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FIFA 23: How and when to play with EA play from less than 1 euro

The new installment of the Electronic Arts football simulator is special because it will be the lt one with the current name. After FIFA 23, the saga will be called EA Sports FC. Before that happens, a whole football seon awaits us, which will start on September 30. Now, some players will have anticipated access and can enjoy the title with the subscription to EA Play and EA Play Pro. We tell you how and when to do it.

Those who acquire the Ultimate Edition of FIFA 23 will be able to start playing from September 27 , that is, three days before the official launch. On that same date, the subscribers of EA Play and EA Play Pro also have the opportunity to start the game in PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and PC (the Nintendo Switch version is excluded, which is Legacy Edition).


FIFA 23 test from early access for less than one euro

If you have a PlayStation or Xbox family console you are in luck: you can try FIFA 23 ahead of time for less than 1 euro. To do so, you will need to subscribe to the bic modality of EA Play , which costs 0.99 euros the first month (then pses to 3.99 euros, so remember to cancel the automatic renewal if you do not intend to continue). Being a service member will allow you to enjoy the full video game for a total of 10 hours.

There is noea play pro * on consoles, the demonic version of the Electronic Arts service. However, if you are a PC player and subscribe to EA Play Pro (14.99 euros per month / 99.99 euros a year) you will not have the limitation of 10 hours, you can play without limits until you come your membership.

FIFA 23 officially launches on September 30 ** on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, PC and Nintendo Switch. This is the complete list of musical themes of the game.

Google Stadia gets two free games

Google Stadia has recently launched a limited range of games and seeks to remedy this problem by offering two free games to Stadia Pro subscribers: Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition and Farming Simulator 19. These titles are in no way new, but they a Excellent add to a range of painful throws and the free games do not hurt any1. The two titles join Destiny 2 and Samurai Showdown as free offer of Stadia Pro for the moment and it is likely that the service will have added games over time. Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition and Farming Simulator 19 will be available for free on Stadia Pro as of December 1st.

Recent AAA Game On Stadia Free 2 PLAY DEMO | Stadia Expanding Into 13th LARGEST GAMING Market Soon?
Although Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition and Farming Simulator 19 Let the titles dated joining a mediocre Stadia Pro bookstore, the players put an incalculable number of hours in both titles. When Microsoft Remixa Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition on the Xbox One, we were skeptical about the value of the upgrade and we were pleasantly surprised to find that these upgrades made the definitive edition much more than a simple seizure silver. Are you curious to know what we thought of the final edition? Check out our review here!

The first Farming Simulator came out in 2008 and since then, it has become a cult among the players, among the communities of PC and consoles. Farming Simulator 19 is the last edition of the Summit The Farm Simulation Games. Where the titles such as Harvest Moon and Doraemon Story of Seasons are committed to making the agricultural experience more fun, Farming Simulator games focus on the simulation of real agricultural situations. Consider Farming Simulator, the Forza Motorsport, to meet the need for moon speed.

Which of the two titles are you the most enthusiastic about playing on Stadia Pro? Have you played one or the other The Titles on another platform? Let us know in the comments below!

Microsoft Flight Simulator: Microsoft Flight Simulator: New Update is there, outlook for the future

Microsoft Flight Simulator (MSFS) is a collection of flight simulators from Microsoft. The last (exact same name) spin-off of the collection — Microsoft Flight Simulator — was published on August 18, 2020, for Windows.

Over all, the update concentrates on getting rid of numerous bugs and also to make optimizations. There are some adjustments or modifications to the weather condition system, the individual interface and various other components of the game.

Ideal for the beginning of the brand-new year, the Developer Team Solo Studio has actually released a fresh update for the Microsoft Flight Simulator (from 53.99 EUR at Buy). The spot on variation is currently offered for download both for the PC and Xbox gaming consoles.

On top of that, the developers provided a small view of the closer future of the Microsoft Flight Simulator. According to the upgraded roadmap, the next large World update should appear in the direction of completion of January. For February and March 2022, numerous new aircraft and also the World Update 8 are on the program.


Spot Notes for Microsoft Flight Simulator V1.21.18.0

A number of Accidents Have Been Fixed Across the Title

Fixed HUD Shader Assistance for 3RD Party Planes
Fixed Reverse Throttle
Fixed Livery Overriding Mechanism for Wasm Modules
Dealt With Glass Cabin Remains Off When Beginning With Cold & Dark For The Velocity
Taken Care Of White Making of the Copilot HUD in the Boeing 787-10 Dream liner


Taken care of the Problem That Avoided Communications With the Toolbar in VR
Included Several Of The VR Controller Particular Controls (E.G. Switch Over Between Proxy and Ray cast Settings) That Were Not Available in The Binding Menu
Fixed to Rotate as well as Drag Buttons That Did Not Respond Well With WAR Virtual Reality Controllers

VR Controllers Are Now Functioning When Utilizing Legacy Cockpit Interaction System

Virtual reality

Above all, the upgrade concentrates on getting rid of numerous insects and to make optimizations. There are some modifications or changes to the weather condition system, the user interface as well as other aspects of the video game. In addition, the designers provided a small sight of the closer future of the Microsoft Flight Simulator. According to the upgraded roadmap, the following huge Globe upgrade should show up in the direction of the end of January. For February and March 2022, several brand-new airplanes and also the Globe Update 8 are on the program.


New Dirac Cycle 2113 is Currently Offered = Take Care Of Based Upon Neighborhood Comments.

Tracker Support Has Actually Been Taken care of
Fixed Not Able To Frying Pan/ Drag World map Making Use Of a Customized Computer Mouse Profile. Add a slot in Control Menu


Performance Optimization for Reno Multiplayer Races
Reno Stands Are No More Misplaced Throughout RTC
Dealt with Too Expensive Notice When Starting A Time Trial

When Filling A Job, Taken Care Of Collision
Repaired Aircraft No Longer Assembles Due To GLT Errors
Took Care Of Video Game Crashing When Attempting to Add a Paintedhatchedarea in The Surroundings Editor
Transformed Auto Parking Not Connected To the Key Graph To Caution
When Airplane Editor is open, Taken Care Of Disabled Communications With the Sim
Neglect Null Size Flags Submit (Avoids Invalid Materials).
Repaired Freshly Produced Project XML Submit Path in PackageBuilder.

Fixed to Concern Where Roads Can Blink
Dealt With Color Banding Presented in SIM Update 5


Improved Administration of High Proximity Meters to Prevent Tough Weather Transitions
Fixed abnormal temperature level Above FL450
Dealt With Custom-made Climate Preset Save Information
Live Weather Clouds on Ground Must Now be shown as Fog
Rainfall as well as Fog Now Correctly Get Shadows From Clouds Above
Taken care of 10SM Metal Exposure

Microsoft Flight Simulator - First Dev Update for 2022 - Plus Info On This Years World Updates
Fixed Live Weather Reining to AMSL Instead of AGL


Assistance Preferences Need To No More Be Ready To Easy Without User’s Input
Localization Update Throughout All Supported Languages



Last Information Video Clip: Announcing the Video Game of the Year Version.


New Steam Darling A God

Table-top Simulator is an indie video game that permits players to play and also develop tabletop games in a computer simulation. For this, a multiplayer physics sandbox is used, which allows the players to interact with video games, playing cards and other game product.

A God simulator becomes a new star on Steam. The game with cute pixel look allows you to control huge monsters and terrible forces with which you can either support or punish the residents of your fantasy world.

Steam simulator makes you god

The World box God Simulator published on December 2nd for the PC seems to hit exactly the preferences of Steam players. As the name suggests, you are in the sandbox game of the Almighty God of your own world. In the Steam Top seller list the simulator is currently on the 12th place.

The product page on Steam already gives you an outlook on how your average daily routine looks like God in the fantasy world. There are peoples people, orcs, elves and dwarfs, which in the course of the time new country colonialize, founding kingdoms and can lead to war against each other. Then it’s up to you on which side you suggests you and how your flashes, acid eggs or even atomic bombs. The huge crabbing with laser claws also hears only on the command of a God.

World: God Simulator attracts well at players

World — GOD Simulator is originally published as a mobile game, which has now found its way to Steam. Currently, it is still in the Early Access and should be expanded in the future around new forces, creatures and a religious system. However, the community is already very good. In total, 92 percent of the user reviews are positive.

If you are looking for another starting game that allows you all kinds of measurement, we can also recommend Tropics 6:

the most insane steam profile ever

World box — GOD Simulator is so popular with the players that it is currently on the 12 . Square of the Steam Top seller list stands. The chaotic God simulation, which mainly relies on chaos, destruction and giant crab, also receives positive reviews from the players

God simulator WorldBox is now formally live in Early Accessibility on Steam

In computer game, an open globe is a video game mechanic of using an online globe that the player can discover as well as come close to purposes openly, instead of a globe with more direct as well as organized gameplay. While games have actually used open-world designs since the 1980s, the implementation in Grand Burglary Car III (2001) set a requirement that has been made use of since. Games with open or free-roaming worlds generally lack degree structures like walls as well as secured doors, or the undetectable wall surfaces in even more open locations that prevent the gamer from venturing past them; only at the bounds of an open-world video game will certainly players be limited by geographic features like huge oceans or blockaded hills. Gamers usually do not run into packing displays usual in direct level layouts when string the game world, with the open-world video game using critical storage as well as memory strategies to pack the video game world in a dynamic and also seamless way. Open-world games still apply many restrictions in the video game atmosphere, either due to absolute technological limitations or in-game constraints enforced by a video game’s linearity. While the visibility of the video game globe is a vital element to games including open worlds, the main draw of open-world games is concerning giving the player with autonomy– not so much the liberty to do anything they want in the video game (which is nearly difficult with present computer innovation), yet the capability to select exactly how to come close to the video game as well as its challenges in the order and way as the gamer desires while still constricted by gameplay policies. Examples of high level of freedom in computer system video games can be located in enormously multiplayer online role-playing video games (MMORPG) or in single-player video games sticking to the open-world principle such as the Fallout collection. The primary allure of open-world gameplay is that it offers a substitute truth and enables gamers to establish their character and its actions in the instructions and pace of their very own picking. In these instances, there is commonly no concrete goal or end to the game, although there may be the major story, such as with games like The Senior Scrolls V: Skyrim.

World — God Simulator from Maxim Karen is a god simulator as well as human being sandbox game, with a pixel-art style that permits lots of creativity.

Produce your own globe or ruin it making use of various powers. Watch people grow, create kingdoms, conquer colonies and also sail to far continents. Towns will certainly rebel, realms will certainly drop. It’s your choice to aid or watch them battle. I’ve put an excellent number of hours right into previous versions that were previously offered direct from their internet site today simply Heavy steam. A wonderful video game to play with coffee-breaks, when you wind up realizing a hr has actually disappeared.

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It hasn’t simply be launched on Heavy steam, it also got a huge upgrade at the exact same time. There’s a lot of brand-new godly powers, brand-new beasts, brand-new map sizes, a new biome, new neutral animals, new structures, snow plants and the checklist just goes on for a long time.

WorldBox - God Simulator Trailer

A few of the video game attributes include:

Develop your own globe or destroy it using different powers:.

God Simulator. There are a lot of powers in your toolbox that can be utilized without MANA or sources.
Living world. Animals have characteristics and requirements. Animals will search for food. Money grubbing kings will certainly attempt to obtain even more lands.

Utilize different devices as well as brushes to develop and populate your globe:.

Fantasy Races. There are 4 civil races in World. Humans, orcs, elves and dwarves. Each with its own style and specific race characteristics.
Civilizations. Races will certainly form kingdoms, colonize new lands and also will certainly sail to far continents that you’ll develop.
Diplomacy system. Kingdoms will battle with each various other. Towns will certainly rebel. Realms will fall. It’s your selection to help or watch them battle.

Several fun and insane abilities that you can use:.

Damage powers. Lightning, twisters, acid rainfall, nukes, meteorites, pester, dragons and also UFOs.
Different creatures. Demons, skeletons, zombies, growths, chilly ones, dragons, UFOs and even a gigantic Camilla that you can control yourself!

Readily available on Vapor.

Short article drawn from God.

Agricultural Simulator Farming Simulation Sale at GamesPlanet

At the end of the 15th Anniversary Sale of GamesPlanet, Current Farming and Simulation Games for PC can be purchased at significantly reduced prices, such as Farming Simulator 19, Transport Fever 2, or We Are Football. In addition, buyers get the Farming Simulator 2011 (German Agricultural Simulator 2011) from Giants Software as a gift. In addition, the new Farming simulator 22 can be pre-ordered with Early-Bird bonus.

What the Anniversary Sale at GamesPlanet offers?

As is known, the 15th Anniversary Sale was divided by GamesPlanet in Genre-Sales. At the end of the big birthday party, in Farming & Simulation Sale are still up to 19.11. Selected PC games are available to drastically reduced prices. But at the Anniversary Sale, not only the Steam library is filled at low prices, who buys action titles worth at least 2 euros, which also receives the Farming Simulator 2011 (or Agricultural Simulator 2021, as it is in this country) of Giants Software For Steam as a gift. For this you only have to enter the coupon code Hay fever only during payment processing. The PC game for Steam appears after successful payment of the order in the library in the GamesPlanet account. The 15th Anniversary Farming & Simulation Sale at GamesPlanet runs until November 19, 9:59.

Buy: All offers of Farming & Simulation Sale at GamesPlanet

Which highlights offer the Farming & Simulation Sale?

Over 450 PC games for Steam & Co. were dramatically reduced in 15th Anniversary Sale Farming & Simulation by GamesPlanet. As the name of the action suggests, of course, parts of the popular Farming simulator series of Giants software can be purchased at bargain prices, including the Farming Simulator 19. For only 6.99, you can plow your fields in peace of mind with the tractor. Somewhat more rapidly, it goes in Transport Fever 2, where you have to bring with the railway, plane, ship or truck goods by skillful planning in the shortest possible time from A to B. For only 16.99 euros, Transport Fever 2 is currently being ordered, saving the EIA of 58 percent. Anyone who feels at home in football business may live his passion in We are Football. The football manager simulation can be purchased for only 24.99 euros, as part of the 15th Anniversary Farming & Simulation Sale at GamesPlanet until November 19th.

Selection of top deals from the Farming & Simulation Sale

Farming Simulator 19 (Steam) for (-65%) 6.99 Euro
Transport Fever 2 for (-58%) 16.99 Euro
We Are Football for (-29%) 24.99 Euro
Cities: Skylines Deluxe Edition for (-76%) for 8.99 euros
End zone: a world apart for (-34%) for 19.79 euros
Frost punk for (-74%) for 7.77 euros
Farming Simulator 22 with Early Bird bonus pre-orderable for 37.99 euros

Farming Simulator 19 - 4K - Map First Impression - Sossa Farm

Buy: All offers of Farming & Simulation Sale at GamesPlanet

Further savings actions and Flash deals are regularly available at GamesPlanet.

By Andreas Smedley
13.11.2021 at 11:30

New map for the agricultural economy

The list of electric car prototypes is intended to list all battery-electric powered electric car test carriers, prototypes, demonstration vehicles, recorder vehicles and development projects as far as they relate to complete cars. This includes pre-series cars, whereby the names of the models, information on production performance and quantities of pre-production production and the pre-planned final series production are interested here. Electric racing cars are now guided in a separate list of electro racing cars.

By contrast, electric cars already produced in final series already produced in either manufacturer s own distribution or regular trading are compiled in series production in the list of electric cars.
Furthermore, the list of historical electric cars and prototypes produced in series should perform all electric cars, which are historical, that is, belong to the category Oldtimer, so older than 30 years old, and either produced in series or built as prototypes.
In series production vehicles, which are equipped with electric drive, but also test carriers, prototypes, demonstration vehicles, record vehicles and development projects in electrical commercial vehicles can be found in the list of electrical commercial vehicles and electrical commercial vehicle prototypes.
Fuel cell vehicle models and hybrid vehicle models are not guided in the tables below. As far as hybrid vehicle models is concerned, reference is made to the list of hybrid automobiles in series production. For fuel cell vehicle models that have already been built as prototypes or concept vehicles, fuel cell vehicles and concept vehicles available as a reference point for a listing.
River cell electric cars, ie electric cars, each equipped with redesigned redox flow battery and electric drive, are led in a special section in this list. They form a special category and are only listed here until they receive space in a separate Wikipedia article.
Solar mobile, including solar cars designed for road traffic, form a special category; You will not be listed here, but in the list of solar vehicles. Road compatible battery electric cars attached to whose outdoor areas are photovoltaic systems are attributed to the solar cars if the electrical energy derived from the solar cells is supplied to the traction battery of the battery electrical drive.
Electric triplets will, if they like cars, are not directed like motorcycles, exceptionally guided in this list, although they are not a cars by definition.

Elmcreek in Agricultural Simulator 22 confronts with the circumstances of the Midwest of the USA.

In just under a month, the agricultural simulator 22 comes to the market and will probably delight thousands of players. But not all content is known and so developer Giants software uses the time and distributes new information about the popular simulator series at regular intervals.

One of the three new Agricultural Simulator 22 environments will be the card Elmcreek. This Map was inspired by the Midwest of the United States. For example, you will find a rocky gorge there, a hidden cave, track surveillance, a baseball stadium and some other things. The surrounding area is also characterized by small streams and rivers as well as extensive fields.

Due to the differences in height, you must pay attention to a few things in agriculture, which do not fall into weight on completely flat terrain. On Elmcreek you can also expand your farm in all directions, and connect the 81 prefabricated fields or even connect to each other so as to get more yields.

The Agricultural Simulator 22 appears on November 22 for the PC, Mac, the PlayStation 5, the Xbox Series X / S, the PlayStation 4, the Xbox One and Stadia. If you order the game, you will receive the Claas Xerion Saddle Trac package as a bonus on top.

Buy the Agricultural Simulator 22 now!

Agricultural Simulator 22 Greenhouses Beekeeping and Animals

In Agricultural Simulator 22 (from 33.99 € at pre-order) there will be greenhouses for strawberries, salad and tomatoes. In addition, bees will be breeding and honey.

Giants Software: The undeniable importance of bees is also evident in Agricultural Simulator 22 through various effects on the farm. By placing beehives near fields with rapeseed, potatoes and sunflowers increases thanks to the pollination of the yield of the sorts Fruits. And of course, bees do what they can best produce: produce a sweet, golden and thick substance. Stacked on pallets, beekeeper: inside (preferably in the new protective suit) either the produced honey sell directly or the product The cereal factory deliver to produce a crispy cereal together with other ingredients. While the beehives that are available in different sizes produce honey in the warm season, they serve in the cold season only as a place for a summary snoby party.

With the newly introduced season change in Agricultural Simulator 22, players and players must prepare themselves on the cold winter. In addition to snowflowing and livestock, additional income can be achieved by the construction of greenhouses in different sizes. While plants and trees in Do not bloom the cold months, the cultivation of strawberries, salad and tomatoes still offers a green sight – at least as long as fresh water is present. So the own yard remains profitable in the icy winter months.

In the following trailer, the revised farm animals are also visible to the new wildlife, which are on fields and forests on the road. The Agricultural Simulator 22 will be released on November 22, 2021 for PC, Mac, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X | S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Stadia. For the distribution in Germany, Astragon Entertainment is again responsible.

Last updated video: animals

Steam Irrer priest

Microsoft Flight Simulator began as a series of articles on computer graphics, written by Bruce Artwick throughout 1976, on the use of flight simulation in 3D graphics. When the editor of the magazine said to Artwick that subscribers were interested in buying this type of programs, Artwick Sublogic Corporation founded to market him. At first the new company sells via email until January 1980 with the launch of Flight Simulator for Apple II computer. Little later, the videogame begins to be marketed for other operating systems and computers.

The coming simulation Priest Simulator starts with a free prologue on Steam and gives interested parties into the first episode of the game. The games trailer also lures with disturbing pictures and plenty of WTF moments. What expects you in the crazy simulator, let s look at more closely.

Expects Steam a new simulator masterpiece?

Whether the upcoming priest simulator becomes really bad, we can not judge 100 percent, but the first trailer exposes character models from the ghost train, woody animations and an interface to get used to.

But the game seems to beat in a similar score like Trash Title à la Goat Simulator and exudes a very special and own charm again.

At the priest simulator, unlike many genre representatives, it is all other than leisurely – here the players expect a lot of action , more frequent shooter deposits included. But the management of the church is on the plan – builds them out, executes communions, exorcisms and much more.

The game takes anything but serious and the priesthood belonging to the shippets, as the chaotic trailer of the game also proves:

plays the priest simulator for free

The priest simulator from the Studio Asmodev should first appear 2022 , which is not supposed to stop you to take a look into the wrong spectacle. With Priest Simulator: Heavy Duty will give you the developers in a first episode , which brings you the priest vampire existence in a sandbox version closer.

The tasks that expect to you are quite simple and of course wrapped:

Improves Shatanists (a spelling mistake or a further development of satanists? We do not know)
Defeat the boss
Tests the crazy weapons
Removed Graffiti
Collects money from the faithful
Drive a strange car
And drink alcohol

According to the developers at the end , the finished PC game should offer over 100 missions in a grotesque and absurd atmosphere. Console ports are also planned.

Simulators are the perfect breeding ground for drafted ideas, as the following picture section also proves:

An upcoming priest simulator for Steam lures with a wounded concept and seems to be in the footsteps of simulation sizes such as the Goat Simulator. PC players can now get into a free prologue and make their own picture of the crazy game.

Agricultural Simulator 22 Animal Trailer

Lets Play Agricultural Simulator 2013  - Episode 01
Time (English for time ; Self-designation mostly in capital letters: Time) is a weekly American news magazine, which is unambiguously called Time Magazine. It belongs to the entrepreneur Marc Benioff. Time appears in four issues with a total circulation of around 5.2 million copies.

In Agricultural Simulator 22 animals play a greater role than ever before. You can even breed bees.

It takes just under four and a half weeks until the Agricultural Simulator 22 appears. Suitable for the name he comes on the market on 22 November. As shortly before the finish line, developer Giants software has published a trailer, which actually shows new features that had not been announced so far.

The video is fully focused on the topic animals. In this regard, the agricultural simulator 22 has much more than its predecessors to offer. That you will be able to ride on a horse through the game world for the first time, has been known for some time. But did you already know that you can not only play Bauer, but also beekeepers in the new part of the series? Yes, this time you should deal with the breeding of bees – of course only in adequate protective clothing. But the small insects do not only provide you with delicious honey you can do to make money, you also increase the productivity of your farm. Building the beehives near vegetable fields, for example your potatoes or sunflowers, the bengers will dust them.

Also new in the Agricultural Simulator 22 are greenhouses. They allow you to build things like strawberries, lettuce and tomatoes even in the cold season and thus operate a profitable business. Furthermore, in the video deer can be seen, which live in the forest. You will not chase you. She remains in the Agricultural Simulator 22 just someone who produces his products themselves instead of getting them in the wilderness.

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