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The album Mind, House released by Nexon members

Nexon announced on the 26th that its members have released their digital album ‘Mind, Home’ through various music sites, which were directly singer-songwriters.

Nexon’s fifth employee’s own album, ‘Mind, Home,’ consists of songs and stories that the employees of the game company have kept in their usual minds. A total of nine albums can be heard on major domestic music sites such as Melon, Genie, and Bugs.

The title song of this album is ‘Make Spring’ with a sweet piano melody with the ‘walk together’ and the calm piano melody with sensual sound and urban atmosphere. After work, the lyrics and melodies are expressed in the feelings of feeling while walking through the streets of the sunset.

The Singer-Song Lighter, Singing and Singing through the Nexon Forum was conducted in an online live class for eight weeks from March 30 to June 2. Singer-songwriter Park Jong-hyun (summer of thought), called the fundamentalist of fork, participated as a lecturer to help the entire song composition such as writing lyrics, melody, music program use, and recording.

It was a special experience to keep my own stories in my favorite music genre with my favorite music genre, said Nexon Live Headquarters, which produced the main title song ‘Walk Together’. I hope the songs will be warm in the hearts of many people and empathize with warm comfort and empathy.

The Nexon Forum, which began in 2012, is a unique educational program designed to awaken the potential creativity of employees and to motivate new vitality and motivation in everyday life. To date, about 210 curriculum has been conducted, and recently, the poems have been written by members who participated in the Writing Poetry process.

Cuphead First listening to the Soundtrack of The Delicious Last Course

The Music of Cuphead - The Delicious Last Course: Recording the ‘Overture’
Cup head gets a new DLC next year. The Delicious Last Course sends the two cups Cup head and Mug man in June 2022 for a new adventure on the island, which we have already told you more in this article. For the soundtrack, last summer over 110 musicians who play Big band and symphonic music were brought together for recording. To some pieces of music you can now listen to some exclusive insights that definitely make you want more.

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