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Nintendo Switch: No price boost planned

Shortly after Sony announced that the PlayStation 5 price in numerous regions increased by 50 euros, Microsoft spoke out and stated that there would certainly be no price increase of the Xbox Collection X. The 3rd large console manufacturer, Nintendo, sees, comparable to Microsoft, no demand for a price change for your own hardware.

This week, Sony announced that the PlayStation 5 price will raise in the future. Nintendo looks no factor for this, according to its own declarations as well as will certainly maintain the present price model of the Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo’s branch in the UK made the complying with declaration at VGC:

Despite the sunken sales numbers in the year, according to Nintendo as a result of an absence of component, there is likewise all-clear as well as Sony is alone with the price rise. It continues to be to be attended what level that the sales figures and choices of the gamers are affected and may also be hazardous to Sony.

As our Head of state Mr. Furukawa revealed at the 82nd annual Shaleholder meeting in June:


We do not make any kind of comments on price techniques, yet we presently have no strategies to transform the price of our hardware because of inflation or raised purchase expenses in private countries. We will carefully analyze as well as review our price strategy in the future.

While the price for the end consumer is always established by the merchant, according to Mr. Furukawa, Nintendo has no plans to increase the trading price of the hardware.

Xbox Game Pass Computer games: Death Stranding quickly available in PC Video game Pass

Currently the stranded death holds right into the Microsoft ecosystem for the first time two years after publication on the PC. From August 23, subscribers to the PC Video game Pass may fall into the journey, designed by none other than Hideo Kojima.

If the puzzling description of the no much less interested title for PS5, ps4 as well as computer does not help, you can get an extra accurate impression of the obscure package-simulator in our examination for the PC variation.

A week ago, the initial reports arose that Death Stranding might quickly be consisted of in the Microsoft registration service. The official Twitter account has actually transformed its background picture to a landscape recording, which was evocative the title of Kojima Productions, as well as this with the tweet Sometimes we similar to a Good Landscape Image underpasters. Now Publisher have verified the reports 505 video games and also the programmer workshop.

social networks


Player: Cross inside as Sam ‘Doorperson’ Bridges-embodied by the well-known star Norman Reedus-the stays of a ravaged America, which is pestered by a series of superordinary phenomena that are referred to as ‘Death Stranding’. After mostly all individuals were snuffed out, it is the job of the players: to travel to the west to bring the continuing to be humankind with each other again. […] Regarding the social beach system, players can link to others as well as improve their surroundings or the globes of various other followers. Amongst other things, freeways, cord automobiles, safhouses and also other structures are offered to make the surface easier to walk.

Xbox: Activision acquisition (Call of Duty) by Microsoft takes an important step!

On January 18, Microsoft announced its intention to redeem the American giant Activision for a monumental sum. Of course, such a redemption was not going to be in a snap of fingers and it takes a while so that the acquisition process comes to an end. Three months later, this one advances well and it even has to take an important step, following the meeting of the boards of directors of the two companies.

201 009 views

Activision and Microsoft await shareholders’ verdict

Obviously, all the stages linked to the acquisition of the American publisher will not be settled in the coming weeks, but things are gradually being put in place so that this transaction ends up succeed. As of this week, the acquisition orchestrated by Microsoft will take a new turn since next Thursday, April 28 at 6 p.m., precisely, Activision shareholders will have the heavy task of voting, or not, in favor of the ‘ Offer formulated by the Redmond firm.

For some time, the financial commentary period of the various companies in the videoludic sector is in full swing, and, very recently, Activision communicated on its latest results. Without getting into detail, or linger for a long time on the subject of his performances, the publisher has nevertheless slipped a very interesting little information around his acquisition by Microsoft.

* Xbox and Activision: the real consequences of the largest buy -back in industry

How the Microsoft & Activision Deal Affects Call of Duty and Sony - IGN Now

The acquisition approved by both parties

In order not to interfere with the current actions around this burning subject that is its potential purchase by the Redmond firm, the publisher has eluded the questions of its investors but wanted to counterbalance this silence by sharing a capital announcement In the implementation of this acquisition which should be completed by the end of the fiscal fiscal year of Microsoft ending on June 30, 2023, that is to say in the next twelve months.

Certainly, shareholders will be invited to vote this week, but on the boards of Activision Blizzard and Microsoft, it seems on the same wavelength. Indeed, the two parties both approved the transaction, while waiting for the regulatory authorities to conclude the study of the latter . Currently, precise details are carefully scrutinized, in particular “L’accès of the two companies with consumer data and the developers ‘labor market, as well as the impact of the workers’ agreement that accused Activision discrimination and hostility at the workplace ”. In itself, a new step of franchy while waiting for the result of the vote of the shareholders!

* Microsoft crosses a new level in billion with the buyout of Activision-Blizzard


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Microsoft has directly after a disturbing kotick

As the Microsoft Responsible for January 2022 surprisingly announced the acquisition of Activision Blizzard announced , was immediately clear to many: The Bobby Kotick-led company is ultimately stumbled over the large sexism scandal of 2021 . Too clearly, the Activision shares had slipped into the basement. Too very stood the mighty CEO in the flakfire of criticism . And: a takeover in such a magnitude (as a reminder: $ 68.7 billion) has certainly been prepared for many months.

When were the first talks?

Of the more surprised, many sector associated and players then when Xbox boss Phil Spencer explained that the Activision takeover was concretely on the table from November. But that does not mean that it could not have given a lot of pre-plenth, right? This time window from November to January seems extremely short. Or has Spencer lied?

More clarity now brings a document of the “United States Securities and Exchange Commission” (via CNBC). In this is a very detailed timeline of events around the takeover:

  • Event 1: On November 16, 2021, Wall Street Journal published a report, according to the Bobby Kotick, to have known sexism incidents . According to this report, the Activision share once again fell by almost $ 10 dollars.
  • Event 2: On November 18, 2021 Phil Spencer wrote an e-mail to his employees, according to the he disturbed and deeply dismayed by what happened to Activision Blizzard .
  • Event 3: On November 19, 2021 Spencer is said to have spoken directly with Bobby Kotick according to the document. Actually, it was about another topic in the conversation, but the Xbox boss used the opportunity to share the CEO: Microsoft would have an interest in discussing certain strategic possibilities.
  • Event 4: On November 20, 2021, Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella clearly made Microsoft Activision Blizzard liked to buy.

No eight weeks later, the contoured deal was announced, which clearly shows how uniquely the situation and how struck Activision was after the scandal. For comparison: Sony and Bungie should have negotiated five to six months until one could agree on a takeover here.

More interested parties were there

We still have an exciting detail from the document for you. According to the SEC file, four more companies interested in a takeover should have been interested in the time. These are not mentioned in particular, but there were already rumors about it, that, for example, Facebook should have been an option . Incidentally, one of the companies wanted to take over Blizzard Entertainment and renounce the Activision and King areas. Of course, Microsoft also went very aggressive to secure the whole company as soon as possible before a competitor receives the surcharge.

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The CEO of Microsoft speak about the purchase of Activision Blizzard: “We will still be number 3 in the market”

“Why are these content companies attempting to grow?” Nadella continued. “It’s because the place where you really locate the limitations is in the distribution “. The CEO explained, that for this very same reason, in Microsoft they intend to create even more material distribution for players when making acquisitions such as Activision Blizzard, utilizing devices such as Xcloud.

It is already popular the titanic acquisition with which Xbox stunned the sector a couple of days ago, as well as Phil Spencence itself shared some remarks later, yet what about Microsoft’s CEO? Satya Nadella He finally commented on this, stating that even after the purchase, Xbox will certainly continue to be as “the number 3” in the industry and also, therefore, I do not understand how to stop their syndicate risk procedures.

Nadella included, that Windows is the only Open platform circulation in regards to video game content. “The most significant store in Windows is Steam, as well as it’s not ours,” clarified the CEO. “People can use any kind of settlement instrument, while the various other videogame platforms are closed “.

The location where the limitations are actually like, it remains in the satya distribution Nadella Nadella shared the viewpoints of Him on the acquisition of Activision Blizzard with The Financial Times. The CEO believes that the videogame industry is very fragmented , which Microsoft is still behind the companies Tencent and also Sony . “That’s the fundamental group,” said CEO. “Yes, we will be a great gamer within this fragmented location.”

Microsoft gaming CEO: We're confident in timeline for closing Activision Blizzard deal

Xbox Game Pass is one of the greatest aspects of the Microsoft Video game Division, reaching earnings documents thanks to launches as well as registrations. Now that Activision Blizzard is part of Xbox, the neighborhood is waiting on the arrival of iconic titles to this registration solution, such as Phone call of Task, Overwatch, as well as a lot more.

Xbox must be careful not to burn on Activision (comment)

The planned takeover of Activision presents all previous deals in the shadows. However, she is also associated with a lot of risk. For Xbox, not only 69 billion US dollars are on the game.

In recent years, Xbox was cumbersome cultivated his clean man image. Phil Spencer has always set up his best son-in-law smile and spoken in PR-suitable phrases. Xbox was thus able to its position as a kind of friendly outsider in the gaming industry consolidated – new at school, sometimes with connection difficulties, but always with a well-kept look and also properly rich parents.

However, the circumstances of the Activision Takeover are from such explosive that Xbox will lose his proven marketing mask and will show his true face.

Activision Powerless is a challenge for Microsoft

Even in an industry, which is so toxic and dominated in many ways of Misogyny, racism, homophobia, destructive laziness and endless money yarn , Activision Blizzard King is a business. The Publisher has built with CEO Bobby Kick at the top such a desirous, miserable working environment that Activision was even sued by the state of California. (Source: Gig)

Microsoft has to clearly position itself when taking over. Responsible How Kick should leave the publisher as soon as possible without being considered to be considered on pompous farewell celebrations with warm words. Although it is assumed that Kick will take his hat after the conclusion of the deal, the way will also be important. (Source: Wall Street Journal)

Following this, the structure must be umpelt in Activision Blizzard and an improvement in employment is initiated. The acquisition could thus be for the publishers’ employees a real chance – As long as Xbox is not too fine, to roll up the sleeves and help them clean.

Xbox: How many microtransactions does the image handle?

While Activision Blizzard under the scenes requires extremely a lot of work, the game output must be critically seen and changed. The focus on Loot boxes fits just as little to the Xbox image as the rolling out annual cod releases. PR ab sticks How the subsequently added microtransactions in Crash Team Racing should be avoided necessarily.

Also, For gamers, the Xbox takeover could thus have positive consequences – when gaming hen should get more time for development and depreciate aggressive monetization.

However, the question of console exclusivity remains continues and could sustainably secure Microsoft’s vest. Gigantic multiplayer franchises like Call of Duty removing from the PlayStation platform, would be impossible to justify millions of gamers .

After the billion deal: Which face shows Microsoft?

The fact that Microsoft is capable of buying ACTIVISION Blizzard for the game sum of almost 69 billion US dollars is sign of a broken system that can not even serve seriously or account.

But Xbox has now decided. The company has caught his school uniform, which combed hair, put his rigid winner smile and parents’ money placed on the table .

But that’s not done this time. Because of the dimensions of the Deal , it is now also the so carefully established reputation of Xbox on the game – and losing it, could be really expensive in addition to the 69 billion US dollars in the longer term.

Xbox ensures the planned acquisition of Activision for a sensation. The deal could contribute great profits to Microsoft – but also offers a significant risk for the company.

New Starcraft game potentially presented by Blizzard Boss

One of the current bosses of Blizzard Entertainment potentially mocked a new game in the STARCRAFT series. During the past week, several fanatics have been expressing loudly what franchises belonging to Activision and Blizzard would like to see return after the acquisition of both editors by Microsoft. And although it remains to see what Microsoft will do with the Blizzard IP in the future, a remarkable celebrity may have received some kind of mockery in relation to Starcraft.

In a recent message on Twitter, Actor Simu Liu, who remarkably plays Shang-Chi in Marvel Cinematic Universe, let him know that he wants to see Starcraft thrive in the future. Please, save Starcraft, he twisted herself along with a GIF of the series. The message is one that ended up resonating among several other Starcraft fanatics on Twitter and, as such, had enough circulation. So much so, in fact, that Mike Ybarra, who is the current maximum responsible for Blizzard, ended up responding to Liu. Although Ybarra had nothing specific to say about Starcraft’s advance, he did published an astute smiling face, which several fans took as a mockery related to a new game of the series.

Obviously, it is difficult to know if this Ybarra Tweet is really indicative of a new StarCraft game as a whole. However, it does not seem that he would have answered Liu in this way unless he knew something about the franchise that everyone else does not know. If such a provocation could or may not be related to a new suitable game in the franchise (maybe Starcraft 3) Probably not something we know for a little more time. Even so, it is an exciting idea, however.


Like Simu Liu, would you like to see a new Starcraft game in the future? And what are the odds that Microsoft ends up bringing back the series to the big one once you acquire Blizzard formally? Let me know your own ideas in the comments or on Twitter in @ mooreman12.

Nine games arrive on Xbox Game Pass this month

It seems that several new titles will join the Xbox subscription service this month. Microsoft has continued to add more and more high-level titles to Xbox Game Pass since its inception. Now they bring nine other titles to the service this month, two of which are already available.

Today, Microsoft has surprisingly output two titles for Game Pass: DanGanronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc Anniversary Edition and Nobody Saves The World. While the Mystery Adventure Game Danganronpa was already available on other platforms, Nobody Saves The World is a brand-new game. These two games mark major milestones for the service. Especially Nobody Saves The World being an output from the first day. These will not fail to excite Game Pass subscribers.

But there is more ! This Thursday, Microsoft will unveil six other Xbox Game Pass games. Four of these games are also outings of the first day.

Hitman Trilogy, Tom Blanca’s Rainbow Six Extraction, Paparazzi and Windjammers 2 are the new versions of the first day to come on Game Pass. Rainbow Six Siege will also join the service on January 20th.

Then, January 27, Microsoft concluded this exciting month with the exit of Take No Catsuit: The Drum Master on Game Pass. The musical rhythm game

Microsoft Flight Simulator: Microsoft Flight Simulator: New Update is there, outlook for the future

Microsoft Flight Simulator (MSFS) is a collection of flight simulators from Microsoft. The last (exact same name) spin-off of the collection — Microsoft Flight Simulator — was published on August 18, 2020, for Windows.

Over all, the update concentrates on getting rid of numerous bugs and also to make optimizations. There are some adjustments or modifications to the weather condition system, the individual interface and various other components of the game.

Ideal for the beginning of the brand-new year, the Developer Team Solo Studio has actually released a fresh update for the Microsoft Flight Simulator (from 53.99 EUR at Buy). The spot on variation is currently offered for download both for the PC and Xbox gaming consoles.

On top of that, the developers provided a small view of the closer future of the Microsoft Flight Simulator. According to the upgraded roadmap, the next large World update should appear in the direction of completion of January. For February and March 2022, numerous new aircraft and also the World Update 8 are on the program.


Spot Notes for Microsoft Flight Simulator V1.21.18.0

A number of Accidents Have Been Fixed Across the Title

Fixed HUD Shader Assistance for 3RD Party Planes
Fixed Reverse Throttle
Fixed Livery Overriding Mechanism for Wasm Modules
Dealt With Glass Cabin Remains Off When Beginning With Cold & Dark For The Velocity
Taken Care Of White Making of the Copilot HUD in the Boeing 787-10 Dream liner


Taken care of the Problem That Avoided Communications With the Toolbar in VR
Included Several Of The VR Controller Particular Controls (E.G. Switch Over Between Proxy and Ray cast Settings) That Were Not Available in The Binding Menu
Fixed to Rotate as well as Drag Buttons That Did Not Respond Well With WAR Virtual Reality Controllers

VR Controllers Are Now Functioning When Utilizing Legacy Cockpit Interaction System

Virtual reality

Above all, the upgrade concentrates on getting rid of numerous insects and to make optimizations. There are some modifications or changes to the weather condition system, the user interface as well as other aspects of the video game. In addition, the designers provided a small sight of the closer future of the Microsoft Flight Simulator. According to the upgraded roadmap, the following huge Globe upgrade should show up in the direction of the end of January. For February and March 2022, several brand-new airplanes and also the Globe Update 8 are on the program.


New Dirac Cycle 2113 is Currently Offered = Take Care Of Based Upon Neighborhood Comments.

Tracker Support Has Actually Been Taken care of
Fixed Not Able To Frying Pan/ Drag World map Making Use Of a Customized Computer Mouse Profile. Add a slot in Control Menu


Performance Optimization for Reno Multiplayer Races
Reno Stands Are No More Misplaced Throughout RTC
Dealt with Too Expensive Notice When Starting A Time Trial

When Filling A Job, Taken Care Of Collision
Repaired Aircraft No Longer Assembles Due To GLT Errors
Took Care Of Video Game Crashing When Attempting to Add a Paintedhatchedarea in The Surroundings Editor
Transformed Auto Parking Not Connected To the Key Graph To Caution
When Airplane Editor is open, Taken Care Of Disabled Communications With the Sim
Neglect Null Size Flags Submit (Avoids Invalid Materials).
Repaired Freshly Produced Project XML Submit Path in PackageBuilder.

Fixed to Concern Where Roads Can Blink
Dealt With Color Banding Presented in SIM Update 5


Improved Administration of High Proximity Meters to Prevent Tough Weather Transitions
Fixed abnormal temperature level Above FL450
Dealt With Custom-made Climate Preset Save Information
Live Weather Clouds on Ground Must Now be shown as Fog
Rainfall as well as Fog Now Correctly Get Shadows From Clouds Above
Taken care of 10SM Metal Exposure

Microsoft Flight Simulator - First Dev Update for 2022 - Plus Info On This Years World Updates
Fixed Live Weather Reining to AMSL Instead of AGL


Assistance Preferences Need To No More Be Ready To Easy Without User’s Input
Localization Update Throughout All Supported Languages



Last Information Video Clip: Announcing the Video Game of the Year Version.


Save 15 at Daystrike Camo Special Edition Xbox Series X

This is a checklist of games for the Xbox video clip game console.

You can never have too many controllers. Whether it’s the latest hi-tech progress in technology or a cheap copy for your child, which can use it while throwing and throwing around. The highest quality controllers for those who own Xbox consoles, however, are the officials developed by Microsoft.

Are you also interested in topics related to Xbox Series Games?

Well, if you like the color red and camo prints, then the Day strike Camo Special Edition Xbox Series X | S Controller is definitely the best option available for the most powerful Microsoft consoles. And if you want to enter the Multiplayer or Campaign released from December 2021 in Halo Infinite from December 2021 in Halo Infinite, then the pattern of the armor of the Banished with its black-red focus.

This controller has become even better thanks to a sweet Black Friday deal. It is currently available at Best Buy in the United States, with a discount of $15 compared to the usual price of $69.99. If you live outside of North America, unfortunately no savings are displayed on this controller. However, those in the UK can buy it for £59.99 in the Microsoft Store here, which is currently the cheapest price.

Unboxing Xbox Daystrike Camo Special Edition Wireless Controller – Xbox Series X|S

With the latest functions, including improved rumbling, improved handles and the key layout of the Xbox Series X | S, you can optimally use both old and new Xbox consoles.

If you are looking for more games to test the controller, look at our selection of the best Xbox Series X games.

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