The greatest function of the game is a big PVP of 1,000 devices.
Outdoors area, you can understand the physical conflict between characters to experience an exhilarating battlefield, as well as utilize the ‘glider’ that can fly overhead to enable strategic battles as well as actions that go across air and also ground war.

‘Evening Crow’ is an MMORPG that Remade is serviced by Remade as well as established by Mad Engine.
It is identified by a live-action visual implemented with Unreal Engine 5.
Mad Engine is an RPG designer developed by Son Suk-seok, that supervises the growth of worldwide hit V4, as well as Lee Jungkook, that established an overhead as well as a hit.


The large wrapping was pulled in the kind of large crow, and also the evening crow guild members were attracted to war, revealing the magnificent battle of ‘Night Crow’.

Remade (CEO Gang Hyung) wrapped Pang yo’s head office with ‘Night Crow’.
Remade brand-new ‘Night Crow’ is scheduled to be released in April this year.

The game symbolizes a huge Middle Ages European worldview.
The player ends up being a member of the night crow guild ‘Evening Crow’, which is behind the globe in the 13th-century Europe, which is puzzled by power battles and disobedience.