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Action game in semi -world

Regular readers will know that we are not big fans of CG trailers, but we will make an exception for Hell is us. This newly announced action title adopts an intriguing and strange tone in its first teaser, which presents Strange hollowed -out human bodies and a masked silhouette with a large brilliant sword.

According to the press release, it seems that Hell is us strongly focuses on exploration. Creative director Jonathan Jacques-Belletête explains: “No need for a detailed quest journal or a precise waypoint on the map: we want the players to feel the thrill of the adventure, guided by their feelings and their instincts. »»

Of course, we do not yet know what the real gameplay looks like, but this trailer has attracted our attention. A quick overview reads as follows: “Hell is us is an action-adventure game in the third person which takes place in a semi-open world where the main character undertakes to know more about his past in a ravaged country through civil war. The self-sufficiency of the country hides a dark secret: the recent appearance of supernatural creatures resembling old tombstones and monuments of the region. Citizens call this phenomenon “calamity”. Armed with weapons specially forged to fight these monsters, the protagonist must learn to beat them and use his equipment wisely. »»

Pokemon Sword episode 43 slumbering weald and a champion time!

Hell is us aims at an outing in 2023 on PlayStation 5, but are you interested? Try to avoid walking on all bodies in the comments section below.

Releases: Dying Light 2 is finally here

February starts with the release of a hot expected zombie Open World Game. But even fans of emotional stories come to their costs.

Life Is Strange: Remastered Collection | February 1st

PC / PS4 / PS5 / Xbox One / Xbox Series X

It is seven years ago, because with Life is Strange the prelude of a rather unusual adventure series. Reason enough for Square Enix and deck Nine to release the story around Max, Chloe and Rachel as a Remastered version.

While there are no changes in content and thus the complete package of Life is Strange and Life is Strange: Before The Storm is received, follows a visible upgrade on the technical side. The developers promise a polished graphic, significantly improved character animations and updated puzzles.

If you have purchased the Ultimate Edition by Life IS Strange: True Colors, the Remastered Collection automatically releases the release. All others can also purchase the package separately for PC and all available consoles – with the exception of the Nintendo Switch. Here the release should follow later a year.

Dying Light 2: NEW UPDATE Just Released (Walk Option, Major Improvements, and More!)

The Waylanders | February 2


The Waylanders is a classic role-playing game inspired by the BioWare Games Dragon Age or Neverwinter Nights. It controls from the ISO perspective a hero group through two different ages: a medieval world and the era of the Celts. In both worlds, you can do different quests, find new equipment and make decisions , which may affect the other timeline.

Inspiration by the bioware classics is not random. Involved in history is Mike Laidlaw, who used to be responsible for the Dragon Age series for Bioware.

Since mid-2020 the Waylanders in the Early Access at Steam is located. Now the full release of the role-playing game should take place on 2 February – but for the time being for the PC.

Dying Light 2: Stay Human | February 4

PC / PS4 / PS5 / Xbox One / Xbox Series X

Dying Light 2: Stay Human plays many years after the events of the predecessor. The zombievirus has spread further and the remaining humanity organizes itself in a new city. As a player, she slips into the role of Aiden Caldwell and experiences an open world in which people and zombies are equally a danger.

Playfully sets Dying Light 2: Stay Human on a mix of rapid parkour deposits and strong Naherkampfokus . The latter is particularly important because firearms are basically no longer in the postalapalyptist world. But you can improve the countless swords, axes, baseball bats and so on with upgrades, so that they cause electronic charges for example.

The release of Dying Light 2 has already shifted several times in the past. But now it should be finished and appears for PC and the PlayStation and Xbox consoles. In Germany, the game is only available in a sliced ​​version.

Contrary to the zombie apocalypse with melee weapons, follow an emotional history of three teens or experience a role-playing game between two worlds: the first February week is definitely varied.

La Parte Dos de Spider Man Across the Spider

It’s strange. Yesterday we were echoing the first trailer of Spider-Man: Across The Spiderweb, which we had been waiting for several years, and 24 hours later we already see you in the obligation to think about its sequel. It’s strange, but it’s what there is. The trailer, which also served to present the title of the film, came accompanied by the appendix Part One, so there wtrailer no margin for the imagination. Today the producers of the film, Hill Lord and Chris Miller, have confirmed in an interview for Entertainment Weekly that Part two will be reletrailered at some point of 2023 and they joke that the team can not go back to sleep Up to 2024. So explain the decision to make not one, but two more films : We write what we think should be the story and to our surprise, we realized that they were two movies instead of one. We are working on them at the same time at this time.

Oscar Isaac will be Spider-Man 2099

Spider-Man Across The Spider-Verse Trailer 2022 Breakdown, Cameo Scenes and Marvel Easter Eggs

Although both producers do not want to reveal too much about Spider-Man: Across The Spiderweb (part one), which will see the light in rooms on October 7, 2022, both Lord and Miller trailersure that Miles will meet with some Old friends… and you will meet many new ones. One of them will be Spider-Man 2099, who is allowed to see in the first trailer and who will lend his voice Oscar Isaac. Of the original binomials ( Nicoltrailer Cage and Spider-Man Noir, Kimono Glenn and Penn Parker, John Guyana and Spider-Ham) is only confirmed the return of Hailed Seinfeld trailer Spider-Gwen, because precisely the relationship of This with thousands of morals (Shaman Moore) will be one of the cornerstones of history, which will be settled two years after the original. We will see if both sequels manage to emulate the success of Spider-Man: a new universe, which came to rise with the Oscar for better animation film in 2018.

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