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New Business, Director, Merger … Eyes that are attracted to the game industry shareholders meeting

Game-related companies are interested in other major agendas, while the new shareholders’ meeting season is imminent.

On the 17th, according to the game industry, Neowiz, Nexon Kit and Net Games, Cacao, NHN, Netmarble, Pulse, and Craft Tone, are expected to decide on the key agenda that our customers will be decided through the General Assembly.

Neowizu, Com2us, and Craft Tons have made new businesses with core agenda. The Neowiz, which starts the shareholders’ general meeting on the 24th, is scheduled to add a new business purpose of new business purposes and development and supply-based mobile game software development and supply-based mobile game software and block chain based on block chain-based wired online game software.

Com2us and Craft Tone will hold a group on 29th and 31, respectively. Com2us is also a blockchain, metabus technology and an information service industry, block chain based wired online, and mobile game software development and suppliers, and Craffton is a digital content production and distributor, music, record production and distribution, cartoon, webtoon IP (intellectual property rights) such as production and distribution business is noticeable.

NHN will give up the NHN cloud through the general meeting of shareholders on the 29th, and promote IPO (corporate disclosure), and add publishing businesses for business purposes.

NCsoft and Netmarble, Com2u, etc., in the group, including cash dividends, including cash dividends for shareholder values. NCsoft shall carry out a cash dividend per week, and netmarble is 528 won per common week and 528 won per share, and Com2us is set to 1300 won per share. NCsoft and Netmarble Group are held on 30 and 29, respectively.

The establishment of the in-house director of the industry is also attracting attention. First, Cacao plans to open a group on the 29th, and the CEO of Nam Gong Hoon is planning to appoint a CAC Center and Kim Sung-soo as a new company director. The president of the CEO of Nam Gong Hoon, the president of the Cacao Games, became a representative of Cacao. It is an area to spur on business such as metabus, and synergy with Cacao Games is expected.

Pulse, Bis defeated the representative of the representative for six years, and the COO of Heavy Jeong Young-young (COO) was a new representative. Huh COO will be appointed as a representative director through the Group 30th.

Eyes The Horror Game Endless Mode In The Mansion With Krasue Full Gameplay

Net Games and Nexon Kiti, who carried out a 25-day group, deal with the merger corporation, Nexon Games to Nexon Games. Prior to, net Games and Nexon Kiti have approved the merger agenda at the Temporary shareholders’ meeting in February.

Craftone Pub Jiglobial Championship winner forecast event

The Craft Tone (representative Kim, Han) said that the PUBG: Battleground (PUBG: Battlegrounds, Battleground) Global E Sports Competition, Battle Grand Company (PGC) 2021 winner forecasting event Pix Dem Challenge.

The Pix Dem Challenge, which is running for each battleground IPO competition, is an event that will be rewarded if you predict and succeed.

Are you also interested in topics related to Craft Tone Games?

The winner forecast events of PGC 2021 are ▲ Weekly Final Top 4 Team Prediction ▲ Weekly Kill Point MVP Prediction.

The upper team forecasts the upper team forecasts can acquire 18,700 EPS per week for a successful prediction of both the top 4 teams. Weekly Kill Point MVP forecasts are the team that is expected to record the most kilts of the Weekly Final Match.

If the prediction succeeds, 15,000 EPs can be obtained. In the Grand Final Week, you can predict the top 4 teams and the top four teams of the Grand Final period.

Voting rights can be obtained free of charge on a dedicated cord or game in a private code that is published on the PGC 2021 live (PGC 2021) and can be obtained through PGC 2021 special item purchases. PGC 2021 Special items are 4 species:

The winner forecast voting is held until 6:00 pm on December 18, which is the last day of the Grand Final. Ranking Prediction Success and Battle Ground Spots Official EP Gain through various events on the official twitch channels can be exchanged for a variety of compensation items from 11:00 am to 11 am in the game in the game in the game.

PGC 2021 Special item sales of sales revenue is allocated to the participating professional team, and the total number of total inclement will be greater in 200 million dollars (about 2.340 million won).

PGC 2021 is a form that combines on-offline from Paradise City Plaza located in Inchon Youngjongdo, from November 19 to December 19th to December 19th.

Battleground News Tate 1st place in 165 countries around the world

[Data provided: Craft Tone]

Download 165 public books after launching the global 11th

Recycling for game content, graphics, items, etc.

Creighton said that the Battle Royal New, was released on the 11th, and the first place in 165 countries around the world, including Korea, USA, Germany, India and Saudi Arabia.

The cumulative download may also be released in two days in two days, for 10 million in two days, and the popular mall has been successful, and the pub is successful, and the world s influence on the pub.

As the server is stabilized after the first day of launch, the response of global users is also increasing.

Currently, the is the interest of the global influenza and streamer, including Soap TV (Korea), Mortal (India), Home Sharif (Japan), Allah (Middle East), and successfully expanded the game community successfully have. Recently, the activity of the influx of the influx is used as an indicator of the game and the popularity of the game.

Transformers: Battlegrounds - Full Game Gameplay Walkthrough (No Commentary, PS4 PRO)

Twitter, such as Facebook, such as social media, you can also see the response of users who play directly.

Graphics / Sound / Motion, etc. are far over the existing battle royal game,, There is a hand of the overall graphics, the overall graphics, said, The basic skins are also futuristic and beautiful, The well-woven gun balance and map balance are great, These are popular for fun, diverse compensation and skins, excellent graphics, such as game content.

Park Mingy General PD, Thank you for your interests and support from pre-reservation, and the number of people you have created by the players, said PUBG: Battle Ground Following the Mobile Battle of the Mobile Battle Royal Game, we will give you a unique experience in the world through continuous updates for server stabilization, optimization, and seamless play environment. I said.

is a mobile game developed by Public Studios pioneering Battle Royal genre. PCs, the console platform, inherited the game performance and world view of the PUBG: Battleground, and we have aimed at the milestone of the next-generation mobile battle Royal game by combining its own content and differentiated technology.

On the 11th, it was released in more than 200 countries around the world, and the pre-reservation is over 5.5 million, and has been preaching the global box office before launching.

Detailed information on can be found in Official website.

Craftone Battle Ground Mobile X Adidas Originals College

[Data provided: Craft Tone]

\ — Today (8 days) College Skin Disclosure

Chicken Dinner in Stalber Map in Battle Ground India | New Map Stalber Gameplay in Battleground |
\ — New fun with adidas originals

The Craft Tone shows Adidas Originals and College of Calligraphy.

First, the College (8th) and Adidas Friday Friday Friday Friday Friday, the College of College on the official SNS channel, such as YouTube, was released.

In the corresponding image, which contains a message called Play Your Style, All Together (Play Your Style, All Together (Playing, All Together), the main characters wearing collaboration costumes, shoes and bags can be seen to enjoy Battle Royal in various places and circumstances.

In the second half of the image, the game character wearing the same item as the hero is the battlefield, and the battlefield was quilted. The items in the video can be accessed from the Battle Ground Mobile> to the skins from today (8 days).

There are also a variety of events. , or achieve a squad, achieving a scheduled time to achieve a sake of survival, you can acquire a game skin that is a college,

The official community proceeds with the authentication shot event and the image expectant palace event, and provides a variety of products such as game skins through lottery.

In addition, you can see the display of the Adidas Honda Brand Center, Originals Garage Road, Originals Common Ground Store, and the display of the Adidas Honda Brand Center, the Originals Garage Road, and the Originals Common Ground Store. In addition, customers who purchase promotional products from the Adidas Store or Adidas Official Online Store also paid game skin coupon, .

Meanwhile, this college is interested in the teaser after disclosure of the teaser, which is a divergent encounter of Adidas Originals, which pursues the and the newness, which has been Battle Ground Mobile>, which has been in a variety of field brands and collaboration. And curiosity. will continue to offer different fun and charms as the leader of Battle Royal through this collaboration.

More information on the Battleground Mobile> and Adidas Originals College of Edges is available on the Official Community.

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