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[Yoshidas picture diary] Eye (Gun) Shoe “Gun ☆ cancer-burupuri” is a lot of underwear!

! caution! This article contains CERO ratings: D (17 years of age or older) contain sexual expressions. People who are not good at sexual expression should be careful about browsing.

When I was a home life, when I played a fun game I do not want to be seen in my family, We focused all nerves to detect the parent’s signs.

The remote control was placed beside the TV and placing the TV with the door, and the remote control was placed and hidden on the game machine.

No… Even if it comes to a sloppy game, there is a certain extent that the color element is a certain extent, so it doesn’t damage even if it is seen by the parent. If you think now, it is likely to be misunderstood that the person who has been known for this hidden is “**”. I think of me at that time.

This time, the Nintendose switch of the “**” launched from Inti Create. This work is an eye (gun) shooting that the hero who has become a super-mote man is tied to heroine, so it’s an eye (Gun) Shooting a girl who has confessed one after another. am.

In the Nintendose switch, other model version DLC costumes are almost recorded, and the opening movie is also updated.

I left my home… Now I’m no longer worrying anyone anymore, so I would like to have fun!

# One day Super Mote Festival Start!

First, set the character of the main character of the main character (** chop. A character including Gari Type, Sportsman Type, Fashionable Type is prepared, and the characteristics of study and exercise and the growth rate of each ability are different.

I used to make a character that made myself projected. The hairstyle is mohican, so in this work, it is natural to select the type of fashionable!

Well… My Mohican is fashionable or bandit.

There was a legend that is a school where Mine University went to. It is called “Motez Gimbe” that has a certain senior from a girl in school suddenly. When the senior confessed, she also has a rumor that she saw an angel who rises in the sky.

However, I know that the legend is not a lie.

A self-proclaimed elite angel appeared before the eyes of the peak, and the arrow of her love welcomed his life’s largest mote period.

Thus, the daily life of indecisive herbivorous men will change.

A girl in the melomero state is attracted to one after another. Jealous……!

However, due to the fact that the charge shot of 32 units was incorrect, the Mote period of life was condensed today and it has been made unmoted from tomorrow to the lifestyle from tomorrow! **

…… If me, it is not a chance to change from now on the life until now.

Well then… I wonder if it is also good. I do not know about peaks.

# Find the weakness of girls and let me go to Melomero!

Mine large, must be able to find a truly loved one because it is swayed by the atmosphere of the spot and not tied with a tequito girl.

The player will defeat the girl who is attracted to the Moteora one after another in the pheromon shot.

Speaking of “Gunshuting Games of Gentle Worlds with Girls” Will the game content easy to understand.

If you allow the approach of the girl, you will be hugged or treaded to eat damage. It is more important to prevent it to be not coming.

There is also a feeling that you want to get close as it is, but it is self-control…!

Girls have weak point sites such as their head and chest, and if you attack there, you will be given great damage.

If you use zoom mode to examine the weak point part…

Good…… Clothes, not transparent?

Yes, while the obstacle is transparent during zoom, the girl who is hiding in the grass and so on can be found quickly. Clothes are transmitted… It looks like it is not related to capture.

Besides, the zoom function can be said that the zoom function is hidden because the girl’s profile can view.

Underwear…… I was not going to see, but I can’t help it because it looks! That system!

By the way, the underwear that appears 450 types. The directivity of the developer’s commitment is too sharp.

# This book is…… Selling at such a school! ?

When the stage is cleared, the adventure part starts. Various options are available for conversations with girls.

However, there is something that requires a specific capability value, and if the image above is the above image, the option of “Pero Pero” is the value of “etch”…… It can not be chosen if the etch is not high.

To raise each capabilities value, purchase the corresponding item at the purchasing department that can be performed after the stage clearing.

Can I buy a naughty book to raise the etch……

Don’t sell at school!

…… I thought, but a size checker measuring the girl’s third size quickly and a girl’s chest that makes it possible to see a small number of angels. It will not be.

Besides, the ability value increases by rushing into the pounding mode in the shooting part.

In the pounding mode, girls are appreciated from various angles and they are tricked to touch sensitive parts.

When the girl’s pounding reaches the highest tide within the time limit, it will be ascension!

Girls’ s souvenirs are played by all means!



…… If you notice it, I played for many hours.

When I was a home life, I was aware that my parents did not hear the sound that closer to the room and the door knocking, so I could not concentrate on the game. Now that I am independent, I can play with my eyes and I can play without worrying about it!

Who’s eyes……

Don’t worry……

Kitty! Don’t show me!

Did you feel the strange atmosphere of the owner….

I was able to clear it in about 2 to 3 hours. Ending changes per heroine to be captured, so you can enjoy everything. I have already rushed into the fifth lap.

The shooting part was over 5 minutes every 5 minutes, and I was able to play until the end without being dull on the way. Because other model version DLC costumes are almost recorded, I’m glad to wear a lot of costumes from the beginning! Costumes are from neta-based things. I like the glasses girl, so I got glasses on the whole character.

Everyone also finds your favorite girl from a total of 70 girls, and enjoy it in various costumes!

The Nintendose switch version “Jur ☆ cancer-bururi Pi” will be released on March 17, 2022.

First fusion type hero super charge llaria appeared in Akashic Chronicle Apegease Aiming Epix Kingacha Event also starts from November 19

MORTON TECHNOLOGY announced the update content of November in the Smartphone-free RPG Acacia Chronicle-Dawn Apocalypse.

Stage clear and stage clear type hybrid specification RPG

This Acacia Chronicle-Apartic Aiming is a work that uses a system that combines the stand-up and stage clear RPG now. The world view of the game is the style of adventure based on the so-called sword and magical royal road fantasy.

The basics are search mode to challenge each stage and enjoy the main story. Apart from that, a treasure chest is installed in the screen of this search mode, and it is also possible to obtain items and experience values, also by tapping this.

Treasure chests increase the speed of experience and BP (coin) as the stage progresses. Even while playing the game, it is said that you have earned an experience value for yourself.

▲ The middle treasure box is a reward that earned free while left. You can challenge the stage by pressing Start.

▲ Remunerations that earn freely while I was left.

You can choose a character that will be able to get in front of the battle, and you can also change placement such as avant-garde, mid-sanity and back guard. Basically, it is good to place the character who will be the wall role in the avant-garde, and during the Fauna and the back guard, the character of the attacker or support role is good.

▲ How many characters may be placed, the player s arm show?

Battle is basically carried out at auto. Each character has a unique skill, and along with a flashy cut scene, they are triggered, so it will be fun to see. If you can win the victory safely, you can see a result of a reward and challenge the next stage.

Battle will take place at auto.

▲ Each character has a unique skill, and the cut scene is also displayed at the time of activation, so it is difficult to get tired.

Development of a simple and easy-to-understand character

In this game, the characters do not grow without permission just by winning the battle. You can increase the level by consuming items and money earned during the game. Display each hero information and press the button written Level up to be leveled. When you want to raise the level at once, press and hold this Level up button.

▲ ヒ From hero information, the character level can be upgraded. When new equipment can be installed, the red mark is displayed at the quick equipment, so you can use it automatically simply by tapping it.

▲ We will also remember new skills by breaking through the limit.

New element that increases rapidly while promoting the game

By promoting the game, new game elements will be released more and more. Babel Tower is a type of game that captures so-called tower. Let s aim for more and more while defeating the enemy in each column. Underground labyrinth is a game where various events occur by tapping and searching for tiles. You can get a key by defeating all the enemies on each floor and use it to challenge the next floor. Here, you can get a secret reward each time you clear the third floor.

Sahara is to dispatch a hero to get a reward by completing the request. This is also a so-called standing type, so it is good to dispatch without forgetting.

▲ し 進 進 進 進 進 い 放 放 放 放 放 放 放 放 放 放 放.

▲ バ Babel Tower will focus on the enemy and challenge the more strong enemies.

▲ する Tap tiles to create various events.

▲ Sakha where you dispatch heroes and get a reward.

Personality character is also focused on thick dramas woven!

Of course, this Acacia Chronicle-Apartic Aiming is not a game that simply enjoys battle, but also one of the characters that the characters are woven. As animations and fully voiced lines are also available, it can be said that it is easier to move into the world view of the game. As more than 100 characters appear in the game, let s advance adventure while watching their goes from the end!

▲ シ Anime scenes appear.

In the normal conversation scene, the character will change the character in this way and talks a line.

Simple and deep enough to enjoy it!

This Akash Chronicle-Apartic Aiming The largest attraction is in an easy-to-understand manner. The menu configuration is neither complicated too complicated, and it is also convenient to switch immediately by tapping the tab below the right screen to the necessary place.

While you can play, people who are busy and can not concentrate on the game, and it is a great place to play a little even between commuting and attending school! If you haven t played this work yet, try this opportunity.

▲ ▲ Beginner quests are also provided in addition to those introduced after this.

[Akash Chronicle × MENU] collaboration will be held!

Holding period: November 11-December 10
In collaboration commemorative campaign period, if you clear the limited task at the collaboration special site, you will receive a total of 10 Premier Source Summoners!
For more information, please refer to the official Twitter and in-game information

Official Twitter Account: HTTPS: //

First Fusion Type Hero · Super Charge Lyra Appears

Holding time: November 12-December 23
The first fusion type SSR hero, Super Charge Lyra participates in the dawns! A limited-time PICK UP lottery for Super Charge Lyra will be held. Clearing the main stage 10-5 is an open condition. Both have both types, and add this hero to the opportunity for this opportunity to raise the degree of freedom of team formation!

超 ▲ 超 ライ ラ ラ ラ ラ ラ ラ イ ラ イ ラ イ ラ イ ラ ラ ラ ラ

Epic Kingacha Event will be held from November 19th!

Holding time: November 19-December 3
From November 19, a limited-time epic kingacha event will be held. Here, it is a chance to get a beautiful skin that can not usually be obtained easily, so don t miss it!

▲ X From Carnival.

オ Odette Candy Party.

▲ Cloud his Christmas star.

ト ト ト カ.

App Overview

Title: Acacia Chronicles-Apostal Aiming
Genre: Leaving RPG
Corresponding OS: iOS, Android
Official site:
Official Twitter: HTTPS: //

© Moon ton Corporation. All rights reserved

Diablo 2 Should you create an offline character or online

Residential innovation is the consolidation of used scientific research right into the residence. There are multiple aspects of residential innovation. On one level, there are home appliances, house automation and various other gadgets generally used in the home, such as clothing dryers as well as washing makers. These points are made a list of below. On an additional degree, domestic modern technology identifies the use of used science to build residences to achieve a particular goal, such as power effectiveness or self-sufficiency. To find out more, read concerning self-sufficient houses. It has actually been declared that residential technology has actually caused declines while people invest in house job, although the factual basis of this insurance claim is disputed.

Diablo 2: Resurrected is already here and players can revive the Glory Days of Diablo 2 on the PC again or in the modern domestic console of their choice. However, if you are here, you are probably jammed whether you need to create an offline character or online in Diablo 2: Resurrected. This is what you need to know to make a decision.

Character without connection against online character in Diablo 2: Risen

In the end, there is no best option, it really depends on you and your personal preferences. Let s explain the differences.

An offline character is exactly what it seems. It is forbidden to play online and can not participate on the ladder or play with others. He is essentially a solo character of the old school who is locked up forever by being alone.

That said, the advantage of creating a character without connection is that it is not necessary to log in to Battle.Net to play it. You can be disconnected and continue enjoying your character.

Online characters, on the other hand, can play with others through an Internet connection and can also participate in the content of the seasonal rating and collect the exclusive rewards offered through the classification table.

In our opinion, it is good to have one of each one. If you are going to be connected to the Internet most of the time, we suggest you use an online character; In this way you can enjoy everything that Diablo 2 has to offer. However, having an offline character at a time when that is not possible is also good, especially if you are in switch.

But, if you do not worry about the stairs or play with others, you can create a character without connection with the same ease and save you the hassle of having to deal with in case the servers go wrong.

That s all you need to know for If you need to create an offline character or online in Diablo 2 : Risen . To get more information about Diablo 2: Resurrected, see some of our most recent guides and articles below.

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Agricultural Simulator 22 CrossSplay confirmed and details about character creation

The players from the Agricultural Simulator 22 will be able to easily climb. The competent Developer Studio Giants Software today confirms that the crossSplay function is supported equal to the release. This will support the cross-platform games for the first time in the longtime simulation series.

According to the Publishing Chief of Giants Software, CrossSplay support is a great progress for the multiplayer experience . In addition, he informed that the community grows permanent and the number of players rose on all platforms.

New character models, garments, hairstyles and more

In order to optically adjust the own character in multiplayer mode, new individualization options are introduced. These include character models, clothing, haircuts and other items. For this project, developers have introduced outfits and accessories from agricultural brands. Among other things, Engelbert Strauss, Fendt and Claas are represented.

The Senior Character Artist of the game is part of the following: Because the agricultural simulator of countless fans is enjoyed in multiplayer, be it among friends in relaxed meetings after work or even from our passionate content creators who play together in role-playing scenarios, We offer you many new opportunities for your characters.

For the rest, there has been a competitive game mode for two years, in which the virtual farmers measure at a professional basis. The participants are supported by known manufacturers and sponsors of agricultural technology.

You can watch the first gameplay trailer here:

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Agricultural Simulator 22: First Gameplay Trailer and Season Pass Confirmed

The Agricultural Simulator 22 appears on November 22 for PlayStation, Xbox, Google Stadia and PC.

Further messages on Agricultural Simulator 22.

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Halo TV Series 343 TransMedia

Hearthstone is a free-to-play online digital collectible card game developed as well as released by Blizzard Enjoyment. Originally subtitled Heroes of Warcraft, Hearthstone develops upon the existing tradition of the Warcraft series by utilizing the exact same aspects, characters, and also antiques. It was first launched for Microsoft Windows and also macOS in March 2014, with ports for iphone and also Android launching later that year. The game features cross-platform play, allowing gamers on any supported gadget to complete with one another, limited only by geographical region account restrictions.
The game is a turn-based card game between two opponents, using constructed decks of 30 cards in addition to a selected hero with a special power. Gamers utilize their limited mana crystals to play capabilities or mobilize minions to attack the challenger, with the objective of destroying the opponent’s hero. Winning suits and also completing missions make in-game gold, incentives in the type of new cards, and other in-game rewards. Players can after that get packs of brand-new cards through gold or microtransactions to tailor and improve their decks. The game includes a number of settings of play, consisting of laid-back as well as rated matches, prepared field fights, as well as single-player adventures. New material for the game entails the addition of brand-new card collections and also gameplay, taking the type of either expansion packs or adventures that compensate the player with collectible cards upon completion.
As opposed to various other games created by Blizzard, Hearthstone was a speculative game developed by a smaller sized team based upon the admiration of collectible card games at the firm. The game was made to avoid risks of various other electronic collectible card video games by removing any feasible plays from an opponent during a player’s turn as well as by duplicating the feeling of a physical card game within the game’s user interface. Much of the concepts in addition to art properties were based upon those formerly released in the physical World of Warcraft Trading Card Game.
The game has actually been favorably examined by doubters as well as has actually been a success for Snowstorm, earning almost US$ 40 million each month since August 2017. Since November 2018, Blizzard has reported greater than 100 million Hearthstone players. The game has actually come to be popular as an esport, with prize money tournaments organized by Snowstorm as well as various other coordinators.

A Halo TV series with Pablo Schreiber as Master Chief, Natasha Mcelhone as Dr. Halsey and Jen Taylor as Cortana’s voice, is in progress for some time and is scheduled to start Paramount + in the first quarter of 2022.

In an interview with IGN, 343 Head of Transmedia Kiki Wolfkill has evidenced the goals of the TV show and additionally given a small insight into the work. The biggest challenge in the creation of TV adaptation is to help you find the best not interactive way of representing the history of the Master Chiefs:

Probably the biggest challenge in adapting the game is that the game is designed to put you in the armor of the Chief. In relation to the series, we ask people to sit back and we will present one side of the Chief, which you can not play in the game.

In addition, the series has the opportunity to expand the partially limited narrative possibilities of video games and to illuminate characters and twists more precisely:

In an ego shooter, there is only a limited character development, because you want to get the opportunity to influence the character in a certain way from the players. Television gives us the opportunity to really focus on character and history in a way that is harder in an ego game.

The hope is that you can play the game and have this feeling for who is this character, and having fun, and then you can stop and yield it to enjoy this other experience and take another journey. See this character in a different way without the feeling that he destroys the character you’ve already closed during the game.

Wolfkill also talked about her responsibility to deliver a convincing product for halo fans. During production, all your energy is focused on creating something great. Time to panic and think about a possible failure, you do not remain:

For me it is important that I concentrate on where we do, and what we want to deliver and why. Why is really important. For the television series we want to make something new for Halo and we want people to experience it differently, and that goes with a great responsibility. And then there is still the personal drive to create something great. You bring all these things together and there is no room for panic. At the end of the day it is energy management. The energy must be directed to come to the finish with something great.

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