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Horizon Forbidden West llega a Sackboy: A Big Adventure

SackBoy: A great adventure You have welcomed another playstation game to your growing list of costumes and cameos with Horizonte forbidden west the latest in finding a home in the game Sackboy. PlayStation announced this week that sackboy: a great adventure soon will have two costumes inspired by subins forbidden West. One of them looks like Aloy as the other looks like Sylens and both will be available for free for every1. _Sackboy: A great adventure_owners starting on February 18.

The suits in question can be seen below in the cinematographic taking that the plants right in the middle of a world inspired by well forbidden west_ itself. While we can not see the complete changes for costumes only with the image, they seem to be quite successful in terms of Sackboy’s resemblance. Regardless of how similar they are in appearance, the rate is free, so at least there is no cost or risk in downloading them once they are available.

Beyond Horizonte forbidden west, sackboy: a great adventure in PlayStation 5 has added enough costumes of different franchises, whether exclusive to PlayStation or not. Fall guys is represented on the list as Evolution, ratchet & clank: Rift Apart, _and _The last of us part II. Littlebigplanet games also had their own collection of other games, so it makes sense that the game Newest of the franchise do the same.

Also sackboy: a great adventure, Horizonte forbidden west has also been opened on the way in other games. Fantasma of tsushima Creators Sucker Punch Productions recently announced plans to add some appearances of the new Horizon game to your game.

Horizon Forbidden West - Challenges of the Forbidden West | PS5, PS4

Back in the well-prohibited west_ front, the launch of that game itself is not far now. It will be released on February 18, the same day that the costumes that are shown above, with many progress thrown in recent weeks to show more of the game. Will be launched at the consoles PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 with gameplay launched for all the different consoles to show how it will be played throughout the generations, but if you want to save some money before it is available, you will want to get the version of PlayStation 4 and simply update FREE to the PlayStation 5 version when the game is launched.

Xbox Game Pass has added dozens of games in 2021 but how much money has you saved us

In a few months Xbox Game Pass commemorates his fifth anniversary, and he will do it after living in 2021 year of great headlines where he welcomed dozens of pitches, including Bethesda Great Classics after closing the purchase of the editor by Microsoft At the beginning of course. Now, how much have you been able to save players with your video game subscription?

Winter Events, Updates, and Xbox Game Pass Additions | This Week on Xbox
The Loadout has wanted to calculate the total amount in one of its latest retrospective publications of the year, finding out that service users have enjoyed News worth 6,300 dollars (5,600 euros to current change). This figure comes from adding the recommended price of all PC and Xbox released to Xbox Game Pass at the official Microsoft store. Obviously, users do not have to buy such video games at full prices, but it is certainly quite exemplary of the benefit of the subscription service for the most players.

The most powerful month of Xbox Game Pass? Always according to the data collected by The Loadout was March, when the Bethesda video games disembark. The company directed by Todd Howard was the number one editor of the service. In fact, only its novelties represent 10% of the value of the highs of 2021.

Xbox Game Pass accumulates more than 18 million subscribers, a figure possibly very far away from the current one, who have been able to enjoy premiere of video games of recognized quality as Age of Empires IV, Fora Horizon 5 and Halo Infinite. By 2022 the dripping of news does not cease, and we will have, for example, Star field.

War continues in Total War Warhammer 3 The resistance of the Great Catai is allowed to see in a new trailer

Eternal enemies carry out endless wars . On this occasion, Total War: Warhammer 3 follows the wake of his previous epic presentations and shows us a battle between the Great Catai, a military fortress, and the troops of Kairos weadestinos, the great demon of the god of Chaos Tzeentch. The first details of this multitudinal combat can be seen in the last trailer of the game , where the resistance of the Great Catai is taught defend the Great Wall .

The trailer shows aspects like the three doors that we will defend in the Great Catai in this video, some aspects that will define war for the control of the wall, such as the structure of it and the Different points that we should defend. To carry out such objective, we will use thousands of soldiers with which to form strategies for Tzeentch, one of the gods of chaos, can not penetrate the doors of the wall.

However, the most crucial characteristics of the battle are added to the skills of the storm dragon , daughter of the Emperor and commander of the defending armies, who must remain firm to keep his father s empire intact. Enemy assaults. In this sense, the young woman will have the possibility to use her electrical powers of her of her to attack the rival troops and generate benefits to the allies of her.

Therefore, Creative Assembly fulfills his promise to show us surprises and allows us to take a first look at one of the most bloody wars of his next WAR: Warhammer 3. A title that, although recently has been delayed, will comply with a date of Launch scheduled for this 2021 . For the time being, only PC users can create war strategies with Total War: Warhammer 3, but the study does not lose sight of the development of the last generation of consoles. So, with a bit of luck, players of all kinds of platforms will have the chance of witness this eternal war .

Sports What s Next the Table of the Global Summit Sports that will look at the future of the sector

Esports (also referred to as electronic sports, e-sports, or eSports) is a type of competitors using computer game. Esports commonly takes the kind of arranged, multiplayer video game competitions, especially between expert gamers, individually or as teams. Although arranged competitions have actually long been a part of computer game culture, these were mostly in between beginners till the late 2000s, when involvement by specialist gamers and also spectatorship in these events with live streaming saw a large rise in popularity. By the 2010s, esports was a substantial aspect in the video clip game sector, with several game designers proactively making and offering financing for competitions as well as other events.
The most usual computer game styles related to esports are multiplayer online fight arena (MOBA), first-person shooter (FPS), combating, card, fight royale as well as real-time approach (RTS) games. Popular esport franchises include Organization of Legends, Dota, Counter-Strike, Valorant, Overwatch, Street Fighter, Super Knockout Bros. and also StarCraft, among lots of others. Competitions such as the Organization of Legends World Champion, Dota 2 s International, the battling game-specific Development Championship Collection (EVO) and also Intel Extreme Masters are amongst the most prominent in esports. Numerous other competitions use a series of organization have fun with funded teams, such as the Overwatch League. Although the authenticity of esports as a real showing off competitors remains in question, they have actually been included along with conventional sports in some international events in Asia, with the International Olympic Board likewise having actually reviewed their addition into future Olympic occasions.
By the late 2010s, it was approximated that the total target market of esports would expand to 454 million customers, with income boosting to even more than US$ 1 billion. The increasing schedule of on the internet streaming media systems, specifically YouTube and also Twitch, have become central to the development and also promotion of esports competitions. Despite viewership being around 85% man and also 15% lady, with a bulk of customers between the ages of 18 and 34, women players have likewise played skillfully. The popularity as well as recognition of esports first occurred in Asia, seeing substantial development in China and also South Korea, with the latter having accredited expert players considering that 2000. In spite of its huge computer game industry, esports in Japan is reasonably underdeveloped, with this being mostly associated to its wide anti-gambling regulations which prohibit paid expert pc gaming competitions. Outside of Asia, esports are also popular in Europe as well as the Americas, with both local and international events occurring in those regions.

This coming 27 and 28 is celebrated in Kinépolis , Madrid, the Great Summit are electronic sports in our country. Global ESPORTS SUMMIT is the meeting point of acérés professionals and fans that seek to understand the phenomenon of the ESPORTS from an expert point of view. This year s edition is one of the main events on electronic sports that has face-to-face format, so it generates even more interest than I already had in itself.

Jeff Dowtin Jr Celebrates with Magic Fan on UNBELIEVABLE Game Winner! ????
Two days dedicated to brands, agents and key actors in the industry, covering all professional spectra and the eagerness to shed light on the present and the future of the sector. Precisely about the future will talk a lot along the two days, with presentations, talks and tables on matters as interesting as the use of blockchain , the entry of new brands or trends in the streaming world. We recommend you go through the Global Esports Summit program.

Today we come to talk about the round table that I will moderate as director of MGG: Esports. What s Next? . This space, which will be held by Thursday 28 at 6:30 p.m. in the room 25 of Kinépolis , and that will close the edition, will seek to talk about challenges, opportunities and trends that We are going to be presented at the ESPORTS. I am referring to the realization of an analysis and diagnosis of immediate future.

It is a titanic task, because electronic sports rely on an industry as changing as videogames, and that they are even more dynamic than these. Therefore, I will have a truly high speaker level and with a very varied specialization area:

Alberto Fernández , Head of Esports Webedia
Josep María Monti , President BCN Sportstech Hub23
Nacho Chamorro , Director General FEJUVES
Virginia Calvo , Co-CEO and Co-Owner of Good Game Group

Using the base of the rest of talks and tables, we can place ourselves at the time and place that the ESPORTS occupy today. Thanks to that, we can begin to ask the speakers for immediate interests , as is the effect it will have on electronic sports around the face-to-face events after the pandemic and what will imply for the growth of the sector after a Economic contraction period, but increased interest and exposure thanks to the increased consumption of the Internet.

We will analyze the new entries of traditional sport equipment In this area, a trend that is already more consolidated, but that it is increasingly interested from a professional point of view. While some clubs and organizations have already positioned themselves, now is the debate about whether they will want to phagocy the already created competitions and the generated space, or continue working with the endemic marks.

You will also talk a lot about technologies such as nft or blockchain , which are peeking the leg in video games, and from which we have to start understanding all what they can contribute to electronic sports beyond The topics we can read on social networks. Are you really a gamechanger ? We will see it with our speakers.

Of course, there will be time to discuss the weight of the expansions of electronic sports clubs in content creation and how you can add your masses congregation capacity in the main activity of equipment, which is nothing other than competing. Similarly, surely our speakers can tell us how a new trend is managed in the ESPORTS as is that clubs become brands of lifestyle , as well as competing in competitions.

If you are interested in this type of content, I invite you personally to Go to Global Esports Summit next week . We will wait for all of you in Kinépolis.

A last wheel race Andr Grapeil in front of the career end

A news agency is an organization that gathers information reports and markets them to subscribing news organizations, such as newspapers, magazines and radio and also television broadcasters. An information firm might likewise be described as a wire solution, newswire, or information service.
Although there are numerous news firms worldwide, four global news companies, Agence France-Presse (AFP), Associated Press (AP), Reuters and also United Press International (UPI) have offices in most countries of the globe, cover all locations of details, and supply most of global news published by the globe s newspapers. All four started with as well as continue to run on a standard philosophy of offering a solitary unbiased news feed to all customers; they do not give separate feeds for conventional or liberal newspapers. Jonathan Fenby discusses the ideology:

To accomplish such large acceptability, the agencies stay clear of overt partiality. Demonstrably correct information is their stock in trade. Typically, they report at a minimized degree of duty, associating their details to a spokesman, journalism, or various other resources. They avoid making judgments as well as stay away from question as well as uncertainty. Though their owners did not make use of words, neutrality is the thoughtful basis for their enterprises– or failing that, commonly acceptable nonpartisanship.
Newspaper organizations generally market their product to one client in each area just, while information companies distribute information articles to all interested celebrations.

André Griepel is also faithful to his last hurray. If on Sunday at Münsterland Giro falls the curtain of his impressive career, there will be no big party. Of course I m proud of my career. But I do not know how I ll be on it then. I drive my race and then wants to have my rest, so I m stop, said the 39-year-old of the German Press Agency . Quite the Stoische Mecklenburg, which Gripilen has preserved with all successes and heights.

Whether that works with the tranquility so is of course questionable. Finally, Gripilel combines a lot with the race in the Münsterland. It s a year younger than my entire career, emphasized the native Rostock. In 2008 and 2014 he won at the Schlossplatz, this year the goal is coronabeding outside the city border. The organizers will nevertheless superior to the sprint star mentioned in the Peloton only Gorilla and numerous companions are likely to stop by.

Only four riders cheered in history more frequently

Because in Gripile does not work. The bully sprinter counts with 163 profiologies to the most successful cyclists of the story. EDDY Merckx, Mario Cipollini, Rik Van Looy and Roger de Vlaeminck ran more successes than the family father living today at Cologne. And it did not work with the victory, the deeply ambitious gold rather not spoke. Even at his most successful times at the Tour de France between 2011 and 2016, he liked to send his buddy and managers Marcel Sieberg to answer questions.

Gripper won eleven stages at the tour, seven at the Giro d Italia and four at the Vuelta. Unforgettable are the toxic duels with Mark Cavendish, who once assumed Gripile, he would only win crappy, small races . Sampling is not gripping. When Cavendish celebrated a fabulous comeback with four stage victories at this year s tour, Gripples was always fair congratulatory.

He is a great person and a great racer.

Marcel Kittel

At its largest competitors, Marcel Kittel counted for years. He has been a cycling pensioner since 2019 and is looking forward to drinking a coffee with golden times. I think the way he did it, it s right, that s a great person, a great racer. He got a good conclusion, said coat of the DPA. There are many great experiences and results for the racers themselves, who have shaped the professional port ten to 15 years. These athletes were not only athletic especially, but also loudly in doping questions. This is a special aspect that makes it special.

His word is estimated

Gripple has been one of the spokesman last in Peloton. At the past tour he organized a strike against the dangerous route. The Eitle Frenchman Julian Alaphilippe also got an announcement from the Gorilla – and obeyed.

What comes after the day of German unity does not yet white. At least he will not leave the fingers from his bike. Cycling continues to great fun and I will continue to burden my pump here and there well, said Gripple. For his personal finale in Münster, the Routinian even renounced the classic Paris-Roubaix on the same day. In Roubaix, so much can happen, you never know if you reach the destination.

The young generation moves into focus

German cycling now loses two of the constant figures of the past 15 years in Gripilel and Tony Martin. Now the focus depends entirely on other drivers like the Sprinter Pascal Ackermann, the former tour-fourth Emanuel Buchmann and the classic specialist Maximilian Schachmann. It is a tremendous heritage.

Magnificent and mystical air fights in the distant space in choir

Academy is Broken | Endless Space 2
While the spatial combat games have existed for a very long time, the genre has not had a great great title for some time. Combining a semi-open world with exciting 360 degree space fights to the third person, Chorus recalls how fun it is and committing to circumvent the asteroids and high-tech spatial stations, fight with combat helicopters and Play the cat-and mouse with enemies.

The developers declare that the title of Chorus comes from his former definition as a higher state of harmony , and that metaphysics and mysticism occupy a preponderant place in the history of the game. You play Nara, a spatial hunting pilot rebellious and (of course) a potential hero, determined to save your spatial civilization – and to realize your own redemption – of the enemy and head of worship the Prophet, who promised to bring the universe back to order after years of decline. Your faulty evolving and mystically sensitive fighter is called The Forsaken, and you assume a variety of missions such as the escort of friends, the destruction of enemy facilities, the rupture of blockade and the adventure to the deepest of mysterious temples of labyrinth built by the faceless, which are both enemies and allied at various times. The missions of the labyrinth temple are particularly important because they give you the power to improve your ship and capabilities. In addition to the campaign of about 13 hours, there are many secondary missions, collectibles and caches to discover both in space and temples.

The choir looks beautiful, and while its environments tend towards amas of asteroids filled with rubbish, spatial facilities and temples at the futuristic look, the immensity of the empty space is there on the margins of each scene. The different types of spatial vessels are easily identifiable and detailed, and the lighting and fighting effects of the game are impressive, even at this point relatively early. You have to praise the fantastic musical partition of the Portuguese composer Pedro Macedo Camacho. It s lyrical, dramatic and uses choral and vocal solo textures with a big effect.

Of course, the most important facets of any space combat game must be the fight, controls and if the game reaches the vertiginous feeling of exhilarating speed and the danger offered by the best. The good news is that Chorus keeps its promises on these fronts. The developers have looked at an arcade sensation for Chorus s fight, rather than approaching it as a simulation, so there is a targeting reticle, there is no locking mechanism. The Forsaken is usually a pleasure to control and its special capacities and improvements give the vessel even more flexibility and power in combat. The Nara ship is not an imposing battleship but a live fighter that can move over short distances in space, drift in the corners and turn in any direction. These are the types of games that should probably be accompanied by a warning harm of transport, but at least on short play sessions, it has never been a problem. Developers have spent considerable time settling the camera for the optimal distance of The Forsaken.

Even in the first overview version I played, the mission objectives and the objects of interest are quite well identified. A typical mission can involve Nara to release friends captured by pirates, escorting ships into a safe place while keeping the enemies under control, while looking for the area looking for scrap trail, all with a timer . There are also interesting gameplay choices along the way, like destroying enemy ships or turn them potentially into allies. Games taking place in space are confronted with a level design challenge, but the developers did a good job by subtly reporting the apparently open environment to gently direct the player from one goal to another, while allowing freeform exploration. .

In some ways, Chorus looks like a return to an earlier era. It s a simple spatial combat game with a dramatic story and campaign, and it focuses on the pleasure of flying an incredibly fast fighter through twists, where the up and down are relative concepts. It avoids (fortunately) some of the current mechanisms of the flavor of the month, so there are no cards to collect and it is not a roguelike. His story seems serious and interesting and his fight is stimulating and satisfying. There is always room for a good spatial fighting game, and I look forward to the final outing of the game on December 3rd.

Tales of Arise How to overcome the great battle of the Astral Spirit and the Chief Submist

Same Time, Very Same Area is the 3rd episode of the seventh and also final period of the television show Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

This is one of the last fights of bosses in the main story, so congratulations to get so far away. If this causes problems, here we have some tips on how to win. Here is How to beat the struggle of the Great Astral Spirit and the Chief Submist in Tales of Arise .

How to beat the great astral spirit and subsume it in Tales of Arise

This boss is at level 58 in normal difficulty, so be prepared for a hard fight even if you are just a few levels below. If he is at level 58 or higher, this should be relatively easy, especially compared to VHOLAN.

The best way to prepare for this is to cook any dish that increases the group s elementary defense statistic, since this boss uses a wide variety of elementary movements. It is also important to keep in mind that both forms of this boss are weak against the attacks of the Light and Lightning elements, so use them whenever possible.

Great Head of the Astral Spirit Phase 1

This phase of combat is simple until the great astral spirit falls 50% of health. Before that, he is not very mobile or difficult to touch, he has no legs. He will teleport to the battlefield when he wants to move, but he will only retaliate with elementary movements that can be clearly loaded.

He can be automatically knocked down using Alphen s Boost, and his health will decrease quickly if you attack with all at once during these times.

The long-range characters like Rinwell and SHIONNE will destroy this boss from the beginning. The wrestlers at a short distance should be careful since he surrounds himself with dark astral energy. Check if the floor becomes purple around the base of it and, if so, retreat a little to avoid attack.

He will also extract dark energy from his mouth. Shooting causes small explosions when impacting, but can be easily avoided if you are not attacking from the front.

Big Spiritual Chief Astral Phase 2

After your first momentum when it reaches 50% health, it will convene small orbs that will attack each with a different element that matches its color. This is where things get complicated.

The fire will crash against the ground and cause an explosion, the lightning will trigger electricity rays and will teleport, the earth will fire like a cannonball, the wind will convene gusts of wind to attack and the water will move quickly over you. . by launching astral arts.

First, remove these orbs, your priority is the lightning orb due to its speed of movement and radio that can attack long distance to interrupt what you are doing. You can also paralyze you, which is the worst that you can pass with each orb attack at the same time.

Things will be very chaotic on the screen at this point, especially if you also have Rinwell by throwing the own massive works of him.

No matter what orb you are looking for, try to fill the Blue Boost Strike meter on your body, then use a strike to destroy it completely. If you are lucky, Strike will remove several Orbes at the same time if you are floating close to each other.

Once you eliminate some of them, it will be much easier to go for the great astral spirit, even if there are still some orbs. He s health will be low when you get rid of him, since your teammates will attack you.

The boss adds a new ray of mouth to his arsenal, but his movements do not change much. Get away from the front of the body of it and you will be safe from most attacks.

Head of sub-submersible phase 1

This section begins with some regular enemies that you have already defeated in the dungeon several times. After this filling fight, you will face the head of the great astral spirit again in the new form of Him subsumer.

This time there will be giant weak points in both arms that I should point. Removing the first arm is a fairly simple task, even for short distance wrestlers like Alphen. In fact, using Alphen s Boost makes this much easier than you think, because it stops what the boss is doing until they exceed the limit, and it will not be soon.

You really just need to dodge when he hits you with his arm. You can know when this will happen if he pulls an arm as slowly as possible to give him a fair warning.

When a weak point is about to break, you must press the indicator of the specific address of the D-pad requested by the game. After it breaks, the boss will charge a mystic art called Black Hole.

Dodge spam to avoid most of the black hole damage because all the ground will hurt you no matter where you are. It will be seen as the clip below:

After this mystical art, heal it if necessary. Then, concentrate on the next arm exactly in the same way as in the first. This will break even faster.

Phase 2 of the sub-submersible boss

When both arms are broken, the new weak point will be at its base, near the ground. He will continue to launch Black Hole and convening thorns and dark energy near his body to defend himself. He will also shoot lasers from his mouth, what you will lose because you are too close, so do not even worry about them if you are a short-range attacker.

However, it is important to be attentive to the health bars of the members of their remote group. In fact, it is probably a good idea to replace Dohalim here to duplicate the healing potential if it is not yet in its active group.

When the subsumer s health bar is around 10-20%, the boss desperate and calls elementary orbs from the combat phase of the great astral spirit.

Skip the Orbes this time if you can, because as soon as you get that last little health of the boss, the fight will end. Use objects to heal yourself if you can not wait for Shionne or Dohalim to cure you, as long as you can continue to inflict damage.

Just make sure you continue attacking and dodging only when it is absolutely necessary. Alphen can still interrupt the boss and stun it with the boost of him and Rinwell can prevent the Orbs from throwing arts.

The fight will end with a Shionne / Alphen boost. Then he is vholran again because, of course, he will return.

That s all you need to know How to beat the struggle of the great astral spirit and the Chief Submist in Tale of Arise . Be sure to check our wiki guide to get more advice, tricks and guides of bosses if you need a little help.

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Bar a offer foxes top

Mr. Bitter, they played for the HSV for almost ten years, return to the Hanseatic city after five years. Which feelings is the return to Hamburg?

With all, many positive feelings. I have always hoped that it goes back in this direction and my claims with that of the HSVH match. That it worked, makes me very happy and happy. I can be here again in my city. I had a great time in Stuttgart, a completely different than before the HSV, but an exciting. Nevertheless, I always shot after Hamburg and the guys pressed the thumbs.

With the HSV they celebrated the German Championship, the DHB Cup, the Champions League. In 2016, the time took a sudden end there with insolvency. Which memories do you have specifically to the last, heavy months?

You always remember only the beautiful things, but that’s not true. I have displaced this hard time a bit. Nevertheless, many have made their way out of this team. No one is somehow under the wheels, which is beautiful. At the moment it was crass for everyone, but we all successfully challenged new challenges.

It was always my great desire to return here, but these conversations also had a certain charm.

Johannes bitter about Barcelona’s offer

What was crucial for you to return to HSVH?

Especially my home. I also know many employees of the newly educated club. It was also a great goal to be back in my children in Hamburg. That was a big point.

Before making your decision for HSVH, an offer should have been submitted by FC Barcelona. How far were the talks advanced and why did you decide at the end against the reigning Champions League winner?

We talked, the request was there. But I’ve opted relatively promptly and for HSVH, which may not be able to understand. For me it was clear that this should be my future and here I have a long-term solution. I’m back where I belong. It was always my great desire to return here, but these conversations also had a certain charm. But there has been reason and especially the heart.

What are you trusting the HSVH short to medium term?

We have great goals, want to stay in this league. This is a bigger goal than for some might become German champions. It is a huge leap from the 2nd to the 1st league. Since we have set ourselves a great goal, but it is not unrealistic with the reinforcements we got.

Untertorst Jansen has taken the club a remarkable development, he first led the team to the 2nd and now in the 1st Bundesliga. What distinguishes him as a coach?

He has seen everything as a player and worked up as a coach. He started with A-youth, then participated in the climbs with his current team. He has a big rest, is very heartily. He tries to take the team with their characters as they are there, and do not want to resolve great. Torsten goes with a lot of input and fun ran to the matter to let people develop. He himself continues to develop, now the next step waits with the Bundesliga.

With them, Manuel Späth or Casper Mortensen, HSVH has set experienced players in the transfer summer. The way back to the Bundesliga helped young players. How good does the mixture fits between young and old in your opinion?

It was essential to help older and experienced players. This can also be seen at all teams who have fought in recent years around the league. You do not necessarily create that with players who do not know that. We now have what has been given to the prescribed and not come because of the great sums, but because of the great team and city. So we have a realistic chance, if everything runs well, to achieve our goal.

If you need to determine: What was for you der transfer of the summer in the Handball Bundesliga?

Probably Yuri Knorr to the Rhine-Neckar Löwen. I have known him about for one and a half years. He always seemed older and drowned when he was actually. The Rhine-Neckar Löwen have done much properly with the transfer – for the club, for Juri and also for the national team. That’s a win-win situation.

The risk distinguishes me: Read the interview with Top Talent Knorr

Viran Morrosin this summer, Mathias Gidsel next summer: the Füchse Berlin continues to set up. You know sports board Stefan Kretzschmar and Managing Director Bob Hanning well. Can the capital soon look forward to a serious title candidate?

These are two very well-known access. In a big city like Berlin you can not only swim somewhere in the long run, but you have to show you and the people delight. We know that in Hamburg too. In Berlin, last, you may have liked more successes. With such transfers one draws attention. That’s good for the league, good for the club. And Gidsel is probably already der transfer of the next summer.

HBL: These new entries are already fixed for 2021/22

Who will be in the season 2021/22 German Master and why?

I think that the THW has bomb chances again. This is a team that completely bonds, which happened as good as nothing. Everything could grow together with Jicha. You have to pass the THW to have opportunities – and that will be hard this year.

Several of their former national team colleagues play at the Mt Melsungen. In your opinion, what is the reason why the club could not attack the Bundesliga top despite many top transfers in the past?

There is madness many good players, because not only melsungs has some of them. But someday you have to come in. In melsungen you always feel that the next step follows. And I also know that it only has to explode once, and then they are hard to stop. At some point someone will turn the right screw and then it will start. It takes all time, but the club stands to his concept.

Time have to get others now.

Johannes Bitter

Speaking DHB: The national team has lost four players from world-class format with them, Steffen Weinhold, Uwe Gensheimer and Hendrik Pekelerauf. What is the most important thing in your opinion, to make the change in the DHB team successfully?

It was already clear that something happens after the Olympic tournament and you will see a change. This is also available in other nations. The most important thing is now to build a width in the national team. The young players have to gain experience in ordering the best possible team in the next cycle. We have allowed us to experience that we are slippery early. And only so we could at some point can bring a good performance. Others have to get the time now.

At Olympia, they showed recently top performances. Henning FritzSprach in the League interview before the tournament, the advantage of the least pressure on them. But what do you see the secret of your constant strong appearances?

We had a great preparation, through my knee surgery and the subsequent infection was all sewn on edge. I have given everything because I absolutely wanted to be there at this tournament. Henning Fritz does not unjust, because I do not have to prove anyone anyone. But we have many players to which that suits. At least I enjoyed every minute.

You have already experienced some national coach. Which impression did Alfred Gislason leave with you and what do you dare to believe in the next year despite the personnel?

Alfred is a coach, the teams to lead. We all know what we have played for a tournament. It was neat, sometimes even very good, but we could not exist against the Egyptians that day and that hurts. Alfred has generally made a totally sovereign and handball-loving impression on me. But he also knows that we did not have the individual players like other nations, the games decide completely alone. That’s not negative to see, we knew that before. He tried to make the best possible structure. I find, we have done a lot quite well and on the one day was Egypt, which has developed phenomenally, just better. interview

Fritz over the goalkeeping question: Jogi bitter has the least pressure

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Nexon the Project HP

The Great Lakes Megalopolis is composed of the team of metropolitan areas in North America mainly in the Great Lakes region and along the Saint Lawrence River. It extends from the Midwestern United States in the south and also west to western Pennsylvania and Western New York in the east as well as northward through Southern Ontario right into southwestern Quebec in Canada. It is one of the most inhabited and also largest megalopolis in The United States and Canada.
At its most inclusive, in the USA the region cuts a large swath from the Twin Cities in Minnesota in the west, southern to St. Louis and also Louisville, Kentucky, and east to Rochester, New York City; in Canada, it continues northeasterly to Quebec City. This more comprehensive area had an estimated populace of 59,144,461 since 2011 as well as is projected to get to a populace of regarding 65 million by 2025. Within this wide area, there is a core area of even more continual metropolitan advancement that includes Chicago, Milwaukee, Grand Rapids, South Bend, Detroit-Windsor, Cleveland, Toledo, Pittsburgh, Buffalo, Rochester, Hamilton, Toronto, Montreal, and also the metropolitan locations between these.

[Data provided: Nexon]

Nexon’s new (Gaseous) completed the pre-alpha test last 8 days.

MMORPG Get out of the competition of MMORPG, and a unique genre called PVP Action, attracted the attention of gamers. The first test version is a training area that previews the battle of the character in advance ▲ Precautionary, which strategically utilizes the auxiliary base with special effects ▲ Protective flights that have a special effect of special effects. Makshavalk etc. It was packed.

Nexon released a dichroid indicator of the moment of the hot battle of the hot battle of the Tester today (31).

‘Paden’, which had a strategic movement of short occupation time and squad members

The average occupation maintenance time of the parameter of Paden was 1 minute 37 seconds, the B-based occupation time of Mohavalk was 2 minutes and 5 seconds respectively. Paden treats the enemy to the enemy, so it is a way that the campaigns have been victimed, because they win the opponent’s campaign military power, so the occupation maintenance time was shorter. Through the right-handed by the Bali star and the interpolation, the strategic movement of the squadmen, such as using a ranged weapon, or by the right-circuit of the building.

Tester selected a blade (39.5%), spikes and smoke (13.2%), spikes and smoke (13.2%), ahammer (10.8%), the guardian (10.4%), the tester (10.8%), the guy (10.4%), and the most transformed hero The character was marked (43.1%). Unlike Parad (4th), Moha Valk, the preference of smoke was ranked 2nd place and climbed to the top.

This seems to be due to the need for a healer role that helps the rescue of a fierce battle in a fierce battle of Mohawk’s map characterized by three different branches.

3,978 The Great Caemonian who has been defeated from the work of the work of the colleague · · · · · I have a talented gamer ‘gathering’

Data that can see the ability of the testers showed off the ability to boast. The Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Ball, and the Gentleman was able to kill 3,978, and the Golden Puppet has revived 807 colleagues again, and the opportunity to recapture the combat opportunities. Purpose contributed to the team victory, successful at the basis of 393 times. I have a friend in the game as much as the test period was short.

According to the results of the combat analysis, the largest number of characters in the character, the ‘spike craftsman’, ‘Potential Arch’, ‘Write a’ Knife ‘, and’ Army ‘,’ Army ‘, The use of a emblematic card is a system that felt pride on playing games and boasts them to others, said a system that participated in the test, said a system that is proud of the game well and exquisitely utilized the hearing, You tube, YouTube, YouTube, etc. He said, he said.

Lee Eun-seok Director said, We have meticulously confirmed the feedback sent by the testers, said the Project HP>, the project HP>, which is ahead of the project HP>, I said.

Meanwhile, the project HP> is a PC game that implements a large-scale hundred vessel that fits the medieval battlefield with the Fantasy Worldview, which is the Fantasy Worldview, which appears to be a hero faith.

What Was The Initial Dungeon That Hooked You On MMOs

The Great Barrow.

This was the very first correct dungeon I ever ran in an high school. I didn’t play _ World of Warcraft _ when it introduced (could not pay for the sub at the time), and also with games like _ RuneScape _, which I did play a bunch in senior high school and early college, nothing really stands apart as memorable.

However, the Great Barrow in _ The Lord of the Bands Online _ was my initial dungeon where things began to click. It was 2007 and I had just tipped foot in Middle-earth for the very first time a week approximately prior. _ LotRO _ being my very first proper high school, it took rather a bit to get my bearings in game. Learn the ropes, in a manner of speaking, specifically as I was undergoing this grand venture with a senior high school pal at the time. We synced up when we might play, we chose courses that would enhance each other (I, a hunter; he was Ormaz the Lore-Master).

So when it finally came time to do our first significant instanced team run in The Great Barrow, I was loaded with enjoyment. What would this seem like? I had heard tales regarding difficult to deal with bosses – would certainly we run into any of those in this Barrow?

We had ventured into this specific barrow earlier in the storyline, with Tom Bombadil pertaining to our help in our hr of need. Nevertheless, Bombadil wasn’t in the event, simply Eldalye the most awful Seeker on Nimrodel, Ormaz, an okay LM, and a couple of others I can not keep in mind the names of, though they were definitely much more seasoned than I was.

Going through the winding corridors of the Barrow, I drew teams of adversaries towards our Fellowship, setting up our LMs and Guardian container to take them down. I really felt pretty unyielding, up until the wave of dread came by my character when Thadur went into the scene.

Combating this boss without messing up took all my shrewd and also ability – I was a rather bad MMO gamer back in the day, specifically playing _ LotRO _ at a paltry 20ish FPS on my not-well-equipped PC at the time. Managing the includes while still concentrating on Thadur, this really felt like some notion of what my friends explained from their days in _ WoW _ or _ Ultima Online _ also.

While the Great Barrow is not truly the peak of quest and dungeon style, absolutely still also today standing as a stronghold of that era of MMO development, it was the very first major dungeon in an MMO I kept up a group. It attracts attention in my mind as the one that truly lit the fire under me to look for experiences such as this one once more. It’s what prompted me to begin my own Kinship, one which still proceeds to now.

Existed a dungeon – either your first or just the very first one where things relatively clicked for you that made you love the MMO you were playing, or also the style all at once? Let us recognize in the comments.

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