The third and final extension of the Griffon year has arrived at Hearthstone with lots of new cards to try. Divided in the Alter ac Valley introduces us to discover a place of war where the confrontation between the Horde and the Alliance is in full swing. Strategic points to capture, emblematic figures to be eliminated, all it takes for a good battle is here. And on this occasion, the demonism takes the hair of the beast for the battle of Alter ac with his new deck.

Class cards

2 malicious cargo

(Hearthstone) Theorycrafting Felrattle Warlock in Alterac Valley

2 Aliasing murmurs

2 Diabetic flames

1 Debased blood bound

2 Egg weaves

2 Providing Keybase

2 Sacrificial Summoner

2 Defeated cemetery

1 Phylactery de Tamsin


Neutral cards

2 Morbid resuscitation

2 Guide

2 Strong of Gouffrefer

2 Printing horror

2 Serbian egg

1 Full the back of the diabetic


1 Croc-de-moon

DECK Code:


Cost in dust: 8760

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How to play the hedonistic deck for the Alter ac Valley?

With this deck for the Alter ac Valley, the demonism seeks to take the advantage from the first round of play. It benefits from low cost cards, but also many reinforcements to make his creatures more dangerous. His goal is to overcome his opponent as quickly as possible while taking advantage of a few useful cards if the game lasts a little too long. He benefits from agony rattle to strengthen his assaults and block his opponent.

With its many creatures with a rattle of agony, this demonic can take advantage of his spells of sacrifice. Diabetic Flames, Guide or the Strong of Gulffrefer are particularly effective for putting pressure. But it is with the profane cemetery that this demonism will be able to enjoy his weakest creatures, before using the phylactery of Tam sin to create a new overpowering plot.