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Bethesda employees quarreled from

The conflict in American society, related to the topic of abortion prohibitions, manifests itself in the game industry. Thus, Bethesda employees are extremely concerned about the silence of the company’s management, which does not comment on recent events, namely, the cancellation of the decision in the Row against Wade, which made it possible to declare outlaws at its discretion.

According to the Kotaku portal, for Bethesda Game Studios and Zenimax Media, this is a particularly urgent problem, since many employees of companies working on Starfield and Redfall are based in Texas and other states where the prohibition of the law on the ban on abortion will be banned.

In corporate chats of the company, verbal debate took place all last week, since there is no consensus among employees. It got to the point that the administrator had to delete the entire branch of the discussions and introduce a ban on the topic of politics and religion of the cooler with water channel-apparently, this is the name of the chat flood in Bethesda.

And the essence of the dispute is the absence of any guarantees for employees if they fall in a difficult situation, although Bethesda previously opposed the criminalization of abortion.

We hope that these Borodeni will not affect each other’s work on significant studio products.

The Remasterization of Age of Mythology Age of Empires producers have new projects

After years of waiting, on October 28, finally came to the stores Age of Empires IV offering the public a return to height for one of the great sagas in the field of strategy in real time. The video game has before it a future loaded with novelties, with a support that joins other launches of the series such as AOE II of and AOE III, but there are more projects underway in the series?

Is Age of Mythology as Good as you Remember? | Retrospective Analysis

According to the LinkedIn of Noble Smith, Narrative Director at World’s Edge, the Xbox Game Studios subsidiary in charge of ensuring the RTS franchise, work in unanswered titles as well as in other Transmedia projects. No more details have been offered, so in social networks it is already speculated with an Age of Mythology: Definitive Edition Although, we repeat, there are no clear signs about it.

However, in spring Adam Is green, creative director of the franchise, said to be perfectly knowledgeable about fan’s desire to see a remaster of the classic of Ensemble Studios: I have not forgotten Age of Mythology. No one in World’s Edge He has forgotten Age of Mythology and I do not think anyone in Relic Entertainment has forgotten it either because it goes to the surface all the time, he said.

In 2022, 20 years of Age of Mythology launch will be held, so it could be the perfect time to bring back this spin-off delivery that proposed to players leave historical recreation to fight with mythological creatures. Meanwhile, you can check the Age of Empires IV analysis of Comrade Alberto Pastor, where he showed him the enthusiasm for Relic Entertainment.

Aeternna Noctis the Spanish Metroidvania presents new gameplay and confirms price

Sony Interactive Entertainment hSony Interactive announced that Aeterna Noctis, the Spanish Study Video Game Aeternum Game Studios will arrive exclusively for PS4 and PS5 this December 15 at a recommended price of 29.99 euros . After being awarded in PlayStation Talents, the Spanish video game shuttle on PlayStation, the title puts on the market with a proposal Metroidvania where the epic and the adventure are handed by hand. We have new gameplay trailer .

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NHL 19 - Custom League Ep.  35 - Stanley Cup Final

AEENTERNA NOCTIS premieres new trailer: the infinite sea and underground fortress

This new video advance presents two unpublished areSony Interactive of Aeternna Noctis: infinite sea and subterranean strength , led by a society of conscious machines. In addition, Sony Interactive we can see at the end of the video, a new enemy appears to which the king of darkness will face; It is a threatening creature that aims to conquer the throne of Aeternna.

Action, improved animations and a combat system in which the Talaverano study hSony Interactive deposited all its efforts during these years of development. The game will include a skill tree and a system of missions with which we can customize and adapt the style of play to our preference.

According to its creators, the title will be a meteridvania in pure state with puzzles, platforms, return on our steps, combat at a distance and body to body … In addition, the team hSony Interactive put a lot of emphSony Interactiveis on the soundtrack, whose melodies qualify Sony Interactive fundamental To understand the situation of each game sequence well. In total, each of the 16 zones of the game will have about two or three melodies, giving a total of 46 tracks. Juan Ignacio Teruel is the author of the main melodies.

AEGERNA NOCTIS will come to consoles Playstation 5 and PlayStation 4 this December 15 worldwide.

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