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The ultimate edition cover of FIFA 23 is officially revealed

As many already know, this year is historical for EA Sports, since it will be his great closure of collaboration with FIFA after many years, thus having a last chance to publish his name in the annual football game.
For this, they have decided to go big to say goodbye, and right now the cover of the edition ultimate for FIFA 23 has been revealed.
This includes Sam Kerr and Kylan Mbappe .
Here you can see it:


Remember that FIFA 23 does not yet have a confirmed departure date.
It will arrive at PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC.

Park Bo -kyun, a candidate for the game company, sympathizes with the necessity of tax reduction

Park Bo -kyun, Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism, first announced the game policy on the 29th. On this day, Park Bo -kyun submitted a written response to the National Assembly before the personnel hearing on May 2. Park, a reporter, has not had a point of contact with the game. This written response is meaningful in that it can examine the perception of Park’s game and to measure the policy direction.

In addition, according to Lee Sang -heon, the Democratic Party’s response from Park Bo -kyun, Park said, “I think we should analyze and study the impact of new technologies on the existing industry in various ways.” As concerns are raised together, I will look carefully. ”

Park said, “It is necessary to lay the foundation for esports in the region in order to induce local ointments naturally to introduce local ointments.” In cooperation with, we will establish infrastructure such as local e -sports permanent stadiums, and to solidify the ointment -based amateur competition so that the local players can be discovered. ”

He replied to the legal regulation of probability -type items, “I think it is necessary to legislate the disclosure of probability item information to guarantee the right to know and restore trust.” He added that the autonomous regulation of game companies has been implemented by the game company, “We have been implementing probability disclosure self -regulation since 2015, but we know that there is a lack of reliability of sanctions (simple facts) and disclosed probability.”

Park also looked at the game industry tax reduction benefits positively. “I agree with the opinion that large -scale investments in the early stages of game development are required and operating costs are continuous,” he said. “We will prepare specific measures through collecting opinions on the field and expert in the future.”

The following is the answer to Park Bo -kyun, a game and e -sports, released by Lee Sang -heon.

What is the top priority for the development of the game industry?

= I think it is necessary to form an ecosystem that harmonizes the game industry growth and a healthy game culture culture.

What do you think is the role of the candidate for the registration of the game addiction cord and the role of the Ministry of Culture for the promotion of the game content industry?

= I was told that I am currently discussing with the relevant ministries about the introduction of WHO recommendation. We will try to conclude the opinions of all walks of life so that reasonable alternatives for the domestic situation can be derived.

The game has become an industry and a representative leisure culture of the people. We will expand regulations, revitalize exports, and support new technology -based productions, and strengthen education and public relations to spread the positive value of the game.

The reality is that our country is shaking, despite being a sector in esports. Is there a way to overcome this problem?

= esports has become a new leisure culture for the younger generation. We will try to develop e -sports into daily sports for young people and future generations and contribute to the national economy as a new industry.

City of Boulder City Council Special Meeting 08-29-18
In the current conditions of the metropolitan area, we will focus on revitalizing esports, such as the spread of local stadiums and fostering related professionals such as leadership referees.

The methus industry is in a steep growth, but the legal justice is still insignificant. The current game company’s position is said to have to be seen differently from methuses and games. What is the candidate’s position?

There is a variety of experts’ positions on new industrial environments such as methus. In order for the content industry to respond appropriately to new environmental changes, we will take advanced measures by gathering opinions on the field and expert.

The current government has announced plans to designate Metabus as a new industry and invest in public resources in fostering. Even in the next government, candidates plan to maintain the metavus support?

= We will support the content industry to respond appropriately to new environmental changes.

Digital Grooming of some malicious users in methuses, such as Zepeto, is criticizing public. It is argued that strong sanctions are needed as the victims are children and youth. What is the candidate’s plan to eradicate digital grooming?

= The negative events expressed in the digital environment will take the best way by approaching the process of handling according to the legal process to the media literacy education for prevention.

Recently, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism is considered to be the ministry of the Ministry of Culture and Industry. Meanwhile, threats such as plagiarism, theft, and ‘rugpool’ are emerging. As a result, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism is said to provide a related guideline, and no visible materials are yet released. How is the next government planning a policy for protecting NFT creators?

= I understand that various copyright disputes have appeared in recent NFT transactions. I think it is necessary to consider providing information and supplementation of copyright -related laws and systems considering this new environment.

First of all, to minimize copyright disputes in the NFT market, copyright guide will be distributed in the first half of this year. In the future, we will review the legal and system improvement plan by collecting opinions and related research.

The opinion of how to watch the game (P2E) is now a cheonyangji. What is the candidate’s position and future plans?

= I think we need to analyze and study the effects of new technologies on existing industries. In the case of P2E (Play to Earn) games, we will look carefully as industrial growth and concerns are raised.

The industry continues to express its opposition to all amendments to the Game Industry Promotion Act. What is the plan for the candidate’s position and future promotion?

= I know that all amendments to the Game Industry Promotion Act are intended to improve unreasonable institutions and industrial support systems. He says the industry is expressing his position to tighten regulations on some of the contents. In the future, we will fully discuss the details and issues of the bill with the National Assembly, related organizations, and the game industry.

What is the candidate view of the game industry?

= The game industry accounts for 70%of the content industry overseas exports. At the same time, it is becoming a new culture of the young generation. At the same time, the formation of a healthy use culture of the game is also an important issue.

What kind of policy do the government should do to promote the game industry?

= I think that we need to create a healthy industrial ecosystem for the promotion of the game industry and develop new growth engines. To this end, efforts to form healthy game use culture should be made along with industrial innovation support such as fostering the world’s best game talent and creating innovative game development conditions.

Minister Hwang Hee made the Game Industry Landmark Construction as a major commitment to his candidate. What is the opinion of the candidate for realizing the game industry landmark?

= Game Landmark is a space where you can experience the fun and technology of Korean games, which is expected to contribute to activating investment in the game industry and spreading positive perceptions of the game.

However, in order to promote the success of the project, close consultations between private and local governments must be preceded, and discussions with relevant ministries such as the Ministry will be needed.

What is your position to introduce a game (Toto) in the e -sports industry?

= I think that the issuance of sports promotion votes (Toto) for e -sports can help revitalize esports. In order to select new stocks, we will review the total sales of the meandering industry and the fair competition operation capacity of the stock organization.

President Yoon Seok -yeol announced the main commitment of e -sports areas. What is the candidate for the need for esports areas?

= esports has become a new leisure culture for the younger generation. We will try to develop e -sports into daily sports for young people and future generations and contribute to the national economy as a new industry.

In order to induce the introduction of local ointments naturally, it is necessary to lay the foundation for enjoying esports in the region.

In cooperation with each local government, we will establish infrastructure such as local e -sports permanent stadiums, and to solidify the ointment -based amateur competition so that the local players can be discovered.

What is the candidate for the probability -type item, the main business model of the game industry?

= I think it is necessary to enforce probability item information disclosure legislation to ensure the right to know and restore trust. Since 2015, the game industry has been implementing probability disclosure self -regulation, but I know that there is a lack of reliability of sanctions (simple facts) and disclosed probability. In addition, in 2021, the controversy over the probability of online game items occurred, causing more complaints about the game users’ industry.

Therefore, it is necessary to legislate the disclosure of probability item information to restore users’ trust and create a healthy game culture. In order to enact legislation, we will collect opinions from the industry, users, and experts, establish complementary devices, and improve the related system.

What is the candidate for the establishment of the Game Industry Promotion Agency? (A model that separates the game work of the Korea Creative Content Agency)

= We will check the effectiveness of the Korea Creative Content Agency project, which is the current support organization, and examine the improvement and development plan.

What are the opinions about the establishment of the ‘E -Sports Promotion Agency’ for the development of e -sports industry?

= We will check the effectiveness of the Korea Creative Content Agency project, which is the current support organization, and examine the improvement and development plan.

** In the game industry


EA Sports, through the social media, announced that the challenge Creation Pink which allows you to redeem the paper icon MOMENTS OF EMMANUEL PETIT FOR MODE FIFA 22
Ultimate Team
After listening Community feedback in recent years the Canadian house software has decided to introduce the SBCs again.

Should You Do His SBC? ???? 91 Icon Moments Petit FIFA 22 Player Review
Fut 22 series fans will therefore have the opportunity to redeem specific icon by completing dedicated SBCs.
Below is the overall and the official Icon stats that you can redeem by completing the SBC recently released:
FIFA 22 is expected for October 1st on PlayStation 5 , Xbox Series X , PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Steam and Nintendo Switch.
Continue to follow us also through our Social Facebook and Twitter for other news and information.

FIFA 22: Title Update 7 – New PC patch available from 8 March

Ea Sports announced a new corrective patch for the football simulator FIFA 22 . The patch in question will be released on the day of Tuesday 8 March on platforms PC and Stadia .

The update brings some changes to solve some problems encountered in the fifa 22 gameplay.

The patch in question will be released in the coming days also for platforms Playstation 5 , Playstation 4 , Xbox Series X E Xbox One . Below we report the complete arrow of Title Update 6 disclosed by the Canadian House Software.


Provided the following modification:

  • Added a new animation in the Heel Chop ability move when performing a diagonal heel stroke.

New FIFA 22 Update | Unlocking All 30 Added Real Faces & 4 Stadiums - Download PC Squad File

General, audio, and graphics

Provided the following modification:

  • Update some photos of the players.

Fixed the following problem:

  • Audio and Trax can be played on video EATV during full screen viewing.

FIFA 22 is expected for October 1st on PlayStation 5 , Xbox Series X , PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Steam and Nintendo Switch. Continue to follow us also through our Social Facebook and Twitter for other news and information.

EA, popular game FIFA22-NHL22 … Russian team removal

Game Sawa announced that EA would remove all Russian teams in FIFA and NHL games in response to Ukrainian invasion of Russia.

EA said, “EA Sports,” EA Sports, and urges peace and Ukrainian invasion like the numerous voices of soccer systems. “

EA “EA Sports, along with the Partners in the FIFA and UEFA, began to remove the Russian national team and all Russian teams from the EA Sports FIFA products, including FIFA 22, FIFA Mobile and FIFA Online,” ” I appreciate the waiting for the user during the proceeding. “

Russia national and domestic club teams removed from FIFA 22 and NHL 22 video games after Ukraine i
In EA’s ice hockey sector, Publisher’s Russian team and the Bellaus team will be excluded from NHL 22 in the next few weeks. This movement reflects the actual sports sanctions imposed on Russia as the Russian team is deported in the 2022 World Cup and the Russian team is suspended at all international soccer competitions held by FIFA and UEFA.

NHL 22 Suspension Recently, the International Ice Hockey Federation reflects the actual economic downturn of Russia and the Belarus team. Belarus supports Russia’s invasion, and Russian basketball teams were prohibited by international competitions.

Meanwhile, Ukrainian Mihail, Fedo Lover, prime minister, urged Sony and Microsoft to join these sanctions.

Sports What s Next the Table of the Global Summit Sports that will look at the future of the sector

Esports (also referred to as electronic sports, e-sports, or eSports) is a type of competitors using computer game. Esports commonly takes the kind of arranged, multiplayer video game competitions, especially between expert gamers, individually or as teams. Although arranged competitions have actually long been a part of computer game culture, these were mostly in between beginners till the late 2000s, when involvement by specialist gamers and also spectatorship in these events with live streaming saw a large rise in popularity. By the 2010s, esports was a substantial aspect in the video clip game sector, with several game designers proactively making and offering financing for competitions as well as other events.
The most usual computer game styles related to esports are multiplayer online fight arena (MOBA), first-person shooter (FPS), combating, card, fight royale as well as real-time approach (RTS) games. Popular esport franchises include Organization of Legends, Dota, Counter-Strike, Valorant, Overwatch, Street Fighter, Super Knockout Bros. and also StarCraft, among lots of others. Competitions such as the Organization of Legends World Champion, Dota 2 s International, the battling game-specific Development Championship Collection (EVO) and also Intel Extreme Masters are amongst the most prominent in esports. Numerous other competitions use a series of organization have fun with funded teams, such as the Overwatch League. Although the authenticity of esports as a real showing off competitors remains in question, they have actually been included along with conventional sports in some international events in Asia, with the International Olympic Board likewise having actually reviewed their addition into future Olympic occasions.
By the late 2010s, it was approximated that the total target market of esports would expand to 454 million customers, with income boosting to even more than US$ 1 billion. The increasing schedule of on the internet streaming media systems, specifically YouTube and also Twitch, have become central to the development and also promotion of esports competitions. Despite viewership being around 85% man and also 15% lady, with a bulk of customers between the ages of 18 and 34, women players have likewise played skillfully. The popularity as well as recognition of esports first occurred in Asia, seeing substantial development in China and also South Korea, with the latter having accredited expert players considering that 2000. In spite of its huge computer game industry, esports in Japan is reasonably underdeveloped, with this being mostly associated to its wide anti-gambling regulations which prohibit paid expert pc gaming competitions. Outside of Asia, esports are also popular in Europe as well as the Americas, with both local and international events occurring in those regions.

This coming 27 and 28 is celebrated in Kinépolis , Madrid, the Great Summit are electronic sports in our country. Global ESPORTS SUMMIT is the meeting point of acérés professionals and fans that seek to understand the phenomenon of the ESPORTS from an expert point of view. This year s edition is one of the main events on electronic sports that has face-to-face format, so it generates even more interest than I already had in itself.

Jeff Dowtin Jr Celebrates with Magic Fan on UNBELIEVABLE Game Winner! ????
Two days dedicated to brands, agents and key actors in the industry, covering all professional spectra and the eagerness to shed light on the present and the future of the sector. Precisely about the future will talk a lot along the two days, with presentations, talks and tables on matters as interesting as the use of blockchain , the entry of new brands or trends in the streaming world. We recommend you go through the Global Esports Summit program.

Today we come to talk about the round table that I will moderate as director of MGG: Esports. What s Next? . This space, which will be held by Thursday 28 at 6:30 p.m. in the room 25 of Kinépolis , and that will close the edition, will seek to talk about challenges, opportunities and trends that We are going to be presented at the ESPORTS. I am referring to the realization of an analysis and diagnosis of immediate future.

It is a titanic task, because electronic sports rely on an industry as changing as videogames, and that they are even more dynamic than these. Therefore, I will have a truly high speaker level and with a very varied specialization area:

Alberto Fernández , Head of Esports Webedia
Josep María Monti , President BCN Sportstech Hub23
Nacho Chamorro , Director General FEJUVES
Virginia Calvo , Co-CEO and Co-Owner of Good Game Group

Using the base of the rest of talks and tables, we can place ourselves at the time and place that the ESPORTS occupy today. Thanks to that, we can begin to ask the speakers for immediate interests , as is the effect it will have on electronic sports around the face-to-face events after the pandemic and what will imply for the growth of the sector after a Economic contraction period, but increased interest and exposure thanks to the increased consumption of the Internet.

We will analyze the new entries of traditional sport equipment In this area, a trend that is already more consolidated, but that it is increasingly interested from a professional point of view. While some clubs and organizations have already positioned themselves, now is the debate about whether they will want to phagocy the already created competitions and the generated space, or continue working with the endemic marks.

You will also talk a lot about technologies such as nft or blockchain , which are peeking the leg in video games, and from which we have to start understanding all what they can contribute to electronic sports beyond The topics we can read on social networks. Are you really a gamechanger ? We will see it with our speakers.

Of course, there will be time to discuss the weight of the expansions of electronic sports clubs in content creation and how you can add your masses congregation capacity in the main activity of equipment, which is nothing other than competing. Similarly, surely our speakers can tell us how a new trend is managed in the ESPORTS as is that clubs become brands of lifestyle , as well as competing in competitions.

If you are interested in this type of content, I invite you personally to Go to Global Esports Summit next week . We will wait for all of you in Kinépolis.

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