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Pass of Exail, the new league watchman officially released on the 14th

Kakao Games announced on the 13th that the new league, the new league of the Nuclear and Slash PC online game ‘Pass of Exile,’ developed by the Grinding Gear Games, will be officially released on May 14.

The new league is the 20 new Atlas passive skills. The company will maximize the fun and immersion of users through various contents and new attempts, such as Uber -class final boss, new items and monster ‘strong’ attributes.

In the watchman league, the user’s collected “Watchman” strengthens the monsters to greatly increase the difficulty and rewards. Through the Watchman’s Operator, you can also set specific actions, such as power supply and runners’ run nodes. In the beginning, only one watchman per region is used to use the power, but the game can be used to secure the power to operate up to three watchmen. In addition, it can be re -create as a new watchman by combining power depleted watchmen, and special attributes can be obtained.

Path of Exile Archnemesis Guide - League Mechanics [PoE 3.17]

In this new league, the character balance of the previous league remains the same without upward or downward. In other words, the experience and knowledge gained from the previous league, Atlas Siege, can be used in the ‘Watchman’ league, and you can enjoy more in -depth play through your own know -how.

Meanwhile, Kakao Games is a character created by the watchman Challenge League from 14th to 21st to commemorate the opening of the ‘Watchman’ league..

For more information about the Pass of Exail: Watchman League, please visit the official website and KakaoTalk ‘Pass of Exail Talk Channel’.

Rogue Like Horror FPS “Golden Light” Saving Lover Following the Intestine Official Edition Release-Limited Time 30% Off And Value Bundle Information

Indie Belopper MR.Pink officially released Log Like Horror FPS “ GOLDEN LIGHT ” for Windows (STeam), which was earning earlier than 2020.

This work is a first-person viewpoint Log Like Horror Shooter with a different world called “ MEAT ZONE “. The player steps deep into the intestine to find a lover that has fallen to “MEAT ZONE” ruled by meat and differentially. Going a randomly generated dungeon, you find the equipment and open the elevator with the key you got and get it. There, “Meat Crown” can be obtained, and various ornaments can be purchased at “Meat Market”. In addition, with a 2021 update, up to 10 BatroLa Mode and NPC adding to play, CO-OP mode, etc. have been added.

Release Update is also done, and it has been a specification that you can replace “V1” and “Gabriel hat” available online CO-OP, “Meat Crown” and random weapons.

Golden Light - All Bosses + Ending [Roguelike]

“GOLDEN LIGHT” characteristic of spooky world view and hardcore play is a “GOLDEN LIGHT” for a limited time of 30% off a limited time until March 19, “ GOLDEN for CO-OP”. Light: Supporter Bundle “is a 28% off 2,200 yen, and” Go to Hell “bundle, including Indie Arena FPS” Ultra Kill “, is currently distributed for 2,962 yen off.

The terrorist suspense 12 minutes No 19 is listed in the time round circle to end the death cycle

Hearthstone is a free-to-play online electronic collectible card temporary TWELVE established and published by Snowstorm Amusement. Originally subtitled Heroes of Warcraft, Hearthstone constructs upon the existing lore of the Warcraft collection by utilizing the exact same aspects, personalities, and also relics. It was first released for Microsoft Windows and also macOS in March 2014, with ports for iphone and also Android launching later that year. The temporary TWELVE features cross-platform play, permitting temporary TWELVErs on any kind of sustained device to contend with one another, limited only by geographical area account limitations.
The video temporary TWELVE is a turn-based card video temporary TWELVE between 2 challengers, making use of created decks of 30 cards along with a picked hero with a distinct power. Players use their minimal mana crystals to play capabilities or mobilize minions to assault the opponent, with the goal of damaging the opponent’s hero. Winning matches and completing missions gain in-temporary TWELVE gold, benefits in the kind of new cards, as well as various other in-temporary TWELVE rewards. temporary TWELVErs can then acquire packs of brand-new cards through gold or microtransactions to customize and improve their decks. The video temporary TWELVE includes several modes of play, consisting of casual as well as rated suits, drafted field fights, and single-player experiences. New material for the video temporary TWELVE includes the enhancement of new card sets and also temporary TWELVEplay, taking the kind of either development packs or adventures that compensate the player with collectible cards upon completion.
Unlike various other video temporary TWELVEs created by Snowstorm, Hearthstone was an experimental video temporary TWELVE created by a smaller team based on the recognition of collectible card video temporary TWELVEs at the company. The temporary TWELVE was created to prevent challenges of various other electronic collectible card video temporary TWELVEs by eliminating any kind of possible plays from an opponent throughout a temporary TWELVEr’s turn as well as by reproducing the feel of a physical card temporary TWELVE within the temporary TWELVE’s interface. A lot of the principles in addition to art assets were based upon those previously released in the real world of Warcraft Trading Card Video temporary TWELVE.
The temporary TWELVE has been positively assessed by critics as well as has actually been a success for Blizzard, gaining almost US$ 40 million each month since August 2017. As of November 2018, Blizzard has actually reported more than 100 million Hearthstone players. The temporary TWELVE has ended up being prominent as an esport, with prize money events organized by Blizzard and various other coordinators.

Produced by independent temporary TWELVE developers, Annapurna Interactive issued interactive terror suspense work 12 minutes (temporary TWELVE Minutes) is officially launched on August 19th, officially released the latest promotional film, see how husband broke The endless time is returned, and the nightmare of the terror is terminated.

12 minutes is a horror temporary TWELVE overlooking perspective, and the temporary TWELVE interacts with scenes through a hortown. Players will play a husband who is in romantic evening, suddenly a policeman, accused his wife committed murder, and hurt you to death. The husband is also trapped in a 12-minute walkback, repeating the same fear.

In order to break the death cycle, you can only return to the moment he opened the door. According to everything experienced in the past, try to change the result, end the ring.

Developers Luis Antonio have served as temporary TWELVE designers in Rockstar temporary TWELVEs, Ubisoft, and he believes that most video temporary TWELVEs are based on loop. When the role dies, players will learn the lesson of failure and continue to customize the temporary TWELVE with these experiences and knowledge, and fuse this concept to the 12 minutes time cycle.

Well-known temporary TWELVE producer Small Island Xiufu also forwarded 12 minutes temporary TWELVE listing information, and said that this temporary TWELVE has been expected for a long time. 12 minutes will be launched on the Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S and PC ( steam ) on August 19th, and the Xbox temporary TWELVE Pass lineup is simultaneously joined.

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