In Real Life.
And here you can make a particularly creepy alpollo at all:

If you now feel like more Pokémon videos of this kind, you can visit Revival on your Tikok profile. There he regularly uploads his creations.

_The world of the Pokémon is not only full of dangers, but also full of mysteries. A couple of the biggest puzzles of the monsters and the games can be found in the following image series: _

Slap The Rocks: Gameplay-Trailer zum Pixel

Video game adventurers have to overcome more and more tasks these days to achieve that it requires their adventurer spirit.
The new gameplay trailer for Slap the Rocks has shown that some protagonists have easier than others.

The Quarry: 30 Minutes of Gameplay - IGN First
Slap the Rocks is a puzzle game in a pixel graphic style, which is reminiscent of Pokémon with its top-down view.
The player controls an adventurer who satisfactorily does exactly what the play title promises: stones!
Armed with a sword, our figure has to get on the way through 30 different levels and beat stones and chop bushes to achieve as many treasure chests as possible.
The greatest dangers on his journey to fame and wealth are holes in the ground that can be closed with stones.
Slap the Rocks will be released on May 4th and will therefore be available in the Microsoft Store tomorrow.

Peridot obtains exactly the hot-coveted functions that are missing out on Pokemon Go – Sets Off Peridot Soon Pokemon Go?

What is Peridot? Peridot sets an emphasis on taming, raising and also reproducing virtual pet dogs – the calling “peridots”, or short “dots”. Enhanced truth will certainly play a large role – you should see your brand-new good friends via the camera of your mobile phones with you and the real life engage.

With Peridot, a brand-new video game of Pokémon Go Macher Niantic was revealed. This has some similarities, however likewise brings serious distinctions – Will Peridot come to be the alternative for Pokémon Go?

You will certainly discover a more detailed understanding into Peridot here:

The elements of the new video game presented are elements that are not foreign to the keynote of Pokémon Go and the proceeded Pokémon universe. What elevates the concern: Will Peridot come to be a true competitor for Pokémon Go?

A minimum of it obtains some features that you desire in Pokémon Go for a while.

What can Peridot, what Pokémon Go can not?

In enhancement, Peridot seems to be a “friendly” game, which is just concentrated on the rearing as well as dealing with private animal.

Various instructors have invested hours hrs around hours to make Pokémon with best values. To Pokémon Go, nevertheless, this function has actually never made it, although players presently approached it.

At Peridot, however, specifically this topic will certainly take a vital focus. Any type of peridot that a person brings in should be unique. This can then be made use of subsequently to offer the next Dot generation specific attributes.

Such a conversation still lacks in Pokémon Go today, although he would be extremely beneficial for the organization of RAIDs. There are at the very least hints that Pokémon Go can get such a function.

Another facet is specific social functions that already want Pokémon Go coaches for life. These are clear in the Peridot Announcement: Among other things, an Ingame conversation is offered in which gamer can share directly.

One has no influence on which monsters are damaged – which, though exactly this facet generally games is so popular.

Although there are Pokémon eggs in the game that you accumulate at Pokéstops or decreases team Rocket – that was largely but that. What ultimately hids out of the egg is left to a little beast swimming pool and coincidence.

Thus, as an example, players that such as “Tamagotchi” or “Nintendogs” liked to do something more. In Pokémon Go, on the other hand, one gathers mass monsters, with little concentrate on private – with particular exemptions, such as the buddy facet.

These features gets Peridot: The most striking and most fascinating aspect is the factor “Breeding”. Because that has actually played intensively the classic major games of the Pokémon series, recognizes: this too is reproducing a vital variable.

What can Pokémon Go, what Peridot can not?

Where is Pokémon Go Front? One of the most important element is definitely the Pokémon itself. The search and also collecting of beasts is now traditional Pokémon and also fits really well for the technique to get with the mobile phone exterior. At the very least it has actually made it through various other examples as the “Harry Potter – Wizards Unify” rather conveniently.

The writing additionally some gamers in the Pokémon-Go-subbreddit: “If you would add these features to pogo, I would have an interest in me. I intend to play with my sniebel, not with these things, “composes concerning Individual Benkniskin (via reddit).

Additionally, Pokémon Go provides the combative elements. Arenas, Team Rocket, Raids, PVP-League – These are all facets that do not yet come back to Peridot. Obviously, it is possible that even right here affordable components keep in retraction – so much it does not care for it.

What attaches both video games?

  • You can catch monsters in the real life
  • Or communicate with his pal Pokémon

On top of that, the monsters can communicate with your atmosphere in both games, just through the AR cam. In Pokémon Go, nonetheless, this has hitherto been restricted to fairly little functions.

At the very least in the announcement, Peridot seems to be a bigger focus on communication. Again, there is a feeding as well as game system, but you need to also be able to instruct the dots for tricks or look for. The monster on the beast is based on communication – so feasible that Peridot has the nose in the front.

Aside from a few great computer animations, the feeding of berries or picture shoots make your pal Pokémon in video camera mode not way too much.

Apart from the formerly pointed out points, both video games intend to draw one outside. Discover brand-new places and accumulate beasts – this lies in the DNA of both video games. At Pokémon Go, this aspect is just more concentrated on once again.

Could Peridot Pokémon Go change?

It needs to also be taken into consideration that numerous trains Pokémon Go have been betting years and partially not only time, however also cash spent. Of program that binds that as well. At the very same time, some trainers could also have established boredom, which supplies the chance for something brand-new.

According to the current state, Pokémon Go and also Peridot seem to have some similarities, yet also adequate distinctions. Purely from the gameplay, no direct competition appears to be built below. However, it appears the new Peridot features Pokémon Go could succeed as an expansion.

With Peridot, a brand-new game of Pokémon Go Macher Niantic was revealed. Where is Pokémon Go Front? According to the present state, Pokémon Go and Peridot seem to have some similarities, yet also enough differences. It looks as if the brand-new Peridot features Pokémon Go can do well as an extension.

Because of the various methods in the gameplay, Peridot could be more probable to be a supplement instead of a competitors to Pokémon Go. As an example, if you have just not to search for new beasts in Pokémon Go, a little beginning with PVP and also devoted to a single monster.

It should also be thought about that many instructors Pokémon Go have actually been playing for years as well as partially not only time, however additionally money spent.

Just how do you see the new video game? Are you thinking about Peridot, do you desire something new? Or is you like to remain with the timeless Pokémon? Inform us in the comments!

Note: At the end of the day you will probably play both video games mainly while walking as well as strolling around. The capacities are likewise restricted. Whether players merely have enough time for both games – that will certainly need to show.

In Pokémon Go on the other hand, an alteration of mega advancements is talked. Just brand-new notes on the Mega-Pokémon showed up once again.

Zelda: Links Awakening for Switch Currently in the Amazon Deal at the top rate

So excellent is the deal: You will get Zelda: Link’s Awakening for the switch for only 40.40 euros. This is presently the finest price as well as once more four euros more affordable than the next ideal supplier.

You can currently get it in the bargain at if you have waived the game so far.

In your collection of games for the Nintendo Switch need to not be missing out on following to Zelda: Breath of the Wild an additional Zelda. The Tale of Zelda: Link’s Awakening is a remake of the 1993 for the very first time for the Video game Young boy.

At Amazon you can currently buy The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening for Nintendo Turn on offer to the existing finest price.

Zelda: Acquire Link’s Awakening on offer

So good is the Zelda Remake

GamePro console specialists have evaluated Zelda: Link’s Awakening to the release and involved the verdict that it is a great video game. The video game received a score of 85 points. According to GamePro, it encourages as a “stunning and thoroughly adapted remake”. The Tester Tobias Veltin discusses in his final thought:


Link’s Awakening is for me like a trip time. For virtually the entire test time I was again the 8-year-old Tobi, that sits with beautiful eyes before his Game Kid as well as experiencing among his really initially major computer game journeys. It is remarkable like the remake it produces to preserve feeling as well as beauty of the original and also packaging in this attractive appearance.

  • Some employers as well easy
  • Some irritating aspects
  • Reduced resurrection

  • Gorgeous Panorama Optics

  • A number of caring information
  • Superb aged gameplay
  • Toll created dungeons
  • Very simple access
  • Well well balanced basic trouble level
  • Compact, varied game globe

12 BIG Changes in Zelda: Link's Awakening on Switch!
* Enters the charm of the original


Zelda: Purchase Link’s Awakening on deal

Extra details.

In your collection of video games for the Nintendo Switch must not be missing next to Zelda: Breath of the Wild an additional Zelda. The Tale of Zelda: Link’s Awakening is a remake of the 1993 for the initial time for the Game Child. GamePro console experts have actually checked Zelda: Link’s Awakening to the release as well as came to the conclusion that it is a really excellent game. > Link’s Awakening is for me like a trip time. For almost the whole test time I was once again the 8-year-old Tobi, who sits with beautiful eyes in front of his Video game Boy as well as experiencing one of his very initially major video clip game experiences.

LOL – All about the initial event of season 12: challenges, how to complete them and rewards

new period of League of Legends gets here over whatever high via a stunning video clip and also a streaming that has made us clear how Riot Games Mob will operate in this 2022. There are many that have already played numerous RANKED As well as you already recognize your ranking, however there are still people who favor to wait on the craziest of the game to have finished their positioning games to enter totally. You can go normal to understand a bit the fad of this period and also, over all, finish a series of obstacles that you will certainly arrive with the period start event.

As every year, Riot Games has prepared a series of related obstacles, most of all, with the champs have actually shown up at the welcome kinematics this period. The objectives will be unlocked daily between 7 and also 13 January and also the incentives readily available as quickly as we complete every little thing will be the following:

Season symbol 2022
1500 Blue Significance
Effigies capsule of any champion
God of the Forge — Vision Guard of Season 2022
Emoticon the phone call in honor of the kinematics
500 orange significance for spending on Skins
Hex tech + secret
Fragments of Champion of Oran, Segueing, Olaf, Olivier, Pantheon, Leona, Kai’ SA, Aliyah and also Red’ SAI (the champs that have actually appeared in the kinematics).

brand-new period of League of Legends shows up over whatever high via a spectacular video clip as well as a streaming that has made us clear just how Riot Games Mob will work in this 2022. There are many that have already played various RANKED And you currently understand your ranking, however there are still individuals that choose to wait for the craziest of the video game to have completed their positioning video games to enter fully. You can go regular to understand a bit the trend of this period and, over all, finish a series of difficulties that you will certainly get here with the season begin occasion.

Thus, Riot Games invites the 2022 period of League of Legends with a multitude of news as well as presents in the type of benefits. Along with all this we have also been able to understand whatever that will come brand-new, like the new currency Within the video game, fascinating obstacles systems or the new line of porcelain aspects to commemorate Chinese New Year; Along with the political election of the following redesign of champ by, as not, the area of gamers of Riot Games.

LOL The best assembly of League of Legends that you will see this week

We all have moves more than exciting in the games of League of Legends and great moments with friends. Clash of almost every weekend is one of those moments where team game can make up huge comebacks and clashes that govern us chicken meat. It is the case of guitarstar15 , a Reddit user who published a video edited on a play in his last game of Clash . But why is it one of the best videos of all week? Well because the edition ran in charge of another person, who paid $ 10 to improve .

An edition more than original and extravagant

The video itself begins normal, with the opposite team a few steps from winning the end of the tournament. What seemed like the end of the game, would be the c oménzo of a Teamfight where the total video party would begin, where we can observe a man singing in the background while Jarvan and Amumu Emanten The rival rammarks. Is there when it comes out wukong and xayah so that the video goes from mother and thus start music at full volume and two squirrels dancing to the sound of the song , while adding random effects and filters which has caused more than one dizziness in our wording.

It is about one of the best examples what is the Internet today : Many random things that we do not understand in front of our eyes and still laughed in laughter. Of course, has come out quite profitable those ten dollars , since the post is one of the most viewed by Reddit and one of the most commented and dear in the week. For those who do not know that it has happened in the play due to the innumerable filters that is in front, a user has collected everything that has passed step by step:

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