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LOL: The Skin Troll canceled by Riot who honored a mythical internet meme

Some great mysteries about League of Legends are in the material canceled. The list of Skins or champions that never saw the light in the title of Riot Games is particularly extensive due to the inexperience of the developer during his early years in charge of the game. However, not all discarded projects went to fret for lack of quality. Some have much more curious stories: this is the case that was the most fun cosmetic that never started .


a Skin Troll canceled by a good reason

Browsing the game code to try to find out more about a trundle that was at the time the new champion, the community found a new cosmetic very particular. The champion who was going to receive it was Real and, although there were not many details that could indicate an imminent release, yes a palette appeared with all the textures of the Skin. In it, the different elements that should have formed the final appearance could be seen perfectly.

It is likely that in first instance the cosmetic does not remember anything and seem simply a more skin for an real that will soon receive its aspect number 16. However, the goal was to honor to Rick Ashley in his mythical song Never Going to Give You Up , a mythical theme in the history of the Internet that was already used for ‘trolling’ to people. There are enough evidence, since all clothing recreates the appearance of the singer in her famous video clip that exceeds one billion visits on YouTube.

The tests are consistent, since everything seemed to fit perfectly with the original model of the character. However, it also seems evident the reason why Riot Games could have ruled out and never saw the Light in League of Legends: the Demand for image rights could be seen from afar. It had to be prudent because by then it would have been difficult to assume, although Riot Games ended up committing that failure equally in a cosmetic that would arrive years later.

LOL – All about the initial event of season 12: challenges, how to complete them and rewards

new period of League of Legends gets here over whatever high via a stunning video clip and also a streaming that has made us clear how Riot Games Mob will operate in this 2022. There are many that have already played numerous RANKED As well as you already recognize your ranking, however there are still people who favor to wait on the craziest of the game to have finished their positioning games to enter totally. You can go normal to understand a bit the fad of this period and also, over all, finish a series of obstacles that you will certainly arrive with the period start event.

As every year, Riot Games has prepared a series of related obstacles, most of all, with the champs have actually shown up at the welcome kinematics this period. The objectives will be unlocked daily between 7 and also 13 January and also the incentives readily available as quickly as we complete every little thing will be the following:

Season symbol 2022
1500 Blue Significance
Effigies capsule of any champion
God of the Forge — Vision Guard of Season 2022
Emoticon the phone call in honor of the kinematics
500 orange significance for spending on Skins
Hex tech + secret
Fragments of Champion of Oran, Segueing, Olaf, Olivier, Pantheon, Leona, Kai’ SA, Aliyah and also Red’ SAI (the champs that have actually appeared in the kinematics).

brand-new period of League of Legends shows up over whatever high via a spectacular video clip as well as a streaming that has made us clear just how Riot Games Mob will work in this 2022. There are many that have already played various RANKED And you currently understand your ranking, however there are still individuals that choose to wait for the craziest of the video game to have completed their positioning video games to enter fully. You can go regular to understand a bit the trend of this period and, over all, finish a series of difficulties that you will certainly get here with the season begin occasion.

Thus, Riot Games invites the 2022 period of League of Legends with a multitude of news as well as presents in the type of benefits. Along with all this we have also been able to understand whatever that will come brand-new, like the new currency Within the video game, fascinating obstacles systems or the new line of porcelain aspects to commemorate Chinese New Year; Along with the political election of the following redesign of champ by, as not, the area of gamers of Riot Games.

Castlevania Requiem: The cult game Symphony of the Night gets new collectors edition


After 25 years Castlemaine is coming: Harmony of the Evening in honor once more: Names influential PlayStation classic is refilled in a physical collection agency version for PS4. The Collector’s Version appears at Limited Run Games and also is one of 3 versions that are generated in limited quantities. You can pre-order the special expenses from January 14, 2022. Limited Run Games is targeted with its deal to customers who wish to face their games in the shelf. Most just recently, we had actually already reported on the physical enthusiast’s edition of Celebrity Wars: The Old Republic, which was additionally editioned with countless additional.

Cost: $175 United States bucks.

Castlemaine Requiem Ultimate Edition.

All 3 problems are pre-ordered from 14 January 2022 at 16 o’clock. Limited Run Games also provides Germany, Switzerland and also Austria.

For 175 euros you will get a lot of additional. Source: Limited Run Games includes the video game on Blu-ray along with the complying with bonus:.

Castlemaine: Requiem (typical edition).


From Felix Schultz.
07.01.2022 at 18:15.

Castlemaine Requiem Classic Version.


The normal disc variation hardly provides additional. Source: Limited Run Games includes the game on Blu-ray and also a miniposter.

The components of the Standard Edition Resource: Limited Run Games has the video game on Blu-ray, in addition to a soundtrack with selected tracks, a double-sided poster (format 18 X24 ) and also a box in retro style.

Cost: 65 US bucks.

Price: 35 United States dollars.

Castlemaine: Requiem — Typical Disc Version (PS4).
Castlemaine Requiem Classic Edition (PS4).
Castlemaine Requiem Ultimate Version (PS4).

Minimal Run will certainly release the physical variation of Castlemaine Requiem in 3 editions. The game has no nation limitation and works on every PS4 or PS5.

Purely talking, you even get 2 games, since in package is naturally the Castlemaine Requiem released in 2018. Behind it is just a collection from Castlemaine: Harmony of the Evening of 1997 and also the direct precursor Castlemaine: Rondo of Blood, which has actually been released in 1993 for the Turboprop 16 (Computer Engine). Both video games are almost unmodified, but still played quite possibly today and also might not be missing in any Castlemaine collection.

Box in casket layout, which is modeled on the memory factors of Symphony of the Night.
Replicas from Placards Sword and Guard.
Box in retro layout.
Steelwork situation.
Pin in the layout of Belmont cult whip Vampire Killer.
Certificate of credibility.
Soundtrack with picked pieces.
Double-sided PS4 cover with retro designs from Symphony of the Evening and Rondo of Blood.
Double-sided poster (format 18 x24 ).

1 2 Castlemaine: Requiem: Expensive Collection Agency Version for Symphony of the Nightbildbildgallerie to Castlemaine: Requiem: Expensive Collection Agency Version for Harmony of the Evening.

Strictly speaking, you even receive 2 games, since in the box is of course the Castlemaine Requiem released in 2018. Behind it is nothing however a collection from Castlemaine: Symphony of the Night of 1997 and also the straight precursor Castlemaine: Rondo of Blood, which has been released in 1993 for the Turboprop 16 (PC Engine).

After 25 years Castlemaine is coming: Symphony of the Night in honor once more: Names influential PlayStation standard is reloaded in a physical collector version for PS4. The Enthusiast’s Version appears at Limited Run Games and also is one of three variations that are generated in restricted quantities. Most just recently, we had actually already reported on the physical collector’s version of Star Wars: The Old Republic, which was additionally editioned with numerous additional.

Interview with presidential candidate Game Policy of Lee Jae-not

Democratic presidential candidate, with one day notice yijaemyeong has installed a new Agency for the games’ industry transition paradigm. The candidate has changed and social consensus on P2E game. After he had clearly regulated legal commitment for an odds-type items. He pledged support for the resolution and additional international markets in order to ensure a pan-governmental panto problems. E-Sports has promised to grow into a major professional sports industry yijaemyeong government.

The Republic of Korea 20 Dorinda undergoing presidential election on March 9th. The interview was conducted in writing.

views on the overall domestic game industry

= Korean game industry comes after growing for about 20 years, haewatgo tortoni a filial role of content, whilst exports has established itself as a dignified celebration of the national industry, such as economic development, contributing to creating numerous jobs. In particular, it is also the domestic game to enjoy the world over one billion global users, such as people battleground out, also called e-sports industry group of the genre and was the force of the K- gaming industry.

However, it pointed out that the industry is one gap grow only petite business model is the lack of effort to raise her game ecosystem, utilizing the excess probability-type items. The government’s support for the sustainable growth of the industry has been lacking. Old company regulation does not reflect the trend of the industry and individual regulations to deal with alcohol, tobacco, gambling has been inhibited development.

However, I think that even now I shut it obsolete thing. I think that the time required to switch the games’ industry paradigm. According to the survey, only in 2020, so that the answer using the game for more than 10 years 71.3% national games has become a culture. Including a mechanism for installing the Game Industry Promotion will carefully review the various promotion policies.

against P2E game

= Current Game Industry Promotion Act stipulates the exchange of a game is possible P2E game achievements with Game Rating illegal. Last November the block-based chain that began dragging a big hit on the 18th P2E mobile game ‘Infinite Kingdoms broke Rivers’ was determined on December 10 Classification Cancellation.

In addition, the domestic case of game four Remade Mir 4 ” Mir 4 ‘global version enough to exceed the number of visitor global simultaneous Based on this collection of Herschel (goods) enables the cashing in cryptocurrency exchanges while playing 1.3 million people The box office jungyijiman impossible in the domestic version.

But ironically Mir four global game situation in the Republic of Korea and had the game Target Game Business Innovation Year 2021, seeking to sign the largest games NC soft and game Notable also P2E global expansion.

However, P2E market is just starting a new business model can not predict anyone at the moment. Recognizing the voice of concern about gambling problems, we will find a social consensus watching how the P2E development in the future.

about the probability of type item issues

= Algorithms spend a lot of money can be made to play well, it is counterintuitive to the nature of the game. If it achieved this state of the game industry-oriented business model, the way to communicate with the user and does not fit the nature of the game up to provide fun.

The country is currently being adopted by the global e-sports event of the Games, despite e-sports suzerain situation it seems to be the limit, so some of them do not. I have a concern that if the country would have though the games were buried only make production competitive-type probability models Item revenue, falling eventually internationally competitive.

It announced that a policy relating to the probability-type items, cows hwakhaeng 25th commitments. Promoting transparent information disclosure of chance alone game items will transparently disclose the exact configuration probability and expected value of a probability-type items. To induce excessive purchasing costs by encouraging the gambling called ‘Complete Geisha (the Compton CIA)’, that have multiple drawings will in principle prohibited.

Also, I ask responsible for the game’s probability of manipulation, deliberately presented an incorrect probability, so that excessive penalties for small, indie developer will also complement raise together.

Lee, Sang — Heon, with the Democrats for this initiative represents a whole gaming industry law amendments

= Game Industry Promotion Act was enacted in 2006 and has reached the present day. I think in terms that enhance the gamers to protect and repair the irrational system requires amendment. Our Party lawmaker Lee, Sang — Heon all the games’ industry initiative Amendment Act is expected to contribute to protecting users with the healthy development of the gaming industry.

In particular, the government, local governments, ever composed ‧ operate the gaming industry councils in the game business center, and funding for small game operators, game ratings, game information, information that the youth was obliged to show the probability of type item type and type supply probability information the ban harmful content and advertising to promote the act of thinking that is a point to point, such as a foreign gaming operators a step further domestic agents.

With respect to the probability-type items are mandatory public know that the voice of concern in the industry. This amendment is reasonably confirmed through social consensus process, including a public hearing be held, I hope to contribute to protecting users, including excessive gambling solved with the healthy development of the gaming industry.

against panto issues

= To come off the panto troubleshooting issue than the government positively. In panto One of the problems to be considered a priority is that panto acquire existing distributors and that was our game to be protected from being penalized.

It requires measures to address the level of the Ministry of Foreign Trade of China’s major overseas markets panto issue of Korean game companies. The countries with diplomatic and business will go Leona China panto problem. Through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Industry generally, cultural joint response strategies and implementation of relevant ministries such as Ministry of Tourism, Sports and panto solve the problem and, at the same time, we will also support measures taken at the national level for additional overseas markets such as Southeast Asia secured.

The fact that they will complete it more actively communicate with the Chinese government issued a new panto be an important reference point of the Korea-China relations will allow the government to clearly recognize.

about e-sports industry

= E, despite sporting status as suzerain and was also unable to accept the fact jeongjak e-sports as an important industry like any other professional sport. However, it will write yijaemyeong government forces to be recognized and further spread of e-sports as a major professional sports industry. And already ‘pledged cow hwakhaeng 5’ announced the e-sports club founded by Managing Director, e-only sports game content development will also strongly support.

Sports Council and the Sports Council for each province from e units will allow the sport to be adopted as an official sport. We will also establish a policy to expand the professional leagues in some sports, such as League of Legends biased in a variety of sports.

As already worldwide ICT technologies are rapidly evolving, world of enthusiasm for e-sports have been much like that of pay increases, the show makers players such as South Korea e-Sports players are getting the attention of people around the world as much as the well-known artists such as BTS.

Presidential Election D-100: Lee Jae-myung-Yoon Seok-youl running neck-in-neck in 5-way race
Out to build a long-term player development infrastructure in order to continue to discharge those star players, we will strengthen primarily from more stable employment and working conditions based on the composition.

for the disabled Games Issues, local gaming culture

= In that the met averse, VR virtual reality technology optimized for various games is the most appropriate means to bridge the gap between reality and non-disabled people such as the disabled yidonggwon. People with disabilities will encourage a wide range of barrier-free content at the national level so that you can smoothly use it to establish an institutional framework to enable disabled people playing games such as closed captioning, dedicated gaming devices.

In addition, disabled e-sports league will prepare a variety of disabilities, including the launch awareness games and related industries and to promote the participation policy. And we will expand the current e-sports arena built in Susan, Kwangju, Daemon such as e-sports base facilities by region in order to mitigate the gap between metropolitan and non-metropolitan playing games.

Like other professional sports enterprises — regional — we will collaborate closely related such as e-sports organizations Korean Olympic Committee to yeongoji pirogi activate the center competitions between athletes.

For the game use disorder domestic coded diseases

= The World Health Organization has decided to classify the game using disability as a disease in January 2022, just puts a grace period of 5 years. It will decide whether to introduce the recommendations to take advantage of the grace period.

Disease coding of the game use disorders thinking is different from the addiction issue and was generally discussed so far. The games use disorders and other diseases actually closer that can be classified in the same line review required.

In 2020 domestic game industry sales 21 3 YoY

In 2020, the 19-year-old Corona 19th fan was launched, the domestic game industry has increased by 21.3% YoY. This is the highest in 15 years, with the highest growth, the indoor activity increases, and the prediction of the game industry is a boom.

Korea Content Promotion Agency announced the results of this survey through 2021 Korean game white paper. In 2020, the Korea Games Industry Total sales increased by 21.3% YoY to 18,85.5 billion won. This is higher than that of the global game market (11.7%), which is the highest growth since 2001, except for 2005, which recorded 101% growth in adult arcade game boom, such as sea stories.

The game white paper said, Due to the Corona 19’s effect, the Korean economic growth rate was based on -1%, and the game has still recorded a high growth rate. With the increase in indoor activities in 19., Mobile Games increased by 39.9% YoY, and the console game has also increased by 57.3% YoY due to the start of the Nintendo Switch and the new console supply. PC games also increased 2.0% YoY, but in terms of growth rate, the total share of the growth rate was lower than the other fields, decreased by 4.9% p a slight year.

However, game retailers such as PC rooms and arcade games are limited to sales in Corona 19, and sales were greatly reduced. In 2020, PC room sales decreased by 11.9% YoY, and Arcade Games’ sales has decreased by 48.1%. The game white paper says, I am expected to be difficult to recover in the future.

However, the number of game industry workers decreased slightly. In the 2020, the number of game industry workers was surveyed by 6.6% YoY to 83,303. This decrease is due to the undone of the game distribution (PC room, arcade game), and the number of game distribution business members decreased by 21.6% YoY. As a result, the first game production and distributor number of game distribution business workers for the first time in 2020.

Twin Slicer Gameplay All Levels iOS,Android Mobile Walkthrough New Game ASMR Update Level TWISLC

The number of games and the number of reasons for the reasons were 44,310, which increased by 12.5% ​​YoY in accordance with the rise in the industry. Especially, all platform workers, including console games, and especially the mobile game division increased by 17.2% YoY.

With the entire industry, exports also increased significantly. In 2020, the Korea Game Industry Exports increased by 23.1% YoY in US $8.19 billion (about 9,742.1 billion won). Mobile game exports were the largest, and the main exporter was also China. However, in the previous year, China’s export market share fell 5.3% p, while the proportion of Taiwan, Southeast Asia, North America, and Europe has increased, while China’s dependence rate is lowered and exporter diversification is being made at the same time. In contrast, foreign game imports were found to be $2779 billion (KRW 3.22.1bn) (about W322.1bn), which is 9.2% from the previous year, and the dependence on foreign games is lowered overall.

As of 2020, Korea was found to occupy a 6.9% market share in the global game market. Compared to the previous year, we recorded two-digit growth rate and raise the UK to the United States — China — Japan — Japan, and the Korean back was British, Germany, France, Italy, Canada, Spain. By the field, PC games are third, mobile games, but the console and arcade game sector are still minimal.

On the other hand, the game white paper is expected to grow 6.1% YoY to 2021, the domestic game market sales estimate was 20 trillion won to W242.2bn. Corona 19 is not the same level as a game production and distribution industry, but it will still be achieved in the Mobile and Console, and still in the field of Mobile and Console, and the PC room and arcade game area industry is also 8.3% and 5.6% I looked out. Especially, in the event of an arcade game industry in the crisis, it is a plan to enable various policies through various policies such as score compensated arcade game demonstration projects.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake arrives on PC at a high price

Final Fantasy 7 remake is a game very expected by fans of the franchise. Even with the game divided into two parts, with LCS, it did not slow the stride of any fan. But this last movement can even give the greatest player a break.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Integrade PC Trailer | Game Awards 2021

Apparently, while the game is expected to go out on Epic Games Store on December 16, 2021, the game will not be offered at a reduced price. Instead, it will come at full price that can be reached on the consoles, which is about 70 USD. This is a rather unusual decision for a regular edition of a game, especially since no bonus will be added, and that it is only a regular edition of the game. There will be Not even no special soundtracks to download or anything else added to the Final Fantasy 7 remake experience.

Square Enix also wants to do it with an upcoming title, For spoken, when leaving in May 2022. It seems that the big game company wants to do a normal and normal thing for transfer to PC, rather than starting with that as a first prize and lower it.

This is not the first time Triple-A titles come out at a high price for PCs. There was the recent Battlefield 2042 and Call of Duty: Vanguard who came out at the price of 60 USD. And, too, Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands will also arrive at the price of sixty dollars. And if you take into account the fact that there is a higher price increase for Triple-A games currently when they come out of the international markets, it can make them cost much more, up to thirty percent of More, according to Steam db.

This does not remove the fact that we can play Final Fantasy 7 remake on PC. It’s a great news, and that means those who have consoles can enjoy what could have been a console exclusivity. And maybe being able to pay for the game via Epic Games with only the currency conversion rate will allow people to pay more easily and play a game they wanted so much.

Look too

LOL The most surreal play that revives the debate about the harm in the community

Ruined King: A League of Legends Story is a 2021 turn-based role-playing computer game established by Aircraft Syndicate as well as published by Riot Forge. A spin-off to Riot Games’ League of Legends, Messed up King utilizes characters and also a setup stemming in its parent title.
The game is embedded in Bilge water, a busy pirate city, and also the Shadow Isles, a cursed area full of a corrupting pressure called the Black Mist. The player manages a celebration of 6 personalities from League of Legends to find the resource of the Black Mist. Originally disclosed in 2019 throughout the 10th anniversary event of League of Legends, Destroyed King’s release was postponed as an outcome of the COVID-19 pandemic. A launch date was not supplied by the programmer or author till it was released, along with Hex tech Mayhem, on November 16, 2021, for Microsoft Windows, the PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch as well as Xbox One. It is in reverse compatible with the PlayStation 5 as well as Xbox Collection X/S, with complimentary upgrades to the indigenous versions to be readily available in the future.

League of Legends isn't JUST a MOBA anymore
One of the great complaints of the players of League of Legends since Riot Games changed the objects in season 11 has been related to the large amount of damage in the game. It is a situation on which Riot Games has not raised changes this season, in which only the objects of skill power have received a decline in their ability to subtract life to the enemy in exchange for secondary powers that compensate for this loss.

Is there too much damage in League of Legends?

One of the most excessive examples of this situation has shared a member of the community in a play on which it shows as a player with three fewer levels and a 1/15 marker manages to end it impacting only two active skills That, in addition, are impossible to fail. A practically surrealistic situation that many has used to exemplify the state of the game over recent times.

While Skill shot. A situation that could have ended with the magician of the letters saving in extremis by using the most popular object of League of Legends, but also raises a question: Why should we use so many resources to save us when our rival is so for behind?

The truth is that this situation gives, as a minimum, to reopen the existing damage debate in League of Legends. However, adjustments in this respect are much more complex than it might seem first and it does not seem that Riot Games is willing to individually evaluate all game characters while there are so many satisfied players with the current state of the title.

LOL The All Star event is canceled this year due to the pandemic

It was predictable, but the news saddens us anyway: Riot Games has announced that there will be no Eventall-Star this year. The situation of the pandemic is obviously involved, but perhaps we could have expected a small online tournament as last year or some face-to-face event. But for logistics and financial reasons, it was considered easier to cancel everything and close the chapter of the year 2021 and look directly at 2022. While this obviously is not a tragedy, we would not have said that not to the classic clashes of League of Legends between Europe and North America or China vs Korea. The All-Star event is part of our tradition and one wonders if we are not losing it with this cancellation.

This game is fine.

Riot Games has not given many explanations to justify this election. There are many logistical difficulties to give life to a physical event today and although the pandemic seems to be increasing, it is probably not a very good idea to organize gatherings, meetings or face-to-face competitive challenges. While the event would last 3 days, counting the quarantines for coming and coming, the participants would have spent more time waiting for playing the show as such.

Not having an online event As last year it is more questionable, but Riot Games has said, in particular, that online does not correspond to the spirit of the All-Star, which points out especially to entertain the public at the same time that stars regional rivalries. It is also understandable that an online event, without a public, attracts fewer sponsors and does not allow the sale of tickets. Therefore, is not necessarily very profitable In relation to the costs incurred, and the developer has been spending a lot of money over this last year with Arcane and Ruined King, although the benefit will arrive within not much.


PlayStation Plus announcement of the free

Tetris (Russian Тетрис) is a problem video game of the Russian designer Alexei Pashto, which completed the initial usable version on June 6, 1984, on an electronica 60 computer system. Tetris is thought about a video game timeless today, has sold over 425 million times to now, has actually been awarded a lot of times and also has actually been published for more than 65 computer system platforms.

Very soon, the free games for the subscribers of PlayStation Plus in December 2021 are available for download. So far, what titles are this time so far. However, that should change soon if Sony announces the appropriate list. But when exactly is that happen?

When is the announcement for PS plus in December?

There is no officially confirmed appointment yet. But Sony should be in the previous rhythm, should be expected to be announced with the announcement of the new free games on 1 December 2021. Normally, the new charge of the free games is available for download on the first Tuesday of the New Month. That would be in this case of 7 December. The announcement always takes place on Wednesday before this launch, so you should keep your eyes and ears open on December 1st.

Which play is to be expected?

In the recent past, there were already presented before the official announcement various Notes and Leaks to the next free games. For the December, nothing has been heard or seen so far. However, that could change in the course of this week.

Which games are available for download in November?

In November, the subscribers of PlayStation Plus have access to a total of six free titles. This ranges from the Dodgeball game Knockout City to the RPG Kingdoms of Amateur: Re-Reckoning. Also, Some VR games are included that you can download until the end of this month. Here are the overview:

PlayStation Plus (PS4 and PS5) November 2021 (PS+)
Knockout City
First Class Trouble
Kingdoms of Amateur: Re-Reckoning
The Persistence
The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners
UNTIL YOU case for PSV

From André left

23.11.2021 at 08:25

LOL Sentinels of light the failure of Riot in 2021 that still hurts the developers

Absolution | Sentinels of Light 2021 Cinematic - League of Legends
Although all the protagonism has taken it arcane, the event light sentinels also wanted to make history at League of Legends. Advertised to hype and saucer during the first stretch of the season, the story of the ruined king should have been the first step to a year of scandal for Riot Games. The successes ended up arriving, but that first stretch still feels bad in a developer who has now assured that, if he could go back, I would like many things differently.

The failure of a historic event for Riot Games

The problems in the progression system, the poor method chosen to tell what should be one of the most interesting stories of League of Legends or the failure that the unleashed Thresh Skin was despite being free were some great failures of the event. A chain of errors that gave rise to many criticisms of the community and which has now given the reason the head of production of champions Riot Games.

This situation, however, will not remain alone in this species of apology. Although it has not been a success, light sentinels has been very important for Riot Games when it comes to understanding how to manage the events of the game or what exactly awaiting the players of this type of celebrations expect. A situation that they have even promised to explain in a future development blog that will be launched before it ended next year.

Although not all the seasons of League of Legends will come marked by a great narrative event, we can expect the company to book a special date for introduce lighting ambition campaigns of light or spiritual flourish. In this sense, it is very important that Riot Games knows how to give on the key and take advantage of the recognized stumble of the past events to create something fascinating.

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