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Magnificent and mystical air fights in the distant space in choir

Academy is Broken | Endless Space 2
While the spatial combat games have existed for a very long time, the genre has not had a great great title for some time. Combining a semi-open world with exciting 360 degree space fights to the third person, Chorus recalls how fun it is and committing to circumvent the asteroids and high-tech spatial stations, fight with combat helicopters and Play the cat-and mouse with enemies.

The developers declare that the title of Chorus comes from his former definition as a higher state of harmony , and that metaphysics and mysticism occupy a preponderant place in the history of the game. You play Nara, a spatial hunting pilot rebellious and (of course) a potential hero, determined to save your spatial civilization – and to realize your own redemption – of the enemy and head of worship the Prophet, who promised to bring the universe back to order after years of decline. Your faulty evolving and mystically sensitive fighter is called The Forsaken, and you assume a variety of missions such as the escort of friends, the destruction of enemy facilities, the rupture of blockade and the adventure to the deepest of mysterious temples of labyrinth built by the faceless, which are both enemies and allied at various times. The missions of the labyrinth temple are particularly important because they give you the power to improve your ship and capabilities. In addition to the campaign of about 13 hours, there are many secondary missions, collectibles and caches to discover both in space and temples.

The choir looks beautiful, and while its environments tend towards amas of asteroids filled with rubbish, spatial facilities and temples at the futuristic look, the immensity of the empty space is there on the margins of each scene. The different types of spatial vessels are easily identifiable and detailed, and the lighting and fighting effects of the game are impressive, even at this point relatively early. You have to praise the fantastic musical partition of the Portuguese composer Pedro Macedo Camacho. It s lyrical, dramatic and uses choral and vocal solo textures with a big effect.

Of course, the most important facets of any space combat game must be the fight, controls and if the game reaches the vertiginous feeling of exhilarating speed and the danger offered by the best. The good news is that Chorus keeps its promises on these fronts. The developers have looked at an arcade sensation for Chorus s fight, rather than approaching it as a simulation, so there is a targeting reticle, there is no locking mechanism. The Forsaken is usually a pleasure to control and its special capacities and improvements give the vessel even more flexibility and power in combat. The Nara ship is not an imposing battleship but a live fighter that can move over short distances in space, drift in the corners and turn in any direction. These are the types of games that should probably be accompanied by a warning harm of transport, but at least on short play sessions, it has never been a problem. Developers have spent considerable time settling the camera for the optimal distance of The Forsaken.

Even in the first overview version I played, the mission objectives and the objects of interest are quite well identified. A typical mission can involve Nara to release friends captured by pirates, escorting ships into a safe place while keeping the enemies under control, while looking for the area looking for scrap trail, all with a timer . There are also interesting gameplay choices along the way, like destroying enemy ships or turn them potentially into allies. Games taking place in space are confronted with a level design challenge, but the developers did a good job by subtly reporting the apparently open environment to gently direct the player from one goal to another, while allowing freeform exploration. .

In some ways, Chorus looks like a return to an earlier era. It s a simple spatial combat game with a dramatic story and campaign, and it focuses on the pleasure of flying an incredibly fast fighter through twists, where the up and down are relative concepts. It avoids (fortunately) some of the current mechanisms of the flavor of the month, so there are no cards to collect and it is not a roguelike. His story seems serious and interesting and his fight is stimulating and satisfying. There is always room for a good spatial fighting game, and I look forward to the final outing of the game on December 3rd.

Nexon the Project HP

The Great Lakes Megalopolis is composed of the team of metropolitan areas in North America mainly in the Great Lakes region and along the Saint Lawrence River. It extends from the Midwestern United States in the south and also west to western Pennsylvania and Western New York in the east as well as northward through Southern Ontario right into southwestern Quebec in Canada. It is one of the most inhabited and also largest megalopolis in The United States and Canada.
At its most inclusive, in the USA the region cuts a large swath from the Twin Cities in Minnesota in the west, southern to St. Louis and also Louisville, Kentucky, and east to Rochester, New York City; in Canada, it continues northeasterly to Quebec City. This more comprehensive area had an estimated populace of 59,144,461 since 2011 as well as is projected to get to a populace of regarding 65 million by 2025. Within this wide area, there is a core area of even more continual metropolitan advancement that includes Chicago, Milwaukee, Grand Rapids, South Bend, Detroit-Windsor, Cleveland, Toledo, Pittsburgh, Buffalo, Rochester, Hamilton, Toronto, Montreal, and also the metropolitan locations between these.

[Data provided: Nexon]

Nexon’s new (Gaseous) completed the pre-alpha test last 8 days.

MMORPG Get out of the competition of MMORPG, and a unique genre called PVP Action, attracted the attention of gamers. The first test version is a training area that previews the battle of the character in advance ▲ Precautionary, which strategically utilizes the auxiliary base with special effects ▲ Protective flights that have a special effect of special effects. Makshavalk etc. It was packed.

Nexon released a dichroid indicator of the moment of the hot battle of the hot battle of the Tester today (31).

‘Paden’, which had a strategic movement of short occupation time and squad members

The average occupation maintenance time of the parameter of Paden was 1 minute 37 seconds, the B-based occupation time of Mohavalk was 2 minutes and 5 seconds respectively. Paden treats the enemy to the enemy, so it is a way that the campaigns have been victimed, because they win the opponent’s campaign military power, so the occupation maintenance time was shorter. Through the right-handed by the Bali star and the interpolation, the strategic movement of the squadmen, such as using a ranged weapon, or by the right-circuit of the building.

Tester selected a blade (39.5%), spikes and smoke (13.2%), spikes and smoke (13.2%), ahammer (10.8%), the guardian (10.4%), the tester (10.8%), the guy (10.4%), and the most transformed hero The character was marked (43.1%). Unlike Parad (4th), Moha Valk, the preference of smoke was ranked 2nd place and climbed to the top.

This seems to be due to the need for a healer role that helps the rescue of a fierce battle in a fierce battle of Mohawk’s map characterized by three different branches.

3,978 The Great Caemonian who has been defeated from the work of the work of the colleague · · · · · I have a talented gamer ‘gathering’

Data that can see the ability of the testers showed off the ability to boast. The Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Ball, and the Gentleman was able to kill 3,978, and the Golden Puppet has revived 807 colleagues again, and the opportunity to recapture the combat opportunities. Purpose contributed to the team victory, successful at the basis of 393 times. I have a friend in the game as much as the test period was short.

According to the results of the combat analysis, the largest number of characters in the character, the ‘spike craftsman’, ‘Potential Arch’, ‘Write a’ Knife ‘, and’ Army ‘,’ Army ‘, The use of a emblematic card is a system that felt pride on playing games and boasts them to others, said a system that participated in the test, said a system that is proud of the game well and exquisitely utilized the hearing, You tube, YouTube, YouTube, etc. He said, he said.

Lee Eun-seok Director said, We have meticulously confirmed the feedback sent by the testers, said the Project HP>, the project HP>, which is ahead of the project HP>, I said.

Meanwhile, the project HP> is a PC game that implements a large-scale hundred vessel that fits the medieval battlefield with the Fantasy Worldview, which is the Fantasy Worldview, which appears to be a hero faith.

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