Tripwire Interactive LLC is an American video clip game developer and author based in Roswell, Georgia.

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The Executive Director of Tripwire Interactive, John Gibson, left the position of executive director vacant after the controversial comments made online about the recent legislation on abortion in Texas. Gibson expressed the support of him to Texas law and said that he felt it was important to give proof that he is a pro-life game developer. Tripwire Interactive responded to the comments of him shortly after and said he had appointed an interim executive director and that the leadership team was deeply repentant by Gibson’s comments.

Before announcing that the Tripwire Interactive co-founder and President of VID, Alan Wilson, would assume the position of Temporary CEO, Tripwire Interactive was first distance itself by Gibson and said that the former CEO comments did not align with the values ​​that the team had.

A statement about recent events.

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  • tripwire interactive (@tripwireint) September 7, 2021

The comments of John Gibson are from his own opinion and do not reflect those of trywire interactive as a company, said Tripwire Interactive statement. Your comments from him ignored the values ​​of our entire team, our partners and a large part of our community in general. Our Tripwire Leadership Team regrets it deeply and is united in our commitment to take rapid measurements and encourage a more positive environment.

The statement continued saying that Wilson would guide Tripwire Interactive through this transition with an understanding of the culture of the company and the creative vision of the tripwire interactive games.

With immediate effect, John Gibson has resigned as Executive Director of Tripwire Interactive, the tripwire Interactive statement continued. The co-founder and current vice president, Alan Wilson, will assume the position of interim executive director. Alan has been in the company since the training of it in 2005 and is an active leader in both business and study development issues. Alan will work with the rest of the Tripwire Leadership Team to take action with employees and partners to address their concerns, including a meeting at the City Council of the entire company and the promotion of open dialogue with Tripwire leadership and all the employees. The understanding of it of both the company’s culture and the creative vision of our games will lead to the team through this transition, with the total support of the other tripwire leaders.

Gibson Comments shared on Twitter On September 4 immediately caused a violent reaction from other game developers and others within the community.

Proud of #USSUPREMECOUT claiming Texas law that prohibits baby abortion with heartbeat, Gibson said on Twitter. As an artist I do not politician often. However, with as many vocal fellow on the other side of this problem, I felt it was important to record as a pro-life game developer.

Tripwire Interactive is perhaps best known for the development of the Killing Floor series that includes Piso de Matanza, Matanza 2, _ and _Killing Floor: incursion as well as come-men game. The company also published games like caballeria 2 that was developed by Torn Banner Studios, a company that already distanced Gibson’s comments.