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Deliver Us Mars: Termin

With Deliver Us Mars, one more game was delayed to the coming year. The verification happened at the beginning of the week of Frontier Foundry and Keoken, that turned to the players with a statement. It defines the game as the most ambitious project by Keoke Interactive.


launch only in February 2023

It is necessary to the developers that the brand-new experience of launch is the very best that it can be. In this feeling, the hard decision was made to relocate the publication on February 2, 2023 to make sure that this insurance claim can be fulfilled.

No matter the postponed magazine of Deliver Us Mars , the group validated that you want to show more of the brand-new experience at Gamescom. A trailer is to be shown throughout the Future Games Show on Wednesday following week.

Also if we comprehend that this message is frustrating. We eagerly anticipate the reality that you deal with the challenges of Mars, cross his hostile settings as well as uncover the key of the Arks. Your perseverance will enable us to give the most effective feasible experience.

According to the studio manager, the Red World offers unlimited possibility for stories. Not just can you check out the messy surface on the brand-new setting, however additionally frozen craters and also chasms.

Deliver US Mars was introduced in March and also was initially intended to show up in September of this year. Gamer expects a follower to Deliver United States The Moon from 2019, yet with a new protagonist named Kathy Johanson in the leading duty. Additionally, the story changed from the moon to Mars.

Further reports on Deliver US Mars:

Deliver US Mars will appear on February 2, 2023 for PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and Computer. You can discover out even more about the brand-new experience in our topic introduction.

Further reports on Deliver US Mars.
| The story in the new DEV DIAYY addresses | bigger as well as daring than the predecessor-developer video clip

With Deliver Us Mars, another video game was delayed to the coming year. We look forward to the truth that you encounter the challenges of Mars, cross his hostile atmospheres as well as uncover the trick of the Arks. Deliver US Mars was revealed in March as well as was initially supposed to show up in September of this year. Gamer expects a successor to Deliver United States The Moon from 2019, but with a brand-new lead character called Kathy Johanson in the leading function.

Deadpool becomes a trend after a certain Disney announcement

The alleged production of Deadpool 3 has long been confirmed, a film that stopped its news a little after the acquisition of Fox by Disney a few years ago. And now the antihero franchise is again a network of networks thanks to an announcement made by the mouse company through the different current social networks.

The official account of the company confirmed to the public that the films Deadpool and Logan will arrive at their streaming platform, this after separating them as separate content in the Star+ section. This was confirmed for the United States, it has not been mentioned if the same will happen in other regions, where Star+ is requested as an additional service to that of Disney.


This is not a joke. #Deadpool, #Deadpool2 and #logan de Marvel will arrive at #Disneyplus tomorrow.

After this announcement the networks went crazy brutally, thinking that at last these characters will join the UCM in some way. With hopeful messages that put on the map the official union of the X-Men to the series of films.

Here are some reactions:

Do not expect to talk about Deadpool 3 on SDCC. But never say.

Logan and Deadpool going to Disney+ is going to be fun because you know that people will continue to demand that Deadpool 3 be classified R even though that question has already been answered.

I said it before and I will say it again. If Deadpool 3 is as good as the first two movies or even better, then it will undoubtedly be one of the best comic trilogies.

There will definitely be a Deadpool 3 ad in SDCC on Saturday.

The Marvel panel in the San Diego Comic-Con 2022 will take place on Saturday, July 23 . So we could have the surprise of a first advance of Deadpool 3 . However, this are only speculation.

Qualcomm, the EU, the EU, also took a monopoly company scab

Qualcomm succeeded in removing the monopoly in the EU after the United States.

The European Court ruled on Monday that the European Commission (EC) imposed a fine of 997 million euros (about 1.33 trillion won) on Qualcomm in 2018.

The issue of this lawsuit was that Qualcomm provided $ 100 billion in rebates to Apple to install its chips on the iPhone and iPad from 2011 to 2016.

The EC judged Qualcomm’s actions to be a competition. By enhancing a large rebate to Apple, it has eliminated the incentives to use Intel and other LTE chipsets.

Qualcomm has been illegally excluding competitors from the LTE chipset market for five years, said Margrete Vestager, vice chairman of the EC vice chairman.

But the court’s judgment was different. In the process of defining Qualcomm’s actions as illegal, there were not many procedural errors. In particular, the court’s judgment was that they concluded that monopoly acts were urgently monopolized without reviewing the overall market situation.

■ The US FTC, Qualcomm bridle the ‘monopoly company’ and defeated the appeal court

Qualcomm was not only involved in antitrust lawsuits in the EU. The US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) also filed an antitrust lawsuit against Qualcomm in 2017.

At that time, Qualcomm’s business practices, which were a problem with the FTC, had four major business practices.

first. No License-NO Chips Policy

second. Incentive program (License cost reduction when using Qualcomm chip)

third. Rejection of patent technology for rival chipset companies

fourth. Exclusive deal with Apple.

Of the four issues, exclusive deals with Apple were also a problem in the EU. Qualcomm, who lost to the FTC in the US first trial court, reversed the appeals.

The US Court of Appeals decided that the contract with Qualcomm in 2011 and 2013 could not be seen as interfering with competition to maintain the monopoly status of the CDMA and LTE market.

At the time, the US Court of Appeals said, According to the Federal Evangelism Act, competition is illegal. But extremely competitive acts are not illegal.

The judgment of the European general court was similar. When Apple used Qualcomm’s chipset, he pointed out that there was no such substitution, and the EC had been urgently concluded that it had interfered with competition by rebate contracts. The EC has not reviewed all related facts, including the market environment.

Florian Müller, who runs a patented site Force Peturns, also questioned EC’s decision that Qualcomm had been involved in competition.

The monopoly contract itself is not illegal, he said. There are also a lot of legitimate monopoly contracts.

In particular, Müller pointed out that Qualcomm had a need to prevent Apple from buying another company’s chipset. But it’s not an appropriate question in a situation where there is no competitor that can meet Apple’s needs, he said.

■ It is much more difficult to determine the monopoly in the hardware market

The US IT media protocol pointed out that this ruling once again showed how difficult it was to monopolize hardware companies.

The EU has successfully sanctioned the market monopoly of Google and other US Internet service companies. Google, which discriminated against competitors in the comparison shopping market, was fined 2.4 billion euros.

The European Court, which raised Qualcomm’s hand, admitted sanctions against Google. The general court ruled that last year, the act of preferring their content in the comparison shopping market is a violation of the monopoly law.

The same is true of the ‘Digital Market Law’ and ‘Digital Service Act’, which was recently passed by the European Parliament. In particular, the Digital Market Act strongly sanctions platform operators such as Google and Facebook to prefer their services or content.

However, on the hardware market, it is a bit more stringent to recognize monopoly. In January, the European Court ruled that the EC’s actions, which imposed an euros fines of 1 billion euros, were unfair in January for abuse of monopoly status of the CPU market.

The ruling allows you to confirm that it is much more difficult to obtain an exclusive ruling in the hardware market, the protocol analyzes.

Tiger Woods missed US Open: my body takes more time

Tiger Woods has to pause once more and remain to await his return at the United States Open of the golf professionals. The 46-year-old American, who last provided up at the PGA Championship due to recent issues on the leg after the 3rd round, terminated his involvement on Tuesday. The competition will occur in BrooLe/Massachusetts next week.

My body takes more time to be able to get stronger for a significant, claimed Woods on Twitter.

The extraordinary golf had actually missed out on the US Open in 2015 since he stopped for 14 months as a result of a severe car accident in February 2021.

He hopes and also plan to compete in St. Andrews (from July 14) in the coming month. I’m expecting being back soon, claimed Woods.

Articles and also video clips on the subject
* Dustin Johnson Resigns from PGA Trip
* Top sport live on dazn. Register currently! Can be canceled at any kind of time.

The 15-time significant victor provided his resurgence on the trip at the United States Masters in early April.

New colors for PS5 console hulls and future wireless controllers

Deep Rock Galactic is a participating first-person shooter computer game developed by Danish studio Ghost Ship Gaming and also released by Coffee Spot Publishing. Deep Rock Galactic was fully launched on May 13, 2020, for Microsoft Windows as well as Xbox One after spending 2 years in very early gain access to.

The PlayStation 5 is therefore always evasive, with shortages about it. But that does not prevent the latest material out for the PlayStation 5. It seems that they will come out with three new colors, adding to the red and black options currently available for wireless controllers. The colors are known as Nova Pink, Starlight Blue and Galactic Purple, and will begin to go out in January 2022.

There will also be PlayStation 5 covers matching in the respective Colors Midnight Black, Cosmic Red, Nova Pink, Starlight Blue and Galactic Purple, so if you need to match, you can. Although covers are sold separately from PS5, it is possible to remove ordinary white covers for something a little clearer or darker in your life. But it seems that these covers will not all come out at the same time. They will not be sold anywhere. Instead, PS5 black and red covers will only be sold in the following locations by some retailers: United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Australia, New -Zeeland, Japan, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Korea and Philippines. Those who really want pink, blue or purple for their PS5 will have to wait later in the year 2022, which would be in the first half, so from January to June.

And also, whereas it is at that time that the covers of the PlayStation 5 will be broadcast, they may not be on sale locally; It is better to check with any retailers from the region before going to hunt in person.

It’s also something to keep in mind if you want a controller. Apparently, while the dual sense wireless controllers in purple will come out on January 14, it is only if you live in the United States, the United Kingdom, France or Germany. Everywhere else, it is possible to buy, they will have to wait on February 11th. There is no reason why there is a difference of nearly a month for other countries, as far as they want to make sure to filter people by buying on PlayStation. Directly before offering the product to other retailers.

Because they also have delay on the covers of the PlayStation 5. It will be possible to obtain black or red covers on the site on January 21, but in other resellers from February 18th. There was no price given for blankets, and there were no prizes in USD for new controllers.

The color options are fun, however, and that means it will not be necessary to buy a new console for a new look. It was already quite difficult to get the PlayStation as it was.

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Thanksgiving in the NFL and the Detroit Dallas

This write-up details one of the most sold video clip games all the systems, in addition to video games sold greater than a million duplicates on the different existing platforms.

#8 Dallas Cowboys & Detroit Lions Game Day Tradition | Top 10 Thanksgiving Day Moments | NFL Films

On the fourth Thursday of the month of November is one every year come: the United States celebrates the national holiday of Thanksgiving — although citizens in a row due to Corona the festival are not to make so sprawling in the second year rather, even if the number of cases currently not as high rise as in Germany, the US State Department which is why at this time insistently warns its citizens against traveling to Germany. Back to football Thursday this week: On the table there is, as every year in many places a huge feast — and the boob tube of American running from morning to night favorite sport.

Thanksgiving is in North America since 1863, a special holiday — and also a very special day in American football. The first two games are doing, always fought for many years in Detroit and Dallas, the third and only since 2006 practiced annually match ever-changing teams takes place between two.

This year, the NFL served the constituency again a full three-course meal after it (would last Thanksgiving with the Pittsburgh Steelers have been a guest) last year due to corona cases with the Baltimore Ravens had come to a game shift.

So now again three games in a row: It starts here at 18.30 (CET) with the NFC North Division duel between the still completely winless Detroit Lions (0: 9: 1) and Chicago Bears (3: 7), which are by last five defeats in series closely, in terms of play-offs and the fans on top of that already Head Coach Matt Nagy have considered in a loop with whistles. It follows from 22.30 (CET) the obligatory home game of the Dallas Cowboys (7: 3), which has recently caught with two defeats in three games and there is this year on holiday with the last also stumbling Las Vegas Raiders (5: 5) to get done. In the night from Thursday to Friday then (2:20) nor New Orleans Saints (5: 5) followed vs. Buffalo Bills (6: 4). Both teams have recently allowed defeats and now need again a success, to make pressure on the top in their respective division and get the play-off chance.

tradition — in favor of two teams

But why should actually Detroit and Dallas always occur before a home crowd, so no long journey must start and can look forward to a special image?

An astute businessman

Story Detroit: In this country, it might not be so well known that the Lions be hosting a home game for many decades always the Thanksgiving holiday (!). In the US, however, this issue is omnipresent — and meets with other teams sometimes also mad at. Finally, each franchise from higher ratings and an exclusive TV slot and the increased interest at would benefit. But this fits an old German proverb: First come, first served! And the Lions were just a long time ago, the first team to respect Thanksgiving shot ahead and got the ball rolling.

Firmly anchored to Thanksgiving: the Detroit Lions. Imago images / Icon SMI

The Lions were established in 1929 in Portsmouth as Spartans. George Richards, former director of Radio Station World Junior Records (WAR) finally transported over the team in the big city Detroit.

To attract more and more fans in the subsequent period, the owner ordered the 1934 to let football get on Thanksgiving Day. Here, the potential supporters have finally released, time and money can spend team football for her. The plan worked: As the clever manager Richards was in fact with his radio station part of NBC Blue Network, he brought the manager to the first game (16: 19 loss to Chicago) to transfer more than 94 stations nationwide.

And although success can not be determined from a purely sporting point of view for the Lions is (manageable balance of 37: 41: 2, last 2020 20:24 against NFC North rival Chicago), it is clear: Detroit has significantly contributed to Thanksgiving has become a football feast with the family for countless Americans.

For the NFL itself, the move turned out, along with the measures subsequently also be very successful, as it was finally able to establish a team in the Motor City in the fifth attempt. In addition, the Detroit Lions 1935 World Series won and just before the Detroit Red Wings Stanley Cup could win twice in a row (1936, 1937) secured the first time the NFL title, the same year as the Detroit Tigers for the first time.

Cowboys secure second place

Has the Dallas Cowboys thanks Thanksgiving made as large as they are today: legend Tom Landry. Imago images

Story Dallas: The proud cowboys were allowed to go to Thanksgiving for the first time in 1966, marriage the procedure from 1978 and until today became regular. And just like the Lions, the makers of the Texans also hoped to polish their image with this special holiday appearance. Said, done — and again clever planners were at the work. Because the franchise established itself at Legend-Coach Tom Landry, who trained between 1960 and 1988 and the Cowboys 1971/72 (24: 3 against Miami) and 1977/78 (27:10 against Denver) to Super Bowl Victory led. America’s team was born. The then General Manager Tex Scram contributed great to marketing technical success during this time — among other things, he established the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders.

The Thanksgiving Balance of Dallas, which is commonly referred to as America’s team, commonly known as America’s team due to today, many fans — as mentioned, last year with 15:26 against the Buffalo Bills, meanwhile looks like this: 31 victories, 20 defeats, a draw.

Game number 3

In short, since 1934, the Lions is already wearing the first Thanksgiving home game, marriage since 1978 Dallas always adjoins Detroit with a lot of domestic scenery. However, to allow others of the 32 NFL teams to enjoy, the league has been leaving a third, always flexible duel since 2006 (this time Steelers vs. Ravens). The additional profit from this: From over six hours of football entertainment are thus well over nine — and the US holiday Thanksgiving is medial in the hand of football, which is of course rippling for the NFL. Specifically, because of several business enterprises powerful advertising for the upcoming Black Friday Plus can be switched to the subsequent Cyber ​​Monday.

New map for the agricultural economy

The list of electric car prototypes is intended to list all battery-electric powered electric car test carriers, prototypes, demonstration vehicles, recorder vehicles and development projects as far as they relate to complete cars. This includes pre-series cars, whereby the names of the models, information on production performance and quantities of pre-production production and the pre-planned final series production are interested here. Electric racing cars are now guided in a separate list of electro racing cars.

By contrast, electric cars already produced in final series already produced in either manufacturer s own distribution or regular trading are compiled in series production in the list of electric cars.
Furthermore, the list of historical electric cars and prototypes produced in series should perform all electric cars, which are historical, that is, belong to the category Oldtimer, so older than 30 years old, and either produced in series or built as prototypes.
In series production vehicles, which are equipped with electric drive, but also test carriers, prototypes, demonstration vehicles, record vehicles and development projects in electrical commercial vehicles can be found in the list of electrical commercial vehicles and electrical commercial vehicle prototypes.
Fuel cell vehicle models and hybrid vehicle models are not guided in the tables below. As far as hybrid vehicle models is concerned, reference is made to the list of hybrid automobiles in series production. For fuel cell vehicle models that have already been built as prototypes or concept vehicles, fuel cell vehicles and concept vehicles available as a reference point for a listing.
River cell electric cars, ie electric cars, each equipped with redesigned redox flow battery and electric drive, are led in a special section in this list. They form a special category and are only listed here until they receive space in a separate Wikipedia article.
Solar mobile, including solar cars designed for road traffic, form a special category; You will not be listed here, but in the list of solar vehicles. Road compatible battery electric cars attached to whose outdoor areas are photovoltaic systems are attributed to the solar cars if the electrical energy derived from the solar cells is supplied to the traction battery of the battery electrical drive.
Electric triplets will, if they like cars, are not directed like motorcycles, exceptionally guided in this list, although they are not a cars by definition.

Elmcreek in Agricultural Simulator 22 confronts with the circumstances of the Midwest of the USA.

In just under a month, the agricultural simulator 22 comes to the market and will probably delight thousands of players. But not all content is known and so developer Giants software uses the time and distributes new information about the popular simulator series at regular intervals.

One of the three new Agricultural Simulator 22 environments will be the card Elmcreek. This Map was inspired by the Midwest of the United States. For example, you will find a rocky gorge there, a hidden cave, track surveillance, a baseball stadium and some other things. The surrounding area is also characterized by small streams and rivers as well as extensive fields.

Due to the differences in height, you must pay attention to a few things in agriculture, which do not fall into weight on completely flat terrain. On Elmcreek you can also expand your farm in all directions, and connect the 81 prefabricated fields or even connect to each other so as to get more yields.

The Agricultural Simulator 22 appears on November 22 for the PC, Mac, the PlayStation 5, the Xbox Series X / S, the PlayStation 4, the Xbox One and Stadia. If you order the game, you will receive the Claas Xerion Saddle Trac package as a bonus on top.

Buy the Agricultural Simulator 22 now!

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