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Nexon Games Godsum, Nexon is a domestic+global publishing

Nixon announced on the 19th that it has signed a domestic and global publishing contract for its new mobile work, “ God some: Clash of Gods ”, which is being developed by Nixon Games.

‘God sum’ is a new SPORTS introduced by Nixon Games, and is accelerating development with the goal of launching global markets such as North America and Europe as well as Asia.

‘God sum’, which is the core of large-scale territorial wars, is a game that combines the features of MMOs, where many players are connected to a vast battlefield, and real-time strategy-based simulation elements. The goal of collecting various resources and developing one’s territory to become a powerful leader can collect more than 40 kinds of gods with various characteristics and abilities. The player fosters them as a hero and leads the war to victory.

Nixon has acquired the copyright rights of God sum’s domestic and global service, and announced plans to provide users from around the world with a variety of fun, SPORTS, which has a solid user.

Park Jong-un, CEO of Nixon Games, said, God sum is a game that combines the MMO development know-how accumulated in Nixon Games to the RTS genre. We will give you more fun with the battle.

Nixon Lee Dungeon said, This publishing agreement is meaningful because the Nixon Games Table SPORTS genre is added to Nixon’s new lineup. We will convey the charm and fun of God sum.

Maple Story, Black Pink Index and Sharing Project

Nexon announced on the 29th that it held an Ambassador Sharing Project ‘Happy Summer Vacation’ with the online game ‘Maple Story’ Ambassador Black Pink Index.

Nexon, which was held with Good Neighbors, sponsored donations to the nursery in Suwon City on August 19, and that children wanted to have a special gift prepared by index and a happy summer vacation to all children. It was conveyed. Jisoo’s special gift consists of one fashion item that children want among bags and shoes, a letter of cheering letters, a handwritten sign, and a character key ring. In addition, it provided ‘Maple Story’ school supplies and snacks such as notebooks, pencils and diary.


At the same time, Nexon released a video that introduced and packaged some of the gifts to deliver to the nursery by starring Maple Story Kang Won-ki. In the video, Kang Won-ki, general manager, introduced the story of two children’s gifts and the gifts he chose accordingly.

‘Maple Story’ Ambassador is a project designed to illuminate ‘Maple Story’ users who are active in society and spread the good influence. It was selected as the second ambassador. In the ‘Happy Summer Vacation’ video, Jisoo said, I hope this social contribution activity will be an opportunity to share a warm heart toward our neighbors who need help.

For more information on the Ambassador Sharing Project ‘Happy Summer Vacation’ with the index, please visit the official website of Maple Story.

The album Mind, House released by Nexon members

Nexon announced on the 26th that its members have released their digital album ‘Mind, Home’ through various music sites, which were directly singer-songwriters.

Nexon’s fifth employee’s own album, ‘Mind, Home,’ consists of songs and stories that the employees of the game company have kept in their usual minds. A total of nine albums can be heard on major domestic music sites such as Melon, Genie, and Bugs.

The title song of this album is ‘Make Spring’ with a sweet piano melody with the ‘walk together’ and the calm piano melody with sensual sound and urban atmosphere. After work, the lyrics and melodies are expressed in the feelings of feeling while walking through the streets of the sunset.

The Singer-Song Lighter, Singing and Singing through the Nexon Forum was conducted in an online live class for eight weeks from March 30 to June 2. Singer-songwriter Park Jong-hyun (summer of thought), called the fundamentalist of fork, participated as a lecturer to help the entire song composition such as writing lyrics, melody, music program use, and recording.

It was a special experience to keep my own stories in my favorite music genre with my favorite music genre, said Nexon Live Headquarters, which produced the main title song ‘Walk Together’. I hope the songs will be warm in the hearts of many people and empathize with warm comfort and empathy.

The Nexon Forum, which began in 2012, is a unique educational program designed to awaken the potential creativity of employees and to motivate new vitality and motivation in everyday life. To date, about 210 curriculum has been conducted, and recently, the poems have been written by members who participated in the Writing Poetry process.

Nexon reveals the gameability of Hit the World MMORPG Hit 2

Nexon announced a large number of new game information through the director’s commentary about the development story of , which announced its official launch in the second half of 2022 and started pre-registration on the 30th.

Today (7th), the first video of the trilogy series was released on the official YouTube channel of , and Nexon Games CEO Park Yong-hyun, Park Young-sik, Kim Ui-hyun, Mok Young-mi AD, and Son Seung-won TD appeared. He conveyed his special distinction.

Unlike the existing MMORPG, shows a siege with Gimmick of , and a high-quality character made with a sense of blow and long know-how that contains the original emotion. It will be introduced. In addition, he added a sponsorship system where you can play with the streamer and enjoy the game.

Above all, we will do our best to provide good services for anyone to enjoy the game for a long time. Park Yong-hyun said, We have been constantly thinking about good operation and service. We will sell out so that users can play with confidence.

Differentiated end content ‘siege exhibition’ from the time of launch


You can experience the end-content siege of MMORPG, which is the core content of the game and the war between guilds. Kim Eui-hyun said, We have prepared a siege so that users can set and play clear goals from the start of the game.

In Hit 2’s siege, a unique gimmick called ‘Magic Wall’ can be used to use organic team play. The snowy field containing the appearance of a cold battlefield is embodied, and the overall color of the overall color is made with monotone to enjoy more action.

The worldview, character, and hit that you can feel the original sensitivity Hit as a hit!

The story of begins with the time when ‘Eda Goddess’ leaves the world in the last chapter ‘Hit’ in the original hit, and you can enjoy the worldview where the goddess leaves and saves the world of confusion.

In addition, the original emotions are maintained, and the design of the high-quality character that focuses on the simple and texture is realized. You can experience detailed graphics such as skin, natural hair, and touch motion.

In the original, the unique battle composition and blow that were popular with users were sublimated into Hit 2, which was reborn as MMORPG. Park Young-sik said, The most important item that makes is a hitting taste. We are preparing various elements to make the most of the original emotion.

‘Streamer Sponsorship System’ that everyone enjoys casually

In Hit 2, you can see the Streamer (Broadcaster) Sponsorship System, which will upgrade the game’s fun. Due to the nature of MMORPG, many users who enjoy the game indirectly while reducing the burden of participating in the siege and watching the siege broadcast in real time.

‘Streamer Sponsorship System’ is a special system that forms a close relationship between the user and the streamer and expands the MMORPG play experience.

When a user presents the streamer that he supports in advance and purchases the product, a part of the amount is automatically delivered to the streamer. Park Young-sik said, All users with minimal qualifications can be a streamer.

Meanwhile, starting with the first part of the director’s commentary, the various information and development story of the game will be revealed up to three parts. If you write a question about ‘hit’ in the ‘Letter of the Adventurer’ in the official community, the development team will answer the question directly in the 3rd Director Commentary.

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