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PlayStation Plus announcement of the free

Tetris (Russian Тетрис) is a problem video game of the Russian designer Alexei Pashto, which completed the initial usable version on June 6, 1984, on an electronica 60 computer system. Tetris is thought about a video game timeless today, has sold over 425 million times to now, has actually been awarded a lot of times and also has actually been published for more than 65 computer system platforms.

Very soon, the free games for the subscribers of PlayStation Plus in December 2021 are available for download. So far, what titles are this time so far. However, that should change soon if Sony announces the appropriate list. But when exactly is that happen?

When is the announcement for PS plus in December?

There is no officially confirmed appointment yet. But Sony should be in the previous rhythm, should be expected to be announced with the announcement of the new free games on 1 December 2021. Normally, the new charge of the free games is available for download on the first Tuesday of the New Month. That would be in this case of 7 December. The announcement always takes place on Wednesday before this launch, so you should keep your eyes and ears open on December 1st.

Which play is to be expected?

In the recent past, there were already presented before the official announcement various Notes and Leaks to the next free games. For the December, nothing has been heard or seen so far. However, that could change in the course of this week.

Which games are available for download in November?

In November, the subscribers of PlayStation Plus have access to a total of six free titles. This ranges from the Dodgeball game Knockout City to the RPG Kingdoms of Amateur: Re-Reckoning. Also, Some VR games are included that you can download until the end of this month. Here are the overview:

PlayStation Plus (PS4 and PS5) November 2021 (PS+)
Knockout City
First Class Trouble
Kingdoms of Amateur: Re-Reckoning
The Persistence
The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners
UNTIL YOU case for PSV

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23.11.2021 at 08:25

Syberia and Syberia 2 free games for limited time in Steam

Two great graphic adventures at a zero price. That is what Microids offers in Steam with two of their most iconic video games, Syberia and Syberia 2. Both titles are available completely free on the Valve platform, but for limited time. Until September 29 at 10: 00 (Spanish peninsular time), all users of the platform can add games to their library permanently.

Download Syberia Free on PC
Download Syneria 2 Free on PC

Syberia The World Before - PC Release Date Trailer

In Syberia we managed Kate Walker, a successful New York lawyer that reaches an old automaton factory with the commission to sell it. The tKatek, a priori simple, will culminate with an adventure of those who counted on the grandchildren of it. She from Europe she will travel to the western part until you reach the confines of Oriental Russia , where she will interact with characters and very special locations. The goal is to find Hans, an inventor that protects Syberia s secret. His journey from him through the earth and space will take her to question everything he Katesesses, while the agreement that he intended to sign becomes a pact with fate, says official synopsis.

The trip continues

The second installment begins at the time when Kate achieves the goal of her, but the mission is far from completed . Walker will embark on a new trip to the unknown, in search of the legendary Mamuts of Syberia. Kate the surreal search that Hans began years ago, he himself and Kate should face more dangerous obstacles than ever, testing his courage and determination.

The only trilogy game that can not be obtained free is Syberia 3. Anyway, this is not lKatet of the saga, since Microids works at Syberia: The World Before , which will go on sale next December 10 on PC. Later, already entered 2022, the developer aims to adapt his game to the consoles, although concrete platforms have not yet been revealed.

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