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Atlude unveils the second band

Barely announced that Soul Hackers 2 already begins to get brought into a second trailer rich in action and in teachings on the stakes and characters of this RPG.

Elon Musk is paying the most taxes ever payed in history????
The video starts with highlighting a new keyword in history, that of covenant. This term synonym of contract seems here to take the form of a winding entity that remains within certain key characters. If we do not yet know what kinds of capacities a _covent grants to its bearer, it may in any case be physically torn off, as learn at its expense the unfortunate Ichiro Honda, a world-renowned researcher killed from the beginning of the party By Iron Mask (member of the Phantom Society, Rival faction of Devil Summoners) and Zenon (an artificial daemon that swallows said coven).

The urgency for the group of heroes led by Ringo (sort of artificial intelligence having taken human form) is therefore to prevent criminals from getting their hands on all _covenant, which would provide them with enough power to control or destroy the world. A strong issue to alert the Kuzunoha clan, Devil Summoners’ family that has been watching Japan for more than a millennium and refers to the popular Raidou Kuzunoha. Soul Hackers 2 will be released on August 26, 2022 on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series, Xbox One and PC.

UNITYization of standard RPG creation tool from “Maker” to “Maker”! “RPG MAKER UNITE” announced

GOTCHA GOTCHA GAMES announced the RPG Game Production Software RPG Game Production Software “RPG Game” series new work “ RPG MAKER UNITE “.

It is the same series for many years, but in this “RPG Maker Unite”, as a significant change, from its own game engine, the general purpose game engine “Unity” will be transferred to the foundation. It seems that the size of the game development without programming language is unique to the series, and it seems to be more functional. In addition, the name of the work is now named “Tsukool” to “Maker”, and the overseas version has been integrated with the overseas version.

By the way, the “RPG クク ク シ” series originally developed as the existence close to the game production game like the main unit and the tool tied. However, when the same work has changed the shape, the existence as a single distribution that specializes in the game production of the “RPG” style of the “RPG” to be sent in Japan, the so-called “free game” Matching the demand for “coterie game” titles. It was decided to extend the share largely.

In DLSite etc., the game that adopted “RPG Tukour” is now raised. On the other hand, even if it is a developer who has adopted the same series, as the development scale increases, the introduction of high-speed animation functions, and other functionality, the transition to Unity is seen in recent years It is. In addition, for general titles, there are few developers who want to expand to mobile and Nintendose switches, etc. Is this “UNITE” that can also be a native output to Unity mobile apps?

Also, speaking of “Unity”, 3D. Today, Booth, etc. is distributed, and a commercially available high quality character asset is distributed, and considering the existence of character creation tools such as “Vroid”, the user who wants to expect 3D functions to “UNITE” this time It may not be possible.

“RPG Maker Unite” will be released in Steam and Unity Asset Stores within 2022. In STEAM, a large number of related software is being sent to February 22 as a Memorial Sale of “Tsukul’s Day”.

First fusion type hero super charge llaria appeared in Akashic Chronicle Apegease Aiming Epix Kingacha Event also starts from November 19

MORTON TECHNOLOGY announced the update content of November in the Smartphone-free RPG Acacia Chronicle-Dawn Apocalypse.

Stage clear and stage clear type hybrid specification RPG

This Acacia Chronicle-Apartic Aiming is a work that uses a system that combines the stand-up and stage clear RPG now. The world view of the game is the style of adventure based on the so-called sword and magical royal road fantasy.

The basics are search mode to challenge each stage and enjoy the main story. Apart from that, a treasure chest is installed in the screen of this search mode, and it is also possible to obtain items and experience values, also by tapping this.

Treasure chests increase the speed of experience and BP (coin) as the stage progresses. Even while playing the game, it is said that you have earned an experience value for yourself.

▲ The middle treasure box is a reward that earned free while left. You can challenge the stage by pressing Start.

▲ Remunerations that earn freely while I was left.

You can choose a character that will be able to get in front of the battle, and you can also change placement such as avant-garde, mid-sanity and back guard. Basically, it is good to place the character who will be the wall role in the avant-garde, and during the Fauna and the back guard, the character of the attacker or support role is good.

▲ How many characters may be placed, the player s arm show?

Battle is basically carried out at auto. Each character has a unique skill, and along with a flashy cut scene, they are triggered, so it will be fun to see. If you can win the victory safely, you can see a result of a reward and challenge the next stage.

Battle will take place at auto.

▲ Each character has a unique skill, and the cut scene is also displayed at the time of activation, so it is difficult to get tired.

Development of a simple and easy-to-understand character

In this game, the characters do not grow without permission just by winning the battle. You can increase the level by consuming items and money earned during the game. Display each hero information and press the button written Level up to be leveled. When you want to raise the level at once, press and hold this Level up button.

▲ ヒ From hero information, the character level can be upgraded. When new equipment can be installed, the red mark is displayed at the quick equipment, so you can use it automatically simply by tapping it.

▲ We will also remember new skills by breaking through the limit.

New element that increases rapidly while promoting the game

By promoting the game, new game elements will be released more and more. Babel Tower is a type of game that captures so-called tower. Let s aim for more and more while defeating the enemy in each column. Underground labyrinth is a game where various events occur by tapping and searching for tiles. You can get a key by defeating all the enemies on each floor and use it to challenge the next floor. Here, you can get a secret reward each time you clear the third floor.

Sahara is to dispatch a hero to get a reward by completing the request. This is also a so-called standing type, so it is good to dispatch without forgetting.

▲ し 進 進 進 進 進 い 放 放 放 放 放 放 放 放 放 放 放.

▲ バ Babel Tower will focus on the enemy and challenge the more strong enemies.

▲ する Tap tiles to create various events.

▲ Sakha where you dispatch heroes and get a reward.

Personality character is also focused on thick dramas woven!

Of course, this Acacia Chronicle-Apartic Aiming is not a game that simply enjoys battle, but also one of the characters that the characters are woven. As animations and fully voiced lines are also available, it can be said that it is easier to move into the world view of the game. As more than 100 characters appear in the game, let s advance adventure while watching their goes from the end!

▲ シ Anime scenes appear.

In the normal conversation scene, the character will change the character in this way and talks a line.

Simple and deep enough to enjoy it!

This Akash Chronicle-Apartic Aiming The largest attraction is in an easy-to-understand manner. The menu configuration is neither complicated too complicated, and it is also convenient to switch immediately by tapping the tab below the right screen to the necessary place.

While you can play, people who are busy and can not concentrate on the game, and it is a great place to play a little even between commuting and attending school! If you haven t played this work yet, try this opportunity.

▲ ▲ Beginner quests are also provided in addition to those introduced after this.

[Akash Chronicle × MENU] collaboration will be held!

Holding period: November 11-December 10
In collaboration commemorative campaign period, if you clear the limited task at the collaboration special site, you will receive a total of 10 Premier Source Summoners!
For more information, please refer to the official Twitter and in-game information

Official Twitter Account: HTTPS: //

First Fusion Type Hero · Super Charge Lyra Appears

Holding time: November 12-December 23
The first fusion type SSR hero, Super Charge Lyra participates in the dawns! A limited-time PICK UP lottery for Super Charge Lyra will be held. Clearing the main stage 10-5 is an open condition. Both have both types, and add this hero to the opportunity for this opportunity to raise the degree of freedom of team formation!

超 ▲ 超 ライ ラ ラ ラ ラ ラ ラ イ ラ イ ラ イ ラ イ ラ ラ ラ ラ

Epic Kingacha Event will be held from November 19th!

Holding time: November 19-December 3
From November 19, a limited-time epic kingacha event will be held. Here, it is a chance to get a beautiful skin that can not usually be obtained easily, so don t miss it!

▲ X From Carnival.

オ Odette Candy Party.

▲ Cloud his Christmas star.

ト ト ト カ.

App Overview

Title: Acacia Chronicles-Apostal Aiming
Genre: Leaving RPG
Corresponding OS: iOS, Android
Official site:
Official Twitter: HTTPS: //

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