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Indie Game Developer will broadcast on TBS from October in October, Atom no Children. Starring Kento Yamazaki confronts large capital

TBS announced on July 31 that it will broadcast Atom’s Child (Ko) at Sunday Theater (at 9:00 broadcast every Sunday). It is a serial drama set in the game industry, and the story of young genius game developers who are facing large capital and the story of growing with the relationship with the surrounding people is depicted.


The stage of Atom’s Children is the modern game industry. The protagonist is Yuta Azumi and others, played by Kento Yamazaki. Nayu and others are genius indie game developers who worked under the name of John de, and are called Banksy in the game industry because no one knows their real face. However, after a certain incident, he lived quietly from the game development.

On the other hand, a long-established toy maker Atom was looking for Nayu and others. Atom, who had been in danger of closing due to price competition with overseas, has been operating to enter the game as a new business format in order to rebuild the management of one-shot reversal. But Atom has no fund or game production know-how. So, with the desire to squeeze the straw, he worked hard to contact Nayu and others, a game industry banksy.

In this drama, a completely original story is drawn, and the script is in charge of Mr. Marie Kamimori, who worked on Aibo and Is this love? Produced by Yoshihiko Nakai, such as My mother-in-law and daughter’s blues and become a wife, elementary school student. Shingo Okamoto, Daisuke Yamamuro, Maiko Ouchi, and Yuko Tago will be involved in the production.

At present, only Kento Yamazaki has been revealed about the cast of Atom’s Children. Mr. Yamazaki says that he has appeared in the Sunday theater since 2017, and has been starring TBS serial drama for the first time. He commented on this announcement as follows.

Five years ago, I participated in the Sunday Theater Rikuo and felt that it was a very hot drama that could impress every week. I would like to be a cast staff all over, so I hope that I will be able to shoot interesting works with all my might. From children to adults, I think that it is a story that can be enjoyed by various generations through games that everyone has touched. I want to make the best work that makes the whole family look hot every Sunday, so please look forward to it!

Yoshihiko Nakai, who is in charge of producing, commented as follows.

I would like to draw the joy and conflict of the gaming industry, which can be said to be the modern national stealing story, and the joy and conflict of those involved in it. Kento Yamazaki, who is active in numerous movies and dramas, stands at the center of the struggle, does not flock without fear of a large company, and fights alone, Nayuta and others who are fighting alone to fulfill their ambitions al1. It overlapped. This role was offered because I thought that there was only Kento Yamazaki. Please look forward to the Sunday Theater Atom no Child.

According to this announcement, Japan, which has no resources, was able to show its existence after the war, because of manufacturing, and mentioned the game industry in the context. He pointed out that Japan is a game power that produces famous machines and masterpieces for both soft and hardware, including Nintendo’s NES and Sony PlayStation.

And now that the game is now a culture that all generations will have touched, a game developer called Indie appears simultaneously all over the world, and many masterpieces such as Minecraft have been born. He talks about the situation. The protagonist, Nayu Azumi and others, will challenge the world with manufacturing in such a game industry, and will face various difficulties.

The Sunday Theater Atom’s Child starts in October this year. It is broadcast on the TBS series every Sunday from 9:00 to 9:54.


Departure hurts very much: Berger moves from Leipzig to Chemnitz

Lok Leipzig announced the departure of the defensive player on Sunday evening.
“Of course, this departure hurts us a lot,” says the club announcement.
The reasons for the change after five years in Leipzig are “especially familiar in nature”.
Berger’s goal is now the Chemnitz FC, currently a table neighbor from Lok.
The official confirmation of the CFC is still pending.
Chemnitz thus becomes Berger’s fourth professional station – the fourth in the east of the Republic.
Before his engagement in Leipzig, he ran for his youth club Energie Cottbus and FSV ZwickauLok Leipzig announced the departure of the defensive player on Sunday evening.
“Of course, this departure hurts us a lot,” says the club announcement.
The reasons for the change after five years in Leipzig are “especially familiar in nature”.

Berger’s goal is now the Chemnitz FC, currently a table neighbor from Lok.
The official confirmation of the CFC is still pending.
Chemnitz thus becomes Berger’s fourth professional station – the fourth in the east of the Republic.
Before his engagement in Leipzig, he ran for his youth club Energie Cottbus and FSV Zwickau.

Shingeki No Kyojin: Is MapPa stretching the gum? Two very different views

Many anime fans had a special quote on Sunday Following the last chapter of the season of Shingeki No Kyojin or Attack on Titan. Many thought that the end of the series was about to arrive, but finally they met with a message at the end of the chapter commenting that the last trot of the series will come definitively in 2023. That is, those who began to see The anime in 2013 will end 10 years later ** in a pretty irregular and tedious way.

But is it possible that this irregular serialization is to stretch the chewing gum or to maintain in a good work situation of the workers?

Shingeki no kyojin, anime to mass phenomenon

The work created by Hajime Isayama was a total Frenetism torrent and excitement since its first season launched in 2013. It was such the enormous reception that became one of the badge series when talking about anime. Many people, including a server, began in the anime world as a result of Series as an attack on the Titans thanks to their enormous history and the few “Japanese” that it was about a pretty European work ** (the Same Isayama recognizes it).

MAPPA vs Wit Studio Animation Comparison with same scene of Attack on Titan | Shingeki No Kyojin

Millions of people gather around television or computer to see what will bring to the Recognition Army or the Marleyan, with Eren as the main leader of a suicide mission. That’s why MAPPA might be stretching the chewing gum Everything possible to get the most out of the series, making it Earn money exponentially by merchandise and royalties of the series with rights broadcast. But maybe it can be to improve working life.

Labor rights for MAPPA workers

Many will already know what has been happening in MAPPA in recent years: Extreme exploitation cases within the study has been increasing and many have put on the face that they make so many animes per year with absurdly low time margin. For you to make an idea, MAPPA has prepared the following animes in short-medium term:

  • Dance Dance Danseur
  • Chainsaw Man
  • Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2
  • Shingeki No Kyojin: The Final Season Part 3
  • Jigokuraku.
  • Yuri !!! On Ice The Movie : Ice Adolescence
  • Alice to teresu no maboroshi kōjō
  • Zombie Land Saga movie
  • Mechronicle
  • Kakegurui Twin

While the Japanese study has a total of 310 employees, they are not enough to be able to give bastion with all and have opted to transfer the final war of the work in a single block with an animation that is probably excellent. MAPPA does not stop receiving animes and it is normal for you to take so much to lengthen a series, since unlike Ufotable, distribute several work between your workers and other cartoonists _ freelancers _ for specific scenes.

Hopefully the final part of Shingeki does not Kyojin ends in a good way and we can see the outcome that we all deserve to see, with an outstanding animation, a soundtrack that excites and a * rhythm as frantic as we saw in the first season. *

U23 starts with earned 2: 0

After two long months without a commodity, the anticipation of the young eagle was great on the first home game in the new year, at least the weather did not mean the U23 on Sunday evening. The continuous rain, which was additionally from the strong windbones whistled by the Provincial Young’s Arena, was really nothing for a beautiful weather footballer, but it did not exist on both sides. Rather, the young Prussia accepted the circumstances in the best manner and won the home game against Victoria Clarholz earned after 90 minutes with 2: 0. “The victory is also earned in height. The first half was still balanced. Clarholz squeezed us very intensively, we needed a few minutes to get into the game, “the coach looks back on the initial phase, after which he was allowed to cheer for a first time soon. His team also succeeded successfully and forced a ball loss, the professional loan Deniz Bindemann used to 1: 0 leadership (25th).

AFF U23 Championship 2022 | Laos vs Malaysia highlights

“In the second half, we have then adapted our approach a bit to the circumstances and immediately attacked the free rooms behind the last line of Clarwood.” It was just no longer the very fine blade asked, but also targeted long balls. These circumstances accepted the eagle carriers and adapted to what was required. And thereby also came to their possibilities that they initially develop several times. So the duel remained long exciting until Marius Mause ten minutes before the end of the preliminary work of Deniz Bindemann and Kerem Sensün took 2: 0 guidance for the Eagle carrier (80th). “Overall, this was a top performance of my team after the two-month break. We did not know exactly after the test matches, where we stand and are therefore very satisfied with the performance. We played very intensively, had a good battle ratio and were playfully superior to Clarwood. In addition, we kept the zero at the back, then I am satisfied as a trainer. “

Corona Follow Williams is sleeping in the middle of the snooker game

Sunday is the day of the week between Saturday and Monday. In the majority of Western nations, Sunday is a day of rest and also a part of the weekend, whereas in much of the remainder of the globe, it is thought about the first day of the week.

Ronnie O'Sullivan v Elliot Slessor | Northern Ireland Open Snooker 2020
For the majority of observant followers of Christianity, Sunday is usually observed as a day of praise as well as rest, identifying it as the Lord’s Day as well as the day of Christ’s resurrection; in the USA, Canada, China, Japan, the Philippines in addition to in South America, Sunday is the first day of the week. According to the Hebrew calendar and also conventional schedules (including Christian schedules) Sunday is the very first day of the week; Quaker Christians call Sunday the first day based on their statement of simpleness. The International Company for Standardization ISO 8601, which is based in Switzerland, calls Sunday the 7th day of the week.

My head lowered, and I woke up and had no idea where I was about five seconds, Williams said after his 5: 6 defeat against Anthony Hamilton at the UK Championship in African in York in late Sunday evening. The three-time world champion sat in his chair and led 3: 2 as he is unintended, while Hamilton acted at the table. I want to apologize for everyone who watched this evening. In 30 years as a professional I have never fallen asleep in my chair before. Incidentally, it has nothing to do with Anthony, I have not completely recovered from COVID-19. Something embarrassing And not professional, Williams tweeted. Just shaken He was just shaken, said Williams. He had just returned to the game operation after his corona illness in October. I should actually play in the morning or afternoon. The longer the day lasts, the tired I will, Williams said.

Crazy two minutes Lucky Punch Rangers beat Sabers

Nine goals got to see the viewers in New York on Sunday evening (local time), the Rangers won 5: 4 against the Sabers. The game was balanced, after a scarce half hour it was 2: 2, marriage Capo Hakka opened in minute 33 crazy 82 seconds with 3: 2 for the Rangers. Days Thompson hit the 3: 3 for 50 seconds later, Rasmus Dahlia brought in turn only 15 seconds after Buffalo in the lead. K’Andre Miller then needed 17 seconds to ensure the 4-4 compensation of the Rangers. But not enough. 0.7 seconds Before the end, Ryan Lindgren recessed a short distance from a short distance to the 5: 4 victory for New York in the gate.

After six defeats in a row: Seattle proposes Capitals

Seattle, the team of National Tor wart Philipp Grubber, brought a 5: 2 against Washington at home, one of the league’s top teams — and after six defeats previously. For the Kraken it was the fifth victory in the premier season. With 37 renewed shots, Grubber had a great deal of success.

Hitting these is just so satisfying [Beat Saber]

With the Capitals, I won the Stanley Cup, said Grubber, accordingly motivated the Goalie and at the end of the victory against his ex-club, too happy: We used that. After the first goal, it was only about Safe to make Save and get in so.

Despite last minute compensation: storm and Minnesota lose against Tampa Bay

However, national player Nico storm with the Minnesota Wild against Master Tampa Bay Lightning with 4: 5 to Shootout the shorter. The wild had equalized a 2: 4 residue at the last moment by Kevin Finley (58.) and Joel Eriksson EK (60.) and thus get an extra counter. Storm was 11:22 minutes on the ice, but the 26-year-old did not succeed and no assist. Minnesota continues to lead the Central Division.

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