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Womens Delivery Development ADV “Needy Girl Overdose” Sales 10,000. Various ruin to follow Internet Angel

WSS Playground announced on January 28, “Needy Girl Overdose” The number of sells of 1000,000 have a top over 100,000. In commemoration of 100,000 people, the “LINE stamp” of stamps used in the work and distribution of domestic text for Discord is scheduled.

“Needy Girl Overdose” is an ADV aiming for a female distributor and aiming for the strongest Internet angel. The main character of this work is a girl with a strong approval desire, who works as a female distributor “super excess. She has a bad personality, and she also has a side that she will soon get in shape. She is also a super excess of super excess, but she is pretty good, she distributes, she distributes stress and gets worried about her mental condition in her nerd. Players support her mental and delivery activities as such a pine. Beside her strongest Internet Angel, follow a variety of ruins by multi-ending. Is there a Happy End in this work?

Needy Girl Overdose OST 10 INTERNET ANGEL

The player instructs her action while living with her Am-chan, and gives her super excessive Bittering-chan as her delivery person. The super-sort of the game is the only follower because it is still as a distributor. She won her delivery material by her action, such as an ego in SNS. She is one of the objects to increase the follower and aim for a million millions of followers by driving a live distribution at night at night.

However, Amacchan has a parameter that represents mental, such as her stress / favorable sensitivity / sight, and mental health exacerbates through her delivery activities. Specifically, when delivery is performed, stress increases. If you make a crack, communicate and naughty, stress goes down, but this time another parameter will increase. Since stress and unlikely, the goodness that passes too much is also destroyed, the player manages the mental of Ame-chan in parallel with her delivery activities. I’m going to spend 30 days so that Amachan does not seem to be caught in her emotions. The ending branches by parameter numerical values. Including message apps and SNS tables / back accounts, Aime-chan’s figure that live on the Internet is drawn while having her and miso.

This work was in charge of scenario and planning, and it is a work that was started on STeam on January 21, 2022. Today is January 28th, that is, it achieved over 100,000 sales in a week. STeam gains 95% of the more than 3100 user reviews and earned the status “overwhelming popular”. In Japanese user reviews, there are many players who are fascinated by the air sense of the internet and Amachan.

In addition, the production of LINE stamps has been announced to commemorate the total number of sells. The stamp is a stamp group that players can send to ACC with the message app in the work. Nyarura is tweeted with “making LINE stamps that have a lot of request to commemorate” and it seems that the stamp plan is required by reply. The distribution time and price of the LINE stamp are undecided. As a memorial of 100,000 people, pictograms used by Amacchan was distributed as pictographs for Discord. You can download free from Booth of this work. As a bonus, stamps and icons are also included. In addition, as a collaboration with the action rhythm game “Muse DASH”, it seems that the theme song “Internet Overdose” of this work can be played in “Muse DASH”.

“Needy Girl Overdose” is delivered for normal price 1680 yen at STeam. A 10% off sale has been implemented until 3:00 on January 29. Emoices for Discord are also distributed by Booth.

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“Azul Lane” Valentines special project “Permacchi Mel Cooler and Talking LIVE Valentine SP” will be delivered from 20:00 on Monday, February 14!

Yostar Co., Ltd. is a special project of Valentine’s special project as a special project in Valentine, as a special project in Valentine, as a special project in Valentine, as a special project in Valentine, from 20:00 on February 14, 2022, 2002, Ltd. I knew that delivery was decided.

Yostar Co., Ltd. is a special project of Valentine’s special project as a special project in Valentine, as a special project in Valentine, as a special project in Valentine, as a special project in Valentine, from 20:00 on February 14, 2022, 2002, Ltd. We will inform you that delivery has been decided.

# February 14 Delivery of Permace-Mel Courilla’s live delivery to Valentine’s Day!

February 14, 2012 (Mon) From 20:00, as a special project of Valentine, Permacchi Mel Cooler appearing in the game of Azur Lane and challenges mini-games, etc. It was decided to carry out.

Within the delivery of the day, Permacchi Mel Courilla challenges “a mini game”, or challenging per theme of the situation of the situation of the situation where you applied from the commander to the theme of the Valentine who applied in advance. increase!

On the day, let’s get excited together in the impression tweet with the recommended hashtag “# Kuu-chan Live” of Twitter! Do you also respond to impressions that Permace Mel Cooler posted? Furthermore, with Valentine’s Day, there may be a chance to get chocolate from Permacchi Mel Courilla…! ?

Look forward to the day of delivery!

Delivery date and time

February 14, 2012 (Mon) 20:00 will be started

# # Performer (renormalization abbreviation, unlikely)

Permacchi Mel Cooler (Light Cruiser / CV: Yoshioka Masau)

delivery medium

Delivered by YouTube Live (Azul Lane Official YouTube Channel)–r6i

※ Program contents, delivery time, performer, etc. may change without notice. Please note.

# Call the subject of the situation voice to challenge Permace Mel Cooler in the delivery!

In the section in the delivery, we will recruit the subject of the situation of the situation where you are theme of Valentine from the commander.

Those who have been adopted will challenge per memeach Melkuriya as much as possible in delivery! We are waiting for a lot of applications from the commander’s commerce!

# # Situation Voice Title

“I want to go out to Valentine, I want you to see it.”

Application Form
※ Application deadline: February 10, 2022 (Thu) 23:59

# What is Permace Mel Courier?

A light census of the Northern Association. A little bit small and strange (?) A cute girl in a trademark, a cute girl. Her performance as her ship has no heart, but it is likely to be as long as Avrola

# “Azul Lane”

“Azul Lane” is a horizontal scroll shooter RPG app game that combines a beauty girl character who has anthropomorphic character and fights the enemy (for Android / iOS). Both auto mode and manual mode are equipped and you can play a fun if you are not good at shooting games.

# “Azul Lane” download is here

■ Android
■ iOS


Name: Azul Lane Genre: STG Delivery Machine: iOS / Android Delivery time: September 14, 2017 Procedure: Basic Free (Item Charge) Official Site: Official Twitter: HTTPS: / / rights notation: © 2017 Manjuu Co., Ltd. & Yongshi Co., Ltd. © 2017 Yostar, Inc. ALL RIGHTS reserved.

Company Profile

Company name: Yostar Co., Ltd. (Yo Star)
Address: 〒 101-0022 Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 300th Sumitomo Real Estate Akihabara Ekimae Building 11F
Representative Director: Li Hydra

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