The positive rate of 2k23 on Steam is only 28%. This generation of Pc has a perennial hand-playing dynasty mode. The game mechanism is well received, and the player content is harmful. This is the conclusion.

NBA 2K23: Good Reviews

The past seven generations are the only generation with the most balanced and smooth operation in dribbling, breaking, shooting, and passing control. The game operation is unified, and the computer and the player are not double standards.

Dribbling action and breakthrough with the ball – dribbling in place will not be stabbed away inexplicably, holding the ball close to your body and not dropping the ball, and will not hit the air wall when breaking through challenging, you can generally do disguised, retreat, Hip, and other movements without worrying about dropping the ball (anyone who has played 20-22 knows what this means). Oh, I almost forgot to say, this generation can slip through the bottom line usually (22 is practically impossible)

Shooting – the new shooting bar has a lot of adjustment range and feels comfortable (personally feel more prone to green), while not as close as the 22 once close to the consolidated or the defender slightly. If you raise your hand, you can’t make a regular shooting action, and 23 can maintain integrity when shooting.

Shooting action: Most of the player’s actions are captured, and the same action as in reality will be thrown in different situations.

Passing: The general situation remains the same, but the inside pass will not be inexplicably passed to the opposite side.

Operation: Inside action, dribbling action, alley-oop, and other aspects have been adjusted compared to 20-22 and need to be adapted (for example, the air-handling needs to be changed from double-click Y to double-click Y).
Press X to control the timing) Overall is relatively more cumbersome, but more actions can be achieved

In terms of AI – More intelligent than 22, both sides have excellent off-the-ball movement and a lot of tactics. If you want to play a classic game, the two sides are like you and me. 2K23 is cool, But if you want to abuse the food, then 2K23 can kill you. The computer opponent’s off-ball movement and screen intelligence are very high, and the shooting and breakthrough are decisive.

In general, compared to 2K22, I have narrowed the computer’s lead in the score by a lot, but I feel delighted with the game because I no longer have to envy the laptop that can run over my life.

I made a layup (and I couldn’t do it), the collision volume of the two sides was the same, and I could accept someone running an excellent tactic to score, but I couldn’t accept that someone was unreasonable.

NBA 2K23: Bad Reviews

This generation’s noodle supplements are pulling, as always! Historic Players. What Historic Players, What? What are those people who are not human or ghosts? ! A few points, Jordan had a new face patch on 23, and to be honest, it was significantly restored, even the blood vessels in the forehead. So, If you ™ 2K can do an excellent job of Jordan, then what happened to the narrow-faced little chicken Jordan of your previous generations? ! And obviously, you 2K are willing to be lazy players no matter their age.

They all have the same face, so why did 97-98 get a new donkey-faced Rodman when 95-96 Rodman was still okay? Are you working hard again now?

It’s not over yet. Among the active players, the big ball has been updated, and the face has been patched up. It’s called a good one. The facial texture and hair are all top-notch, and then what about Lillard, Antetokounmpo,
Butler and Leonard’s super giants will not update for a few years! You said that your 2K level is poor. Doncic has a perfect little face, and his hair, skin texture, and acne are even worse. Even the red face is perfectly restored, and then the old look of the fat little man next door is fixed. What is that?!

The ability value is the same as always!

I know that your 2K players’ attribute values are weighted differently when converted into ability values. The ability value does not necessarily represent the player’s absolute game level, but the new finals MVP Curry.

Why can’t the ability value be unique? Okay, even if it’s not the highest, it’s 97 points, the same as the letter. Why do you have to score 96 points with James and Durant? It’s not that these two are based on last season’s schedule.

Now also with 96?

Curry, an iconic player with one person and one city, has only 60 loyalty points, and James, who is constantly running, has complete loyalty. And what’s the funniest thing about it? You are going to die of laughter.
Inherit my flowers later. By the way, it’s still James, just last season’s defensive attitude. The defensive attributes of people inside and outside the line are over 80, and the defensive stability is over 80.

Player equipment is as bad as ever!

There is still no way to adjust headgear in this generation. Yes, headbands, masks, and other items are available in the original settings, but not if they are not. There is still no adjustment (there is no option at all)

In terms of sneakers, there are many types, but the color of the sneakers is not updated, and then brands such as Li Ning can’t wear them to players without a contract for sneakers. Of course, it’s more ruthless.
Is there no 361? Gordon has no shoes to wear in the game…

WNBA, as always, does not care!

To sum it up in one sentence, except for some of the top players, other WNBA players are probably not considered human in the eyes of 2K.
Just delete it if you like it.

Others don’t mind!
The most straightforward point, dynasty mode, player data, from 21 to 23, still has no statistics for October and November.

To sum up, regardless of the selling price and the buyout system, just talking about playing, the update of 23’s mechanism is very conscientious (only compared to 2k in previous years), and at the same time, there is no accident in the player content.

With extreme laziness, crotch pulling, and inattentiveness (in this way, 2k still ™ does not forget the original intention), it can only be said that this game has mixed reputation.