The football club St. Pauli of 1910 e. V., short FC St. Pauli, is a multi-divisional sports club from the Hamburg area of St. Pauli. The beginning date is 15 May 1910; The club shades are brown and white. The organization has 22 departments in various techniques of power as well as width sporting activities. One of the most popular and members-strongest energetic department is the football department whose first guys team plays in the second Bundesliga. Your place is the Millerntor Arena on the Heiligengeistfeld near the Reeperbahn, which is why gamers are also referred to as Kiezkicker.

Hans Rostock received the FC Erzgebirge AUE on the 14th match day. The second division game can be found here in the live ticker for reading.

The one of the relegation candidate from AUE was able to expand his winning streak on four games at the Midfield Club Hans Rostock. You can read the complete game history here in the live ticker.

Hans Rostock vs. Erzgebirge AUE 1: 2: Statistics on the game



0: 1 Kuhn (19th), 1: 1 Verge (37.), 1: 2 Ionic (66.)

Installation Rostock

| Role — Earhart, Manner, Mossback, Rizzo (72. Maier) — Nomadic (72nd Duljevic), H. Bearers (72. Nelson), Fryer, Rhine (81. Mussy), K. Schumacher (81. Mamba) — Verge

Installation AUE

| Males — Bouquet, Marilla, Contact, Carlson — Message, Dread, Kuhn (77. Rampart), Static (77th Cartel) — Lazaro (60th Handicraft), Ionic

Yellow cards


Rostock: Roach (21.). Rizzo (45. + 2.), Nelson (80.), Earhart (89.)

AUE: Lazaro (13.), Message (40th), Bouquet (71.)

Hans Rostock vs. Erzgebirge AUE: 2. Bundesliga in the Live ticker for reading 1: 2

Just in the traditional duel, AUE as the last team of the Intervals secures the first Away-Threesome. It was a game of manageable level, in which AUE under the line, you can see from the final phase with the awarded bulk opportunities, just Cleverer said. Playfully there was plenty of air in both teams.

By victory, AUE moves up to Rostock to three counters, the descent zone leaves for the time being and is now on 13th place for Hanss next Sunday to Paderborn, a day of the lilies in the Erzgebirge is a guest.

Hansa Rostock vs Erzgebirge Aue 1-2 Highlights - All Goals ● 20 November 2021

So much for now from the 2nd league. Have a nice Saturday and until next time! More second league football is tonight, 20:30 clock is impetus at Welder against Schalke.

Hans Rostock Vs. Erzgebirge AUE: 2nd Bundesliga in the Livestock — Second half

      1. | Then is after work.
      1. | The last action of the game, a foul of Meier, brings us the eighth warning of the game…
      1. | Role is upset at a corner, and AUE counter. Marriage has only Roach in front of him, and he wobbles and hesitates when he finally shoots, he meets Lowball at the penalty area. Incredible scenes. Alone in the thrust phase might have had two goals.
      1. | AUE. WONDERS. A two to one. Had the preliminary decision must be. But much too sloppy played. When it finally completes, Rostocks three men on the goal line and Role can block the shot.
      1. | Five minutes of reflection time are displayed.

89 . | Earhart complains because AUE takes a long time for a corner kick. But neither exhibition ghost nor highlighted the throwing shot from the fan curve wanted to expose. Thats understandable somewhere.

88 . | and Message, which danced temporarily hard on a point reference, clears the field for Tragic.

87 . | Oh, surprise, two outside change: Ionic out, Majetschak in.

86 . | There was the chance! Mamba is sent steeply, claiming the ball in the penalty area well against three Bauer defenders, lays up for Mussy. And the skin of ten meters far above the box. Sloppy.

85 . | The guests can not care. And they will surely dig somewhere a change.

83 . | From play flow you can not speak at this phase. The many changes contribute to this.

81 . | and Mussy comes in for the Rhine. Everything on attack — with fresh forces.

81 . | The Easy Schumacher now makes Rostock for Mamba place.

Hans Rostock vs. Erzgebirge AUE: 2nd Bundesliga in the Linebacker — Yellow for Nelson

80 . | Nelson leaves bouquet over the blade. However, he also accepts the action grateful.

78 . | With a complained in retrieval time, Hans remains a good quarter of an hour to prevent the first Away Threesome of the guests. But really dignity does not affect the moment. Cartel marches restlessly on the sideline. Adequate.

77 . | And for Kuhn Now Rampart comes into play.

76 . | Double change only at AUE, Static goes, Cartel is coming.

75 . | This testifies to self-confidence, the Rockers want to playfully solve a confusing situation in their own goalie. That would almost go wrong. This is not a room now, in which necessarily has to be experimented with short passes.

72 . | and Rizzo is replaced by Maier.

72 . | Furthermore, Bearers makes room for Nelson.

72 . | Switch three times the hosts: Nomadic goes, Duljevic comes.

Hans Rostock vs. Erzgebirge AUE: 2nd Bundesliga in Live ticker — yellow for bouquet

71 . | Strauss caught Schumacher, and that has consequences. Then is a little time for change.

Hans Rostock Vs. Erzgebirge AUE: 2nd Bundesliga in the Livestock — Ionic brings AUE in the lead

  1. Tailor! Hans Rostock — Erzgebirge AUE 1: 2. A long ball on the left side of Rizzo is intercepted by bouquet. And then go fast. Pass on Handicraft, which is centrally located on Ionic. And because on the outer track Rizzo, the offside still abolishes, Ionic can be freely collected on a pile. Thats only a compulsory task.

65 . | At the moment Rostock is again the more active team, the last trip of the Bauer over the centerline is already a while. The fans continued to worry about mood, maybe the spark jumps over?

63 . | Schumacher introduces the next counterattack of the hosts. He does not have any play stations, so he has to try against Gunther alone, who blocks him again.

60 . | Now the first change of the game. For Lazaro comes up to the field.

60 . | Male indicates that he needs to be treated. He seemed to go for him.

56 . | Unto gen, a minute without game break, you have to seek the magnifying glass here. Half field impulsive Rostock, Manner makes the ball in the penalty area, lays up for Verge, which in the supine device and the ball carried out of 12 meters as high above the box.

55 . | King coincidence swings the scepter. Many more rising, failed passports, notes. And a random corner for the guests. Message leads off, the ball comes down in the goal room, with efforts can clarify the defense.

52 . | Then we register a chance on the opposite side, as a bold wants to refuel through the center, but hanging. The Bauer stops and Rostock never gets the ball clean from the danger zone. Rather randomly, Lazaro still comes from a pointed angle to the conclusion. And now you could be great a sentence with the ingredients sharpener angle and external network.

51 . | The game needs a little to get back in ride. Hans caught the better start. The handsets combine via links. In the end, however, Bearers beats the flank too close to the gate. Male without problems.

50 . | Tactical Foul of Message, pretty brave, if you already have yellow. But sometimes courage also goes through as Muzzle.

48 . | First the huge in the forward gear. Do ships have a gear shift? Schumacher is sent to the left in the penalty area, fails with his shot, as it is blocked. But all excitement is free, in the emergence of the chance was a distance position of Verge.

45 . | Actions There are no notifications, caution, redundancy, both teams continue playing.

45 . | The second half has begun.

Hans Rostock vs. Erzgebirge AUE: 2nd Bundesliga in Live tick — halftime

Halftime | The score is pretty much the only one, was here as a different way to be referred to. In a lot of a moderate level, AUE was surprisingly at a counterattack. Rostock came back through a flattering penalty. Optically, a slight superiority of the hosts could be talked about. But according to the previously seen, the output is completely open.

Hans Rostock vs. Erzgebirge AUE: 2. Bundesliga in the Linebacker — First half

      1. | half-time break in the Baltic Sea Stadium.

Hans Rostock Vs. Erzgebirge AUE: 2nd Bundesliga in Live ticker — Yellow Card Rizzo

      1. | A GRADE, which every Butcher would have been proud. Rizzo against Triadic. One or the other duel here is already hard on the border.

44 . | Just before the half, the encounter seems to take a slow drive. Nomadic is on the other side. When he wants to go inside, he is placed in the right half of the right, a good free-kick position. Than pulls the free kick for the long post, between two attackers can clarify Marilla to the corner. And those were usually dangerous so far. Not this time.

43 . | Almost boldly would have hired one and the guests were recruited again. He starts a pass in the opposing half and then marches. A solo over 20, 30 meters, until in the penalty area he comes, but when he wants to go out of ten meters, he is blocked by Roach at the last moment.

41 . | Tailor! Rostock — AUE 2: 1? And so fast a game can be turned, one would have been able to believe initially. Nearest attack, next gate. The hosts come through the center. Rhine steeply on Schumacher, who runs on the goal alone and understood safely. A centimeter decisions. But the Var collapses the hit again, Schumacher head was in the away.

40 . | Yellow card Soughing Message

Hans Rostock vs. Erzgebirge AUE: 2nd Bundesliga in the Live tick — compensation Rostock!

37 . | Tailor! Rostock — AUE 1: 1. Heroes takes over this task. Before, he had achieved half (8) of all Hans goals this season. Now its even more than half. Safe lower left. Male was in the other corner on the way.

  1. | Penalty for Hans. Schumacher is sent steeply, is falling, and bouquet is exposed as a malefactor. Hard whistle, but no one at which the VA is likely to intervene.

  2. | And the corner is dangerous again. This time it is Manner, who is on the short post with his head, as well as male.

35 . | OHA, Nomadic goes through on the right, blank, the flank falls on the left in the penalty area and Rizzo holds on it, the ball is still faked, corner.

31 . | The game commutes at a low level. At least the mood fits.

29 . | A little needed Hans to collect himself after the 0: 1. But now the game looks exactly as before the backlog. Rostock remains a bit more active, but now the Bauer in the defensive seems a bit more conspicuous. The outer car is also better sealed. Schumachers flanks are history.

26 . | Again the hosts with a corner. Again nomadic with the crossing of the right. Again, Bearers is on the short post with his head. But this time male smashed the roast.

23 . | And now again to the outside lead: not announced that. For bold, it was the second goal of the season. And it was the first conclusion at all the guests.

Hans Rostock vs. Erzgebirge AUE: 2nd Bundesliga — Yellow card for Roach

21 . | For his hard boarding against Ionic Roach now collects a card that he really had to see ten minutes ago.

Hans Rostock vs. Erzgebirge AUE: 2. Bundesliga in the Live ticker — Kuhn shoots the 0: 1!

19 . | Tailor! Rostock — AUE 0: 1. We prefer the last entry. Ball loss The host in the central midfield. And then go fast. Lazaro immediately with the steep pass to the top. Kuhn puts after, Role comes far from his box and cools the ball on the Restocked goalkeeper. With the help of the right house post, the ball jumps over the line.

17 . | A quarter of an hour is played, an intermediate conclusion. Rostock with slight optical advantages, while it turns out that the hosts know exactly where the penalty area is located. With regard to AUE, there are slowly slight doubts.

Hans Rostock vs. Erzgebirge AUE: 2nd Bundesliga in the Live tick — Yellow Card Lazaro

13 . | The most flukiest yellow of the season: Lazaro comes back to the place after his treatment without call.

11 . | Short interruption because Roach surrounds a jumped grass Lazaro. First, the game continues. However, Lazaro needs to be treated.

10 . | And what does AUE do so? That does not look so wrong until the final third. However, the guests are still hard to get in good positions. So that will take a while with degrees.

9 . | And again Hans, this time over the right side. Next attempt from Schumacher to use Verge in the center, but the Bauer has served well so far. But the flanks of Schumacher are not wrong.

7 . | And already we have the first good opportunity. Corner Hans, Nomadic beats the standard from the right side to the short post, where Bearers gets the highest and strokes the ball with the forehead. Males stretches, but does not come to the ball, but then fails on the long post.

5 . | That was not played badly. Nomadic is in the center, 30 meters in front of the penalty area, on Terrain by, who immediately makes the game wide and send Earhart deep. However, the ex-St plays. Pauline the pass with such a brutal sharpness that Reinhard can not handle the ball clean.

4 . | AUE had actually started better in the game, BESS it went straight to the attack by the team from the Erzgebirge. For pastime, however, it was too early.

2 . | The fans provide neat atmosphere in this traditional duel. And they are experiencing a first promising attack by the hosts. Schumacher marches on the left to the baseline and addiction with a flank Ve rook in the center. Between Marilla and Contact, the on the goal room does not stitch, at least not with his first attempt.

1. | The game is running.

Hans Rostock Vs. Erzgebirge AUE: 2nd Bundesliga today in the live ticker — before starting

Before starting: 21,000 spectators in the Corona selling Baltic Sensation. The game line takes over Patrick old. Fresh it is, but precipitation free. Can go right away.

Before starting: And now it should be the first movement of the outcome against Hans? Why not? After the last two appearances in the Baltic Sea Stadium, each with threesome in the luggage back to the Erzgebirge (2016, 3. League, 0: 2) and 2012 (2nd BL, 0: 1). Incidentally, the FCE is the only team of the league, which is still without a threesome in the stranger this season.

Before starting: Does the big turn now follow? Like the handsets, the FCE also tested the penalty break, the penultimate played in the table-placed from Regensburg — with moderate success, the John won the game 3: 1.

Before starting: So not to get going, the season seems to be at the team from the Erzgebirge. After all, a success message offered November for the table-top last, with Pavel Ditches found after 40 days looking for the interim solution on the trainer chair. And finally, the BULGAR accounted for the next to the country break with a victory against Dagenham (2: 0).

Before starting: After success in the John in the DFB Cup, the mold curve has the cog steeply upwards. This was followed by two victories against Düsseldorf (2: 1) and again at John 3: 2), and in the country break, one also tested successfully against the wolves (3: 1). Currently, Hans is five meters in front of the relegation place.

Before starting: The climber from Rostock plays a decent season, the ultimate goal must be the class preservation, and the handsets are on a good way. Of course, slippers are always there again, but apprenticeship must pay any newcomer.

Before starting: Hans offers the same staff as at 3: 2 in Regensburg. And the same applies to the guests. No personnel changes after 2: 0 against Dagenham. Before the country break is after the international room.

Hans Rostock vs. Erzgebirge AUE: The Fuss

Before starting: The coaches have opted for their starting formations:

Hans Rostock: Role — Earhart, Manner, Mossback, Rizzo — Nomadic, H. Bearers, Fryer, Rhine, K. Schumacher — Heroes

Erzgebirge AUE: Male — Bouquet, Marilla, Contact, Carlson — Message, Dread, Kuhn, Static — Lazaro, Ionic

Before starting: In the past three games, the FC Erzgebirge AUE remained without defeat, two of these duels won the Saxons even. Nonetheless, AUE is on the penultimate place. The Rockers also showed themselves in the last two games in front of the country break pause as they defeated the SSV John Regensburg and Fortuna Düsseldorf. Can the home team to build on the services today?

Before starting: At 1.30 pm, the game in the Rostock Baltic Sea Stadium goes over the stage.

Before starting: Hello and welcome to the duel between Hans Rostock and Erzgebirge AUE. It is the 14th match day in the 2nd Bundesliga.

Hans Rostock vs. Erzgebirge AUE: 2nd Bundesliga today on TV and Livestream

Two providers have the game today. On the one hand, SKY offers the encounter live and full length at SKY Sport Bundesliga 6 (HD) and SKY Sport Bundesliga 10 (HD). In the second division conference there is Rostock vs. AUE also to see. This runs at SKY Sport Bundesliga 3 (HD) and SKY Sport Bundesliga 7 (HD). Who wants to use the LiveStream of SKY, can do this with a SKY GO subscription or with a SKYROCKET.

Track this game LIVE: Buy the Skyrocket now.

On the other hand, oneefootball transmits the game live. For 3.99 euros you can buy the game.

Hans Rostock Vs. Erzgebirge AUE, 2nd Bundesliga: The statements

Hans Rostock: Role — Earhart, Manner, Mossback, Rizzo — Nomadic, H. Bearers, Fryer, Rhine, K. Schumacher — Heroes
Erzgebirge AUE: Male — Bouquet, Marilla, Contact, Carlson — Message, Dread, Kuhn, Static — Lazaro, Ionic

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2 . Bundesliga: The table on the 14th match day

Rank | Team | Games | S | U | N | Goals | Diff. | Pkt. – 1 | FC St. Pauli | 12 | 8 | 2 | 2 | 28: 11 | 17 | 26 2 | John Regensburg | 13 | 7 | 4 | 2 | 29: 15 | 14 | 25 3 | SC Paderborn 07 | 14 | 7 | 4 | 3 | 28: 16 | 12 | 25 4 | 1. FC Nuremberg | 14 | 6 | 6 | 2 | 19: 12 | 7 | 24 5 | SV Darmstadt 98 | 13 | 7 | 2 | 4 | 31: 16 | 15 | 23 6 | FC Schalke 04 | 13 | 7 | 1 | 5 | 22: 16 | 6 | 22 7 | Hamburger SV | 13 | 4 | 8 | 1 | 20: 15 | 5 | 20 8 | Welder Bremen | 13 | 5 | 4 | 4 | 19: 19 | 0 | 19 9 | 1. FC Dagenham 1846 | 13 | 5 | 3 | 5 | 13: 19 | -6 | 18 10 | Karlsruhe SC | 13 | 4 | 5 | 4 | 20: 20 | 0 | 17 11 | Hans Rostock | 13 | 5 | 2 | 6 | 16: 22 | -6 | 17 12 | Fortuna Düsseldorf | 13 | 4 | 4 | 5 | 19: 20 | -1 | 16 13 | Hanover 96 | 14 | 3 | 5 | 6 | 10: 18 | -8 | 14 14 | Holstein Kiel | 13 | 3 | 5 | 5 | 14: 23 | -9 | 14 15 | Dynamo Dresden | 13 | 4 | 1 | 8 | 14: 18 | -4 | 13 16 | SV Tannhauser | 13 | 3 | 3 | 7 | 13: 25 | -12 | 12 17 | Erzgebirge AUE | 13 | 2 | 5 | 6 | 11: 19 | -8 | 11 18 | FC Ingolstadt 04 | 13 | 1 | 2 | 10 | 8: 30 | -22 | 5