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ESO: The very best in the brand-new locations from high Isle are the open dungeons

On June sixth, Elder Scrolls published the brand-new extension of high Isle. This brings some innovations, consisting of the card game, two friends, 30 hours of brand-new story or a new test. This time Meinmmo editor Alexander Leitsch made it particularly pleased by the open vaults. Due to the fact that they are particularly atmospheric and most importantly differed.

According to the two designers of Zenimax, the southerly component of the island need to remind you of southern Europe, with gorgeous coasts as well as wide meadows. The north, on the various other hand, is controlled by rocks, high cliffs as well as stocky trees, as it must resemble in the northern component of Europe.

As part of a play-up event, I was removed by High Isle and also the brand-new content along with Zone Lead Ed Stark and Lead Designer Jeremy Sera. Already after the first seconds, whatever screams to Europe as well as Middle Ages in the brand-new locations. Unsurprisingly, thinking about that the story revolves around the Bretons-and they are almost the personified Middle Ages.

And also they truly torn it out atmospherically.

Neither the landscape neither the middle ages citadels influence me. Everything has actually already been seen, both in ESO as well as in loads of various other MMORPGs. Yet during our tour we go into the north island of Amenos and also the 3 public dungeons from High Isle.

the tower of an insane illusionist

In general, the tower left such a favorable perception that I visited it once more after the occasion. However, the end manager of the open dungeon was not to be defeated for me. I additionally liked that.

The very first safe that we just quickly entered at the occasion was the tower of the karmesin coin. It is located in the north part of the Hoch Islands as well as is house to a crazy illusionist. To arrive, you have to equate with a little watercraft.

I right away impressed the somewhat puzzled manner ins which lead through the tower. Rather than certainly adhering to one or more means, there are goals that all of a sudden bring one from one side of the tower to the various other. In the dungeon there are likewise concealed prizes and also an end chest with valuable benefits.

ghost pirates as well as shipwrecks

The north island of Amenos has its own personality. There is only one outpost on it-the Amenos citadel.

Right here you meet pirates that have actually been changed and also can admire an old shipwreck that has actually run due to the bay. Here, as well, the end boss is crisp and with an attack-if you do not avoid-pulls over 50 % of my life factors.

Comparable to the tower of the magician, the environment in the safe is unique. You do not creep with the one hundredth passage, yet discover a bay.

Since of the harmful reefs as well as currents around them, a retreat from the island is claimed to be impossible. This is precisely what the ghost port bay, the 2nd open safe.

Caution hot lava

The third open vault bears the name of the fire pot and also right here the special auto mechanics of the cards play a duty. Because continental plates fulfill on the Hoch Islands and also there is a lot of volcanic task. The globe events have to do with shutting volcanic cracks.

In the dungeon, you additionally run outdoors in the first time as well as only dip into caves a little later. This is where animal creatures await you above all, while the emphasis was on ghosts or individuals.

The new development uses lots of little highlights

While the intimation occasion was primarily concerning the locations of High Isle, the brand-new expansion additionally provides a variety of developments aside from that:

  • You can expect about 30 hours of new and also totally set-to-music story material.
  • Already in April I looked at the new card game glory stories thoroughly. You can play this in PVE versus NPCs or in the PvP against various other players. There will certainly even be a ranking. You can learn even more about the card video game here: This is exactly how the new card video game fame stories works.
  • There are two new friends.
  • You can enter a new trial for 12 gamers.
  • New collections, new antiques, new residences and new incentives await you.
  • Outside the game, a brand-new track by the Steel band Saltatio Mortis, which was produced based on High Isle and in collaboration with Bethesda, is waiting.

You can figure out everything regarding High Isle here:

High Isle will not be a high-flyer

After two intimation occasions with the designers and also a few hrs on the examination web server, High Isle resembles a solid growth that is aimed primarily at experts. The acquisition is beneficial for the story alone, the new locations and the new collections.

Yet there was no unique function that simply entices new gamers or those who have long left the MMORPG.
The card video game is a pretty concept that brings range, but it is not on top of the checklist of features that MMORPG gamers want.
That is why the buzz seems like something.
Video Game Supervisor Rich Lambert told us why High Isle does not obtain a new class in an interview:
ESO’s manager tells us why no brand-new course came out- too much turmoil

** On June Sixth, Elder Scrolls published the brand-new extension of high Isle. This brings some advancements, including the card game, two buddies, 30 hours of brand-new tale or a new test. As part of a play-up occasion, I was stripped by High Isle as well as the new content with each other with Zone Lead Ed Stark and Lead Designer Jeremy Sera. * Currently in April I looked at the brand-new card video game splendor stories in detail. You can locate out more about the card game right here: This is just how the brand-new card game popularity tales works.

Slap The Rocks: Gameplay-Trailer zum Pixel

Video game adventurers have to overcome more and more tasks these days to achieve that it requires their adventurer spirit.
The new gameplay trailer for Slap the Rocks has shown that some protagonists have easier than others.

The Quarry: 30 Minutes of Gameplay - IGN First
Slap the Rocks is a puzzle game in a pixel graphic style, which is reminiscent of Pokémon with its top-down view.
The player controls an adventurer who satisfactorily does exactly what the play title promises: stones!
Armed with a sword, our figure has to get on the way through 30 different levels and beat stones and chop bushes to achieve as many treasure chests as possible.
The greatest dangers on his journey to fame and wealth are holes in the ground that can be closed with stones.
Slap the Rocks will be released on May 4th and will therefore be available in the Microsoft Store tomorrow.

GTA 5 has eliminated transfobo web content from its variations of PS5 and Xbox Series

For that reason, the neighborhood has actually already been able to access its uniqueness, as well as the fact is that customers have actually gotten alterations Mixedly , with some fans taking into consideration that they are worth the adjustments and also others whining that The company maintain wanting to manipulate the item by doing this. But what we had not realized is that points have been removed of the video game with these new versions.

The Next-Gen versions of Grand Theft Auto V premiered in the Stores PlayStation 5 as well as Xbox Series X | S last March, and also have actually also wound up getting to the stores with a physical edition with the enhancements that SUPERSTAR He has related to which he is already among one of the most important and successful games of perpetuity.

A personality version no more appears on the map next to it, individuals have actually discovered that additionally a model of drag queen ** has been removed very stereotyped. It is still existing in the data and also as a matter of fact it can be utilized in the Director setting, yet its discussion lines have actually been deleted and also the NPC no more shows up on the map. At the minute there is no main explanation for Superstar, although there are no changes that in no instance change the basic experience with the video game, whose script is typically introduced in this type of referrals that can be considered offending.

In addition to PlayStation 5 and also Xbox Series X | S, this brand-new version of Grand Theft Auto V can reach computer if we serve the American ages category system. In the lack of a main confirmation by the company, we welcome you to check out the analysis of the Next-Gen variations of GTA 5 to make a far better suggestion of how the enhancements integrated into the new generation gaming consoles look.


As we can review in Reddit, there are tiny modifications in particular decorated that we can see in the title. Without going any type of even more, a number that was close to the entertainment has actually gone away which it troubled some customers for to be thought about a transfoly joke when chatting regarding interchangeable genitals. The new number that replaces the previous one no longer refers to transgender people.

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Shin Megami Tensei 5 celebrates millionaire sales with a special JRPG picture

Shin Megami Tensei V SALES UPDATE: Did SMT IV Really Sell More Copies? | DC News
They have actually marketed one million by including electronic as well as physical duplicates from that minute have actually currently been for many weeks, and the firm has desired to use us a new number with a round number: A million copies sold We chat concerning really impressive mistake if we take into consideration that the video game is just offered in Nintendo Change and has actually not gotten to any kind of various other platform. In addition, it is a specific niche franchise, so getting to such an objective is an achievement of absolutely nothing disdached, much more if we consider that it has actually ended up being the most effective delivery of the saga.

The 5th numbered chapter of the Saga suggests a new Japanese function adventure that changes its traditional middle ages fantasy setup by a much more modern-day and also much more present, taking us to explore the deepest darkness dominated by satanic forces in a ruined Tokyo Checked with a equally habit forming but defiant problem.

To read more about the video game you can undergo the evaluation of Shin Megami Tensei 5 that we published in your day in 3DGames, but you need to make it clear that Atlus is already wanting to the future for its following launches. 2022 will certainly be an essential year for them, as well as already have a brand-new wonderful game that we ought to recognize in the coming months.

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Although perhaps did not make the same sound as other video games, Shin Megami Tensei 5 was just one of the very own names of the 2021 release calendar. The JRPG of Atlus has not only worked out at vital degree, but that Last sales update made it clear that in industrial terms it was also going as silk.

To commemorate this landmark, an unique image of Masayuki Doi , developer of work personalities has been shared by means of Twitter. The message that accompanies the photo values the assistance of the players, that have reached a million units by including physical and digital duplicates around the globe.

Game Industrial Detergent Benefits for French presidential election

Tax deductions for the development of its game industry in the French presidential election were presented as commitments. Korea Content Promotion Agency said, “Recently, France is spurring the global game industry development plan,” said Cédric O, “Cédric O, a Digital State Secretary of State, announced its tax reform in the game industry.”

Game industry tax deductions are expected to be included in the ‘France 2030’ policy of Mac Long. France has a presidential election in April. The President Mark Long will challenge his association. If you summarize the President Mark Long, the presidential charge of the Games for his association is to benefit from the game industry tax deduction. In the Korean presidential election, there was no detergent benefit for the game industry.

“Today, we have been competing around the world,” said Sedrick O, said, “Today we are competing worldwide in technology,” said the “game should not be considered only as entertainment activities.” The Secretary of Sedrick is a Korean France. Mark Long President Digital Economic Protectors were appointed to the Secretary of 2019.

According to the plan, tax deductions can benefit from up to 6 million euros (about 8.2 billion won). The target is determined by the judging of the committee consisting of the French Gaming Association and the French Video Game Association. All games that benefit benefits should meet the criteria of cultural arts based on solid storytelling, △ European history and cultural heritage.

Even if the system is realized, probabilistic item-oriented business model games are not subject to tax deductions. The tax benefits of France are not the entire game industry or game company, but for individual projects.

The French Game Production Association (SELL) and the French Video Game Association (SNJV) offered the system to the French government. The two associations have announced a strategy to make France into a video game industry within five years. The main strategy is that the video game is regarded as a region of ‘culture’ and raising the national economic support through the economic support of the country, to support the tax benefits in the development of the game. We will focus on ‘France 2030’ policy to support the game industry for all plans △ We will create related curriculum.

On the other hand, there was also a tax benefit to the Korean Games Industry. In May 2019, Park Eun-woo, who was inaugurated at the time, visited the Pangyo Games, mentioned tax reductions. However, in 2020, the Games Industry Promotion Comprehensive Plan announced by the Government did not include tax benefits. At this time, Park Eun-woo said, “There are many things that the game industry contributes to exports, and there is a negligible side of tax in terms of tax benefits,” he said. ” I said.

In the Korean Content Promotion Agency studies released in 2021, the results of detergent benefits to the game industry are clearly valid. Game content production costs are larger than tax reductions, resulting in increase in net income. At that time, the researchers said, “The game industry itself needs to access the new growth engine,” he said, “I would like to introduce a detergent support system that reflects this,” he said.

France Takes Over EU Presidency: French Plans for Migrants, Borders & Finance - TLDR News
The researchers saw that tax deductions to the game industry production cost investment are made up to 2025, and 35.4 billion investments will happen. Production-induced liquid was measured at W67.9bn. I predicted that 499 jobs in the same period would cause a job-induced effect. As a result, investment is more investment than reduced taxes, and it is economically profitable.

Zelda: Links Awakening for Switch Currently in the Amazon Deal at the top rate

So excellent is the deal: You will get Zelda: Link’s Awakening for the switch for only 40.40 euros. This is presently the finest price as well as once more four euros more affordable than the next ideal supplier.

You can currently get it in the bargain at if you have waived the game so far.

In your collection of games for the Nintendo Switch need to not be missing out on following to Zelda: Breath of the Wild an additional Zelda. The Tale of Zelda: Link’s Awakening is a remake of the 1993 for the very first time for the Video game Young boy.

At Amazon you can currently buy The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening for Nintendo Turn on offer to the existing finest price.

Zelda: Acquire Link’s Awakening on offer

So good is the Zelda Remake

GamePro console specialists have evaluated Zelda: Link’s Awakening to the release and involved the verdict that it is a great video game. The video game received a score of 85 points. According to GamePro, it encourages as a “stunning and thoroughly adapted remake”. The Tester Tobias Veltin discusses in his final thought:


Link’s Awakening is for me like a trip time. For virtually the entire test time I was again the 8-year-old Tobi, that sits with beautiful eyes before his Game Kid as well as experiencing among his really initially major computer game journeys. It is remarkable like the remake it produces to preserve feeling as well as beauty of the original and also packaging in this attractive appearance.

  • Some employers as well easy
  • Some irritating aspects
  • Reduced resurrection

  • Gorgeous Panorama Optics

  • A number of caring information
  • Superb aged gameplay
  • Toll created dungeons
  • Very simple access
  • Well well balanced basic trouble level
  • Compact, varied game globe

12 BIG Changes in Zelda: Link's Awakening on Switch!
* Enters the charm of the original


Zelda: Purchase Link’s Awakening on deal

Extra details.

In your collection of video games for the Nintendo Switch must not be missing next to Zelda: Breath of the Wild an additional Zelda. The Tale of Zelda: Link’s Awakening is a remake of the 1993 for the initial time for the Game Child. GamePro console experts have actually checked Zelda: Link’s Awakening to the release as well as came to the conclusion that it is a really excellent game. > Link’s Awakening is for me like a trip time. For almost the whole test time I was once again the 8-year-old Tobi, who sits with beautiful eyes in front of his Video game Boy as well as experiencing one of his very initially major video clip game experiences.

COD Warzone: New Update Fixt Fixed Venture, with which gamer desire

When is the update? The patch is currently online, the changes are in the video game.

Call of Duty: Warzone released a new upgrade on the evening of March 9th and also has actually removed a negative make use of, with which gamer rude surgical weapons compiled. The complete patch notes in German we show you on Meinmmo.

  • Call of Duty: Warzone has actually brought a brand-new upgrade right into the video game and eliminated some mistakes
  • Consisted of a fix for the nasty Advantage Exploit gamer produced very strong desire weapons
  • On top of that, the Nebula bomb currently functions much better – the complete patch notes is right here

COD Warzone: Update 09.03.22 – Patch Notes

Exactly how huge is the update? It was just a small upgrade, without fantastic download.

What’s wrong?

What has transformed? Generally, the Update 6 Bugfixes counts:

Presently you can play the difficult Iron tests on Regeneration Island: Iron examinations are on the internet – Policy & Tips for the most difficult Battle Royale of Cod Warzone.

These were the complete patch notes of the most up to date upgrade from COD: Warzone You will certainly find them with programmers Raven Software (using you desire to take a look at the English patch notes.

Warzone eliminates an additional swing error from the game and Take care of an unpleasant manipulate. Exists an insect or glitch that is presently frustrating you hard in the game? Create us right into the remarks.

Warzone gets rid of one more swing mistake from the video game as well as Fix an unpleasant make use of. Is there a pest or problem that is presently annoying you hard in the video game?

  • Gets rid of the benefit expoly, with which gamer might move any kind of tools perks to other weapons
  • Fixed a problem with the new, solid attack rifle Vargo 52, which held the weapon from refilling

  • Taken care of errors with the Nebula bomb that stopped you from utilizing killstreaks, lorries and devices
    If an additional gamer also desired to lay a Galaxy bomb, * Fixed errors with the Galaxy bomb that avoided the placement
  • Optical mistakes relevant to the “Krewe Leader” strategy
  • False activation challenge of the operator Halima repaired

DE EERSTE WARZONE WIN *OOIT* GEHAALD! - COD Warzone Battle Royale (Nederlands)

Soon the Mid Period Update of Season 2 is likewise offered as well as brings comprehensive modifications to the preferred Battle Island Regeneration Island. An appointment is not yet offered.

Call of Duty: Warzone published a new upgrade on the evening of March 9th and also has gotten rid of a negative manipulate, with which gamer crass surgical weapons compiled. The complete patch notes in German we show you on Meinmmo.

Fantastic tourist 7 as well as photorealism of its means Picture: Online Seville vs La Sevilla Real

Gran Turismo 7 photo mode is currently leaving us with some spectacular images, which are specifically a delight for the engine passionate. With the game currently in the hands of the fans, there are few that are revealing on social networks their success with the brand-new driving video game of Polyphony Digital , getting the most effective images to their cars in as gorgeous circumstances as the City of Seville .

“The very first quit of these pictures is Alemanes Road, located in the heart of the old community of Seville,” says Manuel. “So called due to the fact that it was the location picked by merchants of German origin to deploy their messages as well as lug out their purchases, the mythological street is recreated thoroughly in fantastic tourism 7, to the point of protecting aspects as particular as bench Gonzalo, which makes corner in this picture “.

“Under the shadow of Seville ‘mushrooms’ is the manifestation market, whose name inherits from the square where the mythical wood structure of the city lies; one of the most controversial jobs in current background From the city for its commitment to make the square a sanctuary of modern style in between centenary monoliths; an excellent location to gala of the most atypical prototypes of the Polyphony, proceeds Manuel Mailbox.

Our good friend Nacho Requena, supervisor of the hand-operated magazine, stunned us just a couple of days ago with these catches absorbed Gran Turismo 7 revealing the streets of Seville, and also our editor Manuel Mailzón went to the streets of the Hispanic capital to obtain his own pictures To compare reality as well as video clip game. As well as this is the outcome.

Top 7: Insanely Realistic Graphics in Real Time (Photorealism, RTX, 4k)

As we inform you in our evaluation of Gran Turismo 7, the new Polyphony Digital for PlayStation 5 as well as PS4 “is one of the most full video game in the collection”. With abundant content for a solitary gamer, and also the effective multiplayer of Sports adapted to its new functions, it is a perfect cars and truck for any enthusiastic motorsport.

** Exactly how is this sensible impact attained? It was incorporated keeping that history. Gran Turismo 7 enhances that modern technology, attaining that lorry and also background feel more connected utilizing reflections, lighting and also various other information that give the stamp of excellent realism.

The CEO of Microsoft speak about the purchase of Activision Blizzard: “We will still be number 3 in the market”

“Why are these content companies attempting to grow?” Nadella continued. “It’s because the place where you really locate the limitations is in the distribution “. The CEO explained, that for this very same reason, in Microsoft they intend to create even more material distribution for players when making acquisitions such as Activision Blizzard, utilizing devices such as Xcloud.

It is already popular the titanic acquisition with which Xbox stunned the sector a couple of days ago, as well as Phil Spencence itself shared some remarks later, yet what about Microsoft’s CEO? Satya Nadella He finally commented on this, stating that even after the purchase, Xbox will certainly continue to be as “the number 3” in the industry and also, therefore, I do not understand how to stop their syndicate risk procedures.

Nadella included, that Windows is the only Open platform circulation in regards to video game content. “The most significant store in Windows is Steam, as well as it’s not ours,” clarified the CEO. “People can use any kind of settlement instrument, while the various other videogame platforms are closed “.

The location where the limitations are actually like, it remains in the satya distribution Nadella Nadella shared the viewpoints of Him on the acquisition of Activision Blizzard with The Financial Times. The CEO believes that the videogame industry is very fragmented , which Microsoft is still behind the companies Tencent and also Sony . “That’s the fundamental group,” said CEO. “Yes, we will be a great gamer within this fragmented location.”

Microsoft gaming CEO: We're confident in timeline for closing Activision Blizzard deal

Xbox Game Pass is one of the greatest aspects of the Microsoft Video game Division, reaching earnings documents thanks to launches as well as registrations. Now that Activision Blizzard is part of Xbox, the neighborhood is waiting on the arrival of iconic titles to this registration solution, such as Phone call of Task, Overwatch, as well as a lot more.

Battlefield 2042 and Cod: Vanguard: Blamabel and embarrassing

Call of Duty against Battlefield: A duel, as it rarely gives him in the video game industry. Not only the games of Electronic Arts and Activision Blizzard regularly argue about the supremacy, but also the fans of the two camps make up again and again heated word habits. After the three-year-old abstinence of Electronic Arts in the shooter area, many expected Battlefield 2042 (Buy Now 29,58 € / 32.99 €) A masterpiece. Also, I had extremely pleasure for good and balanced multiplayer-runners, after Cod more and more disappointed the last few years.

But it came as it had to come and both shooter brands flopped again after their publication in November. The one directly after the release, the other only with a little delay in the new year. Almost four months after the publication of Battlefield 2042 and Call of Duty: Vanguard I only rarely play in one of the two titles. During the shooter of DICE still struggling with countless bugs and many good features of previous parts have been simply painted, even in COD my worst fears have been true.

Table of Contents

  1. 1Wo is the credibility?
  2. 2-string developers
  3. 3Battlefield, set six!
  4. 4ES gives hope

Where is the credibility?

Since the skill-based game search in the new part no longer strikes so mercilessly as merciless as it was still in Black Ops Cold and the modern-warfare reboot and the point system a little improved, I had a long time the hope that me also colorful skins and bright colors Stay in the shooter.

But wrong thought! With the first season, the ridiculous operator outfits, light track ammunition with laser sounds and several inappropriate arms plan plans returned. In an allegedly so serious and authentic world war scenario, such things have lost absolutely nothing for me.

Shortly after the release of the first Season, the crossover came to Attack on Titan in the Ingame Shop. What exactly a Manga series has to do with the Second World War remains probably the secret of the developers forever. Even if the world of Attack on Titan is visually at the time, I could imagine Captain America and Indiana Jones in the current COD. And even for these two icons I would not give a cents.

Triest developers

To just the first season, with the COD back to the weaknesses of its predecessors. With the implementation of the new Warzone card, more problems snapped into the shooter. From invisible skins over rough graphic offices to game crashes, players and players got the full program on mistakes.

As that affects the number of players, console games are generally quite difficult to assess. Although Activision Blizzard is not really transparent to this time, but the reports that a successor should already appear earlier due to poor sales numbers, do not come from approximately.

In addition, in Vanguard lately there was more likely to play the chance to play the multiplayer for free over a weekend. So it seems as if the fans run away from the World War Shooter. And that’s just as well!

Battlefield, put six!

Since features would be like the scoreboard, which is still not the wishes after over three months. Great problems in communication on the battlefield and then of course the shift of the first season. This should now start instead of early in early summer. My prognosis is therefore: Until then, Battlefield 2042 is dead!

Until the replenishment is supplied to the promised content in early summer, the small rest also adopted. Although unfinished games at DICE have a long history, I’m thinking of Battlefield 5 or Star Wars: Battlefront 2, but in the state in which Battlefield 2042 is after more than three months, I give up the hope for a timely improvement. Even the cheaters know the game already to the game.

There is hope

But the shooter genre is still booming. This also show various alternatives to the two major brands. Multiplayer games like insurgency: sandstorm or bright Let Loose fascinate many fans on PC and console. These titles also prove that shooter can remain authentic despite character adjustments and do not have to drift towards Fortnite to succeed.

After the renewed disappointment by COD and Battlefield, I need a little distance from such online shooting bushes. I prefer to play with a few friends Koop shooters like Ready Or Not or Escape from Tarkov. Again, there are a wide selection of good titles for fans of the genre.

My hope is now on the current events of the games industry. Maybe the Activision Deal brings positive for the Call of Duty brand. Maybe Sony together with Bungie develops a completely new brand in the shooter genre. And maybe EA actually learn from the mistakes of the past. To home page to the gallery

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