The video game developer Engines Inc. and Katakana Corporation announced that Overlord: Escape from Natick will be launched in the current of 2022. The game should go out on Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam. Overlord: Escape from Natick is a classic Metroidvania style game that focuses on action, fight and history.

The trailer of the game shows its fights, movements and its cool sound band. Since the game is a Metroidvania, it will be quite difficult. Players can expect harsh bosses and some puzzles to solve along the way.

In addition, Overlord: Escape from Patrick takes place in Overlord. Players are free to explore the Marvelous and Threatening Zone by incarnating Clementine. In addition, in this game, Clementine finds himself imprisoned in the great tomb of Natick. The supreme being keeping it trapped use it for its threatening activities and experiences. Clementine must now use his weapons, his skills, his tactics and even more to escape the claws of the supreme being.

In addition, Overlord: Escape from Patrick offers a ton of content and aspects of friendly gameplay. For example, Clementine has lost his abilities because of his memory problems. Thus, players must explore the world and make sure Clementine can find its arsenal of skills and weapons. In addition, as Clementine grows, it will have access to magic and martial arts. As a result, players must use these tools in combat to overcome their enemies.

Along the way, players can improve their weapons and armor to exploit the weaknesses of enemies and fight perfection.


What do you think of Overlord: Escape from Natick? Are you a fan of Metroidvania games? Are you going to try this game? What was your favorite Metroidvania? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter and Facebook.

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