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Announced Alisha a beautiful indie of puzzles to play in cooperative in Nintendo Switch

The direct Indie World of Nintendo is leaving us curious games To follow the track, something that exemplifies Alisha — The Oblivion of Twin Goddesses and its precious proposal. The Underscore study presents us with an adventure full of puzzles that pretends to exploit all the functionalities of Nintendo Switch along a mysterious story and full of obstacles.

In Alisha, we will control two princesses who enter a temple with multiple enigmas. To further expand the experience, developers allow to play this title at cooperative mode or individually, since the two princesses will have unique skills and particularities that will be shown with the different utilities of Nintendo Switch.

In this sense, one of the princesses will be controlled with the joy-with and the console connected to television, while the other will use the robot of it to solve puzzles using The Nintendo Switch Touch Screen. In addition, the experience will present raw moments and complicated decisions that will alter the outcome of the adventure, as its creators milder their History of Auricle.

Gorgeous Co-op Game Announced At Indie World 12.15.21! Aliisha The Oblivion of Twin Goddesses!

Alisha will be available exclusively for Nintendo Switch at Spring 2022, although a more concrete launch date has not yet been given. On the other hand, Nintendo Indie Word is giving several reasons to look at the indie panorama in the hybrid console, because throughout the next year we will receive a good number of titles in which to invest our game hours.

Cris Such receives many news with its latest update

CHRIS such Due a drug that debuted in the summer of this year and that sadly, it went unnoticed by many people. The game presents quite interesting mechanics that involve travel in time, and has now received a new update that adds a lot of content.

This update is already available on all platforms where the game is, and in the case of the Nintendo Switch, it is promised that there was a drastic reduction in terms of loading times.

Clash Quest Update (Reaction 6 Days Later ????)

Today’s update adds a lot of new functions to the game, including a new character, ADR, who will unleash its robotic mechanisms to all those who want to challenge it.

Users may also have the opportunity to boast their skills in the new and improved Coliseum, where they will face against waves of enemies that will offer incredible rewards.

In addition to these additions, this update adds a new end to such Chris (with a totally new kinematics), drastically reduces loading times in switch and more.

It seems that it is a great time to revisit CHRIS such or even start it for the first time, since the experience should be much better now. Here at Atomic We reviewed it at the time and if you want to know what we found, click on the following link.

Editor’s Note: It is a shame that you have passed somewhat unnoticed between the community, especially because it is a great RPG. The game is still available at Xbox Game Pass, so I suggest you give it a chance if you are a fan of this genre.

Rockstar Games delay the physical versions of GTA The Trilog and Nintendo the most affected

Xbox Games Shop (Formerly Xbox Live Industry) is an electronic circulation system used by Microsoft Xbox 360 Xbox 360 video clip gaming consoles. The solution permits customers to download or acquire video games (consisting of Xbox Live Gallery games and full titles of Xbox One as well as Xbox 360), devices for existing games, trials as well as various other varied material, such as characters and dashboard themes. The service additionally provided previously areas to download and install video content, such as flicks and television episodes; At the end of 2012, this performance was replaced by Xbox Music and also Xbox Video (now referred to as Groove Songs and Movies and also TV, respectively). By the end of 2017, Xbox Store was replaced at Xbox One by Microsoft Store, such as common digital showcase for all Windows 10 devices.

Bad News For fans of the physical format: GTA The Trilogy delays its output several days for Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, PS4 and PS5, specifically the next day December 17. The one that will have a great delay will be the physical version of the game for Nintendo Switch, which will arrive for early 2022 even without release date. While for the consoles of Microsoft and Sony is just a 10-day stretch, the great stick will take the users who wanted to buy it in the Nintendo console, although it does not seem to be delayed much more than January or February of next year.

GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition Physical Copies Delayed
After a resounding output of the remastered trilogy, it seems that Rockstar Games has had to intervene in Groove Street Games so that they would begin to change things about the technical performance of the game. If the R Eras is only 10 days for most platforms, it is likely to be able to improve everything possible the game before its departure in physical and that the patch by day one arrange the vast majority of The faults that had the game itself, which precisely are not few and with San Andreas as the main affected of all the trilogy with flagrant failures that cause the game to burst at all.

What if it will change above all seems to be the performance of Nintendo Switch, which needs great changes Since it suffers enough about FPS as it reaches even 15 frames per second. We hope the situation improves and that, above all, the famous crunch is avoided that has appeared in the industry in recent years and that Rock star itself carried out with the development of Red Dead Redemption 2, although it is likely that they have recourse in this aspect or is what we want.

Super Mario 64 in SpeedRun mode A user achieves the new record of the world

The Speed run hNintendo Switch become an authentic art in recent years. It is a way to enjoy video games that not only requires having a lot of skill to the controls; Also of a great knowledge of the title on which it is intended to address the challenge of completing it at a speed that scares. And we have recently witnessed a new record of the world: that of Super Mario 64. It hNintendo Switch been the Streamer Liam King who hNintendo Switch managed to gather the 120 stars in 1 hour, 37 minutes and 53 seconds. A brand that puts it at the top of the clNintendo Switchsification after overcoming, by just a half minutes, the owner of the best record since lNintendo Switcht April. Below you can see the feat of it on video.

According to the data collected by the Speed run portal, in the lNintendo Switcht three years have been up to 50 people who have been rendering a time close to 1 hour and 45 minutes, making it clear that the competition is fierce and that each Second makes the difference. We do not know if someone will be able to dethrone Liam King, but we are sure that there will be few who will try it tirelessly. Without going any further, King himself wNintendo Switch already able to get the 70 stars needed to achieve credits in just 48 minutes.

Super Mario 64: A myth available in Nintendo Switch

The History of Super Mario 64 16 Star World Records

The historic Saga de la Saga at the three dimensions wNintendo Switch reflected in Nintendo 64, back in 1996 (1997 for Europe). A title that revolutionized the genre and laid the foundations of many things that we would see in the future. Subsequently, already in 2004, he received a renewed version for Nintendo DS. Currently, it is available in Nintendo Switch Nintendo Switch part of the Super Mario 3D All-Stars collector.

The Plane Effect Dystopian puzzle adventure for PC and consoles appeared

On September 23, 2021, Innovina Interactive, Studio Kiku and Pque published the Dystopian Puzzle Adventure The Plane Effect for PC, Playstation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. Via Steam, Gog, Epic Games Store, eShop and PlayStation Store (only with PlayStation Plus), unlike the Microsoft Store, a launch discount of ten percent is granted to the regular sales price (13.49 euros instead of 14.99 euros). A free and on steam to date very positive reviewed demo (prologue) is also available for download on all platforms.

Not Exactly A Hero : Interactive Action Story Game
In the game description it says: It s Solo s last day in the office. Time to go out and go home. But where is his home? And what is home? Is solo actually observed by someone? Entruble the story of this disturbing dystopic adventure in which time does not run as we know them. Experience, examine and understand the strange incidents who seem to pursue solo on his last working day. Get from VFX experts with great pictures and sounds to life. Your journey leads you By an unforgettable story while fighting against an ominous presence that seems to watch every step of solo.

Last updated video: Launch trailer

Snowrunner Two iconic jeeps

In collaboration with Jeep, Saber Interactive and Focus Home Interactive are proud to announce that two iconic jeep trucks arrived in the Snowrunner garage! You are now available for purchase as a stand-alone DLC for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC, so that the owner of Snowrunner can go with these high-performance scouts on jumper.

SnowRunner All Garages Location

The CJ-7 Renegade and the Wrangler-Rubicon are scout light weights with powerful, modern engines and are easily accompanied by sludge. The characteristic wheel suspension of Jeep is also extremely powerful when it comes to crossing rocks and other bumpy terrain.

The Jeep Dual Pack is now available for purchase on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC as an independent DLC available for 5.99 euros. Xbox Game pass subscribers receive a discount when buying.

There are other pictures for the Jeep:

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