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Announced open world game Soulframe. WarFrame Developer Developer Free Play Free New Works

Developer Digital Extremes will hold the WarFrame event Tennocon 2022 on July 17. In this, it has revealed that the new open world adventure game Soulframe is under development. Compatible platforms and release times are undecided.

Soulframe is a completely new open world adventure game by Steve Sinclair, creative director of WarFrame. It is still in the early development stage, and the information has not been disclosed much about the game content, but the cinematic trailer listed above has a unique worldview.

In the trailer, a naked man who is a trapped body appears. Later, the man flows to some island and confront three enemies with his sword in his hand. The armor that was initially worn on his right arm was removed, and he blows off the enemy with a mysterious ability using his right arm. And when he pierced the sword on the ground, the enemy was petrified. The man who rejected the enemy has released a giant beast connected by chains.

According to the narration of the video, the child who fell into the soul of Kara was raised in the castle hut, was bred as a hunter, and hunted the opposite. Is that man a hunter? The narrator also describes it as a messenger of shame, and calls out, I have the soul of my kale and my body to find myself. Return the grace and return to the earth. In addition, it can be said that the land where the stage is called is called ODE.

Mr. Steve Sinclair, who led the development of this work, said that in response to interviews with the Washington Post overseas, elements such as Warframe and the automatic generation field were also taken over by Soulframe, but the science fiction color was strong. According to WarFrame, this work will be a work with a fantasy world view. In the development, it is said that it is influenced by films such as Princess Mononoke and Never Ending Story.

Warframe features high-speed battles that emphasize shooting, while this work is developed in a slow pace, focusing on heavy melee attacks. However, it is not a work that intended so-called soul-like games.

In this work, the world itself is in a state of some kind of anger, and adventures will be conducted under themes such as restoring and refunding and nature. It seems to be a game play that focuses on searching, suggesting the existence of gameplay in a cave that is automatically generated. On the other hand, there is also an open world field that will be a hub area.


Soulframe will be offered for free basic play. The compatible platform and release time are undecided. The development has only begun, and Digital Extremes wants to proceed with the development while listening to the opinions from the community.

Update: Speedrunner set new elden ring

The hunt for the fastest possible Speedrun for Elden Ring continues: A Youtuber named Mitchriz has played out from Softwares Open World game in less than 10 minutes, and without attacking.

Update from 11.04.2022: Simply impressive, which is possible today. After Distortion2 had recently undercut his own record again and saw the “Elden Ring” credits in 14 minutes and 8 seconds, Youtuber Mitchriz put a turn on the weekend. His world record with under 13 minutes of playing time for unrestricted speedrun, so playing with exploitation of any possible glitches or tricks, caused a large echo in the community.

Elden Ring Any% Glitchless Speedrun FORMER WORLD RECORD (1:29:39) | Current Patch 1.03

But even these runs have both undercut. Currently Distortion2 has arrived at less than 10 minutes, the stream can you look at his Twitch channel. Mitchriz has also uploaded a video today, where it landed under the magical 10-minute border. He has optimized his passage so far that he can go out of the way almost every confrontation and does not even need to attack the playing end. The so-called “Zips”, a technique that teleports cross and transverse through the intermedent. As a result, wide parts of the game can skip, among other things the end boss fights.

Update from 29.03.2022: Distortion2 has succeeded in turning his own record again. He last needed 18 minutes and 57 seconds to play Elden Ring. The complete speedrun looks down in the video. Very important here: Distortion2 played version 1.02, not the current version 1.03. The reason for this is that from software with the recent update that has delivered a new character and other content has removed a glitch. However, this is essential for Speedruns because it makes it possible to skip large parts of the game. But see yourself:

Original message from 14.03.2022: The action role-playing game Elden Ring is not even a month on the market, since Speedrunner already break various records, while other players desperate every stone in the intermediate country or desperate them to one of the numerous bosses. Only a few days ago, the Speedrunner Distortion2 has managed to complete Elden Ring in less than 37 minutes. In the days before he has already done runs in less than 60, 50 and 40 minutes.

But even the record of 36 minutes and 20 seconds set up last Saturday from Distortion2 is already a waste again. Today, the Speedrunner uploaded a new video, which shows how to play Elden Ring even in less than 29 minutes.

You have to differentiate between several types of speedrunners. Some only strive for the fastest time until the credits are visible. Others are again trying to complete a game with a certain percentage, and others want to complete a game as quickly as possible and effectively at 100 percent.

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Hogwarts Legacy: 14 min from Gameplay, 6 min from Making of, All about Harry Potter Open World

14 Minutes of Hogwarts Legacy NEW 4K Gameplay | State of Play March 2022
It was probably the most important appointment of the week, namely this State of Play entirely dedicated to Hogwarts Legacy: the Hogwarts Heritage, this RPG action in Open World taking place in the world of Harry Potter But somewhere in 1800, many years before the birth of the famous wizard. For more than 20 minutes, Warner Bros Games and the Avalanche Software studio have unfolded their presentation to officially introduce this gameplay that everyone has been waiting for several years now. As everyone knows, it will be possible to personalize his wizard of his head to the feet, to choose his sex of course and probably to grant him small fantasies, knowing that the creation tool should be inclusive if we believe in last rumors about it. In the construction of the story, once his character is created, we will obviously learn to become a real wizard, by studying the spells of magic in Hogwarts, arpearing the places and its surroundings, get to know other comrades, chaining the class class, but also confronting other students.

One can imagine this learning as the tutorial of the game, before being able to go beyond the Hogwarts walls and venture into distant and more obscure curtain. Because the threat will be pretty quickly, with the presence of goblins and black wizards, which will probably come to invade hogwarts at times. It will be necessary to be ready to face them, using the different spells of magic learning at the beginning of the game. Of course, like any respect that respects, Hogwarts Legacy: the Hogwarts heritage will make it possible to advance his character, with a tree skills, resources to pick up and enjoy extra features along the way. Obviously, this open world will also meet animals as amazing as odd, sometimes hugs, sometimes fierce.

The 14-minute gameplay video also allowed us to see that it will be possible to move in the air with the magic broom, which should facilitate allents and coming to the Open World. It will also be necessary with the sense of friendship, because the game will weave relationships with other wizards that will be able to support us later in some tasks of the adventure. Expected for the end of the year 2022 on PC, PS5, Xbox Series, PS4, Xbox One and even Nintendo Switch, Hogwarts Legacy: The Hogwarts Heritage will be published by Warner Bros. Games under the PortKey Games label.

Horizon Zero Dawn should be the reference of Ubisoft

I recently decided to sit down and replay Horizon Zero Dawn since his suite, Horizon Forbidden West, comes out next month. My opinion remains substantially the same. It is an absolute masterpiece that I strongly recommend to everyone to consult, especially since it is now on PC.

Horizon Zero Dawn is also a game that Ubisoft could learn a lot. On its surface, Horizon Zero Dawn shares many similarities with a traditional game in open world of Ubisoft. Horizon Zero Dawn simply enjoys a smaller and more targeted experience. Believe it or not, each game does not need to last more than 50 hours.

Horizon Zero Dawn has bandits camps, he has tricks, many collectibles, he has everything we are tired in Ubisoft games. Despite this, Horizon Zero Dawn is a masterpiece.

The most interesting character of the game, Nile, is linked to the bandits camps. The towers are environmental puzzles that involve climbing giant robot dinosaurs. Collective objects expanded a detailed and fascinating world. I want to learn more! I want to collect information. It’s certainly much better than feathers.

Horizon Zero Dawn also enjoys a thorough combat system with fascinating enemies to fight. Let’s look at Assassin’s Need Valhalla to see why the Ubisoft fight simply does not work during the game duration. Nothing in the fight is terrible in itself. You have a rather traditional hack-and-slash fight with light and heavy attacks. The problem is that it’s pretty much everything. The enemies never really defy you, and they offer little or no variety. This only aggravates the repetitive nature of the game and makes it difficult to play for more than 40 hours.

Let’s look at Horizon Zero Dawn now. Horizon Zero Dawn makes you fight dinosaur robots. It’s just a little more fascinating than guys in armor. Horizon Zero Dawn also offers a crowd of combat options for any battle.

GO WILL SO up to shoot smaller machines and install traps? Do you have to hack and corrupt a machine, so that it is fighting for you to equalize chances? Are you trying to keep your distances to try to drop a room immediately to facilitate the fight?

The fight in Horizon Zero Dawn is really a question of choice. These machines are truly dangerous, which encourages you to think about your approach. In combat, I often take a break and I enter the Codex, in order to look for the weakness of a machine, try to decide which weapons will work best and propose a plan of attack. I did it for about 30 hours I played. I did not do that during the 40 hours I spent in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

This time played is also something that Ubisoft could learn from Horizon Zero Dawn. I spent about 30 hours doing all the secondary quests and beating the story in Horizon Zero Dawn. Valhalla lasted me 40 hours before the repetition reaches me. I did not even finish the story. It was just as if it would never end. It would be good for Ubisoft to keep in mind that the size is not everything.

Horizon Zero Dawn is not perfect. In fact, the worst aspects are precisely what we do not like in Ubisoft’s open world games. Human enemies are dull and do not have the same depth as the machines. Just get them a bullet in the head and move on. Your options are much more limited and rested on traditional options between stealth and action. They simply do not offer the same level of threat or intrigue. If they had more variety, and you had to remove the armor to reach weak points, they would be more engaging. As they are, they are simply forgetting. A bit like a traditional game in open world of Ubisoft.


So, what is Ubisoft can learn from Horizon Zero Dawn? The main point to remember is that depth is much more important than size. Horizon Zero Dawn has endeavored to ensure that even banal tasks like bandits camps feel engaging and are part of the world. It was not a task; They were part of the story. It also helps that there were only about six camps at Horizon Zero Dawn. Do not help it too much and encourages the player to complete them.

The combat system is well-thought-out and remains fun to search and try new strategies for the entire game in Horizon Zero Dawn. They were not satisfied with a simple firing system and basic dodge. They added weak points, several types of weapons, automatic weapons that you can eliminate and use, and more. It is a level of depth that is sorely lacking at any game in open world of Ubisoft.

Horizon Zero Dawn has built a unique world with hunters using old technologies, such as arches and arrows, made from future technologies and metals. There are traditions at every street corner, and each collectible object takes you more deeply in the world. Build a world whose players will want to explore each centimeter.

The quality beats the quantity. So far, Ubisoft has not taken any heart with its open world games. Far Cry 6 was just more Far Cry and all that goes with: standard FPS fights, boring objects and a world without interest. It’s frustrating because Ubisoft is really capable of more. They have talented developers. Well, they do it if they are not all right now. I aspire to the day Ubisoft will realize that deeper gameplay is much more important than immense and occupied cards. No matter how long your card is sprawling if you have nothing interesting to do it.

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