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Who is Melkor / Morgoth in the power rings, the first dark lord before Sauron

Before the trilogy the Lord of the Rings. Before the third and even the second age. Before Sauron and power rings . Before, much earlier, there wdark darkness in Middle-earth. This darkness charged many names with the pdarksage of time of time. Melkor (‘the one who stands in power’), Morgoth (‘dark enemy’) or Belegurth (‘immense death’) were just some of them. Today we are going to know a little more about this terrible figure, whose presence is more than confirmed in the new Amazon Prime Video series, with its premiere planned for September 2 .

Who is Melkor / Morgoth?

According to Tolkien’s legendarium, Melkor belongs to the Valar, a kind of pantheon formed by spiritual (and immortal) beings that created the earth . Or well, more than the Earth, Arda, which is the real name of the world in which all the adventures and misadventures of the British writer take place. Melkor always dreamed of becoming the Lord of the Valar , but that position wdark destined and reserved for one of his brothers. Rejected again and again attempts to highlight, Envy and resentment soon emerged in him and you already know what they say. Envy leads to anger, anger leads to hatred, hatred of suffering and suffering to the dark side. Or maybe we are going to another saga?

Legends talk about dozens of cldarkhes between Melkor and the rest of the Valar. He wdark expelled from the earth , Valinor, repeatedly, and descended to Arda, from where he brought them out at some stage. His final blow of him is narrated in the Silmarillion , where he tells how he killed several of his own and how he stole the Silmarils, the most precious jewels of the elves and in which it wdark said that fate wdark written of Arda. From that moment on, Melkor became known dark Morgoth and wdark appointed The Dark Lord .

Melkor’s Army: Sauron, Balrog, Dragons, Lycans…

A moment, wdarkn’t the dark Lord Sauron? Yes and no. Sauron is known dark such, but with a clarification, he is the second_ dark lord . He took Morgoth’s relief when he fell because Melkor wdark his teacher and mentor. The Valar surrounded themselves with a entourage of also spiritual creatures (but of less rank) called Maia. Sauron wdark a Maia under the orders of Morgoth and he wdark not any subject, but the most faithful and useful of all. Otherwise he would have been transformed in Balrog. Because, oh yes, Morgoth created the Balrog experimenting with their corn and fusing them with fire and darkness. He had an army of them and if Sauron did not run such destiny, it is because of the confidence that Melkor deposited in his skills and services.


The showrunners of the power rings, JD Payne and Patrick McKay, have promised that although the series is set in the second age, after the fall of Melkor, there will be fldarkbacks of their time when it will come out next to the balrog . Let’s cross the fingers because in these sequences the other great allies of him appear: Dragons and lycanthropes **, dark well dark the Valar and some of his confrontations with them. Namely: the wars of Beleriand, the battle of the sudden flame, the war of anger…

The final ruthless of Morgoth

Melkor, or Morgoth, dark you like, had an end to his height. Men and Elves begged the Valar to take care of him and a huge army left Valinor to hunt him once and for all. Melkor would be caught and would darkk for clemency, but after years of false forgives and repentance , there wdark no room for piety. The Valar sliced his feet , Melkor wdark taken back to Valinor and sentenced him to be thrown along the door of the night, beyond the timeless emptiness. It is said that His body wdark killed and his spirit, shrunk and terrible, wdark condemned to remain so until the end of the days .

How to overcome all Hartman meetings in Control Awe

Hartman is the main villain of the AWE extension of Control. The former psychiatrist, whom fans of Alan Wake will recognize in the 2010 Remedy game, is a distorted beast thanks to his meetings with the Dark Place and the Hiss. Shaded Hartman is the reason why the investigation sector was closed years ago, and it is up to you, as a Jesse, to kill him once and for all.

You will meet Hartman six times, and the final meeting leads to a boss fight. Learn to hunt Hartman, then to defeat it, maybe difficult if you don’t know what to do. Allow us to intervene and give you advice for each meeting.

Active surveys

Your first meeting comes after Hartman stopped you to go to an elevator. As he is a product of Dark place, he hates light. After opening the elevator door, get away from its path and catch the nucleus of food nearby. Launch it in the power module to your right to activate the lights.

Look to your right if you face the module. There is a stack of food nuclei that must be launched in modules dispersed in the room. These modules are located in dark areas and Hartman can hurt you if you stay too long in darkness. Your powers – apart from the dash and levitation – do not work here either.

Take a nucleus and use your abilities to throw it in another module on a gateway to your left. This illuminates another area and you have to repeat this process twice more. Take your time, use the lit areas to protect yourself and go for as much as you can to enter and out of dark areas. Once each module has a nucleus, press the nearby button to light the lights and scare Hartman.


There are two meetings in this region. The first is in a closed area, and some of the lights go out after a few seconds. Follow the lit path to avoid Hartman and, if a light goes out when you reach him, go back to the previous 1. Wait until it turns back on, then browse it until the next area permanently lit.

You will end up reaching a zone with a breakable wall and a nearby power core. Use your push capacity to break the wall and launch the nucleus in the module. Press the nearby button to light up the entire area and force Hartman to retreat.

For the second meeting, there are three platforms with control panels. You must use each console to move a light connected to a rail in the room, which serves as a cover when you enter the power nuclers. There are obstacles on the way when you follow the light, so use the dash and levate to avoid them.

Use the light to enter the first nucleus and launch it in the module on the other side of the room. This lights two of the control panels and reveals two other modules. Using light and your abilities, take the second nucleus and launch it in one of these modules. Take the previous nucleus and launch it in the second while avoiding Hartman who lurks. Dark to the elevator, take it to the desk above you and press the button to turn on the lights.

Eagle Limited Awe

For this meeting, you must move the modified train item to light the lights. Dash to the lit area on the left and press the button to activate the cart, which is suspended above you. Dart to your right towards the console on a raised platform. Beat the whistle that appears and press the button to restart the train.

Go far left to the mobile laboratory, kill the whistle and press the button for the last time. Dark to the elevator at the end of the room, go up to the desk above and press a last button to light the lights.

Awe Transit Bay

This is where things get complicated. There is an office in front of you with four basic power modules. There are four towers scattered in the room and you have to insert their hearts into these modules.

Hartman shows Hiss soldiers to fight you, as well as hiss groups to prevent you from having access to it. Kill the hiss and shoot the clusters surrounding the tower. Take the nucleus and go for the office. Launch it in a module. Repeat these steps three times more.

Know that the withdrawal of the heart of a tower turns off its lights. This increases the darkness in the room, which means that Hartman can attack you on a greater distance from each nucleus that you catch. If he approaches too close and aligns one, drop the nucleus and move away. You can recover it before he aligned another attack. Press the switch once the four hearts are in place to scare him.

Bright Falls Awe

This is the last meeting before the battle against the boss. Before going down, call the Rangers reinforcements on the intercom in the room to your right. This will help you later, trust us.

The whole room is dark apart from a platform on your left. There are three modules scattered in the room that need nuclei to feed their lights. Dash and sneak around Hartman to catch the nuclei and throw them into the modules. Once the three in place, activate the switch on the main platform to activate the lights.

How to finish the battle against the Boss Hartman

With your Partner Ranger at the trailer, start throwing objects and shooting your service weapon on Hartman to damage it. Pierce and charge are your best weapons choices because they do the most damage.

If you are on foot, pay attention to Hartman who teleports to you. He will crush you with one of his arms or catch you and empty your health. If its attack is the last, use the controller or mouse of your controller to free yourself. If you are in levitation or far, it will use projectiles to attack you. These can really hurt, so don’t forget to rush if you see it line up a long-range attack.

Repeat these steps until it is almost dead. At the last minute, Hartman will beat the ground and bring out the nuclei from their locations and generate whistling as a backup. Retirement to a light source and attacks Hiss reinforcements. If you can, enter a couple because they will help defeat Hartman.

Control AWE DLC - Fra Mauro AWE Hartman confrontation

Go around the room to install the nuclei. Your RANGER COMPANY AND YOUR HISS ENTERS Allies should keep HARTMAN busy while you do. Once the lights are lit again, tear it again using the same method as before. You will end up removing his second health bar and defeating him.

Elden Ring should inspire an even larger target group than Dark Souls

How Elden Ring may Dunk on Game of Thrones
At the beginning of 2022, the waiting time has an end and we can finally have a hand on Elden Ring , the latest work of the Dark Souls and Sekiro: Shadows the Twice maker of from Software.

In the interview with, Hervé Hoerdt, his sign SVP of Digital, Marketing and Content for the European market at Bandai Namco Entertainment, said about the goals of the publisher. How Hoerdt was voted very positively to Elden Ring and expects commercial success, as it is internally assuming that Elden Ring will delight an even broader target group than at that time at Dark Souls the case was.

From a niche to a commercial hit

With Dark Souls it became something of a very competitive niche audience to something that is really wide. Mainstream I would not say, but it was not far away. And the idea of ​​Elden Ring is to achieve an even larger audience. It s great great for us. It s super big for from software. We work very closely with Japan. We have three people who are dedicated to the franchise here in Europe, explained Hoerdt.

on the subject : Elden Ring: High level of difficulty should provide for success experiences – Thanksgiving to the community

From Software and Bandai Namco have the desire to expand the fan base. Therefore, we pursue with Elden Ring big ambitions. But I feel that what we do, many people will have fallen, and that s the most important thing. That s what we want. We are not just business people. We want to bring something funny and unique, the millions of people fallen.

Elden Ring will be published on January 21, 2022 for the PC, the PlayStation 4, the PlayStation 5, the Xbox One and the Xbox Series X / S.


Further messages to Elden Ring.

Diablo 2 How to get to Dark Wood

Diablo 2: Resurrected is already here and players can revive the Glory Days of Diablo 2 on the PC again or in the modern domestic console of their choice. The game looks fantastic, but anyway it is difficult. If you are here, you are probably trapped in the search for act 1, tools for the trade, and you are asking you How to get to Dark Wood in Diablo 2. This is the path you should take to get there.

How to get to Dark Wood in Diablo 2: Risen

Dark and light: How to use Summoning pool and how to Revive a tame/pet - Walk Through - Episode 7

The first thing you should do is go to Stony Field. You can reach quickly using a point of reference that you should have, or at least it is already in the area and can pick it up before going.

Either way, once in Stony Field, walk until you find the underground passage. It may seem like an optional dungeon, but it is not, that s where you should go to Dark Wood.

Enter the underground passage and open your way through it. On the first floor, you will eventually find an exit that will take you to Dark Wood. And boom, that s it. You may have to wander a little to find the exit with everything that is random, but eventually you will find it.

It is easy once you know what areas connect and where, it is only that Diablo 2 is not the best to tell you where to go and that has not changed with the launch of Resurrected.

That s all you need to know for How to get to Dark Wood in Diablo 2 During the mission Tools of the Office of Act 1. To get more information about Diablo 2: Resurrected, see some of our most recent guides and items to continuation.

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