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St. Pauli loses in Rostock and gives table leadership

The FC St. Pauli has cashed in the struggle for the ascent to the Bundesliga a severe setback. At the climber Hansa Rostock, the hamburger lost 0: 1 (0: 0) on Saturday night and gave the spreadsheet to Darmstadt 98.

The Hesse had defeated Holstein Kiel 3-1 in the afternoon. On Sunday (13.30 pm / sky), Werder Bremen could also pass a point win against the SV Sandhausen. “That was not a good game of us,” said St. Paulis Marcel Hartel at Sport1: “The most important thing is now to pick it up quickly and fully focus on the next.”

Nico Neidhart (59.) scored the crucial gate for the Rostockers who, after their fourth victory in a row, have as good as the league. The projection on the relegation site is now nine points. “That’s phenomenal: Our fans are back, against St. Pauli 1: 0 – there is nothing more beautiful,” said Hansa-Goalbart Markus Kolke and announced “a great party”, “if nothing is possible.”

Exciting Draw! | Werder Bremen - FC St. Pauli 1-1 | All Goals | Matchday 12 – Bundesliga 2 - 2021/22

The Rostocker jubiled already in the third minute: Simon Rhein met in advance to the supposed 1: 0. But referee Benjamin brand looked at the duel before John Veroek once again and decided on foul. Shortly before the pause, St. Paulis Keeper Nikola Vasilj prevented the Hansa leadership (40th) with a gloss parade after a felt shot of Neidhart.

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After a fall of Calogero Rizzuto, the Hamburg goalkeeper did not come to the ball, Neidhart pushed him over the line. Hansa was the more active team, the leadership deserved at this time. The guests then reinforced their attack efforts and came to some opportunities.

Hansa Rostock brings Big Points in the relegation battle

Hansa Rostock has once met ground with the first home win since October in the relegation champion of the 2nd football Bundesliga. The climber won the Baltic Sea duel against Holstein Kiel 3: 2 (1: 0) and took a week after the spectacular 4: 3 at Schalke the next Torreicher threesome.

Pascal Breier (4th), John Verkoek (68.) and Hanno Behrens (81th) met for the Rostockers who had previously been six home games in vain for a victory. In the table, Hansa passed past the Kiel troubles, which, despite the two-time compensation by Alexander Mühling (50th) and an own goal of Calogero Rizzuto (71.), collected their fourth defeat in a row.

The 21,750 spectators in the Baltic Sea Stadium were offered from the beginning of the best entertainment. First browers met early with left to the lead, then Simon Lorenz headed on the cross on the latte (10th), marriage brow an early double pack on the foot (11th). Hansa acted in this phase with a lot of train to the gate and never like a descent candidate.

VfL Bochum - Hansa Rostock 2:3 (0:1) 29.05.1999

After the break Kiel Kiel came through Mühling to compensation – only the TV images showed that the ball had crossed the line. The renewed leadership of the Rostocker did not last long before Behrens to the rejublished 3: 2 met.

2. Bundesliga: Darmstadt give away points in the ascent race

Darmstadt 98 has given important points in the rise battle of the 2nd Bundesliga. The lilies gave a lead from the 1-1 (1: 0) against the molded SV Sandhausen shortly before the end a guided tour. Minor Hansa Rostock Meanwhile by a 3: 2 (1: 0) in the Baltic Sea duel against Holstein Kiel continued so far in the relegation battle.

Darmstadt jumped through the Remis for one night to the top of the table, but can slipped down to third place on the weekend.

Aaron Seydel (17.) brought the lilies in front of 11,300 spectators with his fifth goal of the season in the lead, the Hesse has thus been at five games without defeat. For the SVS undefeated even since January, which had lost the first leg with 1: 6, the seven minutes previously replaced Ahmed Kutucu (84th) met for compensation.

Newcomer Rostock took a week after the spectacular 4: 3 at Schalke, on the other hand, the next goal rich threesome. Pascal Breier (4th), John Verkoek (68.) and Hanno Behrens (81.) met for the cogge, who had previously been six home games in vain for a victory. In the table, Hansa passed past the Kiel troubles, which, despite the two-time compensation by Alexander Mühling (50th) and an own goal of Calogero Rizzuto (71.), collected their fourth defeat in a row.

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⚽???????? SV DARMSTADT vs ???????? SV SANDHUSEN ⚽ | ???? ???????? BUNDESLIGA 2 (11/03/2022) ???? FIFA 21

2. League: The current table

# Team Sp. S U N Goals Diff. Pkt.
1 SV Darmstadt 98 26 14 6 6 53: 33 20 48
2 Werder Bremen 25 14 6 5 49: 34 15 48
3 FC St. Pauli 25 14 5 6 51: 36 15 47
4 1. FC Nuremberg 25 12 6 7 36: 33 3 42
5 Hamburger SV 25 10 11 4 45: 26 19 41
6 FC Schalke 04 25 12 5 8 49: 32 17 41
7 1. FC Heidenheim 1846 25 11 6 8 32: 33 -1 39
8 SC Paderborn 07 25 9 9 7 45: 36 9 36
9 Karlsruher SC 25 8 9 8 42: 39 3 33
10 Jahn Regensburg 25 9 5 11 42: 38 4 32
11 Hansa Rostock 26 8 7 11 34: 43 -9 31
12 Holstein Kiel 26 8 7 11 35: 45 -10 31
13 Hannover 96 25 8 7 10 24: 35 -11 31
14 Fortuna Dusseldorf 25 8 6 11 31: 32 -1 30
15 SV Sandhausen 26 7 9 10 30: 43 -13 30
16 Dynamo Dresden 25 7 5 13 24: 34 -10 26
17 Erzgebirge Aue 25 4 7 14 24: 48 -24 19
18 FC Ingolstadt 04 25 3 6 16 22: 48 -26 15

Gruev about the Werder

Many people, more than usual, believes Ilia Gruel, would have turned on the TV on Saturday night, to look at the game between the SV Welder Bremen on the FC Schalke 04, alone due to the events. The prosecutorial investigations for vaccination and the subsequent resignation of Chef Coach Markus start and co-trainer Florian boy have completely shaken the club on Saturday.

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That the team on Saturday just ten hours before the second division game without coaching, the 21-year-old Gruel has not experienced in his even short career as a footballer yet; But he also referred to the far experienced Welder professionals, which were initially surprised in the morning after breakfast by the declaration of resignation. That makes something with one, says Bulgarian U-21 international.

And we have shown that we can do that.

Ilia Gruel

In particular, the Bremen leadership players would have worn out the team, even more closely coming together and for a consciousness à la we have to go through to worry, Gruel explained: And we have shown that we can do it. In the recent 1: 1 draw against Schalke prevented Welder at least to be suspended in the table midfield of the 2nd league. At the sideline, the interim initial successor Daniel Djokovic had the command, but after a corona infection, the Austrian for the upcoming match at Holstein Kiel is on Saturday evening (20.30 clock).

Beginning must be in quarantine

Werder Bremen: „Das macht schon etwas mit einem“ - Ilia Gruev über das  Aus seines Förderers Anfang
According to Spiegel, Mark was also stated in the beginning as a contact person of the 34-year-old and must also be quarantined on the order of the Health Office Cologne, where its initial residence is located, because he can not present a valid vaccination certificate — especially since this is the Public Prosecutor’s Office.

For the time being, Genomics feature has now Christian Brand, Welder’s U-19 coach, who is to be supported by Cedric MariaDB. It’s blow to blow, Gruel said about the memorable Bremen Trainer Roche of the past days. In training, however, the midfielder has not detected no giant difference to the predecessors, especially since brand continues with Djokovic in exchange: We do not worry that everything is wrested up now.

Trainer question? Honestly, we do not care about us

The fact that the final enforcement is still in the coach search so far still in himself, is honestly, we do not care, Gruel said with a view of the sporting focus of the team and tried to demonstrate professionalism. We have to do it to hide the drummer.

Whether this or next week a decision in the coach search case is not the topic of players. That the track leads to Ole Werner is considered very likely. That this will not come against his ex-club yet to his Welder debut, but also. With Holstein Kiel, where he is under contract until the end of the season, an agreement of a change to Bremen is still out.

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