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The dragons house: at what time and when all the new chapters of the series in HBO Max are relemorninged

In just one week, the dragon’s house hmorning recovered fever by west and its dragons. His pilot episode hmorning shattered the Game of Thrones and even HBO records hmorning confirmed that there will be a second semorningon next year . But that the rivers and ink rivers that have run on it do not make you forget that this hmorning just begun and we still have two months of war targaryen ahead . We will review the series format and the premiere calendar (date and time) of all its episodes. Because the dragon’s house will demand more than an morning of sleeplessness between August 22 and October 24 .

How many chapters does the dragon house have?

The dragon house hmorning 10 episodes around fifty minutes Duration . But yes, say that the story of Rhaenyra, Daemon and Alicnt will not end behind them, because HBO hmorning already confirmed a second semorningon that will continue to narrate the crisis that triggered the beginning of the end for the house Targaryen .

We will see how much the George Martin and HBO series want to lengthen, because the book on which it is bmorninged hmorning dozens of stories that throw over the Dance of Dragons and both author and platform, they must also start before or after the Production of the sequel to Game of Thrones, which is already confirmed and will follow Jon Snow on the other side of the wall .

When are the new episodes of the dragon’s house?

The new episodes of the dragon’s house leave every Sunday night (early Monday morning) . Only the first wmorning made to beg something else, but since then HBO Max hmorning chosen to make a world premiere, morning wmorning the cmorninge with Thrones. Here is the calendar of days and time to the one that will be available in HBO max .

  1. Episode 1 : August 22 at 09:00 in the morning.
  2. Episode 2 : August 29 at 03:00 in the morning.
  3. Episode 3 : September 5 at 03:00 in the morning.
  4. Episode 4 : September 12 at 03:00 in the morning.
  5. Episode 5 : September 19 at 03:00 in the morning.
  6. Episode 6 : September 26 at 03:00 in the morning.
  7. Episode 7 : October 3 at 03:00 in the morning.
  8. Episode 8 : October 10 at 03:00 in the morning.
  9. Episode 9 : October 17 at 03:00 in the morning.
  10. Episode 10 : October 24 at 03:00 in the morning.

a ** overwhelming pilot episode


In our criticism of the Dragon 1×01 house we already remove our hat (the crown) before the impressive start of the series and how it reminded us that the world of George Rr Martin is a black break well of the that we would be drinking until our heart could not. After commenting on the festival of villains and undesirable that it manufactures, Thrones and even makes us think of The redemption of HBO . Invites optimism and launches an ordago to the next Star Wars series and the lord of the rings. He puts the high scale and postulates morning the phenomenon of The semorningon **. Now it is the most difficult, keep the level. Let’s pray to the seven to achieve it.

Forspoken – currently delayed!

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Drum roll: The development of forspoken (formerly Project Athia) under the wing of Square Enix and also Luminous Productions is still not without problems. Which leads to a more change First, the forspoken release for May 24, 2022 was revealed. After that he changed to October 11, 2022. And now: Forspoken was pressed to a release date in 2023 by the programmers, specifically on January 24, 2023. The DEVS say this shift with a critical Choice. However, all components of the open-world fantasy experience prepare, now it is just polished what the Cuff and the polishing agent give.


As early as May 2022, there was report that forpoken can be postponed again. Nevertheless, the history looked different at this factor, due to the fact that back then we assumed that Last Dream 16 might still show up in 2022 which forpoken would certainly for that reason be postponed.

In the meantime, nevertheless, we know that FFXVI will be launched in the summer season of 2023 , of straight competitors for the October 2022 day of forspoken (purchase now EUR 79.99) is no longer to be said. As well as in the winter months of 2022 the remaster of Dilemma Core last Dream 7-Reunion comes.

uff, one more shift.

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The forspoken launch for May 24, 2022 was revealed. He moved to October 11, 2022. As well as now: Forspoken was pushed to a release date in 2023 by the programmers, particularly on January 24, 2023. In the meantime, nevertheless, we know that FFXVI will certainly be released in the summertime of 2023 , of straight competition for the October 2022 day of forspoken (acquire currently EUR 79.99) is no longer to be stated.

The Remasterization of Age of Mythology Age of Empires producers have new projects

After years of waiting, on October 28, finally came to the stores Age of Empires IV offering the public a return to height for one of the great sagas in the field of strategy in real time. The video game has before it a future loaded with novelties, with a support that joins other launches of the series such as AOE II of and AOE III, but there are more projects underway in the series?

Is Age of Mythology as Good as you Remember? | Retrospective Analysis

According to the LinkedIn of Noble Smith, Narrative Director at World’s Edge, the Xbox Game Studios subsidiary in charge of ensuring the RTS franchise, work in unanswered titles as well as in other Transmedia projects. No more details have been offered, so in social networks it is already speculated with an Age of Mythology: Definitive Edition Although, we repeat, there are no clear signs about it.

However, in spring Adam Is green, creative director of the franchise, said to be perfectly knowledgeable about fan’s desire to see a remaster of the classic of Ensemble Studios: I have not forgotten Age of Mythology. No one in World’s Edge He has forgotten Age of Mythology and I do not think anyone in Relic Entertainment has forgotten it either because it goes to the surface all the time, he said.

In 2022, 20 years of Age of Mythology launch will be held, so it could be the perfect time to bring back this spin-off delivery that proposed to players leave historical recreation to fight with mythological creatures. Meanwhile, you can check the Age of Empires IV analysis of Comrade Alberto Pastor, where he showed him the enthusiasm for Relic Entertainment.

Ship Graveyard Simulator Prologue

On October 7, 2021 Games Incubator and Playway published a prologue of their ship s cemetery simulation Ship Graveyard Simulator for PC. The download Via Steam, where the previous user reviews very positive fail is free. The full version is almost finished and can be set to the wish list for pleasure, but there is no concrete publication date.

In the game description it says: How about a visit to the largest ship s cemetery in the world? Several kilometers of beach full of wrecks. Hundreds of shipwrecks are located on the coast. Thousands of tons of steel. Choose the ship that is most profitable, And giving you an adventure. Schlüge in the role of one of the workers in the most dangerous job in the world. Sawing, hammering, welding! Disassemble the entire ship and sell the parts you get in to improve your equipment.

FIRST LOOK - BREAKING MASSIVE CARGO SHIPS in Ship Breaking Sim | Ship Graveyard Simulator Gameplay

Explore all decks of the ship looking for valuable objects. Take the opportunity to explore the secret spaces that hide inside this amazing colossi. The profession of the ship abbracker is one of the most dangerous in the world. Demolition work only with simple tools. Contact with toxic fabrics. You can sell the items you have acquired or exchange for other items. But be careful, you can always suffer a serious accident or even die.

Last updated video: Prologue Trailer

Honobe farm management strategy Farming Life STEAM distribution started while surrounded by animals

FLIM-Flam! Psychics, ESP, Unicorns, And Other delusions (FLIM-Flam! Psychic, ESP, Unicorn and other delusions) is a 1980 book of the magician and skeptical James Randi on paranormal affirmations, occult and pseudosciences. In 1982, an edition with prologue of the science fiction author Isaac Asimov was published. Randi explores topics that he says that scientists and media are too willing to promote without skepticism and adequate experience.

Indie Daveroper Pyramid Games has started delivery of farm management game Farming Life on October 19th, 2021 Steam.

This work is a simulation game for the purpose of playing the player and creating a farm and creating a farm and to make management. There are many types of vegetables and livestock that can be trained, and in addition to staple livestock such as chicken / pig / rabbit, ostrich can also be reared. Of course, a pet of an indispensable presence is also provided in the farm.

There are many works such as human resources to handle fields, indebting livestock, and employment to operate a vast farm, but the character design is very loved, and according to the introductory text of the store page, it can be enjoyed leisurely than a serious management mode It is a work.

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