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LOL: The unexpected interaction between two champions that takes advantage of a useless skill

League of Legends It has hundreds of unique skills that give rise to a number of combinations that tend to infinity. That is why the interactions between spells generate so much interest. In addition to that they are not always well scheduled, they can surprise us even when they work in the way we would expect to do so. The results are almost always spectacular and not even the players who have spent more hours in the invoker crack can be aware of these curious effects.

The interaction that makes a useless skill fearsome

One of the last examples of spectacular interactions is the one shared by the community. In it, a player managed to give a very creative use to the definitive of Ryze . Of course, he got it involuntarily and thanks to a partner who wanted to enter the distortion of kingdoms desperately. Specifically, we talk about a Pyke that launched its e (ghost current) . He did it to accompany his ally, but soon he realized that he had accidentally succeeded impressive on a rival who was completely exposed.


The truth is that this interaction meets what we would expect from skill. After all, it is a kind of projectile that connects the launch zone with the final position of the champion once it must affect the rivals. However, is still a fairly surprising movement that gives it unsuspected use in combat a definitive one that in this aspect can be considered useless. Do not misunderstand us, it is true that kingdom distortion is one of the best spells of all League of Legends, but it rarely has such a direct effect on enemies.

The most interesting thing is that, without being an easy interaction to replicate, if is a resource that players could use in game . The only problem is that neither champions appears on the list of the most popular League of Legends. Due to its poor state of form in qualifiers, Ryze is barely played in 1.7% of the items. In this way and although Pyke is something more popular (8.7%) it is very difficult to coincide.


Deadness, Unique VR Horror, Launch on Steam in 2022

Have you ever imagined alone in an old and abandoned place? Think of fear and paranoia that settle until you start realizing that you are not as only as you would like to be. Imagine now if you could not walk. The next horror game of Alien Studio, Deafness, will fill these dark fears. A press release on the game details Alien Studio’s unique experience of horror VR.

Deafness places players in a strange research center. And you are not al1. The dead roam in the dark corridors of the establishment, while you, the player, struggle to hide and survive. In addition, the player’s character is wheelchair. The game limits the movements of your character with hands and head, because you have to use your wheelchair to move. All that while you try to navigate in a hyperrealistic environment and avoid being eaten by the dead that hunt you.

The press release describes the unique vision of the game on virtual reality and the movement saying, Unlike other VR games, where players suffer from transportation, the game has a unique mechanism where you can not move. With your hands that control all the movements as you would in real life sitting on a wheelchair. »

For the moment, the release date of the game remains a mystery. Alien Studio’s announced that he will come out this year. In addition, the game will be released on Steam VR and Five. Are you ready to face the dead? You can not run, you can not fight. Will you survive?

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