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Pragmata Capcoms mysteri ses Sci Fi

What was again Pragmatic ? Cap Coms mysterious Sci-Fi adventure was presented in June last year as one of the first true Next-Gen games as one of the first genuine Next-Gen games and has ever been due to absence. Apart from the trailer and a handful of artwork, Cap com has not leaked to pass his new brand over the past one and a half years.

PRAGMATA - Coming 2023
When will Pragmatic appear?

Now there is a new information, but it should not be the ones who have been waiting for the interested players. How Cap com announced in a blog entry on its website, Pragmatic will not appear any more as originally planned next year, but only 2023. The reason is Cap Com only, you want to create the unforgettable adventure as possible.

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But after all, the publisher searched for a charming way to announce the shift: in a short video clip is a blond girl to see how she holds a shield with the scribbled, new date into the camera:

What is pragmatic?

The girl is already known from the announcement trailer who introduced the surreal, to Video Kolyma Sci-Fi setting of Pragmatic. The trailer shows an astronaut, who trudges through a deserted New York and encounters the hologram girl including transparent cat. Then a satellite pirates the sky and the two will be worn out, whereupon they suddenly find themselves on the surface of the moon. Nothing is known about Gameplay and Story.

Pragmatic appears for PS5?

Pragmatic should appear 2023 for PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X. The original blog entry for the game continues to promise that there will be 2021 new details.

From Stefan Wilhelm
22.11.2021 at 14:20

Capcom reports Pragmata to 2023 to ensure an unforgettable adventure

Pragmatic, a high-concept science fiction adventure game of Cap com, was officially postponed to 2023. The launch of the game was originally planned in 2022, but Cap com has just announced its delay so that they could s Ensure that it will be an unforgettable adventure.

PRAGMATA - Coming 2023

Our team is on foot on the project,, wrote Cap com. But, to guarantee that it will be an unforgettable adventure, we decided to move the output window to 2023.

Pragmatic was announced for the first time by Cap com in 2020, but fans are still not fully informed of what will this game be. On the surface, it seems that the main star of Pragmatic will be a naked girl who lives on the Moon and always wears a blooming blue parka. The recently shared overview of the game gives rise some atmosphere Video Kolyma.

As we see in the teaser of Pragmatic, there is a bulky silhouette with astronaut that wanders in a version destroyed by Times Square when he meets a mysterious young girl. From that moment, we do not know what will happen next, but many fans think they could have flown together to the moon.

Although Cap com has just made the official announcement concerning the delay, the player community has already speculated a lot on this delay after a small text showed an exit 2023 for Pragmatic at the Sony press conference in January to the CES.

Cap com has claimed to fully use todays new generation material for Pragmatics high quality graphics, with the launch of rays and other technological advances related to the game.

Pragmatic will be launched for PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X users in the current of 2023. On the basis of the developer announcement presentation text, Pragmatic, developed by Cap com Dev 1, will present A sci-fi decor breathtaking and immersive like never before.

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Are you waiting for Pragmatic? Let us know in the comments below.

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Capcoms Pragmata is only 2023 on the market

What pragmatic is actually for a game, nobody knows. It is certain, however, that we have to be patient for longer.

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PRAGMATA - Coming 2023
Cap com will work longer to Pragmatic than accepted how to take a post on Twitter. The targeted release next year was postponed to 2023. It is still as good as nothing to the game known, except the starting situation: Pragmatic plays in a dystopic future on the moon. Further details are not available. For this, the Annunciation Trailer has left a lot of questions. What happened to the people on Earth? What role does the little blonde girl play, and why did she obviously survive on Earth? Even the atmosphere on the moon she does not seem to be able to harm without room suit.

But without a new material Cap com does not want to leave the fans back. The Japanese Publisher has published a new artwork for the appointment displacement. To see is again the blond girl standing in front of a futuristic apparatus. Maybe this is a device that will play an important role in Pragmatic. But thats just a guess on our part.

Capcom announces the postponement of Pragmata to 2023

New license announced during the E3 last year by Cap com, Pragmatic will still keep the secrets of his true intentions. The publisher has indeed announced his postponement to the year 2023.

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We are waiting for next year, we will have to resign yourself to take her trouble: Pragmatic will a year late: Our team works hard on the project, but for S Ensure that it will be an unforgettable adventure, we decided to shift the exit window at 2023, said the publisher in a statement. In the meantime, we have a brand-new artwork to share with you. Thank you for your patience. »

It remains only to hope that Pragmatic does not know the same fate as a certain Deep Down, another new ambitious license promised by Cap com in 2013 and whose development has been abandoned a few years later. Come on, stay optimistic, and we argue of patience. In the meantime, the publisher also broadcast a small video to apologize for this postponement, in which the girl already seen in the trailer unveiled last year.


PRAGMATA - Coming 2023
Pragmatic — Report to 2023

Pragmata is delayed until 2023

pragmatic is a project we know very little. Announced last year, it was expected that this CAP COM title was available at some point of 2022. However, Recently it was revealed that this will not be the case, and players will have to wait quite before having any related novelty With this title.

By means of a shared trailer in the official account of Cap com on YouTube, it has been revealed that pragmatic will now be available up to some not specified point of 2023. This was what the company said in this regard:

Our team is working hard on the project, but to make sure that this is an unforgettable adventure, we have decided to change the launch window to 2023. Meanwhile, we have a new work of art to share with you. Thank you for your patience.

Similarly, a new poster of the game was shared.

While the reason for this delay is not revealed, taking into account the world situation, it is not so difficult to investigate in why. Considering that we have seen very little of the game so far, This decision was something that sooner or later it was going to happen. Speaking of delays, the Reboot of SAINTS ROW has also changed the date.

PRAGMATA Coming 2023

Editor s note:

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Pragmatic is a game of which little is known. However, for what has been seen so far, this seems to be one of the most ambitious projects of the company. Hopefully, over 2022, our doubts related to this title are clarified, in order to prepare for its launch in 2023.

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