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Elden Ring Development is on the target straight

Elden Ring appears on January 21, 2022 for PC and consoles. But how is the current status of the project? Are the work ahead of schedule or is about to expect a shift? The response for many fans certainly reassuring it came directly from from software.

The responsible producer Yasuhiro Kitao reported in an interview with the Japanese magazine Famitsu. He explained that the development of Elden Ring (Buy Now € 53.36) is on the target straight and the team would continue to work on it. Further details did not call Kitao. However, his statements under no circumstances suggest that a delay is expected at the current date.

The action role-playing elden ring is created in a cooperation between the software and the author George R.r.R. Martin. These served as a template for the popular TV series Game of Thrones. While Martin steered many ideas, the story and concepts for working on Elden Ring, but the texts in the action role-playing game are not of him, but by Hidetaka Miyazaki (from Software). Whether and how this affects the storytelling of the game or makes it noticeable, remains to be seen.

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Elden Ring: Trailer with Gameplay and Release Date

Elden ring

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04.10.2021 at 13:40

LOL The true reason for the gaway of Rekkles of G2 and the response of ocelot

The situation with Martin Rekkles Larsson in G2 is evolving rapidly, at least doors out. Yesterday we knew from Pablo Suárez s hand that the Swedish shooter would be on the starting ramp and that G2 worked in a transfer that benefits both parties. For a few hours later the situation led to new information and in the appearance of the CEO and founder of G2 ESPORTS in the equation, Carlos ocelote Rodríguez.

And although the sports reason was clear, G2 has achieved its worst result since it came to the maximum European competition of League of Legends. However, this did not explain this speed when it comes to publicizing the situation nor the terms used by Pablo Suárez who spoke of profound disagreements between the team and the player. Now we know more.

As the Dowsports reporter, the reason for rekkles is the relationship between the players: One of the main reasons for the team and the player are separating their ways is the fact that Both Jankos and Caps did not want to play another year with Rekkles, according to multiple sources close to the . With those reluctance of two key players in the G2 scheme, the situation has been precipitated. But the information is not left there, since it affirms that the renewal of JANKOS is expected, which would be added to that of CAPS a few weeks ago.

Luis Suarez Handball Against Ghana | South Africa 2010 | FIFA World Cup
In parallel to these revelations, Ocelote published several Tits , and specifically two of them talking about the signings: Fake News and The signing market has not yet been opened, calm host. It seemed strange that he denied the base news of the rekkles of Paul, given the record of Acts of the reporter and the method of work; But shortly after we met the truth. Ocelote was autocitated in Wooloo information in which the alleged blockade was spoken to Vitality when it comes to accessing the transfer.

Although the key message is the following : Perkz to Fnatic is possibly the only transfer that I will never let it happen, as Messi to Real Madrid. If a player who sent to the bench wants to go to any European team, TSM, Galatasaray or the LPL, we will transfer it in good ways. We have not blocked shit.

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