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The human livestock horror Before The Night will be released on July 14th. In a world where humans are kept in animals, livestock human beings aim to revive their owner animals

Indie Studio UNEDUCATED GAME STUDIO announced on June 22 that the horror adventure Before The Night will be released on July 14. The compatible platform is PC (Steam/ According to the Steam store page, it will support Japanese display.

Before The Night is a horror adventure game. The stage is the world where animals have humans. There are cute animals with intelligence in this world town. Humans also live, but the power relationship is slightly different from the real world. Because humans are livestock bred by wise animals. The average intelligence of humans is quite low (about IQ 40), and bipedal walking does not remain. The owner’s animal is taken care of while being loved like a pet.

The main character is Lisa, a pet human being kept by animals. At the start of the game, Lisa’s owner Alice Alice has already died. Lisa seems to have had a strong bond with Alice, and she is unacceptable. In this world, if there is a flower of life, the dead can be revived. Hope for the resurrection of Alice and the hatred of other animals from Lisa. Lisa aims to get the flowers of life to make Alice come to life.

As a game play, Lisa operates and moves inside the map connected by warp points. Collect flowers of life. Rabbits protect the flowers of life. Rabbits have the key to the road to the flowers. In order to get a key, you can replace the key with the rabbit’s favorite carrot, or use a hammer to take force. Get the key using various hands, open the door with the key and proceed.

As you proceed with the game in search of life flowers, the town comes to the town. Animals, the residents of the town, changed from a cute day during the day at night. It turns into a terrible monster. And the pursuit of fear begins. Lisa must survive this hell by hiding in the grass or throwing a hammer.


At first glance, the artwork can feel cute, but this work is scattered with crazy elements, including the setting of human being kept in animals. The unique design that combines the cuteness and the terrifyingness will be the unique charm of this work.

UNEDUCATED GAME STUDIO develops this work. There are many mysteries, but it looks like a Korean studio. This work has a demonstration version, and it supports Japanese while roughing. If you are interested, you should try it.

Before The Night will be released on July 14 for PC (Steam/

The team battle FPS HYENAS was announced. A spaceship with a non -gravity zone is taken by the Alien: ISOLATION development studio.

Sega announced Hyenas on June 23. Compatible platforms are PC (Steam/Epic Games Store) and PS4/PS5/Xbox One/Xbox Series X | S.

Hyenas is a team battle FPS. Five teams each fight over the Pop-Culture Artefacts. In this work set in space, it is said that the battle will be seamlessly shifted to the weightless zone, and the battle will be developed while flying around. In the trailer, there were also ways to scatter white foam-like substances and create obstacles and scaffolds. It is likely to be a lively FPS full of gimmicks.

The protagonist of this work is a robbery group called Hyenas, which is commonly referred to as valuables from Mars. The future where people abandoned the earth and moved to Mars. They are fighting over the relics brought out of the earth in the Savan’s Safe in the spacecraft. And they have their own unique abilities. Use Hyena, which was in your play style, to lead the team to victory.

This work is the UK-based developer Creative Assembly. In the past, it is a 35-year-old studio that has developed popular titles such as the TOTAL WAR series and Alien: ISOLATION. The development know-how of the space science fiction title in Alien: ISOLATION will be used in this work. Expectations are high for SF battle FPS that a long-established studio emits the world.

Hyenas will be released for PC (Steam/Epic Games Store) and PS4/PS5/Xbox One/Xbox Series X | S. The official website is also looking for Alpha Test.

Nintendo console cheap on eBay: Switch now for less than 260 euros

Play where as well as when you desire! With the Nintendo Switch V2 you can currently get the useful gaming console for low-cost 256.49 euros on eBay, offered by Saturn. The advantage rate safe and secure yourself with the eBay voucherlvlup _. Simply enter the discount rate code throughout the settlement procedure and also the item winds up in virtual buying cart instead of 284.99 euros. According to the Idealo cost comparison portal, you save around 14 euros compared to the most affordable offer from various other dealerships. The price cut with the code is offered until June 30, 2022 (11:59 p.m.). The shipment is cost-free (all rates and information-as of June 22, 2022).

eBay offer: Nintendo Switch V2 at a financial savings rate

_ * If you finish an acquisition via the web links marked with a star, computer system picture receives a little payment. Our criteria of openness and journalistic independence can be found.

With the eBay vouchers on Computer Bild you conserve cash. In the summary you will certainly locate discount rate coupons as well as activities of the online public auction house. You simply get price cuts for whole groups or specific articles.

Discover bargains on ebay daily.

In enhancement to the Nintendo Switch, you are also looking for a brand-new pc gaming keyboard, a headset, a mouse or a totally various gaming product? Saturn has a lot more strong offers for gamers by June 20, 2022 (8:59 a.m.).

The Nintendo Switch has a 6.2-inch display screen that liquifies with 1,280 x720 pixels. You can connect the console to your television docking terminal by means of an HDMI wire, so you can quickly delight in video games in Full HD high quality (1,920 x1.080 pixels). The controllers (Joy-Cons) attached on the best side can be removed as well as utilized individually for multiplayer fun.


  • 6.2-inch display; 32 gigabytes of internal memory (expanding).
  • Including two controllers and also Joy-Con holder.| You save around 14 euros ** to the competitors.

With the Nintendo Switch V2 you can presently obtain the convenient pc gaming console for cost-effective 256.49 euros on eBay, provided by Saturn. The advantage rate protected on your own with the eBay voucherlvlup _. Merely enter the discount code during the settlement procedure as well as the product finishes up in virtual shopping cart instead of 284.99 euros. According to the Idealo cost contrast site, you save around 14 euros contrasted to the most affordable offer from other dealerships.

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June 11 Wordle action: Notes and also solution for Wordle 357

We somehow approach the mid-June. It just really feels like yesterday that the month just began. When numerous huge games are announced to more boost our deficit, currently we are in the time! All the same, the Wordles continue like the days, so you shouldn’t miss them. Here are some hints as well as the answer for today’s Wordle of June 11, 2022.

Notes for Wordle June 11th

This details must aid you locate the solution for today’s Wordle.

  • This word describes someone who offers somebody else cash in a deal such as products and solutions.
  • This word starts with a consonant.
  • The word includes 2 vowels.
  • This word also has 2 syllables.
  • There are no repeated letters.

today’s Wordle 357 feedback

The response to the Wordle on June 11 is payer .

Below is the response for today if you have decided to avoid tips or not sufficient.

Just how does Wordle work?

Wordle is a word rat game that dominated the globe by storm in early 2022. They essentially have the job of finding out words of the day based upon the letters in the words they submit. The game provides you information based on your relationship with the solution if you go into a word with 5 letters.


The exact same uses if you enter a word in which a yellow letter is in the exact same setting as with a previous presumption.

You can play Wordl completely free on the New york city Times site. A clever gadget or a PC with browser capacity is called for.

Wordle is a word rat game that dominated the world by tornado in early 2022. They basically have the task of finding out the word of the day based on the letters in the words they submit. If you get in a word with five letters, the video game gives you details based on your relationship with the answer.

An innovative course to locate a word is not to make use of eco-friendly in succeeding answers to rule out additional letters. You know that words of the day has this letter in its area, however to discover where the yellow becomes green, you can essentially exclude added letters.

You should pay interest to which letters happen in the everyday Wordle and also which are not. This would be a waste if your following anticipation used letters that were previously left out. The same uses if you get in a word in which a yellow letter remains in the exact same placement just like a previous presumption.

Efootball 2022 will be offline for 4 days to prepare seXbox Serieson 2

SeXbox Serieson 2 of Efootball 2022 will start on June 16, Xbox Series Konami announced in an official statement. The Japanese company hXbox Series also revealed that introducing this new content will imply the realization of a maintenance that will lXbox Seriest four days . During that period, users will not be able to enjoy online modes, since servers will remain closed.

“The maintenance period will take place between May 30 and June 2 ,” Konami published. “During the Mantemiento phXbox Seriese the test matches with some leagues and clubs will remain playable, with two options added to the trial matches: the level of beginner difficulty and the 10 -minute game time.”

The Japanese have pointed out that when the maintenance ends and seXbox Serieson 2 seXbox Serieson to roll will be accompanied by several ingame events . They have not revealed, yes, what will consist of, although they Xbox Seriesk users who are attentive to social networks and the official website of the video game. “We apologize for any inconvenience caused by the long maintenance period and we thank you for your patience.”

What do we know about seXbox Serieson 2?

Xbox Series S | eFootball 2022 (1.0) | Graphics test
Version 1.1.0 of the game will introduce improvements in decision making on victories and losses in online matches. The servers will also reinforce and prepare for future initiatives, such Xbox Series the exchange of data between console and mobile.

Although Efootbal 2022 premiered Xbox Series free-to-play with endless problems, Konami finally launched version 1.0, that brings the game experience to which all fans of this football simulator expected. Anyway, there is still a lot of improvement margin. It is available for free on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and PC, while from June 2 you can also download for free on iOS and Android mobile devices.

Thus they have captured in 3D a l os players of FC Barcelona.

Sony revealed to finally long rumored Spartacus – PS Plus experiences a diligent facial

Sony has announced a new service combining PlayStation PlusStation Now, the name of which is from the beginning of June from PlayStation Plus.

PlayStation Game Pass FINALLY REVEALED

According to Sony’s blog post, a new service offers subscribers more choice. In practice, this means the distribution of service to three levels:

PlayStation Plus Essential responds to the current PlayStation Plus service in practice. In addition to the monthly two free games and discounts, subscribers can play online and storing their recording on Sony’s cloud. The price will also remain at the level of today’s Plussa.

PlayStation Plus Extra adds to the cheapest level of approximately 400 PS4 and PS5-changing collection. The publications of both Sony and third parties are included, which can be downloaded to your own machine. The prices of this level vary from 14 euros to the euro hundred euros per year.

The highest level, that is, the PlayStation Plus Premium increases the collection yet with a fair 300 games of the parents’ consoles. Because even the PlayStation 5 is not compatible with old architectures, these games are streamlined from the cloud service. Premium subscribers are also offered access to certain new games before buying. The price of the Ökystic package is 16.99 € / month or 119.99 € / year.

The Games Industry website was interviewed Jim Ryan Stripped hopes for the appearance of all Sony’s own hits in PlayStation Plus directly in the publication: “As you know, we have not chosen this path for past services, and we will not choose it now.”

However, in the new service, however, there is at least death stranding, god of war, new death-manit and returnal.

Cuphead First listening to the Soundtrack of The Delicious Last Course

The Music of Cuphead - The Delicious Last Course: Recording the ‘Overture’
Cup head gets a new DLC next year. The Delicious Last Course sends the two cups Cup head and Mug man in June 2022 for a new adventure on the island, which we have already told you more in this article. For the soundtrack, last summer over 110 musicians who play Big band and symphonic music were brought together for recording. To some pieces of music you can now listen to some exclusive insights that definitely make you want more.

Elden ring may appear in this summer rumor

The next game of FromSoftware could appear earlier than expected.

There is no shortage of important games that come out of 2020 and later, but undoubtedly one of the largest upcoming publications must be from software elden ring. Combines the style of Dunkle souls with the writing of George R. R. Martin, who boasts an open world – a premiere for fromSoftware – it seems to have all the ingredients to become a monumental success.

As exciting it sounds, we do not really know it Wann exactly elden ring is released. For the first time on the E3 2019 announced, the game does not really have a publication date (or even a window) – but from software itself could might have allowed it. Recently, the developer has published a New Year’s card on his official website, on which the imminent is mentioned _elden ring, _ and claims that it will be published in June.

Ring of Elysium (ROE) - Top Guns

In view of the fact that June is only a few months left, we should expect an announcement shortly if this is actually true and not just a mistake from FROM. On the other hand, there is the clear possibility that this is ist a mistake, so now take it with a granule salt. In any case, you should set yourself on Gamingbolt, and we will keep you up to date on all new information that will come to us.

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