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Overwatch 2: The character of Sojourn unveiled, a trailer and gameplay itself


Unveiled in 2019, then remained quite mysterious since, Overwatch 2 finally seems ready to reveal into big pumps. It must be said that the closed beta is preparing to be deployed, at the same time as the Blizzcon who is back this year, for the greatest pleasure of his most loyal players. If the developers had already given some news about the state of the game last year and there is just a month, we have the right today to a focus on the character of Sojourn, through an Origin Story and even Gameplay provided by China. We learn from Sojourn to Canada, is part of the same military body as Soldier 76, but that she is working on solo now. With its Bad-Ass look and cybernetic implants, it is especially found that it has 2 firing modes with its big assault rifle, which is able to pull a powerful radius that can cross several times and do damage considerable. It can also create a magnetic field in which any action is slowed down, which gives it time to kill a maximum of opponents. Another interesting detail, it has thrusters in its legs, which allows it to make monstrous jumps. No release date is mentioned by Blizzard Entertainment, but with beta, you should know very soon.


Valve is tired of trolls, robots, smurfs, boosts and usually toxic behaviors in Dota 2, and they seek to end it. Valve will use the Overwatch system used in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive to suppress this negative behavior. Overwatch allows players to download game clips that they believe show evidence of cheating or sorrow and send them to an investigator rather than waiting for help. Dota 2 is available via Steam now on PC and Mac.

“In terms of toxicity and ruin behavior of players, we work on a new Overwatch style system, similar in some respects to that of CS: GO,” said Valve in a recent update of DOTA 2. “We are not yet ready to share more information about it, but we will do it as soon as possible. We hope it will be integrated into the game as soon as possible.”

The most toxic player in Dota 2

“The Smurfs accounts are now much more likely to play only with other Smurfs, this includes the parts where only one player is a Smurf. They are also likely to inherit negative behavior scores of their alternative accounts, in order to limit their negative impact when playing “, continued valve. “We have also made some additional improvements to converge the new accounts more quickly to their correct MMR, but much remains to be done on this forehead. We have some approaches to solve what we work on, but they are at the research / experimental stage at this stage.

An account Smurf in Dota 2 is when a game veteran creates a new account to be paired with new players in order to dominate each game and make the game more fun for new players. Are you pleased that Valve Seisse against toxic members of the Dota 2 community? Let us know in the comments below!

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