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The album Mind, House released by Nexon members

Nexon announced on the 26th that its members have released their digital album ‘Mind, Home’ through various music sites, which were directly singer-songwriters.

Nexon’s fifth employee’s own album, ‘Mind, Home,’ consists of songs and stories that the employees of the game company have kept in their usual minds. A total of nine albums can be heard on major domestic music sites such as Melon, Genie, and Bugs.

The title song of this album is ‘Make Spring’ with a sweet piano melody with the ‘walk together’ and the calm piano melody with sensual sound and urban atmosphere. After work, the lyrics and melodies are expressed in the feelings of feeling while walking through the streets of the sunset.

The Singer-Song Lighter, Singing and Singing through the Nexon Forum was conducted in an online live class for eight weeks from March 30 to June 2. Singer-songwriter Park Jong-hyun (summer of thought), called the fundamentalist of fork, participated as a lecturer to help the entire song composition such as writing lyrics, melody, music program use, and recording.

It was a special experience to keep my own stories in my favorite music genre with my favorite music genre, said Nexon Live Headquarters, which produced the main title song ‘Walk Together’. I hope the songs will be warm in the hearts of many people and empathize with warm comfort and empathy.

The Nexon Forum, which began in 2012, is a unique educational program designed to awaken the potential creativity of employees and to motivate new vitality and motivation in everyday life. To date, about 210 curriculum has been conducted, and recently, the poems have been written by members who participated in the Writing Poetry process.

Nexon probability monitoring system rather made to get trust

On the 23rd, Nixon’s probability monitoring system applied to Maple Story Nexon NOW was controversial in a week. The results of the actual game are not reflected in the time of the time, which explained that the Nixon side has misunderstanding in the update point description.

Nixon is a periodic update, not a real-time update, for data aggregation and collection. The update period is 1 hour, and the new data is updated every time. And the data point in the event is updated in the time is described as follows.

The actual probability of Nixon NAU is updated every one hour, and the updated data is the data before 2 hours from the update point. I have a lot of data that is created every second, and I would like to ask for a time to get a time to get a time to collect and calculate it and distribute it.>

Many of these users have been interpreted as updating the information after 2 hours after gathering information every hour. For example, the information that is updated at 6:00 am on a period is collected 2 hours before the data. In other words, it is the ‘3 ~ 4 o’clock’ aggregate value collected at 4 am.

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Therefore, some users have questioned that the system was not working properly. The user has used 10 items in 3:53, but it said that it has not increased only two of the 6:00 updates. The user said, There is a personal idea that it is not a randomly published, and many users have achieved this sympathy. In other words, the doubt that Nixon is not manipulating the actual application value to spread.

When controversy spread, Nixon immediately posted explanation announcements. There was no abnormality in the data aggregation, but the explanation of the time of the aggregation was somewhat lacking. The previously described aggregation is not before 2-3 hours ago, but a ‘max’ 2 hours ago, that is, the up to 2 hours ago, accordingly, according to this, Data between 4 and 5 o’clock.

Nixon said, The data used in 3:53 am, the number of times the number of times was reflected in 5:00 am, not at 6:00 am, said the actual number of data was normal because the number of emergence was higher than that of the previous update. In addition, to prevent misunderstanding, the data that is updated was corrected from the update point to the data.

However, the user’s suspicion is not solved. Nixon announced that the data collection delayed after Nixon Nuke has been opened on December 25 at 0:00 on December 25. However, through the addition of 10:2 pm on the 28th, the probability data was confirmed to be normally exposed to the aggregate delay in the dawn of dawn on the 28th, he said, I waved. Nixon said, Nixon is going to continue to complement the next step in the beginning of the membrane, Nixon, said, Nixon is not going to continue to complement the next step in the future.

Their intentions were good. It was a new attempt did not ever show anyone in the domestic game motivation to make the game more fair comparison by showing the probability of disclosure and actual results eliminate doubt about the probability of operation. However, the misleading description of one week at least two data exposure error is suffering from pain in the early overlaps. If you want to open a service trying to get the trust is not a catalyst rather lose even more confidence to be followed by thorough preparation and description before opening.

Nexon the Project HP

The Great Lakes Megalopolis is composed of the team of metropolitan areas in North America mainly in the Great Lakes region and along the Saint Lawrence River. It extends from the Midwestern United States in the south and also west to western Pennsylvania and Western New York in the east as well as northward through Southern Ontario right into southwestern Quebec in Canada. It is one of the most inhabited and also largest megalopolis in The United States and Canada.
At its most inclusive, in the USA the region cuts a large swath from the Twin Cities in Minnesota in the west, southern to St. Louis and also Louisville, Kentucky, and east to Rochester, New York City; in Canada, it continues northeasterly to Quebec City. This more comprehensive area had an estimated populace of 59,144,461 since 2011 as well as is projected to get to a populace of regarding 65 million by 2025. Within this wide area, there is a core area of even more continual metropolitan advancement that includes Chicago, Milwaukee, Grand Rapids, South Bend, Detroit-Windsor, Cleveland, Toledo, Pittsburgh, Buffalo, Rochester, Hamilton, Toronto, Montreal, and also the metropolitan locations between these.

[Data provided: Nexon]

Nexon’s new (Gaseous) completed the pre-alpha test last 8 days.

MMORPG Get out of the competition of MMORPG, and a unique genre called PVP Action, attracted the attention of gamers. The first test version is a training area that previews the battle of the character in advance ▲ Precautionary, which strategically utilizes the auxiliary base with special effects ▲ Protective flights that have a special effect of special effects. Makshavalk etc. It was packed.

Nexon released a dichroid indicator of the moment of the hot battle of the hot battle of the Tester today (31).

‘Paden’, which had a strategic movement of short occupation time and squad members

The average occupation maintenance time of the parameter of Paden was 1 minute 37 seconds, the B-based occupation time of Mohavalk was 2 minutes and 5 seconds respectively. Paden treats the enemy to the enemy, so it is a way that the campaigns have been victimed, because they win the opponent’s campaign military power, so the occupation maintenance time was shorter. Through the right-handed by the Bali star and the interpolation, the strategic movement of the squadmen, such as using a ranged weapon, or by the right-circuit of the building.

Tester selected a blade (39.5%), spikes and smoke (13.2%), spikes and smoke (13.2%), ahammer (10.8%), the guardian (10.4%), the tester (10.8%), the guy (10.4%), and the most transformed hero The character was marked (43.1%). Unlike Parad (4th), Moha Valk, the preference of smoke was ranked 2nd place and climbed to the top.

This seems to be due to the need for a healer role that helps the rescue of a fierce battle in a fierce battle of Mohawk’s map characterized by three different branches.

3,978 The Great Caemonian who has been defeated from the work of the work of the colleague · · · · · I have a talented gamer ‘gathering’

Data that can see the ability of the testers showed off the ability to boast. The Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Ball, and the Gentleman was able to kill 3,978, and the Golden Puppet has revived 807 colleagues again, and the opportunity to recapture the combat opportunities. Purpose contributed to the team victory, successful at the basis of 393 times. I have a friend in the game as much as the test period was short.

According to the results of the combat analysis, the largest number of characters in the character, the ‘spike craftsman’, ‘Potential Arch’, ‘Write a’ Knife ‘, and’ Army ‘,’ Army ‘, The use of a emblematic card is a system that felt pride on playing games and boasts them to others, said a system that participated in the test, said a system that is proud of the game well and exquisitely utilized the hearing, You tube, YouTube, YouTube, etc. He said, he said.

Lee Eun-seok Director said, We have meticulously confirmed the feedback sent by the testers, said the Project HP>, the project HP>, which is ahead of the project HP>, I said.

Meanwhile, the project HP> is a PC game that implements a large-scale hundred vessel that fits the medieval battlefield with the Fantasy Worldview, which is the Fantasy Worldview, which appears to be a hero faith.

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