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Horizon Zero Dawn Update 1 11 Patchotes Carlos Hurtado

Horizon Zero Dawn is an action duty play established by the Dutch Developer Studio Guerrilla Gaming. The game was originally created specifically for the PlayStation 4, however is additionally published for Windows on 7 August 2020. Horizon Absolutely no Dawn has actually obtained the rate of the ideal standalone game (The Finest Initial Game) at the Game Doubters Honors and also 2016 the Game Critics Award in the Games Com Honor in the category Best Preview in 2015 and 2016. Editor is Sony Interactive Entertainment. The game appeared in the US on February 28, 2017, as well as Europe on March 1, 2017. On June 11, 2020, a LiveStream was introduced to rev elate the PlayStation 5 of the successor Horizon Forbidden West.

1.11 update has arrived for Horizon Zero Dawn, and here’s the full list of changes and fixes that have been added with this patch. This update for Horizon Zero Dawn is exclusive to PC gamers. All corrections, additions and changes to the game affect only on PC gamers. From simple fixes to new settings for AMD and Nvidia users this patch PC enthusiasts delight. Everything is new with Horizon Zero Dawn Update 1.11.

Horizon Zero Dawn Update 1.11 Patch Notes

Graphical improvements

The DSS upscaling technology from Nvidia has been added.
Fidelity SuperResolution AMD has been added and replaced Fidelity CAS.

UI changes

The setting screen has been adapted to facilitate the addition of DSS and FSR.
The option to render scaling was removed, but the same result can be achieved now by the Upscale method set to single, and the Upscale quality is adjusted.

Performance Improvements

Horizon Zero Dawn Patch 1.11 DLSS VS FSR Performance 4K Ultimate Settings | RTX 3090 | Ryzen 9 5950X
Improving the shader Management System. This results in some striking differences:
At the start there is no shader Vorkompilierungsschritt more. The game is always compiled shaders loading in the background.
Stutter during the game that occurred earlier by compiling background shaders were now significantly reduced.
Since the shader compilation is still taking place in the background, it may be that the game during which has a higher CPU utilization.
Loading screens wait are fully compiled until the necessary shader. This can lead to loading screens take a while on some systems.
On computers with higher specifications and faster CPUs loading screens are due to the more efficient shader compilation, makes better use of the high-end CPUs, usually shorter.

The additions to the DSS- and Fidelity technology make it possible to use these technologies and to experience the game in full the players. Aside from these additions, the changes to the shader management system will reduce stuttering, players so less to the problem should take care of.

Horizon Zero Dawn is now available for PC and PS4. For more information about this update in the official Twitter page of Horizon Zero Dawn.

How to get the SteelFeather repeater in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 has a new series of events and adventures in the Season of Dawn update. Many of them turn around Osiris and solar dial. You have to talk to him after starting the first quest for the season, a matter of time, on mercury. A brand new legendary rifle that you can add to your collection is SteelFeather Repeater, and it s good.

To get this pistol, you must go through the solar dial at least once. You receive at the end of the challenge after defeating the big boss of the event. Go to the solar dial to win your price.

Destiny 2 | How To Get Steelfeather Repeater
To make sure you have the SteelFather repeater as a reward for the solar dial, you need to link the Tangled Shore obelisk. Otherwise, you will not have this object to recover at the end of the solar dial challenge.

Here are the benefits and statistics of the weapon when you have it:

Standard Weapon Statistics:

Impact: 18
Range: 32
Stability: 38
Handling: 44
Recharging speed: 55
720 shots per minute
49 turns by magazine

Benefits for location 1: Arrowhead brake, chamber compensator, cork rifle, elongated barrel, fluted barrel, complete bore, hammer forged rifle, polygonal rifle or small bore

Advantages for location 2: Mag extended, alloy magazine, annexed magazine, perforating shells, high caliber shells, shell ricochet, flared shells or light shells

Benefits for location 3: Serious Robber, subsistence, ambirth Assassin, Slideways, Feeding Frenzy or Firmly Planted

Benefits for location 4: Surrounded by elementary capacitor, Swashbuckler, Osmosis, Multikill clip or Vorpal Weapon

Horizon Zero Dawn Update 1 53 Patch Notes

Update 1.53 has arrived for Horizon Zero Dawn and here is the complete list of changes and corrections added to this patch. This update adds Horizon Zero Dawn 60 FPS support when played on PlayStation 5 about downward compatibility. There are no changes for PS4 players. This update is currently being introduced to PS5 so that you can see it soon in your download queue. Everything is new with Horizon Zero Dawn Update 1.53.

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Horizon Zero Dawn Update 1.53 Patchotes

According to the integrated update history function of the PS5, the patchotes are here:

  • Operated frame rate on 60 frames per second when executing on a PS5 console in downward compatibility mode
  • Fixed problems with streaming performance during execution on a PS5 console in downward compatibility mode
  • Option graphic mode removed from the visual settings when running on a PS5 console in downward compatibility mode

As mentioned above, PS5 players Horizon Zero Dawn can now play with 60 fps in downward compatibility mode. Considering that many players have already owned Horizon Zero Dawn or preserved for free during the Play at Home campaign at the beginning of this year, this is a nice surprise for many Playstation owners.

This update also removes the option Graphics Mode from the Settings menu, a remnant from the PS4 Pro version of the game. On PS4 Pro, the players could choose between a 4K chessboard resolution with 30 fps or a 1080p resolution, which still strives for 30 fps, but with fewer framedrops. However, the game was largely liquid in both settings. None of the two options offered 60 fps.

Horizon Zero Dawn is not the first game that receives a 60-FPS patch on PlayStation 5. Days Gone had at the start date of PS5 60 FPS support, and God of War and Ghost of Tsushima received free updates to enable 4K-60 FPS gameplay. The Last of US Part II has recently received a 60-FPS patch. These are not special PS5 ports like Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut or Death Stranding Director’s Cut, but they are a nice bonus.

Horizon Zero Dawn is now available for PC and PlayStation 4.

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