The Last of Us of HBO offered fans an early episode thanks to the Super Bowl, with an episode focused on the Henry and Sam brothers.
However, there was an unfortunate complication in the history of the couple at the end of the episode, so we take a look why exactly Ellie decided to rub her blood on Sam’s leg during the last episode of The Last of Us.

Why did Ellie rub her blood on Sam’s leg?

The short answer is that Ellie rubs blood on Sam’s leg hoping to cure his cut, which supposes he was made by an infected.
This occurs during the massive battle between the soldiers of Kathleen and the infected, the two pairs of Joel and Ellie and Henry and Sam did not come out completely unharmed.


At some point, one of the infected managed to grab Sam and bite his leg.
The two couples are then in a motel, staggering throughout the butcher shop they have just witnessed, with Sam and Ellie in the bedroom reading comics.
Before going to bed, Sam decides to reveal to Ellie who was actually bitten, a fact that has hidden her brother and Joel.
Ellie wants to save Sam, and as she thinks she is the key to saving the world, she thinks this is a possible solution to the problem.
Unfortunately for Ellie, she soon discovers that being a savior does not work in this way, since Sam becomes the next day and attacks her former friend.
That is all you need to know about why Ellie chose to rub her blood on Sam’s infection in The Last of Us of HBO.
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