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PlayStation VR2, sold in early 2023. Next -generation PSVR with great power -ups will come next year

Sony Interactive Entertainment announced on August 23 that it will launch PlayStation VR2 (PSVR2) in early 2023. Released as a peripheral device for PS5.

PSVR2 is the successor to PlayStation VR. The performance of the hardware is highly improved, and functions including controllers are diverse. As a specification, the display of the organic EL adopted is compatible with 4K HDR, and the resolution is improved to 2000 x 2040 per eye. The refresh rate is 90Hz/120Hz, and the viewing angle is about 110 degrees.

In addition, tracking is an inside-out method, and external cameras are no longer needed. In addition, it is equipped with a function such as a fobbi agate rendering technology that optimizes resolution that draws the center of the screen in a detailed manner. The new controller, PlayStation VR2 Sense, has added many functions, such as Haptic Feedback, which uses DualSense controller technology. For specifications comparison and function details with the first generation, it is better to compare each official page (PSVR2 official page/PSVR official page).


It has been revealed that such PSVR2 will be released in early 2023. For PSVR2, works such as HORIZON CALL OF THE MOUNTAIN are currently under development. In addition, Resident Evil Re: 4 is currently being developed content for PSVR2, and the main game is scheduled to be released on March 24, 2023. Since PSVR2 will appear at the same time, you may be able to enjoy a virtual fear experience for PSVR2 before and after the release of the main story.

The developer of Marvel s Spider

This is a list of video games released by Sony Interactive Entertainment, formerly called Sony Computer system Entertainment.

Last week, during PlayStation Showcase, Insomniac Games and Sony Interactive Entertainment announced and revealed marvel’s Spider-Man 2 , a sequel to 2018 Spider-Man from Marvel , for PS5. Unfortunately, the progress was brief and did not show any game. That said, it is expected. Revelation advances rarely have a gameplay, especially for games that have two years old. Many revelation advances are often not more than CGI, that is, they do not reflect at all the final product. After the revelation of marvel’s spider-man 2 , some criticized the trailer for being CGI, but it is not.

On Twitter, the main artist of visual effects of Insomniac Games, Bryanna Lindsey, confirmed that the trailer is not CGI, but visual effects in real time. Now, this does not mean that what you saw in the trailer is what you will get in 2023. Not at all, but hypothetically, you could. And, of course, the trailer demonstrates how powerful the PS5 is and makes fun of the levels that the industry leaders in fidelity (Naughty Dog, Rockstar Games, etc.) will be able to reach.

Next, you can see a video that shows one side by side of the progress of the revelation along with the progress of the revelation of marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales , which made use of CGI.

The team did a spectacular job. The visual effects in real time are difficult, but I am very proud of our entire team to promote our quality bar. ❤️

  • Bryanna Lindsey (@glittervelocity) September 10, 2021

MARVEL’S SPIDER-MAN 2 is in development for PS5. At the time of publication, there is no news that the game reaches PS4, and considering that it is destined to 2023, it will probably not reach the PlayStation console of the latest generation, especially if it points to something as we saw it in the revelation. trailer. That kind of fidelity is really not possible in PS4, even if you are Naughty Dog or Rockstar Games.

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FF7 Tekken 7 etc added Cloud game Subsk PS NOW September lineup released

Sony Interactive Entertainment announced a new title to the lineup of cloud game subscripts PLAYSTATION NOW .

This addition is a full-grafted version of Final Fantasy VII of a full-grafted version of the international version of the masterpiece RPG FFVII (released in 1997), and the popular 3D fighting game series of Bandai Namco Tekken Six titles including 7 . PC can also be played through the cloud (except for some titles), and downloads on PS4 / PS5.

FFVII will be the first of the initiatives to add the FF series for five consecutive months later. Also, please be aware that some titles have limited delivery periods.

■ Limited time additional title

  • Tekken 7 September 7th to February 28, 2022

  • Final Fantasy VII September 7th-end date until September 721

# ■ Normal lineup Add Add Title

* Windbound

  • Path finder: King Maker Definitive Edition

* dandara

  • Kingdom: New Lands

# ■ Title where the termination is approaching

  • Borderlands 3 Until September 29, 2021

  • Judge Eyes: The Goddess of the Grim Reaper New Price Version Until October 4, 2002

PLAYSTATION NOW is a monthly ticket for 1,180 yen, 3 months use ticket, 2,980 yen, and 12 months use tickets are sold from 6,980 yen, and the underestimous people can use the experience for 7 days for 100 yen. You can play with Windows PC with streaming.

PlayStation Showcase Is there a great announcement

A few days ago, Sony Interactive Entertainment announced that one will organize a large PlayStation Showcase next week to introduce multiple Playstation 5 games. Among them, some still unannounced projects are expected to see the light of day in the coming months or years.

Not known yet

Via Twitter also has David Jaffe, the Twisted Metal and God of War Creator, betrayed that he has learned from a Playstation internal project. In his opinion, people would rest when they learn from the game. However, Jaffe can not say whether the announcement of this project will be made in the coming week.

Jaffe had already confirmed several times in the past that he continues to have contacts with Sony. However, if he never looked through concrete details on corresponding projects. Most recently, he had created himself with Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier, as he brought the former Game Director into the Bredouille and put words in his mouth.

Of course, one can only speculate which game could hide behind Jaffe’s positive excitement. Which brands have been left for a long time and would the players glove completely with a return? Do you have an idea, then writes us in the comments!

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Of course, we will keep you up to date with all news and report to the PlayStation Showcase. The PlayStation Showcase will take place next Thursday, September 9, 2021 at 22 o’clock. The show can be pursued via YouTube, Twitch and other social channels.

Among other things, an insider has already been reported that Sony Santa Monica’s latest God of War popers should be shown in the showcase. Thus, one could finally get a look at the new adventure around Kratos and Atreus. So far, only a teaser trailer was published, which promised that Ragnarök will come.

Here’s Useless Tweet But IF I Do not Same Something I Will Explode !!!

Just Found Out About A New PlaeyStation Game They Are Making-no Ideaa When IT Get Unveiled (Maybe Next Week, Maybe Not) But Just Know When It Does, People Are Gonna Loose Their Fucking Minds! Bad Ass !!!

    • David Scott Jaffe (@davidscottjaffe) September 4, 2021

NHL 19 Franchise Mode Details
Further messages to PS5.

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