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The human livestock horror Before The Night will be released on July 14th. In a world where humans are kept in animals, livestock human beings aim to revive their owner animals

Indie Studio UNEDUCATED GAME STUDIO announced on June 22 that the horror adventure Before The Night will be released on July 14. The compatible platform is PC (Steam/ According to the Steam store page, it will support Japanese display.

Before The Night is a horror adventure game. The stage is the world where animals have humans. There are cute animals with intelligence in this world town. Humans also live, but the power relationship is slightly different from the real world. Because humans are livestock bred by wise animals. The average intelligence of humans is quite low (about IQ 40), and bipedal walking does not remain. The owner’s animal is taken care of while being loved like a pet.

The main character is Lisa, a pet human being kept by animals. At the start of the game, Lisa’s owner Alice Alice has already died. Lisa seems to have had a strong bond with Alice, and she is unacceptable. In this world, if there is a flower of life, the dead can be revived. Hope for the resurrection of Alice and the hatred of other animals from Lisa. Lisa aims to get the flowers of life to make Alice come to life.

As a game play, Lisa operates and moves inside the map connected by warp points. Collect flowers of life. Rabbits protect the flowers of life. Rabbits have the key to the road to the flowers. In order to get a key, you can replace the key with the rabbit’s favorite carrot, or use a hammer to take force. Get the key using various hands, open the door with the key and proceed.

As you proceed with the game in search of life flowers, the town comes to the town. Animals, the residents of the town, changed from a cute day during the day at night. It turns into a terrible monster. And the pursuit of fear begins. Lisa must survive this hell by hiding in the grass or throwing a hammer.


At first glance, the artwork can feel cute, but this work is scattered with crazy elements, including the setting of human being kept in animals. The unique design that combines the cuteness and the terrifyingness will be the unique charm of this work.

UNEDUCATED GAME STUDIO develops this work. There are many mysteries, but it looks like a Korean studio. This work has a demonstration version, and it supports Japanese while roughing. If you are interested, you should try it.

Before The Night will be released on July 14 for PC (Steam/

[Yoshidas picture diary] Eye (Gun) Shoe “Gun ☆ cancer-burupuri” is a lot of underwear!

! caution! This article contains CERO ratings: D (17 years of age or older) contain sexual expressions. People who are not good at sexual expression should be careful about browsing.

When I was a home life, when I played a fun game I do not want to be seen in my family, We focused all nerves to detect the parent’s signs.

The remote control was placed beside the TV and placing the TV with the door, and the remote control was placed and hidden on the game machine.

No… Even if it comes to a sloppy game, there is a certain extent that the color element is a certain extent, so it doesn’t damage even if it is seen by the parent. If you think now, it is likely to be misunderstood that the person who has been known for this hidden is “**”. I think of me at that time.

This time, the Nintendose switch of the “**” launched from Inti Create. This work is an eye (gun) shooting that the hero who has become a super-mote man is tied to heroine, so it’s an eye (Gun) Shooting a girl who has confessed one after another. am.

In the Nintendose switch, other model version DLC costumes are almost recorded, and the opening movie is also updated.

I left my home… Now I’m no longer worrying anyone anymore, so I would like to have fun!

# One day Super Mote Festival Start!

First, set the character of the main character of the main character (** chop. A character including Gari Type, Sportsman Type, Fashionable Type is prepared, and the characteristics of study and exercise and the growth rate of each ability are different.

I used to make a character that made myself projected. The hairstyle is mohican, so in this work, it is natural to select the type of fashionable!

Well… My Mohican is fashionable or bandit.

There was a legend that is a school where Mine University went to. It is called “Motez Gimbe” that has a certain senior from a girl in school suddenly. When the senior confessed, she also has a rumor that she saw an angel who rises in the sky.

However, I know that the legend is not a lie.

A self-proclaimed elite angel appeared before the eyes of the peak, and the arrow of her love welcomed his life’s largest mote period.

Thus, the daily life of indecisive herbivorous men will change.

A girl in the melomero state is attracted to one after another. Jealous……!

However, due to the fact that the charge shot of 32 units was incorrect, the Mote period of life was condensed today and it has been made unmoted from tomorrow to the lifestyle from tomorrow! **

…… If me, it is not a chance to change from now on the life until now.

Well then… I wonder if it is also good. I do not know about peaks.

# Find the weakness of girls and let me go to Melomero!

Mine large, must be able to find a truly loved one because it is swayed by the atmosphere of the spot and not tied with a tequito girl.

The player will defeat the girl who is attracted to the Moteora one after another in the pheromon shot.

Speaking of “Gunshuting Games of Gentle Worlds with Girls” Will the game content easy to understand.

If you allow the approach of the girl, you will be hugged or treaded to eat damage. It is more important to prevent it to be not coming.

There is also a feeling that you want to get close as it is, but it is self-control…!

Girls have weak point sites such as their head and chest, and if you attack there, you will be given great damage.

If you use zoom mode to examine the weak point part…

Good…… Clothes, not transparent?

Yes, while the obstacle is transparent during zoom, the girl who is hiding in the grass and so on can be found quickly. Clothes are transmitted… It looks like it is not related to capture.

Besides, the zoom function can be said that the zoom function is hidden because the girl’s profile can view.

Underwear…… I was not going to see, but I can’t help it because it looks! That system!

By the way, the underwear that appears 450 types. The directivity of the developer’s commitment is too sharp.

# This book is…… Selling at such a school! ?

When the stage is cleared, the adventure part starts. Various options are available for conversations with girls.

However, there is something that requires a specific capability value, and if the image above is the above image, the option of “Pero Pero” is the value of “etch”…… It can not be chosen if the etch is not high.

To raise each capabilities value, purchase the corresponding item at the purchasing department that can be performed after the stage clearing.

Can I buy a naughty book to raise the etch……

Don’t sell at school!

…… I thought, but a size checker measuring the girl’s third size quickly and a girl’s chest that makes it possible to see a small number of angels. It will not be.

Besides, the ability value increases by rushing into the pounding mode in the shooting part.

In the pounding mode, girls are appreciated from various angles and they are tricked to touch sensitive parts.

When the girl’s pounding reaches the highest tide within the time limit, it will be ascension!

Girls’ s souvenirs are played by all means!



…… If you notice it, I played for many hours.

When I was a home life, I was aware that my parents did not hear the sound that closer to the room and the door knocking, so I could not concentrate on the game. Now that I am independent, I can play with my eyes and I can play without worrying about it!

Who’s eyes……

Don’t worry……

Kitty! Don’t show me!

Did you feel the strange atmosphere of the owner….

I was able to clear it in about 2 to 3 hours. Ending changes per heroine to be captured, so you can enjoy everything. I have already rushed into the fifth lap.

The shooting part was over 5 minutes every 5 minutes, and I was able to play until the end without being dull on the way. Because other model version DLC costumes are almost recorded, I’m glad to wear a lot of costumes from the beginning! Costumes are from neta-based things. I like the glasses girl, so I got glasses on the whole character.

Everyone also finds your favorite girl from a total of 70 girls, and enjoy it in various costumes!

The Nintendose switch version “Jur ☆ cancer-bururi Pi” will be released on March 17, 2022.

Releases: Dying Light 2 is finally here

February starts with the release of a hot expected zombie Open World Game. But even fans of emotional stories come to their costs.

Life Is Strange: Remastered Collection | February 1st

PC / PS4 / PS5 / Xbox One / Xbox Series X

It is seven years ago, because with Life is Strange the prelude of a rather unusual adventure series. Reason enough for Square Enix and deck Nine to release the story around Max, Chloe and Rachel as a Remastered version.

While there are no changes in content and thus the complete package of Life is Strange and Life is Strange: Before The Storm is received, follows a visible upgrade on the technical side. The developers promise a polished graphic, significantly improved character animations and updated puzzles.

If you have purchased the Ultimate Edition by Life IS Strange: True Colors, the Remastered Collection automatically releases the release. All others can also purchase the package separately for PC and all available consoles – with the exception of the Nintendo Switch. Here the release should follow later a year.

Dying Light 2: NEW UPDATE Just Released (Walk Option, Major Improvements, and More!)

The Waylanders | February 2


The Waylanders is a classic role-playing game inspired by the BioWare Games Dragon Age or Neverwinter Nights. It controls from the ISO perspective a hero group through two different ages: a medieval world and the era of the Celts. In both worlds, you can do different quests, find new equipment and make decisions , which may affect the other timeline.

Inspiration by the bioware classics is not random. Involved in history is Mike Laidlaw, who used to be responsible for the Dragon Age series for Bioware.

Since mid-2020 the Waylanders in the Early Access at Steam is located. Now the full release of the role-playing game should take place on 2 February – but for the time being for the PC.

Dying Light 2: Stay Human | February 4

PC / PS4 / PS5 / Xbox One / Xbox Series X

Dying Light 2: Stay Human plays many years after the events of the predecessor. The zombievirus has spread further and the remaining humanity organizes itself in a new city. As a player, she slips into the role of Aiden Caldwell and experiences an open world in which people and zombies are equally a danger.

Playfully sets Dying Light 2: Stay Human on a mix of rapid parkour deposits and strong Naherkampfokus . The latter is particularly important because firearms are basically no longer in the postalapalyptist world. But you can improve the countless swords, axes, baseball bats and so on with upgrades, so that they cause electronic charges for example.

The release of Dying Light 2 has already shifted several times in the past. But now it should be finished and appears for PC and the PlayStation and Xbox consoles. In Germany, the game is only available in a sliced ​​version.

Contrary to the zombie apocalypse with melee weapons, follow an emotional history of three teens or experience a role-playing game between two worlds: the first February week is definitely varied.

Rauball and T nnies Anderbr gge book

Ballspielverein Borussia 09 e. V. Dortmund, commonly called Borussia Dortmund [boˈʁʊsi̯aː ˈdɔɐ̯tmʊnt], BVB, or simply Dortmund, is a German specialist sports club based in Dortmund, North Rhine-Westphalia. It is best recognized for its males s expert football group, which plays in the Bundesliga, the leading rate of the German football organization system. The club have actually won 8 organization championships, 5 DFB-Pokals, one UEFA Champions Organization, one Intercontinental Mug, and one UEFA Cup Champions Mug.
Established in 1909 by eighteen football players from Dortmund, the football team becomes part of a large membership-based sporting activities club with greater than 145,000 members, making Borussia Dortmund the second biggest sports club by membership in Germany. The club has energetic divisions in various other sporting activities, namely in ladies s handball. Because 1974, Dortmund have played their home games at Westfalenstadion; the stadium is the largest in Germany, and also Dortmund has the highest standard participation of any kind of organization football club in the world.Borussia Dortmund s colours are black and yellow, giving the club its nickname pass away Schwarzgelben. They hold a long-standing competition with Ruhr neighbors Schalke 04, with whom they dispute the Revierderby. They also object to Der Klassiker with Bayern Munich.

Fans who sent mean tweets about kickers try to make real field goals | Always Late with Katie Nolan
In regards to Deloitte s annual Football Money Organization, Dortmund remained in 2015 ranked as the 2nd wealthiest sports club in Germany, and the 12th wealthiest football team on the planet. Moreover, under the directorship of Michael Zorc in the 2010s, Dortmund have actually grown a credibility for finding and also establishing young skill, as well as have continued to be concentrated on establishing a young people system. They have actually additionally received acclaims for normally sticking to an assaulting footballing ideology.

Before being celebrated on Thursday the Great Premiere of The Round Life in the Dortmund Football Museum, Ingo Anderbrugge talked to the Football over the drive behind his first book. The former professional of the FC Schalke 04 – member in the centuries of the Royal Blue and UEFA Cup winner of 1997 – says, among other things, why he has also remained a team player as an author and as he is as prominent protagonists like BVB President Dr. Reinhard Rauball, ex-Schalke boss Clemens Tönnies, star chef Christian Jürgens, Dressage Olympic champion Nicole Uphoff and football world champion Matthias Ginter could win for his project and which message is in the book.

Mr. Anderbrugge, her first book is called The Round teaches life – how is the title meant?

For about 2008, we have been pursuing the Credo in the Football School Ingo Anderbrugge : Training. To learn. Life! In our football camps, we do not want to train professionals, but we want to convey messages and values ​​to the children and adolescents. Of course, fun and joy are in the foreground, there is also a sporty claim. But it s also about things like punctuality, discipline, humility and respect. So values ​​that have brought me in my career as a footballer at all, where I was. And their mediation is more important in my eyes, because it often does not happen to the degree in the family as it happens to my youth.

And then they thought: why only talk about it in the football camps, if I can write it down?

It was not that way. I ve never read as a child, even then when my mother has given me a football book. My thing was always more math. That s why it was not necessarily obvious to me that I write a book.


Then the author Peter Oßwald came to me and asked me if I do not want to do that with him: write a book. I was skeptical at first, never wanted to write a pure autobiography. In our conversations, the idea then developed to write about how to overcome resistors, drain and pursued his goal, even though it is difficult.

It is probably no coincidence that the book after one and a half years of Corona pandemic appears.

The planning started before, but of course, it fits well through the past few months. I have experienced it myself that one could not do that from today to tomorrow what is important. We had no school projects more, no football camps, no projects with long-term unemployed or the AWO. I was right down for a while. But the sport helped me. At some point I told myself: if I stay healthy and fit, then Corona can not do anything.

I found it charming to have eleven actors with my book. In the end, it even has become a few more.

Ingo Anderbrugge

As a footballer you are used to team sports. Did you have several prominent protagonists?

I was always a team player and today wants to be a coach for my 16 employees. If I hold lectures, I always have a team of eleven players. The hot then joy, role models or self-confidence. I found it charming, even with my book eleven actors. In the end, it even has become a few more.

A total of 14 names can be found in the book – including the BVB President Dr. Reinhard Rauball.

It started with him. He was the first one I called. At that I signed my first professional contract at Borussia Dortmund at that time. To this day, I call him Mr President. Then I called Huub Stevens, Werner Hansch, Clemens Tönnies. People who are part of my life and were. A bigger one, sometimes a smaller. I am very proud that you and so many others wanted to be there with this project.

There are also star chef Christian Jürgens and the dressage Olympic champion Nicole Uphoff in their book. How did that happen?

Nicole Uphoff I met with a private event. I was impressed by her and her life. Your career is based on discipline. She told me that she never drove on vacation in the past, that she always has to sweep the stable. Many think yes, for successful people, the curve always go upwards. But it also includes deprivation and victims. Just like defeats.

Jürgens reports from the Testers of the Guide Michelin – and compares the work in the kitchen with the Champions League.

One of his first sentences to me was: For me, every plate is a final. I knew immediately: that has to go to the book. He told me about the tension that prevails in the kitchen. Of how accurately needs to work. Because outside the Shiri could sit – that is, in the case of the one who forgives the stars and takes them away again, if the quality is no longer true. Christian Jürgens also told me that he wanted exactly this pressure. He did not always want to make Hunters Schnitzel. Also, this distinguishes successful people that they stay tuned and bite themselves. Even if there are hurdles to overcome. This is sometimes too short these days. That s why I say, if a reader of this book – I do not know personally – tells me that reading the lap teaches life helped him by a heavy situation in his life, then I have already reached my goal.

Why do you think that?

I have the feeling that it is sometimes easy for children today. I give you an example: some time ago I got a call to one of our football camps. Whether there would be a hall to train? Why, I asked back then – though I already knew what it was about. Ultimately, the child in question was not logged in, because it should not exercise outside in autumn. There is a warm weather for worse weather but warm jackets, caps, scarves…

I was a child yes Gladbach fan and wanted to receive someone who covers this area of ​​my life.

Ingo Anderbrugge

However, you also have a representative of the younger football generation: Gladbach s Matthias Ginter, who is 27 years old and became a world champion in 2014.

I was a child yes Gladbach fan and absolutely wanted to receive someone who covers this area of ​​my life. With Matthias, who is a very fine guy, my wife Katrin and I have the first time in the context of a donation gala contact. When I asked him if he does not want to participate, he was immediately there. And I consider his message very importantly, he was never the best, he told me, but he was always the first one who came to the cabin before training, and the last one who went after. Thanks to its diligence, he has done it to the top. Exactly such players do you need in every team.

Also in the team sports football there are individual top marks: they are with 36 hits Schalke s record scorer in the 2nd Bundesliga. Are you currently fearing that Simon Terodde makes the record in dispute?

About this topic, I have not thought up to just a second. (laughs) No, which should continue to shoot as many goals for Schalke and lead the club back into the 1st Bundesliga. However, this is difficult, a terodde alone is not enough to climb. But so far, the league is good for the S04 this season, this development may like to continue.

Everywhere the red carpet is rolled out when one of the Eurofighter comes.

Ingo Anderbrugge

They belonged to that interest group, which wanted to bring Ralf Rangnick to Schalke in March. It did not happen. Has your relationship suffered from Schalke below?

My commitment was always the club. And not only two, three acting persons, but also the fans who love Schalke. I get that to feel again and again when I deal with fan clubs. Whether in Leipzig, in the Sauerland or on top of the lake: Everywhere the red carpet is rolled out when one of the Eurofighter comes. I sometimes think: I m not the pope. This is an extreme value you have to get. I still wish the club the best. He has shaped my life.

Honobe farm management strategy Farming Life STEAM distribution started while surrounded by animals

FLIM-Flam! Psychics, ESP, Unicorns, And Other delusions (FLIM-Flam! Psychic, ESP, Unicorn and other delusions) is a 1980 book of the magician and skeptical James Randi on paranormal affirmations, occult and pseudosciences. In 1982, an edition with prologue of the science fiction author Isaac Asimov was published. Randi explores topics that he says that scientists and media are too willing to promote without skepticism and adequate experience.

Indie Daveroper Pyramid Games has started delivery of farm management game Farming Life on October 19th, 2021 Steam.

This work is a simulation game for the purpose of playing the player and creating a farm and creating a farm and to make management. There are many types of vegetables and livestock that can be trained, and in addition to staple livestock such as chicken / pig / rabbit, ostrich can also be reared. Of course, a pet of an indispensable presence is also provided in the farm.

There are many works such as human resources to handle fields, indebting livestock, and employment to operate a vast farm, but the character design is very loved, and according to the introductory text of the store page, it can be enjoyed leisurely than a serious management mode It is a work.

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