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Xbox-Leak: Neue Game-Pass

The Xbox Game Pass already has plenty to offer, but now Microsoft could expand the service by getting the subscription directly to the television. A console is then no longer needed, at least one insider claims.

Xbox Game Pass: Access to the library without a console

The Xbox Game Pass offers the opportunity to play on mobile devices, PC or console – with Ultimate it all works. So far, the corresponding hardware has been needed , but according to Jeff Grupp from Gamesbeat this will change soon. Since the previous information from the insider often corresponded to reality in the end, there could really be something in it.

If you want to believe him, Microsoft plans to publish an Xbox cloud gaming streaming device over the next 12 months. This product is supposed to resemble an Amazon Fire TV stick and enable it via Xbox Game Pass Ultimate to access a library of games directly via the television ** – this would mean Xbox almost everywhere where there are potential customers.

_Was offer all the subscriptions? In the video we show you: _

Xbox Game Pass directly on the TV: Does that work for everyone?

According to the group, the stick can be used on all televisions. However, owners of a Samsung smart TV could have an advantage. Microsoft is supposed to work with the South Korean company, to develop an integrated Xbox game app . The owner of a Samsung smart TV would be independent of the stick-of course that saves money. (Source: Venturebeat)

If you are already thinking about buying such a device or the app, you are aware of it, that streaming leads to the loss of image quality and input lags and cannot keep up with playing via the console .

So far, Microsoft has not yet commented on this project. We will keep you up to date.

Three New Xbox Game Pass Launches, New DLC, and Updates | This Week on Xbox
_HIR haven’t had a game pass yet? You can quickly change that via Amazon: _

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate | 3 months | Xbox – Download code

Now from € 38.99 at Amazon

The price may be higher now. Price from 09.05.2022 8:32 a.m.

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Slap The Rocks: Gameplay-Trailer zum Pixel

Video game adventurers have to overcome more and more tasks these days to achieve that it requires their adventurer spirit.
The new gameplay trailer for Slap the Rocks has shown that some protagonists have easier than others.

The Quarry: 30 Minutes of Gameplay - IGN First
Slap the Rocks is a puzzle game in a pixel graphic style, which is reminiscent of Pokémon with its top-down view.
The player controls an adventurer who satisfactorily does exactly what the play title promises: stones!
Armed with a sword, our figure has to get on the way through 30 different levels and beat stones and chop bushes to achieve as many treasure chests as possible.
The greatest dangers on his journey to fame and wealth are holes in the ground that can be closed with stones.
Slap the Rocks will be released on May 4th and will therefore be available in the Microsoft Store tomorrow.

Park Bo -kyun, a candidate for the game company, sympathizes with the necessity of tax reduction

Park Bo -kyun, Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism, first announced the game policy on the 29th. On this day, Park Bo -kyun submitted a written response to the National Assembly before the personnel hearing on May 2. Park, a reporter, has not had a point of contact with the game. This written response is meaningful in that it can examine the perception of Park’s game and to measure the policy direction.

In addition, according to Lee Sang -heon, the Democratic Party’s response from Park Bo -kyun, Park said, “I think we should analyze and study the impact of new technologies on the existing industry in various ways.” As concerns are raised together, I will look carefully. ”

Park said, “It is necessary to lay the foundation for esports in the region in order to induce local ointments naturally to introduce local ointments.” In cooperation with, we will establish infrastructure such as local e -sports permanent stadiums, and to solidify the ointment -based amateur competition so that the local players can be discovered. ”

He replied to the legal regulation of probability -type items, “I think it is necessary to legislate the disclosure of probability item information to guarantee the right to know and restore trust.” He added that the autonomous regulation of game companies has been implemented by the game company, “We have been implementing probability disclosure self -regulation since 2015, but we know that there is a lack of reliability of sanctions (simple facts) and disclosed probability.”

Park also looked at the game industry tax reduction benefits positively. “I agree with the opinion that large -scale investments in the early stages of game development are required and operating costs are continuous,” he said. “We will prepare specific measures through collecting opinions on the field and expert in the future.”

The following is the answer to Park Bo -kyun, a game and e -sports, released by Lee Sang -heon.

What is the top priority for the development of the game industry?

= I think it is necessary to form an ecosystem that harmonizes the game industry growth and a healthy game culture culture.

What do you think is the role of the candidate for the registration of the game addiction cord and the role of the Ministry of Culture for the promotion of the game content industry?

= I was told that I am currently discussing with the relevant ministries about the introduction of WHO recommendation. We will try to conclude the opinions of all walks of life so that reasonable alternatives for the domestic situation can be derived.

The game has become an industry and a representative leisure culture of the people. We will expand regulations, revitalize exports, and support new technology -based productions, and strengthen education and public relations to spread the positive value of the game.

The reality is that our country is shaking, despite being a sector in esports. Is there a way to overcome this problem?

= esports has become a new leisure culture for the younger generation. We will try to develop e -sports into daily sports for young people and future generations and contribute to the national economy as a new industry.

City of Boulder City Council Special Meeting 08-29-18
In the current conditions of the metropolitan area, we will focus on revitalizing esports, such as the spread of local stadiums and fostering related professionals such as leadership referees.

The methus industry is in a steep growth, but the legal justice is still insignificant. The current game company’s position is said to have to be seen differently from methuses and games. What is the candidate’s position?

There is a variety of experts’ positions on new industrial environments such as methus. In order for the content industry to respond appropriately to new environmental changes, we will take advanced measures by gathering opinions on the field and expert.

The current government has announced plans to designate Metabus as a new industry and invest in public resources in fostering. Even in the next government, candidates plan to maintain the metavus support?

= We will support the content industry to respond appropriately to new environmental changes.

Digital Grooming of some malicious users in methuses, such as Zepeto, is criticizing public. It is argued that strong sanctions are needed as the victims are children and youth. What is the candidate’s plan to eradicate digital grooming?

= The negative events expressed in the digital environment will take the best way by approaching the process of handling according to the legal process to the media literacy education for prevention.

Recently, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism is considered to be the ministry of the Ministry of Culture and Industry. Meanwhile, threats such as plagiarism, theft, and ‘rugpool’ are emerging. As a result, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism is said to provide a related guideline, and no visible materials are yet released. How is the next government planning a policy for protecting NFT creators?

= I understand that various copyright disputes have appeared in recent NFT transactions. I think it is necessary to consider providing information and supplementation of copyright -related laws and systems considering this new environment.

First of all, to minimize copyright disputes in the NFT market, copyright guide will be distributed in the first half of this year. In the future, we will review the legal and system improvement plan by collecting opinions and related research.

The opinion of how to watch the game (P2E) is now a cheonyangji. What is the candidate’s position and future plans?

= I think we need to analyze and study the effects of new technologies on existing industries. In the case of P2E (Play to Earn) games, we will look carefully as industrial growth and concerns are raised.

The industry continues to express its opposition to all amendments to the Game Industry Promotion Act. What is the plan for the candidate’s position and future promotion?

= I know that all amendments to the Game Industry Promotion Act are intended to improve unreasonable institutions and industrial support systems. He says the industry is expressing his position to tighten regulations on some of the contents. In the future, we will fully discuss the details and issues of the bill with the National Assembly, related organizations, and the game industry.

What is the candidate view of the game industry?

= The game industry accounts for 70%of the content industry overseas exports. At the same time, it is becoming a new culture of the young generation. At the same time, the formation of a healthy use culture of the game is also an important issue.

What kind of policy do the government should do to promote the game industry?

= I think that we need to create a healthy industrial ecosystem for the promotion of the game industry and develop new growth engines. To this end, efforts to form healthy game use culture should be made along with industrial innovation support such as fostering the world’s best game talent and creating innovative game development conditions.

Minister Hwang Hee made the Game Industry Landmark Construction as a major commitment to his candidate. What is the opinion of the candidate for realizing the game industry landmark?

= Game Landmark is a space where you can experience the fun and technology of Korean games, which is expected to contribute to activating investment in the game industry and spreading positive perceptions of the game.

However, in order to promote the success of the project, close consultations between private and local governments must be preceded, and discussions with relevant ministries such as the Ministry will be needed.

What is your position to introduce a game (Toto) in the e -sports industry?

= I think that the issuance of sports promotion votes (Toto) for e -sports can help revitalize esports. In order to select new stocks, we will review the total sales of the meandering industry and the fair competition operation capacity of the stock organization.

President Yoon Seok -yeol announced the main commitment of e -sports areas. What is the candidate for the need for esports areas?

= esports has become a new leisure culture for the younger generation. We will try to develop e -sports into daily sports for young people and future generations and contribute to the national economy as a new industry.

In order to induce the introduction of local ointments naturally, it is necessary to lay the foundation for enjoying esports in the region.

In cooperation with each local government, we will establish infrastructure such as local e -sports permanent stadiums, and to solidify the ointment -based amateur competition so that the local players can be discovered.

What is the candidate for the probability -type item, the main business model of the game industry?

= I think it is necessary to enforce probability item information disclosure legislation to ensure the right to know and restore trust. Since 2015, the game industry has been implementing probability disclosure self -regulation, but I know that there is a lack of reliability of sanctions (simple facts) and disclosed probability. In addition, in 2021, the controversy over the probability of online game items occurred, causing more complaints about the game users’ industry.

Therefore, it is necessary to legislate the disclosure of probability item information to restore users’ trust and create a healthy game culture. In order to enact legislation, we will collect opinions from the industry, users, and experts, establish complementary devices, and improve the related system.

What is the candidate for the establishment of the Game Industry Promotion Agency? (A model that separates the game work of the Korea Creative Content Agency)

= We will check the effectiveness of the Korea Creative Content Agency project, which is the current support organization, and examine the improvement and development plan.

What are the opinions about the establishment of the ‘E -Sports Promotion Agency’ for the development of e -sports industry?

= We will check the effectiveness of the Korea Creative Content Agency project, which is the current support organization, and examine the improvement and development plan.

** In the game industry

Xbox Game Pass: These two games are now new in the subscription

New Game Pass Games April 2022! 7 Best New Games Out on Game Pass for Xbox in Early 2022
Two new games have arrived today in the Xbox Game Pass.
Crashes in 7 days to those in a brutal and merciless world after the apocalypse flooded by Untoten or try out in the lap-based action game Research and Destroy, which even offers local and online coal modes.

Xbox Game Pass – April 2022

  • 26.
    April 2022 – 7 Days to the (Cloud, Console and PC)
  • 26.
    April 2022 – Research and Destroy (Console and PC)
    A first taste of the games in May 2022 there is here.
    The official announcement to the new games in May 2022 should not be able to wait a long time.
    Which games are removed from the subscription towards the end of April 2022, on the other hand, is already known.

OUTRIDERS-DLC announced: WorldSlayer delivers a complete new campaign and more

Just a short year after his release, the shooter Outrider gets a comprehensive DLC. The name is the name WorldSlayer and, among other things, delivers a complete new campaign and additional incentives for the endgame. We were able to throw a first look at the content at a preview appointment and briefly put in the DLC.

The most important facts about the Outrider: WorldSlayer-DLC at a glance:

  • Release: 30. June 2022
  • Price: not yet known
  • Systems: PS5, Xbox Series X / S, PS4, Xbox One, PC
  • Main game required? Yes

That’s all in the WorldSlayer DLC

The new campaign is icy: The anomaly on the planet ENOCH continues to develop and now sends us in biplexed ice and snow regions, which make themselves the monsters on the planet. Although the concrete storyline was not yet betrayed, but it is apparent Ereshkigal, the leader of the human insertion Faction , to take an important role. This obviously has its own plans for the future of humanity on ENoch and is belonging to the opponents of the new campaign.

New locations and opponents: To neutralize this threat, the outriders must travel completely new areas, we fought us in the play-session, for example by a crumbling and misty coastal village.

In addition, according to People Can Fly, there will be new opponent variations as well as completely new enemies, including a demonic fisherman, whom we had to put on when playing.

Stronger Loot and Gear: To tackle the events in Worldslayer and defeat the new opponents, it needs stronger Gear, which of course the DLC should also provide. The speech is, inter alia, of class-specific or universally applicable legendary armaments sets. More information about this should be there at a later date.

Additional Skilltree: In WorldSlayer, each of the existing classes will be given in addition to the existing a second “PAX” skilltree, which in turn should divide into two subclasses. The points for this are unlocked via special WorldSlayer events.

New long-term progress system: For outrider veterans, the new ascension system is likely to be interesting. This allows us to improve our own characters in four other categories:

  • Endurance

  • Brutality
  • Anomaly Power

Overall, it should be possible to earn almost 200 ascension points, which can then be distributed on the different categories.

Apocalypse Tier: These run until level 40, replace the previous challenge animals of the expeditions and should be even more demanding. In addition, there will be Apocalypse Gear, which is characterized by a third mod slot, which is likely to make the corresponding equipment to the previously most powerful items in Outriders.

Outriders DLC Reveal - First Look At Big Expansion (Outriders Worldslayer Gameplay)

New endgame activity: The above mentioned innovations are likely to keep outrider’s players in their mood for some time, but the thickest chunks waits with the new endgame activity after completing the WorldSlayer campaign. Then the “Trial of Trya Gratar” opens in which apparently another demonic upper church is waiting. Also, there will be more information only in the coming weeks.

Can also get startup directly with the DLC?

According to the developers of People Can Fly, you do not have to be found through the complete game and the previous endgame activities to get started with the content of WorldSlayers. If you are still in the campaign or restarted in the campaign, you can easily create a new character and then automatically up to the required rank 30 high-bounty. Something suitable Gear is then donated.


Capabilities of new Loot great opponents


For whom is the WorldSlayer DLC suitable?

Even if newcomers have the opportunity to enter the DLC content directly into the DLC content, the Outriders-DLC focuses mainly of all those who have already explored every angle of the game, have driven their character to the limit and that are still deeper into the systems of the game want to dig up.

For those likely, the endgame activities or the additional skilltrees and Gear options are likely to be interesting, on the paper, the WorldSlayer DLC promises at least a lot of additional long-term motivation. Anyone who does with Outrider’s or has just started, should also find enough content in the basic game for a long time and does not necessarily need the DLC.

Tobias Veltin

Although I have not invested a little playing time in Outriders, but I did not arrive long at the end of the shooter.
Accordingly, I do not really belong to the target group of the DLC, for those who long for new content and, above all, challenges, sounds Worldslayer but after a fairly fat package.
With the new campaign, and in particular the extended endgame activities, veterans are likely to have their bright pleasure.
And the general gameplay loop of the game will probably not be boring so fast in the extension, that has clearly demonstrated the short player session clearly.
All with the appropriate game time on the Outrider’s watch should keep an eye on the DLC in any case.

GTA 5 has eliminated transfobo web content from its variations of PS5 and Xbox Series

For that reason, the neighborhood has actually already been able to access its uniqueness, as well as the fact is that customers have actually gotten alterations Mixedly , with some fans taking into consideration that they are worth the adjustments and also others whining that The company maintain wanting to manipulate the item by doing this. But what we had not realized is that points have been removed of the video game with these new versions.

The Next-Gen versions of Grand Theft Auto V premiered in the Stores PlayStation 5 as well as Xbox Series X | S last March, and also have actually also wound up getting to the stores with a physical edition with the enhancements that SUPERSTAR He has related to which he is already among one of the most important and successful games of perpetuity.

A personality version no more appears on the map next to it, individuals have actually discovered that additionally a model of drag queen ** has been removed very stereotyped. It is still existing in the data and also as a matter of fact it can be utilized in the Director setting, yet its discussion lines have actually been deleted and also the NPC no more shows up on the map. At the minute there is no main explanation for Superstar, although there are no changes that in no instance change the basic experience with the video game, whose script is typically introduced in this type of referrals that can be considered offending.

In addition to PlayStation 5 and also Xbox Series X | S, this brand-new version of Grand Theft Auto V can reach computer if we serve the American ages category system. In the lack of a main confirmation by the company, we welcome you to check out the analysis of the Next-Gen variations of GTA 5 to make a far better suggestion of how the enhancements integrated into the new generation gaming consoles look.


As we can review in Reddit, there are tiny modifications in particular decorated that we can see in the title. Without going any type of even more, a number that was close to the entertainment has actually gone away which it troubled some customers for to be thought about a transfoly joke when chatting regarding interchangeable genitals. The new number that replaces the previous one no longer refers to transgender people.

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[Limited time] “PC GAME PASS” 3 months Fleet Rial implementation-“HALO INFINITE” “Forza Horizon 5” “AGE of Empires IV” player

Microsoft announced that the target game will provide a three-month free experience service of all-you-can-havetensive subscription services “ PC GAME PASS ” to some players.

This is the target of this time, logging in to the Microsoft account before 8:59 on March 1, 2022, and in the PC, “Halo Infinite” “Forza Horizon 5” “Age of Empires IV” Played with “New” Xbox Game Pass “user”. Also, if you play on the console or playing via a cloud game, it will not be eligible.

The receipt period is up to 21:59 on April 30, and when the free experience is finished, a regular membership fee will be charged, a need for a credit card for receipt application, and one person / 1 account It is noted that you can experience up to once.

It should be noted that both “Halo Infinite Multiplayer” and “Halo Infinite Campaign” will be targeted. There is no Japanese guidance page regarding this matter, but it seems that Japanese users are also included in Japan because they are marked as “Valid in PC Game Pass Market except Russia and India”.

Peridot obtains exactly the hot-coveted functions that are missing out on Pokemon Go – Sets Off Peridot Soon Pokemon Go?

What is Peridot? Peridot sets an emphasis on taming, raising and also reproducing virtual pet dogs – the calling “peridots”, or short “dots”. Enhanced truth will certainly play a large role – you should see your brand-new good friends via the camera of your mobile phones with you and the real life engage.

With Peridot, a brand-new video game of Pokémon Go Macher Niantic was revealed. This has some similarities, however likewise brings serious distinctions – Will Peridot come to be the alternative for Pokémon Go?

You will certainly discover a more detailed understanding into Peridot here:

The elements of the new video game presented are elements that are not foreign to the keynote of Pokémon Go and the proceeded Pokémon universe. What elevates the concern: Will Peridot come to be a true competitor for Pokémon Go?

A minimum of it obtains some features that you desire in Pokémon Go for a while.

What can Peridot, what Pokémon Go can not?

In enhancement, Peridot seems to be a “friendly” game, which is just concentrated on the rearing as well as dealing with private animal.

Various instructors have invested hours hrs around hours to make Pokémon with best values. To Pokémon Go, nevertheless, this function has actually never made it, although players presently approached it.

At Peridot, however, specifically this topic will certainly take a vital focus. Any type of peridot that a person brings in should be unique. This can then be made use of subsequently to offer the next Dot generation specific attributes.

Such a conversation still lacks in Pokémon Go today, although he would be extremely beneficial for the organization of RAIDs. There are at the very least hints that Pokémon Go can get such a function.

Another facet is specific social functions that already want Pokémon Go coaches for life. These are clear in the Peridot Announcement: Among other things, an Ingame conversation is offered in which gamer can share directly.

One has no influence on which monsters are damaged – which, though exactly this facet generally games is so popular.

Although there are Pokémon eggs in the game that you accumulate at Pokéstops or decreases team Rocket – that was largely but that. What ultimately hids out of the egg is left to a little beast swimming pool and coincidence.

Thus, as an example, players that such as “Tamagotchi” or “Nintendogs” liked to do something more. In Pokémon Go, on the other hand, one gathers mass monsters, with little concentrate on private – with particular exemptions, such as the buddy facet.

These features gets Peridot: The most striking and most fascinating aspect is the factor “Breeding”. Because that has actually played intensively the classic major games of the Pokémon series, recognizes: this too is reproducing a vital variable.

What can Pokémon Go, what Peridot can not?

Where is Pokémon Go Front? One of the most important element is definitely the Pokémon itself. The search and also collecting of beasts is now traditional Pokémon and also fits really well for the technique to get with the mobile phone exterior. At the very least it has actually made it through various other examples as the “Harry Potter – Wizards Unify” rather conveniently.

The writing additionally some gamers in the Pokémon-Go-subbreddit: “If you would add these features to pogo, I would have an interest in me. I intend to play with my sniebel, not with these things, “composes concerning Individual Benkniskin (via reddit).

Additionally, Pokémon Go provides the combative elements. Arenas, Team Rocket, Raids, PVP-League – These are all facets that do not yet come back to Peridot. Obviously, it is possible that even right here affordable components keep in retraction – so much it does not care for it.

What attaches both video games?

  • You can catch monsters in the real life
  • Or communicate with his pal Pokémon

On top of that, the monsters can communicate with your atmosphere in both games, just through the AR cam. In Pokémon Go, nonetheless, this has hitherto been restricted to fairly little functions.

At the very least in the announcement, Peridot seems to be a bigger focus on communication. Again, there is a feeding as well as game system, but you need to also be able to instruct the dots for tricks or look for. The monster on the beast is based on communication – so feasible that Peridot has the nose in the front.

Aside from a few great computer animations, the feeding of berries or picture shoots make your pal Pokémon in video camera mode not way too much.

Apart from the formerly pointed out points, both video games intend to draw one outside. Discover brand-new places and accumulate beasts – this lies in the DNA of both video games. At Pokémon Go, this aspect is just more concentrated on once again.

Could Peridot Pokémon Go change?

It needs to also be taken into consideration that numerous trains Pokémon Go have been betting years and partially not only time, however also cash spent. Of program that binds that as well. At the very same time, some trainers could also have established boredom, which supplies the chance for something brand-new.

According to the current state, Pokémon Go and also Peridot seem to have some similarities, yet also adequate distinctions. Purely from the gameplay, no direct competition appears to be built below. However, it appears the new Peridot features Pokémon Go could succeed as an expansion.

With Peridot, a brand-new game of Pokémon Go Macher Niantic was revealed. Where is Pokémon Go Front? According to the present state, Pokémon Go and Peridot seem to have some similarities, yet also enough differences. It looks as if the brand-new Peridot features Pokémon Go can do well as an extension.

Because of the various methods in the gameplay, Peridot could be more probable to be a supplement instead of a competitors to Pokémon Go. As an example, if you have just not to search for new beasts in Pokémon Go, a little beginning with PVP and also devoted to a single monster.

It should also be thought about that many instructors Pokémon Go have actually been playing for years as well as partially not only time, however additionally money spent.

Just how do you see the new video game? Are you thinking about Peridot, do you desire something new? Or is you like to remain with the timeless Pokémon? Inform us in the comments!

Note: At the end of the day you will probably play both video games mainly while walking as well as strolling around. The capacities are likewise restricted. Whether players merely have enough time for both games – that will certainly need to show.

In Pokémon Go on the other hand, an alteration of mega advancements is talked. Just brand-new notes on the Mega-Pokémon showed up once again.

TeamFight Tactics finally gets a mobile output date

The spin-off fans Autobattler of Riot Games finally know when the game arrives on mobile games, and it is very soon: March 19th.

The mobile version of the game was announced last year, but no official release date was announced. But this expectation is almost over, because we now know that the game will come out in a few days and that it will happen to the iOS and Android devices. In addition, the mobile version of the game will be compatible with PC players in most areas and account progress will continue, which means all the cosmetics you buy on PC will be available on mobile. It is important to note that cosmetics are not yet available for purchase on mobile.

TACTICS TEAMFIGHT is the spin of Riot Games on the native, which quickly gained popularity when leaving. The goal of the game is to buy champions that you can then place on a board so they are fighting and beating the champions of your opponents. The champions you use and where you place them on the board are important elements in developing your strategy.

10 Ошибок новичка в TFT | Гайд Teamfight Tactics
The game will be launched alongside all three on the theme of space: galaxies, which will bring new units, features, classes and intergalactic origins. Classes will be divided into three categories: attack, defense and utility. Some older features will also make a reappearance overall.

The game will be free as soon as it exit on the IOS and Android devices on March 19th.

How to go through the wet gender! Call in LEGO Star Wars Skywalker Saga

LEGO STAR WARS THE SKYWALKER SAGA Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 FULL GAME [4K 60FPS] - No Commentary
LEGO STAR WARS: THE SKYWALKER SAGA is full of plot content, and the game includes the plots of all nine basic films. Each episode The game consists of five levels which themselves have three level tests . Inevitably, due to the huge size of the game, some tests will be more difficult than others, and for their completion, some prompts will be required. One of these examples is wet floor! Calling level in in account in Episode III: Revenge of Sith .

How to go through the wet gender! In the invoice

Wet floor! This is the third test of the first level OUT FOR THE COUNT. To perform this level test, players need to Kill a certain droid, using a rascal path . At this level, the players will need classroom character in their party. It is easiest to get characters class scoundrel after the end of the episode IV, when players unlock Chubacka and Khan Solo . Any of these characters can be used to pass this test in free game .

Follow the protected rolling droid, called Droidec , shown above. As soon as the droid appears in sight, aim to the area, circled above, playing a scounding in his group to put a trap on the enemy. It will destroy the droid and completes the level test.

Want to know more about LEGO STAR WARS: THE SKYWALKER SAGA? Familiarize yourself with all the tests of the Episode level II for LEGO Star Wars Skywalker Saga in professional players!

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