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Squad celebrates its 3 million copies sold

Offward Industries is proud to announce that Squad, its tactical military FPS, surpassed 3 million copies sold on Steam.

With a recent document of 192,000 gamers that involved compete on the same day (including a height of 26,104 gamers attached at the same time), this FPS is still supported by a neighborhood looking for sensible tactical fights based upon interaction.

An easy job of a group of modders, Squad is currently fueled by a team of more than 100 individuals that means to proceed to enhance an already high title of 22 cards relatively large to suit fights in 50 versus
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The team battle FPS HYENAS was announced. A spaceship with a non -gravity zone is taken by the Alien: ISOLATION development studio.

Sega announced Hyenas on June 23. Compatible platforms are PC (Steam/Epic Games Store) and PS4/PS5/Xbox One/Xbox Series X | S.

Hyenas is a team battle FPS. Five teams each fight over the Pop-Culture Artefacts. In this work set in space, it is said that the battle will be seamlessly shifted to the weightless zone, and the battle will be developed while flying around. In the trailer, there were also ways to scatter white foam-like substances and create obstacles and scaffolds. It is likely to be a lively FPS full of gimmicks.

The protagonist of this work is a robbery group called Hyenas, which is commonly referred to as valuables from Mars. The future where people abandoned the earth and moved to Mars. They are fighting over the relics brought out of the earth in the Savan’s Safe in the spacecraft. And they have their own unique abilities. Use Hyena, which was in your play style, to lead the team to victory.

This work is the UK-based developer Creative Assembly. In the past, it is a 35-year-old studio that has developed popular titles such as the TOTAL WAR series and Alien: ISOLATION. The development know-how of the space science fiction title in Alien: ISOLATION will be used in this work. Expectations are high for SF battle FPS that a long-established studio emits the world.

Hyenas will be released for PC (Steam/Epic Games Store) and PS4/PS5/Xbox One/Xbox Series X | S. The official website is also looking for Alpha Test.

Horizon Zero Dawn Update 1 53 Patch Notes

Update 1.53 has arrived for Horizon Zero Dawn and here is the complete list of changes and corrections added to this patch. This update adds Horizon Zero Dawn 60 FPS support when played on PlayStation 5 about downward compatibility. There are no changes for PS4 players. This update is currently being introduced to PS5 so that you can see it soon in your download queue. Everything is new with Horizon Zero Dawn Update 1.53.

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Horizon Zero Dawn Update 1.53 Patchotes

According to the integrated update history function of the PS5, the patchotes are here:

  • Operated frame rate on 60 frames per second when executing on a PS5 console in downward compatibility mode
  • Fixed problems with streaming performance during execution on a PS5 console in downward compatibility mode
  • Option graphic mode removed from the visual settings when running on a PS5 console in downward compatibility mode

As mentioned above, PS5 players Horizon Zero Dawn can now play with 60 fps in downward compatibility mode. Considering that many players have already owned Horizon Zero Dawn or preserved for free during the Play at Home campaign at the beginning of this year, this is a nice surprise for many Playstation owners.

This update also removes the option Graphics Mode from the Settings menu, a remnant from the PS4 Pro version of the game. On PS4 Pro, the players could choose between a 4K chessboard resolution with 30 fps or a 1080p resolution, which still strives for 30 fps, but with fewer framedrops. However, the game was largely liquid in both settings. None of the two options offered 60 fps.

Horizon Zero Dawn is not the first game that receives a 60-FPS patch on PlayStation 5. Days Gone had at the start date of PS5 60 FPS support, and God of War and Ghost of Tsushima received free updates to enable 4K-60 FPS gameplay. The Last of US Part II has recently received a 60-FPS patch. These are not special PS5 ports like Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut or Death Stranding Director’s Cut, but they are a nice bonus.

Horizon Zero Dawn is now available for PC and PlayStation 4.

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