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Cyberpunk 2077: Polish workshop quits sales to Russia – thats what you say

** Since the beginning of Ukraine war, there are more and much more assents versus Russia. They have actually progressively stopped sales to Russia and Belarus and state: they want to change something in people.

What will be quit? To comment to the war in Ukraine, the Polish CD project minimizes Red All Physical Supplies and also Digital Sales in Russia and Belarus. These consist of, among other points:

After FIFA 22 Russia has actually already tossed out of E-Sport, CD project Red now with another, remarkable action. The studio itself claims that although it likewise erased uninangled fans, yet that a person wants to start a “sensory adjustment”.

  • Digital sales of Cyberpunk 2077 and The Witcher 3

  • Boost of physical supplies of titles of the studio
  • All video games that are dispersed using the studio-own platform

This claims CD project Red: In a statement on Twitter, the studio speaks regarding the drive behind the action. There it says:

Along with the stoppage, CD project red 1 million Polish złoty contributes humanitarian aid in Ukraine (transformed about 208,000 euros). You do not intend to remain “indifferent”, it claims in the corresponding tweet.

The entire CD project group is strongly behind individuals in Ukraine. While we are not a political entity that can directly affect the state events and do not wish to be, we think that business companies, if they are standing, have the power to inspire a worldwide coagulation change in ordinary individuals.

Cyberpunk 2077 russian edition

We recognize that players in Russia and Belarus, individuals who have nothing to do with the intrusion of Ukraine are also influenced by this choice. However with the action, we want to transmit the worldwide community to proceed to pronounce versus what occurs in the heart of Europe.

Battle in Ukraine likewise affects pc gaming

Specifically hard hit Getaway from Tarkov. The hardcore shooter has an exceptionally sensible ingame market. After the collision of the ruble, the economy went there in the game. Specifically below were tools in the video game, which originate from Russia.

The effect of the war can likewise be felt directly in many studios as well as also in computer game. For well-known, Belorussian developer Wargaming, a Creative Director was discharged after supporting the battle.

Even players themselves associate repeatedly and also extra frequently to the conflict. In numerous neighborhoods it pertained to objections in the game to establish an indication versus the battle as well as beg for peace:

ESO: Numerous MMORPG gamers objection in a PVP area for peace in the actual world

Since the beginning of Ukraine battle, there are much more and a lot more permissions against Russia. They have actually slowly stopped sales to Russia and Belarus and also say: they desire to transform something in people. What will be quit? ** To comment to the war in Ukraine, the Polish CD project decreases Red All Physical Products and Digital Sales in Russia and Belarus. Especially right here were tools in the video game, which come from Russia.

“Azul Lane” Valentines special project “Permacchi Mel Cooler and Talking LIVE Valentine SP” will be delivered from 20:00 on Monday, February 14!

Yostar Co., Ltd. is a special project of Valentine’s special project as a special project in Valentine, as a special project in Valentine, as a special project in Valentine, as a special project in Valentine, from 20:00 on February 14, 2022, 2002, Ltd. I knew that delivery was decided.

Yostar Co., Ltd. is a special project of Valentine’s special project as a special project in Valentine, as a special project in Valentine, as a special project in Valentine, as a special project in Valentine, from 20:00 on February 14, 2022, 2002, Ltd. We will inform you that delivery has been decided.

# February 14 Delivery of Permace-Mel Courilla’s live delivery to Valentine’s Day!

February 14, 2012 (Mon) From 20:00, as a special project of Valentine, Permacchi Mel Cooler appearing in the game of Azur Lane and challenges mini-games, etc. It was decided to carry out.

Within the delivery of the day, Permacchi Mel Courilla challenges “a mini game”, or challenging per theme of the situation of the situation of the situation where you applied from the commander to the theme of the Valentine who applied in advance. increase!

On the day, let’s get excited together in the impression tweet with the recommended hashtag “# Kuu-chan Live” of Twitter! Do you also respond to impressions that Permace Mel Cooler posted? Furthermore, with Valentine’s Day, there may be a chance to get chocolate from Permacchi Mel Courilla…! ?

Look forward to the day of delivery!

Delivery date and time

February 14, 2012 (Mon) 20:00 will be started

# # Performer (renormalization abbreviation, unlikely)

Permacchi Mel Cooler (Light Cruiser / CV: Yoshioka Masau)

delivery medium

Delivered by YouTube Live (Azul Lane Official YouTube Channel)–r6i

※ Program contents, delivery time, performer, etc. may change without notice. Please note.

# Call the subject of the situation voice to challenge Permace Mel Cooler in the delivery!

In the section in the delivery, we will recruit the subject of the situation of the situation where you are theme of Valentine from the commander.

Those who have been adopted will challenge per memeach Melkuriya as much as possible in delivery! We are waiting for a lot of applications from the commander’s commerce!

# # Situation Voice Title

“I want to go out to Valentine, I want you to see it.”

Application Form
※ Application deadline: February 10, 2022 (Thu) 23:59

# What is Permace Mel Courier?

A light census of the Northern Association. A little bit small and strange (?) A cute girl in a trademark, a cute girl. Her performance as her ship has no heart, but it is likely to be as long as Avrola

# “Azul Lane”

“Azul Lane” is a horizontal scroll shooter RPG app game that combines a beauty girl character who has anthropomorphic character and fights the enemy (for Android / iOS). Both auto mode and manual mode are equipped and you can play a fun if you are not good at shooting games.

# “Azul Lane” download is here

■ Android
■ iOS


Name: Azul Lane Genre: STG Delivery Machine: iOS / Android Delivery time: September 14, 2017 Procedure: Basic Free (Item Charge) Official Site: Official Twitter: HTTPS: / / rights notation: © 2017 Manjuu Co., Ltd. & Yongshi Co., Ltd. © 2017 Yostar, Inc. ALL RIGHTS reserved.

Company Profile

Company name: Yostar Co., Ltd. (Yo Star)
Address: 〒 101-0022 Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 300th Sumitomo Real Estate Akihabara Ekimae Building 11F
Representative Director: Li Hydra

Pragmata is delayed until 2023

pragmatic is a project we know very little. Announced last year, it was expected that this CAP COM title was available at some point of 2022. However, Recently it was revealed that this will not be the case, and players will have to wait quite before having any related novelty With this title.

By means of a shared trailer in the official account of Cap com on YouTube, it has been revealed that pragmatic will now be available up to some not specified point of 2023. This was what the company said in this regard:

Our team is working hard on the project, but to make sure that this is an unforgettable adventure, we have decided to change the launch window to 2023. Meanwhile, we have a new work of art to share with you. Thank you for your patience.

Similarly, a new poster of the game was shared.

While the reason for this delay is not revealed, taking into account the world situation, it is not so difficult to investigate in why. Considering that we have seen very little of the game so far, This decision was something that sooner or later it was going to happen. Speaking of delays, the Reboot of SAINTS ROW has also changed the date.

PRAGMATA Coming 2023

Editor s note:

Are you also interested in topics related to Pragmata Games?

Pragmatic is a game of which little is known. However, for what has been seen so far, this seems to be one of the most ambitious projects of the company. Hopefully, over 2022, our doubts related to this title are clarified, in order to prepare for its launch in 2023.

Nexon the Project HP

The Great Lakes Megalopolis is composed of the team of metropolitan areas in North America mainly in the Great Lakes region and along the Saint Lawrence River. It extends from the Midwestern United States in the south and also west to western Pennsylvania and Western New York in the east as well as northward through Southern Ontario right into southwestern Quebec in Canada. It is one of the most inhabited and also largest megalopolis in The United States and Canada.
At its most inclusive, in the USA the region cuts a large swath from the Twin Cities in Minnesota in the west, southern to St. Louis and also Louisville, Kentucky, and east to Rochester, New York City; in Canada, it continues northeasterly to Quebec City. This more comprehensive area had an estimated populace of 59,144,461 since 2011 as well as is projected to get to a populace of regarding 65 million by 2025. Within this wide area, there is a core area of even more continual metropolitan advancement that includes Chicago, Milwaukee, Grand Rapids, South Bend, Detroit-Windsor, Cleveland, Toledo, Pittsburgh, Buffalo, Rochester, Hamilton, Toronto, Montreal, and also the metropolitan locations between these.

[Data provided: Nexon]

Nexon’s new (Gaseous) completed the pre-alpha test last 8 days.

MMORPG Get out of the competition of MMORPG, and a unique genre called PVP Action, attracted the attention of gamers. The first test version is a training area that previews the battle of the character in advance ▲ Precautionary, which strategically utilizes the auxiliary base with special effects ▲ Protective flights that have a special effect of special effects. Makshavalk etc. It was packed.

Nexon released a dichroid indicator of the moment of the hot battle of the hot battle of the Tester today (31).

‘Paden’, which had a strategic movement of short occupation time and squad members

The average occupation maintenance time of the parameter of Paden was 1 minute 37 seconds, the B-based occupation time of Mohavalk was 2 minutes and 5 seconds respectively. Paden treats the enemy to the enemy, so it is a way that the campaigns have been victimed, because they win the opponent’s campaign military power, so the occupation maintenance time was shorter. Through the right-handed by the Bali star and the interpolation, the strategic movement of the squadmen, such as using a ranged weapon, or by the right-circuit of the building.

Tester selected a blade (39.5%), spikes and smoke (13.2%), spikes and smoke (13.2%), ahammer (10.8%), the guardian (10.4%), the tester (10.8%), the guy (10.4%), and the most transformed hero The character was marked (43.1%). Unlike Parad (4th), Moha Valk, the preference of smoke was ranked 2nd place and climbed to the top.

This seems to be due to the need for a healer role that helps the rescue of a fierce battle in a fierce battle of Mohawk’s map characterized by three different branches.

3,978 The Great Caemonian who has been defeated from the work of the work of the colleague · · · · · I have a talented gamer ‘gathering’

Data that can see the ability of the testers showed off the ability to boast. The Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Ball, and the Gentleman was able to kill 3,978, and the Golden Puppet has revived 807 colleagues again, and the opportunity to recapture the combat opportunities. Purpose contributed to the team victory, successful at the basis of 393 times. I have a friend in the game as much as the test period was short.

According to the results of the combat analysis, the largest number of characters in the character, the ‘spike craftsman’, ‘Potential Arch’, ‘Write a’ Knife ‘, and’ Army ‘,’ Army ‘, The use of a emblematic card is a system that felt pride on playing games and boasts them to others, said a system that participated in the test, said a system that is proud of the game well and exquisitely utilized the hearing, You tube, YouTube, YouTube, etc. He said, he said.

Lee Eun-seok Director said, We have meticulously confirmed the feedback sent by the testers, said the Project HP>, the project HP>, which is ahead of the project HP>, I said.

Meanwhile, the project HP> is a PC game that implements a large-scale hundred vessel that fits the medieval battlefield with the Fantasy Worldview, which is the Fantasy Worldview, which appears to be a hero faith.

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