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St. Pauli is playing victory

Gordon flies, HSV wins

On Saturday night the HSV was well prepared for the Cup semi-finals next Tuesday against the Sc Freiburg (live! From 20.45 clock at Gordon flies). Against KSC, the reds made direct operation and put the foundation stone for the later victory in half one – Glatzel by head and Vuskovic wonderfully by direct free kick paved the way. The Hamburgers also benefited from an early location of Gordon, who saw yellow-red after half an hour. In a relatively eventual second half, VAGNOMAN provided with a rich wholesale shot for the 3: 0 final score.

Later setback for St. Pauli

On the other hand, the FC St. Pauli remained on afternoon in the third game in a row without victory and suffered a late setback in the race for the SV Sandhausen. With a lot of Hamburg possession but little breakthrough, there was nothing countable to see at the hard forest for a long time. Only after a foul on Burgstaller in the penalty area there were penalty. The fouleste joined himself and met with chipball in the middle for the break guide. The SVS did not find any means to put St. Pauli from unsolvable tasks. Only in the nighttime time was Bachmann head to the spot and shocked the hamburgers with his hit to 1: 1.

Dresden continues to wait for a victory in the second half

They Beat Up Our Goalkeeper I Derby Days Hamburg - HSV v St Pauli
Dynamo Dresden also waits for the goatless draw against Holstein Kiel continued to win the first victory in the second half (0/7/6). The households were right for fun as Wriedt hit the latte in the first minute. Unfortunately, it was not the prelude for a thrilling initial phase, because the game was flattened and took a ride before changing before changing, but both teams lacked the efficiency in front of the gate. In the second half Kiel’s Keeper slipped the ball from his hands, but outside the penalty area, Gelios clarified, but he threw himself in the ball with his head. Just before the end of the game, it would have been able to ring, but Borello hesitated too long and gave the chance to achieve the gate of the day.

Hannover worshiped point in amendment

Hannover 96 has evidenced a draw in the game against Fortuna Düsseldorf despite a long-term negative. Although the households were really good in the game, but already cashed after a quarter of an hour after Hults unfortunate boarding a red card due to emergency brake. However, afterwards, the forva fell very much and the Lower Saxony kept the draw to the break without problems. The guests did not manage to use their majority for themselves. 96 defended Clever, while Düsseldorf mostly had the ball.

Dortmund after the 1: 4 against Leipzig

Body pure, go with the leg to the ball and win the duel: With this intention, both Emre Can and Konrad Laimer were passing on this Saturday evening in the 21st minute in the duel.

However, the duel lost the Dortmund, so that it was a short time later 1: 0 for RB Leipzig – also because the Westphalia were at this moment in his own game build-up because the German national player was initially in safe possession. It was the beginning of a used BVB in the evening before sold-out backdrops in the park. After all, after 90 minutes, a 1: 4 should finally prieve on the blackboard.

The question: had Can with his lost duel against Laimer the defeat thus launched? Especially since Dato the black and yellow were much better in it, significantly more possession of possession and also two great opportunities (Marco Reus, Erling Haaland) had?

Rose sees what has made the difference

The answer was Marco Rose shortly after closing whistle in conversation with “Sky” when the coach was approached on his protégé.

BVB Can't Stand Leipzig's Pressure | Borussia Dortmund - RB Leipzig 1-4 | All Goals | MD 28 – 21/22

His clear answer: “We talk about Emre Can, a German international.” And this player has absolute quality, which he has already proven very often. Only: “He just made a wrong decision here.” That the 28-year-old word-level defender could have solved otherwise, Rose gave unpregnant to: “He has to make it clear better.”

But the BVB coach was much more important to see and address the Patzer’s entire team: “We have committed some simple mistakes. We have made ourselves the full house more and wanted to get momentum for the final phase of the season. Now we have braked us yourself. ” It is now sober a significant 1: 4 to be booked, so Rose continues – and that’s just because of the pressureful early terminals of a pity in consideration: “We were well received in the game, had the chance to take the lead. The Reus In the end, what has made the difference today: the consequence in both criminal rooms. “

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Var Zwayer over change

About the performance of the teams at the Munich 4: 1 in Freiburg or the circumstance that the Bavarians are already nine points in front of the BVB, barely not spoken until Saturday night. Too very interested by the change error of the record champion shortly before the end.

Although sitting in Cologne, but somehow in the middle of it: Video repellence Felix Zwayer.

The situation was not noticed in the video cellar on the Rhine, but then it was given “via radio from the fourth official as well as a player a signal to the referee”. Freiburg’s national player Nico Schlotterbeck pointed Referee Christian Dingert Wild to gesturing that the record champion acted for a short time with twelve instead of eleven professionals.

“The players also pursue the game,” Zwayer explained with a smile: “If you play in undernoon, you will certainly be attentive.” Responding to the responsibility of the mistake, the borne Berliner replied: “In fact it was a concatenation in the case.”

From Bavaria’s Teammanager Kathleen Krüger was only “an incorrect number”, namely the 29th Coman earned earlier and until last year 2021 this number, but now bears the 11th, that’s why the Frenchman did not feel, and thus did not feel the Race. “Nevertheless, it is, of course, in the responsibility of the referee team to perform the change control-compliant,” Zwayer pushed. “In practice it is handled so that the task will be left to the fourth official.” In Freiburg, Arno Blos was a fourth official.

Several parties sudden

This normally controls the player and its equipment, explained Zwayer. Several parties have thus been shocked in said final phase. Prerequisite for an aftermath is an objection of the SC Freiburg. Only then would the DFB sports court be dealing with the case. Freiburg renounces an objection, has the original rating of the game. For this objection, the sports club has time until Monday time.

9-Minute Delay - Referee Interrupts Top Game After Aubameyang’s 50th Bundesliga Goal

“In fact, it is something that a sports court would clarify,” touched Zwayer, who does not believe in the success of such a potential appeal. Coman was finally “a fundamentally eligible player”. “In my view, this is not possible to compare with a situation in which a player is not in the game report.”

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Extreme cold survival horror “Expedition ZERO” to March 24th. Socians confidentiality and approaching threats hidden in Siberia

Publisher Tinybuild announced on February 14 to release Survival Horror “ Expedition Zero ” on Saturday, March 24th. The corresponding platform is PC (Steam). In addition, the demonstration of this work will be started on February 21st at the Steam Next Fest. In addition, according to the Steam store page, this work supports Japanese language display.

“Expedition Zero” is a survival horror game of a first person view. The stage is an abnormal area at the center of Siberia. The player examines the devastated forest and the stated research facility, etc., and will reveal the secret of Soviet exploration and military experiments. Limited resources are used to extend their own capabilities and survive in an extreme condition.

Among the forests, there are some other than players. These monsters compete with firearms etc. However, the stage of this work is the forest that spreads dark. There is also a bad weather such as snow, and it seems that it is difficult to visually recognize the enemy. It will be necessary to concentrate nerves and to determine their behavior. Alternatively, escape or hiding may also enter the choice.

In addition to the external enemies in this work, there are many threats such as resource exhaustion and coldness, and snowstorm attack the player. Such a facility can catch supplies in facilities, create useful devices, and extend the modules of the mechanical. It seems that you can establish a safety zone with your own hands and create a base that can rest during search.

Survival/Horror First Look | Expedition Zero Demo Gameplay | Part 1

The camp by the previous survey team has already been cut off, and this area is covered with a 50m height of 50m. In addition, from the trailer and screenshot, it is possible to appear as a location as a location as well as the crashed site and the ruined church of the plane. Research facilities seem to have a surveyor, and it seems that various human bodies are rolling. In addition, there is also a scene that is attacked by the enemy of humanoid type wearing clothes.

ENIGMATIC MACHINES, who works on development of this work, is a studio based in Czech Republic. In addition to the staff who has been familiar with Unreal Engine, it seems that bright members are belonging to art and technology, such as projection mapping, VR, and installed works. Also in “Expedition ZERO”, it is a place where you want to expect to expect a precisely reproduced ultimate environment.

“Expedition Zero” is scheduled to be released on PC on March 24, on March 24th. Demos will be distributed on 21st of this month.

Corona infection at Werder

Saturday Night Bang Masters, known in Japan as Muscle Mass Bombing Plane: The Body Surge (マッスル ー ザ · ボディ ー · ー ジョ, Muscle Bomber: The Body Surge ?), Is a battling computer game released for the CP System by Cap com. The game offers characters styles from the Tesco Hara manga musician, popular by Clenched fist of the North Celebrity. The video game was adhered to by an updated version entitled Muscle Bombing plane Duo: Ultimate Team Fight in 1993, and a follow-up called Ring of Damage: Bang Masters II in 1994.

Chaos bei Werder Bremen: Markus Anfang weg, Danijel Zenkovic hat Corona! Und nun, Frank Baumann?

Djokovic, who had cared for the team after the withdrawal of coach Markus beginning at the 1: 1 against Schalke, and Rap, who was last missing yellow-locked, will not be there when the Bremen is in Kiel on Saturday night. You have come in home quarantine. According to club information, both are completely vaccinated. All other players and members of the supervisor board were negatively tested on Tuesday. Both have rejected symptoms, so they have performed PCR tests that have failed positive. Whether they have infected themselves in the private or in the crew environment, is not fixed yet, becomes Welder’s team doctor Dr. Daniel Hellman cited on the club website. The training will be accompanied in the coming days of U-19 coach Christian brand as a coach. He is supported by ex-Werder-Profi Cedric MariaDB.

Gruev about the Werder

Many people, more than usual, believes Ilia Gruel, would have turned on the TV on Saturday night, to look at the game between the SV Welder Bremen on the FC Schalke 04, alone due to the events. The prosecutorial investigations for vaccination and the subsequent resignation of Chef Coach Markus start and co-trainer Florian boy have completely shaken the club on Saturday.

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That the team on Saturday just ten hours before the second division game without coaching, the 21-year-old Gruel has not experienced in his even short career as a footballer yet; But he also referred to the far experienced Welder professionals, which were initially surprised in the morning after breakfast by the declaration of resignation. That makes something with one, says Bulgarian U-21 international.

And we have shown that we can do that.

Ilia Gruel

In particular, the Bremen leadership players would have worn out the team, even more closely coming together and for a consciousness à la we have to go through to worry, Gruel explained: And we have shown that we can do it. In the recent 1: 1 draw against Schalke prevented Welder at least to be suspended in the table midfield of the 2nd league. At the sideline, the interim initial successor Daniel Djokovic had the command, but after a corona infection, the Austrian for the upcoming match at Holstein Kiel is on Saturday evening (20.30 clock).

Beginning must be in quarantine

Werder Bremen: „Das macht schon etwas mit einem“ - Ilia Gruev über das  Aus seines Förderers Anfang
According to Spiegel, Mark was also stated in the beginning as a contact person of the 34-year-old and must also be quarantined on the order of the Health Office Cologne, where its initial residence is located, because he can not present a valid vaccination certificate — especially since this is the Public Prosecutor’s Office.

For the time being, Genomics feature has now Christian Brand, Welder’s U-19 coach, who is to be supported by Cedric MariaDB. It’s blow to blow, Gruel said about the memorable Bremen Trainer Roche of the past days. In training, however, the midfielder has not detected no giant difference to the predecessors, especially since brand continues with Djokovic in exchange: We do not worry that everything is wrested up now.

Trainer question? Honestly, we do not care about us

The fact that the final enforcement is still in the coach search so far still in himself, is honestly, we do not care, Gruel said with a view of the sporting focus of the team and tried to demonstrate professionalism. We have to do it to hide the drummer.

Whether this or next week a decision in the coach search case is not the topic of players. That the track leads to Ole Werner is considered very likely. That this will not come against his ex-club yet to his Welder debut, but also. With Holstein Kiel, where he is under contract until the end of the season, an agreement of a change to Bremen is still out.

Corona and no end at VFB Now it has caught Mangala

The Stuttgart was waited at this Friday to the test result of the Bredlov tested before ten days ago positive on Corona and more clarity, whether the keeper for the game in Gladbach on Saturday (live! From 18.30 clock at Corona) a candidate for the post between the Post could be. The test result of the sample taken in the morning was negative, the keeper is thus free-tested and may leave home insulation.

But the relief followed the next shock in the same breath. From the Mangala, which is also routinely tested on Friday, there was a positive result. The Belgian had to insulate immediately and falls out until further notice. This is definitely a setback for us. On the one hand, because we had hoped to be spared from further positive cases. And on the other, because Orel was after his injury on the way back to old strength and we have to renounce him again , explains sport director Sven Mislinat.

Whether Bredlow is really in question for the game in Gladbach in Gladbach, decides only in the afternoon when graduating. There is the little way, says Pellegrino Matarazzo. However, the chef coach wants to take the keeper even more closely at the loupe after his tenthness. He has to feel good, says the 43-year-old, who has to do without the Florian Müller, Waldemar Anton, Erik Thommy and Roberto Massimo, who has also been suffering from that already suffered. It goes to them different. The one has symptoms, the other is not. But I do not want to say anymore, said Matarazzo.

Matarazzo would have no concerns about shock

Should Bredlow not fulfill the selection criteria, the VFB coach would have no concerns to put Stuttgarts Jungprofi Florian Shock. We have deliberately committed Flo as point 3 and not just as a training goal. We have fully confidence in him and that he can get a good performance. He makes a good impression in training.

The 20-year-old would quite have special features. For example, he s bigger than me, Matarazzo jokes, which brings it to 1.98 m. Shock has a centimeter more. He has a certain mass, is responsive, has a good block behavior and holds many balls . As a personality, the Hüne also brings a lot of character for the future. He is a good boy who will go with us his way.

Before, Schock has to prove athletic first. Maybe already in Gladbach. No simple pavement for a Bundesligadebut. We try to find the right degree of looseness and tension, says Matarazzo, who is concerned with the preparation so that he has the optimal tension. You can tell him a certain tingling in the stomach. But that is quite normal, that s what everyone is quite normally Before his first game .

Tripwire Interactive Swirls after controversial statements CEO John Gibson returns

Mel Columcille Gerard Gibson (birthed January 3, 1956) is an American actor, film supervisor, producer, and also screenwriter. He is best recognized for his action hero duties, especially his breakout function as Max Rockatansky in the very first 3 movies of the post-apocalyptic action collection Mad Max and also as Martin Riggs in the pal police movie collection Lethal Tool.
Born in Peekskill, New York City, Gibson moved with his moms and dads to Sydney, Australia, when he was 12 years of ages. He studied acting at the National Institute of Remarkable Art, where he starred opposite Judy Davis in a production of Romeo and also Juliet. Throughout the 1980s, he established Symbol Amusement, a manufacturing company, which independent movie supervisor Atom Egoyan has called an alternative to the workshop system. Director Peter Dam cast him as one of the leads on the planet War I drama Gallipoli (1981 ), which made Gibson a Best Star Honor from the Australian Movie Institute, along with an online reputation as a major, functional actor.
In 1995, Gibson generated, directed, and also starred in Braveheart, a historical epic, for which he won the Golden Globe Honor for Finest Supervisor, the Academy Award for Ideal Director, and also the Academy Award for Ideal Image. He later directed as well as created The Interest of the Christ, a biblical dramatization that was both economically effective as well as highly questionable. He received even more essential notification for his directorial job of the action-adventure film Apocalypto (2006 ), which is established in Mesoamerica throughout the early 16th century.
After several legal concerns and also controversial declarations dripped to the general public, Gibson’s public photo dropped substantially, influencing his careers in acting and also guiding. His occupation began seeing renewal with his efficiency in Jodie Foster’s The Beaver (2011 ), as well as his directorial resurgence after a lack of ten years, Hacksaw Ridge (2016 ), which won 2 Academy Honors and also was nominated for another 4, including Ideal Image and also Ideal Director for Gibson, his 2nd nomination in the category.

Last Saturday, John Gibson, the CEO of Tripwire Interactive, expressed a controversial allowance with which women in Texas should be banned an abortion after the sixth week of pregnancy, and supported it open.

As part of his statements, Gibson continued one step further and even openly threatened to sue himself private individuals who supported abortions openly. It will certainly be understood by itself that Gibson made a plenty of swirls with his statements and bringing people against themselves. After it came sometimes even to Boycott calls against Tripwire Interactive, Gibson now decided to draw appropriate consequences and to clear its item as a CEO of the company.

The opinion of Tripwire Interactive in the wording

The leaders of Tripwire Interactive commented this step as follows: The comments by John Gibson are his own opinion and do not reflect the Tripwire Interactive as a company. His comments disregarded the values ​​of our entire team, our partners and most of our broader community.

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Furthermore, it says in the statement: Our leadership team at Tripwire regrets this deeply and is united in our commitment to quickly act and promote a more positive environment. With immediate effect John Gibson resigned as CEO of Tripwire Interactive. Co-founder and current Vice President Alan Wilson will take over the function of the Interim CEO.

In the past few days, the developers of the Torn Banner Studios, who released together with Tripwire Interactive Chivalry 2, discovered with the following words of Gibson: We do not share the opinion of the President of Tripwire, the publisher of Chivalry 2 , recently expressed in a tweet. This perspective is not shared by our team, nor reflects themselves in the games we develop. The statement contradicts our opinion about women’s rights.

Source: Videogames Chronicle

Further messages on Tripwire Interactive.

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