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New Tales from the Borderlands: choices as well as mini -games – very first gameplay

About two weeks earlier, the Transmission software developers with New Tales From The Borderlands introduced a follower to the popular Adventure branch of Telltale Games. We were able to take a detailed sight of the gameplay of New Tales from the Borderlands in advance.

Make a choice

As currently disclosed at the statement, the player takes control of a disorderly protagonist triad containing the scientist Anu, her sibling Octavio as well as the Froghurt store proprietor Fran. At the beginning of the trial, the 3 are on the run from the henchmen of the tediere company, which has simply assaulted their house planet Prometheus. The group triggers to escape the hammering out the sewage system. If enemy call, there are conversations concerning the ideal procedure. This provides us the opportunity to obtain a first impression of the dialog system. As normal, there are constantly choices in the conversations. Which of the three numbers we choose can alter a number of times during a dialogue.
New Tales from the Borderlands: Gameplay replacement on the Pax (1) Source: 2K Gamings
While some of the decisions only change initially glance, which the corresponding character is stating, other direct results on the following game. If we choose to slip in the sewage system or to straight attack opponents, influence how the following area occurs. On the whole, the designers wish to affix significantly even more weight to the gamer’s choices. In the development of the video game, we increased the selecting system. We desire every decision you make an effect, as well as with five feasible ends the players will discover exactly how choices that they make during their own adventure will certainly be impact every personality’s profession, clarifies James Lopez, Supervisor of Manufacturing at Gearbox Software Program.

New Tales from the Borderlands: Trailer presents brand-new personalities

time for a battle

The actual battle in between the two mini numbers is revealed likewise to a beat ‘Em Up. Strokes are carried out with a switch as well as when attacks by the opponent must be avoided in excellent time. Especially if you want to have your boundary faves in your collection.

The developers likewise came up with various mini-games to make the gameplay significantly varied. Undoubtedly, the citizens of the Borderlands universe are extremely eager on gathering the minifigures of renowned personalities-and thus instantly the player. New Tales from the Borderlands: Gameplay substitute on the PAX (3) Source: 2K Gamings This Vaultlander can just be made by various other enthusiasts.

James Lopez clarifies to us regarding the mini-games: We have mounted a number of mini-games, consisting of a Vaultland mini video game, in which the player has to battle in arbitrary encounters with plastic figures, wherein the player has to assault the opposing number. Easy problems approximately point-and-click Quick-time events. There are also some crazy games, yet I don’t wish to reveal anything.

Additionally check out


New Tales from the Borderlands formally presented and introduced

New Tales from the Borderlands: Gameplay replacement on the PAX (3) Resource: 2K Games This Vaultlander can only be gained by various other enthusiasts.

Concerning 2 weeks earlier, the Gearbox software program designers with New Tales From The Borderlands introduced a follower to the popular Adventure branch of Telltale Games. The title, which is being created this time, once again informs a gripping tale in the world of the Borderlands shooter role-playing games, only packed as journey. As necessary, discussions with decisions, environments to check out and additionally a few brand-new gameplay aspects await you. We were able to take a comprehensive sight of the gameplay of New Tales from the Borderlands in development.

In conversation with the developers, it also ends up being clear that they have never showed all gameplay facets of New Tales from the Borderlands (purchase now EUR 35.99).
In enhancement to straight sections, such as the path revealed through the sewer system, there will certainly also be extensive locations in which we can explore and uncover fascinating points.
And also who recognizes, maybe we will fulfill acquainted faces in one or the various other edge.
A reunion with Rhys has actually currently been teased in the personality trailer released on the Pax.
New Tales from the Borderlands will certainly be released on October 21, 2022 for computer, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X and Nintendo Switch Over.
By Matthias Dammes

03.09.2022 at 00:00 a.m.
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The developers of Gearbox Software program and Publisher 2k Gaming officially announce New Tales from the Borderlands. Release quickly.

Quantic Dream: Netease buys studio behind Detroit: Come To Be Human and also Hefty Rain

For the 25th anniversary of the workshop, we were able to speak with business boss David Cage in July, which we also responded to the in proportion purchase by the Chinese business Netease. Cage did not wish to enter into the rumor that Netease Quantic Dream can totally buy, and now the cat is officially out of the sack.

At the end of in 2014, the French developer workshop Quantic Dream revealed that one would certainly service Star Wars: Eclipse \ view of the size of the brand name Celebrity Wars , naturally, a really nice house number. On the planet of video clip games, nevertheless, Quantic Dream was already understood prior to this statement, good friends of decision-heavy story games are labelled titles like Heavy Rainfall or Detroit: End Up Being Human.

Netease as well as Quantic Dream: Freedom ought to stay

On the homepage of Quantic Dream, a news release was published today in which the complete acquisition of the French studio is announced by Netease and also certainly also commemorated. They reviewed the partnership given that 2019, expect the future as well as ensured that in spite of the bargain his self-reliance :

To house web page.

Currently where Quantic Dream belongs entirely Netease, there are various other balance of power. If you want to believe the official press release, the French programmer workshop wants to continue to maintain its freedom in the future and live out your very own creative identity. We will discover what it resembles following in Celebrity Wars: Eclipse – The title must show up according to an expert 2025.

Along with your own jobs, you want to continue to concentrate on job as a author and also aid various other workshops. As the co-CEO of Quantic Dream, Guillaume de Fondaumière reveals in a meeting with, one wished to buy the coming monthsand just put this on the Gamescom with the statement of the title Under the Waves.

On the homepage of Quantic Dream, a press release was released today in which the complete acquisition of the French workshop is announced by Netease and of course likewise commemorated. Netease Games carries out to sustain the innovation as well as development of video games worldwide as well as in this context is also Quantic Dream continues to expand. Due to the focus of the Asian market on Mobile Games , we likewise asked in our meeting whether you would certainly go towards cell phone games at Quantic Dream after part-time financial investment. Currently where Quantic Dream belongs completely Netease, there are other equilibrium of power. We will certainly discover out what it looks like next in Star Wars: Eclipse – The title must show up according to an insider 2025.

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Due to the emphasis of the Oriental market on Mobile Games , we additionally asked in our interview whether you would go towards cell phone video games at Quantic Dream after part-time investment. Cage emphasized and refuted the inquiry:Netease did not invest in us to alter our identity. They desire to sustain our aspirations as well as strategies.

To develop us even more and also desire, while we start our next 25 years, we are delighted to announce that we will join Netease Gamings, that are currently becoming 100% shareholders of Quantic Dream. We keep our self-reliance what the editorial group, the imaginative positioning of our jobs as well as the administration of our studio..


The future of Quantic Dream.

Our groups, which are completely associated with the job as well as benefit monetarily directly, will certainly be entirely adopted and also will remain to grow as well as be enhanced. Netease Games takes on to support the innovation and advancement of video games worldwide and also in this context is likewise Quantic Dream remains to expand. We will certainly remain to act individually and also keep the capacity to create as well as publish our very own video games on all systems as well as to sustain the titles of 3rd parties..

_ We satisfied Netease concerning 4 years earlier as well as provided them to join us as a minority shareholder in January 2019. During this time around we discovered a great deal concerning each other. We began working on little and also large jobs, enjoyed the moment of collaboration and also a whole lot about ours Industry and our future vision gone over. We uncovered that we share the exact same desire to produce take on and premium work that leaves the perception. _.

The 10 finest split display

Keep in mind that the term shared screen can be translated as if it either holds to its name or is identified with a local multiplayer or co-op game. Due to the fact that you meet most crucial categories of video clip games, most definitely take a look at one of these titles.

Fuzion madness

The 10 best split screen games that are presently readily available in the Xbox Game Pass.

You have options for regional multiplayer fun if you live in a family with numerous people and also have an Xbox or a pc gaming Computer with a game pass. You may only have constant visitors who come in as well as play, but all the same you should take a look at the complying with titles. These are the 10 finest split screen games that you can presently enter the Xbox Game Pass

overcooked! 2

Technically traditional is this launch game from the initial Xbox. Disregard the mixed reviews that the game might have, this is a damn good party game with a handful of different mini video games in which you can grow. It is not fairly at the level of Mario Party, however that’s the finest you can get, specifically for a game that appeared 21 years back.

This is a youngster’s have fun with regard to neighborhood multiplayer or split screen games of any size. If you are trying to find a stressful, participating experience that likewise works as an entertaining team building exercise with buddies and also family members, this is just the important things for you. The overcooked series can create the craziest and also most fear-loaded moments in a regional game session. Everybody tries to rush around in an imaginary kitchen area while not the entire residence refute, just seems like a fun time.

figure out two

If you want a tame as well as pleasant participating experience, probably with a romantic partner, this is a clear selection to incorporate playing into the activities of couples. Caring through the picturesque landscapes while playing systems with each other and ridiculating is an experience that both occasional gamers and specialists value!

Taiko no Tatsujin: The drum master!

This game is not a smash brothers or even multiversus, but it can provide a great deal of happiness. Gang Monsters is among these games where you can do all feasible crazy things, and with even more individuals involved, it becomes even more fun. You are simply a bunch of clumpy, humanlike characters that all implicate each other to see that in the long run is ahead.

Even if you are unable to get an official Taiko controller into your hands to obtain the complete experience, a controller would suffice.

Take the sweat far from the system fighters pointed out above and merely deliver a fight with loved ones with the Ragdoll physics that this game has to supply.

Rhythm games are gradually coming to be an antique of the past, as well as that’s sad. The games in the Japanese market are still going well, although many of them are in arcades. Individuals in western areas can experience taiko no factual: The drum master. It is a game that mostly concentrates on blue as well as red notes, with some handles and freestyle to alter it.

gang bars

no one saves the globe

Do you bear in mind the Tale of Zelda games from a bird’s eye view in which you can take your vehicle around as well as take it up with opponents like Four Swords? Well, that’s an excellent RPG equivalent. If you have a pal or a brother or sister and desire to work through the content, this can conveniently take dozens of hrs with all the various builds that you can both generate.

Adolescent Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredders revenge

Bring me back to the 90s, due to the fact that the Ninja Turtles game on the Sega Genesis was instantly a traditional! With Shredder’s Vengeance in the mixture and an extraordinary game, you can now experience an experience like this in all its beat-em-up splendor. The even more players, the a lot more hectic as well as chaotic it can be, particularly because you can play with up to 6 people!

Tetris impact: linked

Tetris is one of these timeless video games in which people of all skills can have fun. This game in specific is the last version of a Tetris game.

HALO: The Master Principal Collection

If you desire to play shooter games and also desire a co-op pal, avoiding this game would certainly be a negative service for one of the ideal exclusive shooter franchise under the roof covering of Microsoft.


The very best Sofa Cage memory of a player have to be playing the Halo collection on Legendary at ludicrous times of the evening. To be destroyed by the flooding as well as the partnership, to discover the skulls and finish the fight; That’s what it went. Halo: The Master Principal Collection brings the initial two remastered games, Halo 3 and 4, Reach as well as Odst, in a plan that stands for the emphasize of the FPS-Coop Ruhm.

It takes two!

If you live in a home with many individuals and also have a gaming or an xbox PC with a game pass, you have alternatives for local multiplayer fun. These are the 10 ideal split screen games that you can currently obtain in the Xbox Game Pass

Technically old school is this launch game from the initial Xbox. Disregard the combined evaluations that the game might have, this is a damn great celebration game with a handful of various mini games in which you can deepen. Gang Monsters is one of these video games where you can do all feasible crazy points, and with more people involved, it becomes all the extra fun.

Is one of these video games where you truly can’t sleep. It is possibly one of the conclusive participating video games of the 8th as well as 9th generation.

You can obtain Xbox Game Pass now for your Xbox One, Series gaming consoles and also your PC.

Lol: Riot Pwin to the community with a highly anticipated change that will not reach League of Legends

The expansion of Riot Games has caused great frictions with the community of League of Legends . Although the developer has not modified the way in which she treats her star video game, many players feel envy for the novelties that arrive exclusively to the rest of the company’s video games. The controversies with respect to the extra functions of Wild Rift are constant and it is also common that when the cyclic discussion about the voice chat arises everyone wonders why value it does. Now, with one of the next added, the situation is about to be repeated.


A highly anticipated change that will not reach League of Legends

According to a filtration, Riot Games will allow very soon that we canadd to a limited number of players to a list to block them from our games *. This function would be limited so that it only lasts a few days and that it cannot alter the pairing system, so that there would still be a possibility that we could find them. However, the relaxation that offers someone who has maintained a bad behavior together with the reduced probability of coinciding with him make this tool a very satisfactory when dealing with toxicity.

The problem we have already mentioned is that nothing indicates that this tool can reach League of Legends . A situation that has given rise to complaints in a community that does not understand the differential treatment between both titles. Although it is normal for the pace of content to be different or that monetization strategies change, it is more complicated to understand why functions that make an objectively frustrating title and that have been requested for years are only included in one of them. Even more in cases where satisfying the desires of the players seems so simple.

Everything is said, it will have to be a little more patients to see what determination Riot Games makes. After all, we are talking about a filtration that, although it reaches a more than reliable source, we must always deal with a little care. However, if it becomes confirmed, it is very likely that it causes an even more aggressive reaction among the League of Legends players, who have already held on several occasions their weariness with the differential treatment received by the different video games of the developer.

Dungeons & Dragons: A V6 coming close to? No.

Program, request for the program.

Note that it will likewise be possible, for duty having fun, to purchase physical + PDF bundles and take advantage of a very early getaway of guide through the PDF layout.

And if, undoubtedly, all this is integrated into Shadow of the Dragon Queen, the publication that will certainly consist of everything to play in the world of Krynn, Wizards also launched something new for the event. And also, icing on the cake, the two video games can be connected to each various other: play your role-playing campaign, and when a fight is activated, play the collection of tray.

We have additionally seen, yet for the moment it worries us a little less than the English-speaking public, advancements for the Beyond. I asked if translations will certainly wind up showing up for these electronic game help and I had a response it’s in development, we work there very timeless, but at the very least it advancements. As a reminder, D&D Beyond was initially independent, yet Wizards bought it at the beginning of this year.

The action of the two video games takes place at the beginning of the lance battle, however you should recognize that the campaign that will certainly be developed and even the subjects of (‘ Ulivre will not necessarily be connected to the original works or to the well-known figures that have been At the facility of this battle in the past. With all the job accumulated on D&D 5 as well as the success of this edition around the world (just see the number of games that passes on the 5th system presently), it would certainly have been stupid to deny all of this. * Fourth trimester: Planescape: well yes… the popular certificate really dear to several rather, is making a resurgence with a new project structure.


And also to complete these statements, let’s speak about Drizzt Do’Urden. Who does not understand this well-known black fairy, pariah of his homeland. This set celebrates its 35th wedding anniversary this year, and also to commemorate this anniversary, the stories of Salvatore will all be reissued with brand-new covers. The Legend of Drizzt Visual Dictionnary will certainly make the chronicle of background, animals, tools, opponents of our favored Drow. In addition, a brand-new webcomic will be launched as well as will stage Brie, the daughter of Drizzt and Cattie-Brie, who will borrow her father’s sword to show that she is a heroine.

Brand-new possessions related to Dragonlance, electronic and physical, will be used as well as are already readily available in pre-order.

  • First quarter: Keys from the Golden Vault a publication dedicated to budding burglars.
  • Second trimester: Bigby provides: Splendor of the Giants, an enhancement to the Fizban’s Treasury of Dragons, but concentrated on the titans.
  • Third trimester: Guide of Many Points- brand-new animals, others and also places linked to the strange wonderful cards.
  • Fourth trimester: Planescape: well of course… the popular license really dear to numerous rather, is rebounding with a new project framework. We can again explore Sigil, the city of doors with a bestiary, an overview as well as an adventure collected in identical item. This world is eagerly awaited by fans, I wonder to see what it will certainly provide.

As well as if, undoubtedly, all this is incorporated right into Shadow of the Dragon Queen, the book that will consist of everything to play in the world of Krynn, Wizards likewise introduced something brand-new for the event. And also, icing on the cake, the two games can be connected to each other: play your role-playing campaign, and also when a fight is triggered, play the set of tray.


I see it as a creative combination of virtual tables with the old Neverwinter , in the feeling that all the properties that will certainly come out on this platform can be fully reused in the context of personal creation.

The activity of both games takes place at the beginning of the lance war, however you ought to know that the campaign that will certainly be developed as well as even the topics of (‘ Ulivre will certainly not always be connected to the initial works or to the popular figures that have actually been At the center of this war in the past. The authors have actually chosen to inform other sides of the war. Stories in history. The war being obviously so significant that there was rather a location for it.


Various possibilities will be offered at the exit: a deluxe version of the parlor game with a different visual of conventional pounds, a typical pack consisting of role-playing and also tray game, and also this exact same cram in Deluxe version, with various visuals, There will be something for everyone.

Yet allow’s speak about Dungeons & Dragons below ( The subject Magic: The Gathering, it’s here ).

I benefit from discussing this based on jump back on One D&D, which is the code name for the next version of D&D. So it will be a D & D6? Not at all. With all the job collected on D&D 5 as well as the success of this edition all over the world (just see the variety of video games that passes on the 5th system presently), it would have been silly to refute all of this. Suddenly, this one d & D will be an advancement of DD5. Every little thing will certainly always work with the brand-new version.

Below is the program for 2023 (in English variation):.

Linked to the Fantasy/Scifi universe of Spelljammer, this album allowed numerous composers to allow go of the bridle to their imagination as the style is original and also large. There is Flash Gordon motivation, different tracks for different adventure chapters, I can only advise you to pay attention to your streaming platforms.

The presentation obviously started strong with the various news that revolve around Dragonlance, the famous permit that has actually experienced many iterations in the past.

D & D Beyond.

Could this change 3D porcelain figurines as well as other game tables? This is in any situation a brand-new possibility for a game master to brighten up his table. Perhaps because it will be linked to D&D Beyond.

Basically, there also, way too many things to do every little thing! I was not born upon the ideal planet… I would require 36-hour days, minimum!

On top of that, they make use of this system upgrade to service a system, which will be linked to D&D Beyond, as well as which will supply a brand-new game experience to players with digital dungeons, electronic figurines, etc. A little bit like virtual play tables, but with more opportunities as well as monitoring on the countryside and also universes that will be published in the future.

All these statements, we had Spelljams, which probably comes from an internal delirium beginning from the books Spelljammer which make the news for the minute. Spelljams is a music album comprised of 19 songs and also currently readily available all over in digital format, however also in physics with in particular a really gorgeous vinyl.

One D&D.

Gensin Impact: Cheaters need to go into jail – and also pay a great deal of cash

Are cheats in solitary gamer games without PvP as persistent as in the multiplayer games and also local mmos? Genshin Impact has Koop, however is not actually online-developer Mihoyo is still tough versus cheaters as well as cheat developers.

GENSHIN IMPACT: 4 years behind bars for cheat developers

The cyberpunks were currently captured in 2021, but the process continued until now. The elderly rip off developer was sentenced to four years in prison and have to pay a fine of $ 50,000. The various other 2 liable people have to go to jail for three years and also ten months as well as for one year and also 6 months **. They likewise obtained additional penalties.

A group of 3 cheat developers was punished to great jail and also penalties in Shanghai. The designers had created several plug-ins for Genshin Impact and also cost practically $ 300,000. Although Gensin is not an multiplayer video game as well as ignoring PvP, cheated amounts of one of the most essential in-game money might still harm the players-and certainly Mihoyo himself.

On Reddit, individual not uploading much summed up the situation:

Are cheats in single player video games without PvP as stubborn as in the multiplayer games and local mmos? A group of three cheat developers was sentenced to excellent prison and also fines in Shanghai. The designers had actually developed numerous plug-ins for Genshin Impact and offered for nearly $ 300,000. The various other 2 responsible individuals have to go to prison for 3 years and also 10 months and for one year and also six months .

Reddit user Thachickenisfkinraw suggests the comment of one more, which additionally discusses that the cheat developers had actually hacked into the main server from Genshin . This might also discuss the hardness of the punishment if that is true.

Impact was published on September 28, 2020 for PS4, PS5, COMPUTER, Android and iOS. It is a cost-free open-world role-playing video game, in which you either check out the world alone or with a co-op group searching for as much as four gamers for experiences.

The programmers of cheats are certainly especially essential. Individuals of the cheats can still run the threat of losing their account.

Friday evening, Hammer Strasse – what could be better?

FC Bocholt for the flood lamp home game in the Prussian stadium tomorrow night, the football heart of trainer Sascha Hildmann definitely defeats a little higher, the coach emphasized With his words at the press meeting. We look forward to the game! The game is kick-off at 7:30 p.m.

Bocholt with starting difficulties

We saw Bocholt twice this season. You generally have a playful strategy, but confidence will probably be fractured after two defeats. So it is tough to assess just how you appear with us, states Sascha Hildmann about the following opponent: You most definitely have a robust as well as hostile group, you will likewise intend to show that with us. In addition, they have a demonstrator with Marcel Platzek that fired the league al1. The 32-year-old storm expert scored 39 objectives last period in 32 league games, as well as he likewise gave 10 assists. The 2 previous goals of the Bocholter objectives additionally go to his account.

At the start, the club lost 1: 3 to the co-promoter 1. We additionally had good phases in both games, however that does not matter currently. You stand there after two video games with zero factors and that versus opponents, versus whom we certainly have a little calculated, the 26-year-old FCB train Jan Winking arranges the start.

take the tailwind with you before the residence video game.

I am maximum contentment with our game in Wiedenbrück. The Prussian trainer will most likely alter something on its last the same initial group: We likewise desire to reward the children who likewise should have to play. The setup sheet will certainly be revealed tomorrow night.

FC Bocholt for the floodlight house game in the Prussian stadium tomorrow night, the football heart of coach Sascha Hildmann most definitely beats a little higher, the trainer highlighted With his words at the press meeting. The video game is kick-off at 7:30 p.m.


Bocholt with starting difficulties

We likewise had great stages in both video games, however that doesn’t matter now. You stand there after two video games with no points and that versus opponents, against whom we definitely have a little computed, the 26-year-old FCB instructor Jan Winking organizes the begin.

The 32-year-old storm veteran scored 39 objectives last period in 32 organization video games, as well as he also gave 10 helps.

LOL – Patch 12.12: Nerf to Belveth, adjustments to a dozen champions and a great forgetfulness of Riot

After a large period of revolutions, League of Legends Echa the brake with the introduction of Patch 12.12 . With more than half of the season already consumed and all the great changes related to the update to the durability already made, Riot Games now thinks about the introduction of much more moderate adjustments in terms of reach that only try to retouch the title. A return to normal already confirmed that it comes to give us truce until Nilah arrives as a new champion in the following update.

Patch 12.12: A small update that corrects a forgetfulness of Riot Games

The new patch revolves around the need to balance several aspects of the game that have not yet been completely settled. First, we will see a general improvement to the characters that have a pet , since elements such as Tibbers or Margarita were not retouched with the update to durability. There will also be adjustments to healing to start balanceing around 40% of serious injuries or characters that simply receive adjustments in their statistics to balance their power as it has always happened in League of Legends.

We are facing a remarkable update that, despite being much lighter than the previous versions, introduces adjustments to two dozens of champions. A stability search that, yes, leaves some open fronts. The most obvious is that of Wukong that, despite its exceptional performance both in competitive and in qualifying items has not yet received any type of adjustment to balance its power. It will be a matter of time and to wait for the next update.

Of course, we also receive new cosmetics, although patch 12.12 will not be particularly prolific in this aspect. The appearance of Pantheon Guerrero de la Asiza is incorporated into the title to expand the variety of mythical content and will do so next to the Skins Luna Nevada . It is unusual for Riot Games to take out these types of content when the northern hemisphere reaches summer, but we will take it as an invitation to cool off at the hottest time of the year.

Summary of patch 12.12

As usual, later you can find a complete compilation of the adjustments that all champions and objects receive. However, we are going to start with a summary so that the most lazy ones can catch up.

Changes A Champions

  • Improvements: Amumu, Annie, Blitzcrank, Heimerdinger, Iivern, Jarvan, Seraphine and Yorick
  • Nerfs: Bel’veth, Dr Mundo, Fiora, Janna, Lucian, Singed, Viego and Zeri
  • Settings: Katarina, Shaco, Yuumi and Soraka

Changes to objects


  • Improvements: Night harvester, llamaSasombría
  • Nerfs: Snake Fang

Changes to Runes

  • Nerfs: Predator

New skins

  • Ash Warrior: Pantheon
  • Luna Nevada: Caitlyn, Illaoi and Kayn.

[Gem ㅊㅊ] This game is easy ^^ Blood pressure rise 5 games

※ [Gem ㅊ ㅊ] is a corner that recommends a game that is good for gamers for special topics every week.

Is it the characteristics of Koreans to buy and suffer? I think I’m looking for a game that’s hard recently. Who broke the mouse, the game that broke the keyboard, and approached it with a comfortable idea of ‘Is that so hard?’


This towering painting goes up and down along the fifth stage of anger, ‘negative, anger, compromise, depression, and acceptance. Oh, I can’t only know anger. Today’s [Gem ㅊ ㅊ] has collected the blood pressure rise game that I want to give to you. Oh, you don’t have to do it yourself. It’s a good game to recommend to people around you.

One. Hollo Night

The first game to be introduced is the Hollo Knight, a platformer game of the Metro Bania. It’s hard to notice with a cute character, but it’s called the Dark Soul of the Platformer. The movement between the map and the map shows the flavor of the platformer, and if you die during play, you can taste the soul game, but it shows natural progress and system connection. It was well received.

Such a Hollo Knight has been attracting attention again recently. This is because the new sequel Hollo Night: Silk Song is once again mentioned in the Xbox & Bethesda showcase. As Hollo Knight showed significant difficulty, Hollo Knight: Silk Songs are expected to sublimate their accumulated know-how.

2. Angvik

Angik, which was first released in 2014, won the industry’s throne with a blood pressure rise game that surrendered numerous streamers before the jar. In order to reclaim the castle that was occupied by the barbarians, he lends the equipment of his father to become a protagonist who goes on a journey and tells the story of the protagonist. They are not a warrior, but ordinary beings, so they die at once when all armor is peeled off. In addition, if you stay still in one place, you will be old and die, so the player must move and move on.

This game is especially famous for its homemade village, and the color of this homage is so dark that it makes me think that I needed to be able to make it up to the difficulty. From the standpoint of seeing, the idea is ‘Is it so difficult?’ If you want to make you feel the pain of the stationary land, please recommend it.

3. Big Pogo Man

Big Pogo Man is a 3D platformer game that climbs the mountain of the object with Pogo Stick, Sky Kong Bean. It is also called 3D jar game, which is composed of jar games and various backgrounds. The game, which operates with only mouse, has an amazing strategy of doubling people with a cute Sky Kong Sound that doesn’t match the difficulty and complex backgrounds.

Don’t blame anything. Games, computers, and characters are innocent. Everything is wrong with your hand that grabs the mouse. If you try again and again, you can still do it. Please be patient. The game’s explanation is the level that turns on the player’s anger. It is all about the game to click on the mouse and go up and go up without special settings or stories, but it is difficult to achieve it all.

4. Smilemo

Smilemo is the background of a computer world that is infected with unexpected viruses and is in crisis. The main course is to collect vaccine codes by becoming a smiling emoticon who managed to survive. In the process, you need to break through the infection area and help the computer manager system to find the vaccine. Fortunately, this game is a game with checkpoints, so you need to worry about failure. However, it is a ‘cookie run’ platformer game with a significant speed, so it requires physical rather than delicate operation and judgment.

This game has a risk that returns to the path where the character came when you hit the obstacle during play. In addition, it contains the critical element that makes it farther away, so if you are not lucky, it will return to the distant place. This critical probability is higher than you think, so if you make a mistake, you can see yourself. Nevertheless, compared to the worst of the previous games that must start from the beginning, it may be fortunate that Smilemo, which can be stopped in the middle.

5. Graduator

‘Gradu’ is a platformer game that has been a lot of pain in the story of the developer. Players have to be a new college student who entered college and go to graduation with a electric wheel. In the air, you should succeed in ‘graduation’ at the top of all kinds of motives, professors, and obstacles to the ‘electric wheel’, which is not even shifting. In the process, the player can use the ‘ASDF’ manipulation key, which has been motifs from other games of the jar game producer Benetfordi, to taste the worst.

The game not only left the pain of the platformer game, but also puts a boss like a barrage game in the middle, giving anger at the vigilant, leaving traps all over the place to steadily increase the blood pressure of the player. It’s not bad to recommend it to your favorite streamer or friend, as it is a game that the producer is recommended for ‘Streamer’. In the official release version, the difficulty is a little less difficult, so if you are going to recommend it around, it’s a good idea to try it quickly.

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