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The arrival window for Netflix subscription with advertising is confirmed

Netflix has given much to talk about with the latest decisions he has made, this includes charging for sharing accounts and also for gradually price increases that do not please people. To combat the lack of memberships, they have mentioned that they will incorporate commercials to give cheaper access and now there is already a possible date.

This is what they commented through a recent letter:


Our offer supported by lower price will complement our existing plans, which will remain without advertising. Our global ARM has grown at an annual rate composed of 5 % between 2013 and 2021, so it now makes sense to offer consumers a lower price option with advertisements, if they wish.

In addition, they comment on the alliance they are having with Microsoft to incorporate commercials:

They are invested strongly to expand their multimillionaire advertising business on Premium television video, and we are delighted to work with such a strong global partner. We are excited with the opportunity given the combination of our very committed audience and high quality content, which we believe will attract CPM Premium of brand advertisers.

We will probably start in a handful of markets where advertising spending is significant. Like most of our new initiatives, our intention is to implement, listen and learn, and quickly to improve the offer. So, our advertising business in a few years will probably be quite different from what the first day seems.

This new subscription will be launched at the beginning of 2023 . There is still no departure date, but some markets in Latin America have already been able to prove it.

Netflix Castlevania obtains a four -season season

Netflix announced the Twitter this week that Castlevania obtains a four season! This is excellent news for anyone like me, which has just finished the third season and still has questions to answer. There is not yet a release date (of course), but I will probably still be seated on these burning requests for a long time.

Although it may not seem to be a new one, Netflix has developed a sharp and ruthless ax for emissions that do not meet their expectations. The continuous existence of Castlevania testifies to the sustainable quality of the program, as well as the good judgment of Netflix. While we are on the subject, what can we expect from season 4?

Spoilers abound! Well, now that we have seen the face of old Vlad Tepes, does that mean that it will come back at some point? Dracula’s constant resurrection is a major element of the games, so it is logical that it also makes its way in the show. In addition, the sisters could finally create this army that they have always wanted, and perhaps Alucard will really become its bad boy phase. Make a little more emphasis on his part, make a brand on the world. I hope we will see the return of the show by next year.

Belmont | Netflix Castlevania Trailer + Captain N: The Game Master

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Netflix highlights on the weekend Korean fantasy

Hellbound | Official Teaser | Netflix [ENG SUB]
Netflix is a US international company produced in Scotts Valley in 1997 by Reed Hastings as well as Marc Randolph coming from the innovative markets service. It focuses on the distribution and operation of cinematographic and also television overcome a dedicated system. Its head office is situated in Los Gatos, California.
Initially, the firm was just present in the commercial exploitation market with the provision of an online service as well as acquisition solution of DVDs supplied at residence. She after that provided the leasing for a month-to-month membership.
Its subscription-on-demand video clip solution starts in 2007. Ever since, the firm has actually embarked on the distribution of a multitude of movies and also TV series, the initial developments to which it devotes boosting financial investments. Important.
In enhancement, Netflix is the topic of discussion regarding its authenticity in this industry of task, as it comes from the techno pole of Silicon Valley (Netflix also includes companies called Internet Giants ) as well as. not the historical cradle of American movie theater that is the Hollywood area
Generally, the firm adds to a mutation of the methods of consumption as well as manufacturing of the audiovisual components progressively turned towards linearization. Leader in the video as needed by membership, Netflix contended in France as well as worldwide by other movie and also TV firms, but additionally telecoms as well as e-commerce.
The term Original Netflix Program, commonly used to chat concerning the content of this system, does not necessarily imply that the program was created by Netflix, but it was classified Original Netflix, that is– State dispersed specifically on Netflix streaming sites, all or component of the nations where the platform is offered. Through the worldly success of some of its original programs, films or series, Netflix, which also has its very own recording and also computer animation studios as well as broadcasts productions from several countries in their original language (as in 2021 the French Lupine series or The South Korean series Squid Game), proceeds to boost its variety of subscribers worldwide, which exceeds 200 million in 2020.

The Korean director of Train to Susan shakes this weekend on Netflix a new fantasy series from the sleeve: Hell bound tells the story of horrendous fantasy creatures that emerge to banish people in hell. At the same time, a dubious sect gains more and more power in society.

Hell bound

Streams Hell bound from now on Netflix.

According to Squid Game, the next promising Korean series appears on Netflix: Sang-Ho Leon, director of multi-praised zombies Train to Susan (Recommendation!) stands behind Hell bound, a fantasy horror series, in The mysterious out heavy people banish hell. In addition to the suddenly occurring beings, a brutal sect gains more and more power. While the city sinks in chaos, a group of people tries to explore the true origin of the religious group.

Show in the stunning trailer to Hell bound:

Arcane, Episode 7-9

Streams the entire first season of Arcane on Netflix.

The animated Fantasy Series Arcane goes to the last round: the final episodes 7-9 were published on Saturday today on Netflix. Arcane is the new surprise hit in streaming service and reaches a rating of 9.4 / 10 on IMDB. Although the series is based on the MOB League of Legends, but you do not have to be a fan of the game nor any idea of ​​it. Give the series a chance if your fantasy likes!

Are you also interested in topics related to Netflix Games?

In Arcane, two rival cities in a civil war advised, with magical drugs and hex tech give some people supernatural forces. Families and friends are torn apart and try to find in the chaos again.

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Cowboy Bebop

Streams Cowboy Bebop today on Netflix.

The first reviews for the live action series Cowboy Bebop are mixed: While one praises the series sky-high, the others are disappointed. It may be best if you make yourself a picture: With Cowboy Bebop, the adaptation of a world-famous anime finds its way to Netflix. In the series, your Spikes mirror and its crew is followed by bobbing hunters through the universe, in search of the worst criminals (with the highest bounty).

Here the trailer for the crazy science fiction show:

Netflix has also noticed a few days ago: The Science Fiction Series Star Trek: Discovery has been completely removed from Netflix just before the fourth season release. All seasons of Discovery as well as the new Season can only be returned to Paramount + 2022. Paramount + is said to come to Germany near Sky next year.

A new LOL game will come to Switch PC and Netflix

Riot Games is an American video game advancement business based in West Los Angeles. The business established the Mob League of Legends released in Europe and also North America on October 27, 2009. Given that the acquisition of the last company shares in December 2015, Riot Games is a subsidiary of the Chinese Internet Team Tencent.

The relationship between Netflix and Riot Games goes beyond simply an animated series, since recently announced that a game based on the Universe of League of Legends will arrive at this Streaming service in the future.

Hex tech Mayhem: A League of Legends Story is a rhythm game starring the characters of Riggs and Harbinger. Next to the Netflix version, which will be free for all users of service and will be available on a date by confirming, this title will reach Nintendo Switch and PC next November 16 at a price of $10.

Netflix Games is now available on iOS and Android devices and, although at the moment the game library is quite short, is sure that in the future we will see more titles join the platform. With multiple adaptations of video games on the way to this service, it is very likely that small launches like Hex tech Mayhem arrive in the future.

On related topics, arcane is already the most popular Netflix series. In the same way, these are the anime that will come to this platform in the future.

Editor s note:

Arcane | Official Trailer | Netflix

It is nice to see that Netflix games will not be limited only to simple experiences. Although a rhythm game is not complex, the quality of this production is seen that it is at another level compared to the other titles currently available in the service, and hopefully this only increases.

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